Birth Control Pills, Estrogen Dominance & Your Future Health

Birth Control Pills, Estrogen Dominance & Your Future Health

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hey guys it’s me this is going to be a very unpopular video among women who are taking birth control pills but I wanted to create a video just to increase awareness on what’s going on because I’m seeing a lot of problems with the long-term effects of women that take birth control pills so there’s two reasons why they take it number one to prevent pregnancy number two because recycle is very uncomfortable or not regular okay so birth control is basically estrogen but there’s other forms of birth control pill they might add a little bit of this a little bit of that but there’s there’s risk factors that are attached to birth control pills number one cancer if a woman gets breast cancer and then she’s treated they usually put her on tamoxifen that’s an anti estrogen drug it blocks estrogen why because estrogen triggers cancer but the problem is it’s not your body’s own production of estrogen that that makes the cancer its environmental estrogen there’s things in the environment like pesticides insecticides herbicides and also chemicals in the food supply that mimic estrogen and your basically your body is bathed with estrogen GMO foods influence estrogen to genetically modified foods it’s in a lot of soy and corn and stuff that you don’t even realize you you’re eating it especially in the animal industry so cancer is a big one number one number two is fiber lights what fibroids are little mini tumors in the uterus they can be outside the uterus but a lot of women are getting those because of the estrogen dominance type situation of too much estrogen and then we have endometriosis it’s another side effect of too much estrogen and so if you have an immature OSIS or fibrous what do they normally do and they take them out but they grow back why because they haven’t fixed the root cause there’s some environmental estrogen in the food supply that they’re eating that’s triggering these it also could be their own ovaries producing too much estrogen too but that’s usually triggered by the environment and then we really do they do a hysterectomy so then they remove those organs or they might take off like a partial hysterectomy and leave the ovaries but guess what the adrenal glands backed them up and the adrenal glands make estrogen so we go from one problem to the next like you get an overactive adrenal gland which causes belly fat that’s why women again hysterectomies start getting more weight gain in the midsection so then we have a low thyroid because when you increase estrogen you decrease the thyroid hormone and that’s really what’s underneath a lot of thyroid conditions because they usually get a thyroid problem after pregnancy because the spike in estrogen but no one ever checks the estrogen thing they just treat the thyroid but they never lose weight because it’s the wrong problem so a low thyroid yeast infections acne weight gain mainly in the hips and the breast area and the upper body’s the little pooch below the belly button the buttocks that’s all estrogen dominant and I will guarantee those people who have that tend to have more estrogen dominance or exposed to estrogen cysts they might have cysts on the ovaries they might have cysts in the breast that’s an estrogen problem and just so you know as a one really good natural remedy is seek help seek help as iodine and iodine natural plant-based iodine is really good to regulate and lower the excess estrogen in the body it’s about that and I would also recommend the cruciferous food those two together are really really good but you might say yeah but I don’t want to create a thyroid problem because cruciferous decreases iodine well that’s be conceived kelp so sea kelp with cruciferous perfect combination all right so now what are some alternatives if you want to you know avoid getting pregnant right condoms both for females and males diaphragm and the lady Q stick and if you ever heard of that you can get them online they’re little like microscopes that you can put your saliva on one side and look up to the light and if you’re ovulating that means that you’re very fertile there’s like a four-day window at gate 15 or the mid cycle where you’re the most chance for getting pregnant and you’ll see a kind of an image of a fern because the hormones kind of cause this appearance in your saliva bus which is interesting I don’t know why but it does or if you’re not ovulating it’ll be a little specks so you can kind of have a little guideline so if you did this and this I think you’d be pretty protected but I’m just kind of talking about you just need to make up your own mind if it’s if it’s worth it and the risk factors if you absolutely have to take estrogen then make sure you’re doing cruciferous to kind of prevent certain types of cancers and organic iodine from the plant I see kelp just to help regulate that because at least that’ll give you some protection against the estrogen dominant and don’t ever take it for as long as a lot of people like like you should price seven years is the max so those are some some alternatives that you can do but I want to just kind of bring up your awareness and if the ovary itself is creating heavy periods excessive bleeding PMS and that’s why you’re taking this I’m going to create some videos on some really great solutions that you can net do naturally of coming in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned on that but at least I wanted to give you awareness on this problem with this it is a problem and it doesn’t usually happen right away but it’s over a few years all right I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About Birth Control Pills, Estrogen Dominance & Your Future Health.
Birth Control Pills, Estrogen Dominance & Your Future Health

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Dr. Berg discusses the long-term effects of birth control pills side effects. He also reviews birth control pills types of alternatives that will cause way less problem and can help prevent blocking you from losing weight and getting healthy.
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