Bodybuilding Posing and Physique Prep Update – 8 Weeks Out

Bodybuilding Posing and Physique Prep Update – 8 Weeks Out

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what’s going on guys we’re doing another posing em physique update the show is now a weeks away which is just unreal and before you know the posing I just want to fill you guys in on how this week turned out so the beginning of the week middle of the week and I don’t know is like Tuesday I was realizing that I wasn’t losing the weight that I was projected or I projected myself to lose each week which is a half percent to one percent of my body weight as you guys know I’ve been talking about this a lot during the book so since I wasn’t on pace to hit that half percent body weight loss I did make some macro and cardio adjustments macros I just decreased my carbs from 250 grams of carbs to 225 grams of carbs protein of fat still staying the same 240 grams of protein shade and 4550 ish grams of fat is what I’m hitting daily my cardio I did increase a slight increase from 1500 calories each week to 750 calorie cardio burn that’s just low intensity steady-state cardio usually it’s an incline walk on a treadmill at a very very low pace so those are kind of my adjustments and they’ve worked out pretty well I lost 2/3 of a percent of my body weight so 0.66 which puts me right in that range and actually this week guys was the first week that my average weight was below 200 pounds I actually averaged one ninety eight point eight three I think the week before this was it like two hundred point one four so big milestone and hopefully my physique shows a little bit it’s a little sharper today so anyways let’s get into the posing and see where it’s at [Music] [Music] that’s going to do it for this week’s posing and physique of a guys I hope you enjoyed it I only get to the huge steps as equines this week compared to last I think I sharpen my tzatziki a little bit but this week’s physique is a totally different physique than even three or four weeks ago which is just it’s so cool and to think there’s still eight weeks before the show it’s it’s going to be crazy guys because I am grinding these last eight weeks to bring the best final form I can possibly possibly bring to the stage anyways I appreciate all the support so don’t hesitate to hit the like button subscribe if you’re not subscribed and of course I’ll see you the next video guys [Music]

This Post Was All About Bodybuilding Posing and Physique Prep Update – 8 Weeks Out.
Bodybuilding Posing and Physique Prep Update - 8 Weeks Out

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