BILE: A Vitally Important Body Fluid

BILE: A Vitally Important Body Fluid

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video I’m going to talk about probably the one of the most important fluids in your body it’s probably one of the most misunderstood and forgotten fluids and you really need to understand it because it’s very very vital it’s called bile bile is made by the liver cells okay and it’s concentrated in the gallbladder so it’s sit and it stores they’re in a concentrates okay so every time you eat especially certain foods like fats it contracts and it squeezes out into the small intestine and it actually breaks down large particles of fat into small particles of fat so now the pancreas can release its enzymes specifically the one that dissolves fat called lipase and it acts on that fat even further to break it down into small particles so then you can start utilizing these fats to replace body tissues nerve system the brain cell skin things like that okay so that’s what bio does if you don’t have a gallbladder then you don’t have typically the amount of bile that you need so you’re going to have to substitute it somehow now there are certain situations when they take out the gallbladder they don’t know why this is but basically there’s a constant draining now from the liver through the duct into your small intestine so that you might have too much bile and one of the side effects of too much bile is diarrhea okay because bile is a lubricant and if you have that then they don’t know how to fix it okay so they have drugs that are anti bile you have to take or they have it you might have anal leakage all sorts of issues so anyway the point is that’s probably rare most people don’t have enough bile or the bile gets stuck in the gall butter and it sits there and it doesn’t release that well they might have stones and things like that which is caused by not enough bile because by all helps keep the stones 0 so there’s no stones so when you don’t have bile then you get this concentrated cholesterol stones all right so that’s some basics on the bile but here’s the here’s kind of the typical symptoms of bile would be bloating nauseous bloating on the right side right shoulder pain neck stuff – headaches it can even cause the whole right arm to have a problem okay but when you don’t eat that’s when the bile is concentrated okay so you can so you can basically ready to release it so you can start digesting if you have enough bile you’re very satisfied after you eat because you can actually start digesting the fat and it goes right to the brain the other purpose of bile is it helps to detoxify the liver a lot of the toxins that come to the liver come out through the bile ducts so without a bile duct or without the proper flow of bile through the bile ducts your toxins are going to back up and liver okay so you might get yellow of the whites of the eye even the skin might get to yellow you might feel toxic so we need that gallbladder in that bile to help toxins go through the body okay so also bio acts as a lubricant people that are constipated are usually deficient in bile so they need that to lubricate the colon which is interesting they’re doing more fiber or laxatives but they’re not adding the bile bile also is the thing that keeps the cholesterol flowing through the liver without bile the cholesterol will back up and you could have high cholesterol in the blood okay bile is the detergent it’s like it’s very similar to like dishwashing detergent because it breaks down the grease the oil the fats primarily for the fat soluble vitamins so we have vitamin A so you can absorb vitamin A for the eye seeing it in the dark at night for your skin to prevent acne to prevent sinus congestion vitamin D for absorption probe your bones make sure there’s no calcium deposits but the immune system it goes on and on and on so vitamin k2 absorbing a vitamin k2 to keep your bones and the soft tissue calcium from the forming into the different body organs preventing like even high blood pressure also vitamin E that’s another fat soluble vitamin so you need for the skin for the heart so you can’t pull in these fat soluble vitamins if you don’t have bile so that’s one thing and 95% of the bile is recycled which means that if your colon is damaged let’s say leaky gut or maybe you have some type of past history of a lot of antibiotics or you have some type of gastric bypass or colon damage the problem is you’re not going to have a you’re going to have a problem with recycling bile so you’re not going to have enough or if you have a history of vomiting or diarrhea you might lose the bile so you don’t have enough even though it’s recycled you just don’t have enough okay so yeah it takes a good digestive system to recycle that bile all right and it takes good microbes next one is the effect on the thyroid gland this is interesting a lot of people don’t know that you can have a thyroid problem with with a bile problem with a bile deficiency or even like a gallbladder problem if it’s congested or even a fatty liver that you can’t make bile so that’s another thing that’s very important but see bile is involved in the conversion of the thyroid from t4 to t3 the active form so without bile you can’t convert the hormone so even though you’re taking the medication or you have thyroid hormones they’re not being converted they’re not being activated so you have symptoms of thyroid slow thyroid but things might even show normal on your test so the conversion is very very important and that’s why if you have a hyper thyroid too much thyroid hormone then you don’t want to be taking any bile supplements why because that’s going to cause you to convert more and raise the thyroid for nuts so the point is that there’s a huge connection to the endocrine system and bile and there’s a lot more things about bile but I’m just covering the top things so if you’re diagnosed with a thyroid problem it could be the gallbladder as the primary and so here you take the thyroid medication but it’s not going to work because you can’t can bird it makes sense okay so those are some tips on the bile and I hope I enlightened you on what bile does and one of the products I have is called gall bladder formula that will help you support a healthy gall bladder and it actually has bile salts in it as a lot of other things too it has pancreatic enzymes it has pertain how to cord for the stomach so it’s a really effective supplement that you would take one after each meal and it would help you with some of the support some of these symptoms all right so if you want if you want to check that out I left a link below thanks for watching I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About BILE: A Vitally Important Body Fluid.
BILE: A Vitally Important Body Fluid

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Bile has many important functions from helping the liver detoxify to helping the thyroid convert T4 to T3.
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