Bodybuilding Full Day Of Eating | Turkey Chili and Pumpkin Cake | What I Eat In A Day Ep. 5

Bodybuilding Full Day Of Eating | Turkey Chili and Pumpkin Cake | What I Eat In A Day Ep. 5

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good morning guys don’t really know if today is going to be just a full day of eating vlog or like three vlogs combined into one but it did just make breakfast so figured might as well start the vlog by showing you what i made for breakfast today I’m having 350 grams of hash browns or potatoes 200 grams of shredded chicken with a little bit of reduced sugar ketchup and 140 grams of frozen strawberries protip guys something I’ve been doing a lot lately and I really like doing it is i’ll put my I’ll turn my chicken I’ll put it in the crock pot and then i’ll just put chicken broth in with the chicken i won’t put any sauce in with the chicken and that saves me all the carbs and all the calories that would typically go in with the sauce just putting my sauce on at the end it saved me a ton of calories instead of doing that I just use three-quarters of a container not a can but a container of chicken broth and that works perfectly think about shoes is I’m always too lazy to tie the shoes palms are perfect a lot of you guys have wondered what do I do for a living I actually own a restaurant I own this place right here if you ever find yourself in buffalo or you’re visiting the falls because a lot of people come to visit the falls make a drive out to this place make a drive out to duffs and get yourself some chicken wings home from the grocery store and recipe development is well underway in fact I didn’t put the groceries away when I got home just came right over to my stove got to work I keep going in there for more and more little tastes of the turkey chili hmm they just burned my mouth but it is totally worth it this is so delicious seriously the perfect savory fall recipe by the way guys well my turkey chili is simmering I did have four servings of these mini sweet peppers while I was making the chili because health and if you can find these really great for snacking especially like dipping and hummus stuff like that turkey chili is finally done how good does this stuff look the macros are crazy every serving is six grams of protein 25 grams of carbs and it’s basically fat-free by the way guys pro tip for you so you be more accurate with your macros add your meats in whatever meat you decide to use in your chili add it in after the fact otherwise how are you going to know how much meat or protein you’re getting pursuing one serving might have a ton of turkey another surgery might not have any turkey alright guys so made myself a bowl of chili this is two servings of the chili with 90 grams of turkey and then because that’s not gonna be enough protein 180 grams of turkey with three servings but chichi salsa and I kicked it up a notch a little bit of hot sauce from the restaurant check out this pumpkin cake guys this is wonderful move all our dairy free perfect cake consistency slightly pumpkin spicy macros per slice I think it’s like 25 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein pretty much negligible amount of fat there’s a some one gram of fat per slice the cake makes eight slices I think I just dropped a piece I’m kind of sad about that because it’s so delicious Alyssa and I we play tennis on Tuesdays we join like a leak tips not competitive just like a clinic I guess so I’m head to my dad’s house gonna bring her dinner she made Stromboli last night and then you probably just see a like a rug or something but I’ve got her tennis closer they’re gonna bring her her tennis clothes and I just know for a fact I’m bringing something wrong every time she asked me to bring her some type of clothes I always choose the wrong closed you look like a highlighter yeah we haven’t practiced in a while things got a little weird in my kitchen before I show you this meal I want to show you this pasta and check out it’s soy bean pasta check out the macros two grams of fat 22 grams of carbs 25 grams of protein for 56 grams serving those are crazy macros so I had a lot of fat to play with a little bit of protein and a tiny bit of carbs I’ve got a serving and a half of that pasta 140 grams of frozen blueberries and a capful or 64 grams of peanut butter as far as macros guys I ended up at 215 grams of protein 284 grams of carbs 33 of which is fiber but that fiber numbers wrong probably had twice as much fiber and 48 grams of fat I’m gonna call it a night here eat this food go get some sleep I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up if he didn’t I don’t know why you’re still watching but can I guys

This Post Was All About Bodybuilding Full Day Of Eating | Turkey Chili and Pumpkin Cake | What I Eat In A Day Ep. 5.
Bodybuilding Full Day Of Eating | Turkey Chili and Pumpkin Cake | What I Eat In A Day Ep. 5

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Bodybuilding Full Day Of Eating | Recipes You Haven’t Seen Yet | What I Eat In A Day Ep. 5
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