Boost Your Dopamine Levels with Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

Boost Your Dopamine Levels with Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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I’m back again and today we’re going to talk about how to increase dopamine doing keto what is dopamine it’s a neurotransmitter neurotransmitter is very similar to a hormone but instead of traveling through the blood it travels to the nervous system okay so it transmits communication dopamine is produced with various parts of the brain one specific part called a nucleus accumbens okay so it’s deep inside the brain and it’s involved they don’t know exactly what it does but it’s involved with motivation drive and reward okay so they found that if they destroy this structure you lose your motivation your drive and the reward system is affected and what I’m talking about with reward system I’m talking about like the pleasure centers of the body you see a lot of problems with this nucleus in the brain when used with drug addiction and people that are addicted to carbohydrates so what happens when people take drugs for example is it triggers this little nucleus in the brain this little Center this nerve bundle which then increases dopamine it makes them feel better right and then so it comes up and it comes down and now they have started getting withdrawals so they need it again and so they do it again and they do it again every time they do it it creates more of a dysfunction and you need more and more drug to create the same effect so dopamine is involved with these basic drives okay let’s say you have a certain appetite for a doughnut for example and you see this incredible chocolate doughnut and has in you’re envisioning it has a certain texture to it certain taste a certain feeling it’ll give you this great pleasure and then you start consuming it and then you get this wonderful feeling for about a minute and it drops down right the more you start consuming it the less pleasure you get over a period of time to the point where that pleasure eventually starts turning into no pleasure and then eventually pain because you have all these side effects from the sugar but over time when you lose the function of this little nucleus and you start developing dopamine deficiencies you lack that get up and go mojo okay you become apathetic apathy is right down there with depression you don’t care anymore people that are depressed they’re just not motivated they don’t have the drive they don’t have pleasure alright so now let’s circle back to Quito what does Quito do with dopamine Quito helps you normalize insulin okay at Laura’s insulin now what’s the connection between insulin and dopamine insulin has a huge role in regulating dopamine this is why people initially like the carbohydrates because they feel so much pleasure from it because it stimulates dopamine at first okay but the more you do it chronically you start developing insulin resistance so that means that insulin is unavailable to you so there’s a lot of different receptors for insulin in the brain so the more you try to elevate insulin over and over and over by doing the carbs for example you’re going to create a lowered amount of dopamine so from a food angle if you have a history of consuming a lot of carbohydrates chances are your dopamine might be pretty low because you have insulin resistance so going on keto drops the carbs you start healing in some resistance and you start reestablishing your dopamine centers so a lot of times people will take a drug for depression they’ll take a drug that recycle serotonin okay that’s a different neurotransmitter and many times it just doesn’t help people so I did a video on this recently where I talked about a lot of the research that’s done especially with psychiatric drugs what they do is they only include the ones that are positive and don’t include the negative ones the ones that either have complications or don’t work so you’re really getting an alteration of the facts of what these medications really do and the effectiveness as well as the safety as well it’s not exactly what they publish because they’re they’re not putting in all the data they put in only what they want you to see and of course if it doesn’t work the person’s labeled as treatment resistant depression okay sounds very scientific and of course they’ll give you new medications for that or electric shock therapy now as a side now what’s interesting about that is that my attorney Jonathan amore this attorney has won more cases against the FDA than any other attorney so right now he’s involved in a huge battle with the FDA and electric shock therapy in trying to change the classification of ect now what’s interesting is the FDA has never received not one single clinical trial from the manufacturing companies that make electroshock devices which show that they’re safe were effective so hopefully you’ll be very successful inhaling that because to shock someone’s brain with Aldus voltage when really you can just fix this right here with that completely unnecessary so dopamine is involved with addictions it’s involved in depression it’s involved with insulin resistance also there’s other causes of depression one is chronically fatigued if you’re completely exhausted because you’re not sleeping or some other reason you’re going to be depressed it’s very difficult to be depressed when you have tons of vitality and health and energy okay number two when you have blood sugar problems when your blood sugar drops and let’s say you’re not on keto you can develop anxiety you can develop depression why because your brain gets first dibs on glucose okay so if you don’t have enough glucose to the brain it suffers and you start having all sorts of problems with dopamine and other neurotransmitters and again just to summarize low dopamine will create depression as well so if you’re new to my channel and you don’t know much about it click the link down below and really learn how to do keto that healthy way thanks for watching hey before you leave I just wanted to give you a little quick history on some of the books that I wrote this was one of the first books it’s called dr. Berg body shapes it was my attempt at writing about body types what was very interesting about this book is I actually did all the images myself don’t ask me why they look actually not quite as professional as some of the image that I have in the new book but anyway this is my first attempt right here called dr. Berg’s body shaped diets and then I wrote a book more extensive called the seven principles of fat burning I don’t even have a copy anymore actually because it’s outdated the next book I put about a thousand hours into this one right here called a new body type guide major updates on the body types I put a lot of energy into this it has professional images graphics all sorts of things now the problem with this book is it doesn’t really describe what this is really about body types are only a small portion of what’s in this book and that’s why I changed the name to the healthy keto plan okay if you happen to have this book you don’t really need this book because there’s some only very very minor updates but if you don’t have this you need to get this one right here this book goes into every single detail that you would ever want to know about it goes into the seven principles of a burning goes into hormones the body types the basic keto plan it goes into in a minute fasting I talked about the ten fat burning triggers and blockers in that burning strategies with a lot of details in every single chapter I go into body issues that interfere with losing weight there’s very few people that just have a weight problem they have a lot of body issues whether it’s sleeping problems stress proble
ms inflammation menopause I cover that extensively in this book then I talk about how to get rid of stress and I show you a technique then I get into exercising and then I have a lot of really good recipes in this book as well so this is a good reference guide on my website if you get this book you get this one free it’s called healthy keto and then fasting this is the shortcut a quick guide to this book and the reason I created this book is to have you within 45 minutes learn how to do keto okay in a minute fasting exactly what you need to do then you can fill in the blank with this book right here so right now I’m doing a special if you get this book you get this one totally free or you can go to Amazon and get these individually so I just want to clarify the difference between this book and this updated one right here if you don’t have this you need to get this right here that way you can get the exact correct information to do it healthily

This Post Was All About Boost Your Dopamine Levels with Keto (Ketogenic Diet).
Boost Your Dopamine Levels with Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to boost your dopamine levels with ketogenic diet. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which transmit communication through the nervous system and it is produced in various parts of the brain like in the nucleus accumbens. Dopamine is involve in motivation, drive and reward(pleasure sensation).
Ketogenic diet helps normalize insulin which has a huge role in regulating dopamine. If you have a history of consuming a lot of carbohydrates, your dopamine might be very low because of insulin resistance.
Conditions involved with Dopamine
• Addiction
• Depression
• Insulin Resistance
Other Causes of Depression
• Chronic Fatigue
• Low Blood Sugars
• Low Dopamine
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