Boost Metabolism and Reduce Pain with Cayenne Pepper!- Thomas DeLauer

Boost Metabolism and Reduce Pain with Cayenne Pepper!- Thomas DeLauer

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hey it’s Thomas de Lauer and I’m going to talk in this video about substance P now substance P is not a drug that’s plaguing the high school system and it’s not a hip-hop artists substance P is something that has to do with your nervous system and in this video I want to talk about cayenne pepper and how caps a can the active ingredient in cayenne pepper can help you relieve a lot of pain reduce inflammation and essentially make it so that you can lose more weight and have more energy and effectiveness in the gym now cups Aiken has been used for over nine thousand years by Native Americans to reduce pain and to reduce inflammation whenever there were any kind of wounds or any kind of joint pains or anything like that but now we’re starting to understand how it actually worked we’re understanding how caps aegon how Cayenne can reduce inflammation and reduce a lot of pain and it has to do with something called substance P you see substance P is what signals a nerve to transmit pain signals to the brain so at the end of a nerve ending you’ve got substance P and if you were to say for example touch something hot or something were to zap you and you were to get a little bit of pain well you’d have a surge of substance P that would tell your brain that there was pain well the thing is that substance P can run out so that means if you were to hold your hand on something hot for a long enough period of time eventually it would stop hurting it doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be damage but eventually the pain would sort of stop meaning the nerve would no longer be sending that pain signal to the brain well caps akin or Cayenne has that effect especially topically so let’s say for example you’ve got a wound on your arm you could take some cayenne put some cayenne on the wound and yeah you’d feel a big surge of pain initially but that Cayenne that kept takin would deplete the substance P stores so then your body has to replenish substance P and it takes a little bit of time to do that so in effect you get some impromptu pain relief that’s totally natural and doesn’t have the negative effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen might on your intestinal tract and on your gut so this is awesome pain relief for just about anything whether you’ve got a wound whether you’ve got some joint pain whether you’ve got shingles whether it be diabetic neuropathy or whether it’s flat-out just soreness from the gym and you’re wanting to reduce some inflammation and it speed up your recovery a little bit more but how exactly should you use cap sake and how should you use Cayenne I’ve talked in other videos about ingesting it to increase thermogenesis and increase the metabolism and burn a little bit of extra fat I’ve never really talked about it from a perspective of pain relief so this is something a little bit new to everyone now one of the things that you can do is you can get a caps akin or cayenne pepper patch they actually make patches and it’s literally like a pad so you stick on your arm you stick wherever you’re in pain and it’s going to start depleting that substance P causing you to have a little bit of pain relief but you can also make a little bit of a pace you can use some cayenne pepper mix it with a little bit of water and you can just put it on your skin and you’re gonna get the same kind of effect you can also ingest it and now I’m not a doctor so I can’t safely say that you should go right out and do this if you have an ulcer but cap sagen and cayenne pepper can actually help an ulcer or at least help the pain from an ulcer sure you’re going to get a little bit of burning initially but you’re also going to be able to find that the substance P is going to be depleted and you can end up having some pain relief now the long-term effects on the ulcer may not be amazing if you do that every day but the fact is simple simply using cayenne pepper ingesting it or putting on your skin can make a huge difference I do want to give you a fair bit of warning though don’t use cayenne pepper on your skin right after a hot shower or with a heating pad because it’s going to open up your pores and it’s going to allow that cap Sapien to seep into other areas and other nerve endings causing you to have a lot more pain in a widespread area versus just in one localized area where you’ll deplete substance P and get pain relief there was even a study where there was one man that had this persistent pain from wounds all over his body from a bomb explosion he they found that by depleting substances P with capsaicin that he was able to reduce his pain by over 80% that is absolutely phenomenal now that doesn’t go without saying that he didn’t have a quick surge of pain when he first initiated the patch but it does go to show that when you deplete those substance P stores you can definitely give yourself a lot of pain relief now you may be wondering how does this parlay into someone that’s trying to lose weight or how does this parlay into someone that’s working out a lot well it has a strong effect because it can help just general inflammation and joint pain as well so if you hurt your knee maybe you heard it squatting or maybe you’re doing some lunges and you’re letting the knee come over the toe a little bit too much and you’ve got a little bit of localized swelling and the knee is hurting a little bit well rather than ingesting a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that’s going to wreak havoc on your digestive and intestinal system you can just put some substance P depleting cayenne pepper on the knee and hope that you get a little bit of relief that way it’s not the end-all be-all but it’s definitely going to help you out now when you ingest it it can do a lot for you in the way of helping your digestive system as well reducing inflammation reducing some of the pain and some of the inflammation and swelling that occurs in your digestive system as a result of the body’s immune response to many of the foods that we’re eating so yeah you can actually absorb more nutrients and boost your metabolism by ingesting some caps akin and here’s one more little tip for you when you ingest your cayenne pepper it is best to do it in the raw form it has been found that if you take it in a capsule form it doesn’t have the effect on substance P as much as it would if you were to just eat it probably has something to do with the fact that you’re not getting the quick surge of the spice on the nerve endings that you would be with a sustained release of say a capsule so at the end of the day capsaicin and cayenne pepper is like the laser technology of the herb world I mean laser technology in the medical world you’re going to have a little bit of pain initially and then you’re going to have relief well now we’re tapping into that in the herbal world you’re gonna have that initial fiery sense of pain you get from the cayenne pepper but then that substance P is depleted and you’ve got pain relief as always keep it locked in here and I will keep you posted with all these new and emerging research tips and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Boost Metabolism and Reduce Pain with Cayenne Pepper!- Thomas DeLauer.
Boost Metabolism and Reduce Pain with Cayenne Pepper!- Thomas DeLauer

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Boost Metabolism and Reduce Pain with Cayenne Pepper!- Thomas DeLauer
It’s time for some real answers to why cayenne pepper can help you burn some fat!
Cayenne Pepper and Substance-P Effects on Inflammation and Brain:
1. For the past 9,000 years, Native Americans have employed cayenne pepper as both a food and medicine
2. Cayenne pepper has powerful pain-relieving properties when applied topically
3. The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin
4. Capsaicin stimulates nerve endings so they release a receptor chemical, substance P, that transmits pain signals to the brain
5. When a nerve ending has released all of its substance P reserves, pain signals are no longer sent to the brain until substance P has been replenished
6. The result is pain relief for chronic conditions such as: arthritis, bursitis, psoriasis, shingles, joint and muscle pain, post-surgery pain, pain due to nerve damage caused by diabetic neuropathy, and low back pain.
7. Capsaicin as a natural pain reliever does not pose the risks associated with common NSAIDs and other pain-relieving drugs
8. Apply capsaicin in small doses and do not overuse
9. Cautions: avoid getting capsaicin in or near the eyes, nose or open wounds. Do not use capsaicin with a hot pad or immediately before or after a hot shower.
10. “In one study, a man with persistent pain due to wounds from a bomb explosion experienced an 80 percent reduction in pain symptoms after using a capsaicin (8 percent, known as high concentration) patch.”
11. Capsaicin is like the laser technology of herbs. Just as a laser can either cut through steel or perform the most delicate eye surgery, so this fiery pepper can either inflict pain or relieve it. As capsaicin interacts with nerve endings, initially it produces pain, but quickly depletes the substance P, so that the brain no longer receives the message of pain. The result is pain relief.
So whether you’re dealing with joint and muscle pain after a hard workout at the gym, or agonizing over the pain of arthritis, a medical procedure, or even shingles, capsaicin applied as a cream or a patch can offer you relief.
Taken internally, capsaicin can: improve circulation, boost your immune system, aid your digestive process, treat migraines, and even provide relief from ulcers. Interestingly, however, studies have shown that capsaicin is more effective when eaten as opposed to swallowed as a capsule. The fiery sensation in the mouth appears to be an important precursor to the pain relief you can expect as this wonder herb travels through your intestinal tract and bloodstream.
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