Best Fiber Foods to Eat on Keto

Best Fiber Foods to Eat on Keto

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the whole fibered debacle on a low-carb diet or keto diet it just makes your head spin so why don’t wanted to do is make it as simple as possible but in order for me to make it simple I also have to make it kind of complex so let me explain a few things and you need to know about fiber on the ketogenic diet before we start going down the list of foods and each of these foods is gonna have a little explanation so it’s not like you can just grab this snapshot and run away without watching this video I’m gonna explain some stuff it’s very important but I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button if you like education you like learning about your body you like knowing how things work then you’re gonna want to subscribe hit that red subscribe button then hit that little bell icon and turn on notifications and after we’re done with this video I invite you to check out the rive market down below in the description so thrive markets an online grocery store and I’ve been able to assemble a lot of my high-fiber foods for keto into specific keto and fasting grocery bundles so that way you don’t have to go to the grocery store you can just go online and get what Thomas would recommend deliver to your doorstep it’s really cool drive markets awesome you probably see them around so after this video make sure you check them out alright so the first thing that we do have to talk about first and foremost fiber may not be as important on keto for digestion as people think studies are starting to show that adding fiber into the mix might just be adding more cars into an existing traffic jam if you know what I mean okay so it adds roughage adds bulk which might not be what you want if you want things to get moving there’s been some studies recently that have shown that by adding fiber or removing fiber it actually made digestion better now I don’t want you to worry about that because you’re still concerned about fiber which is why you’re watching this video and it still has a valid purpose right there’s some things to know in my opinion on a ketogenic diet fiber plays a stronger role in terms of slowing absorption of specific things than it does as actual roughage so my point is that with keto and low carb the benefit from fiber comes more so from the fact that you’re slowing down the absorption of potential damaging carbohydrates or you’re slowing down the absorption of fats that you might be getting in a little too fast because fiber does that soluble fiber in particular it sort of envelops nutrients and makes it so they digest a little bit slower okay soluble fiber forms a gel around them so think about sugar sugar comes in and fiber envelops the sugar molecule so the sugar can’t absorb as fast therefore not spiking your blood sugar and kicking you out of keto so it actually gives you a layer of protection so I want you to think of it like that rather than just what’s gonna help you you know go to the bathroom okay the other thing I want you to remember is we have insoluble fiber insoluble fiber soluble fiber draws the water in insoluble fiber is just pure roughage it’s just pure bulk it doesn’t draw water in so one thing that we’re always concerned about on a keto diet or a low carb diet is the whole net carb thing there’s a lot of evidence out there that shows that carbohydrates that come from fiber will not affect you on a ketogenic diet however I have to beg to differ on that because I have fiber and it kicks me out of keto some people I know are the same way some people are not and it all has to do with your digestive system some people ultimately do break down fibers into the disaccharide and the monosaccharides that can kick them out of keto so it’s all up to the individual so that means that there’s an element of risk consuming fiber some people might be affected by fiber so when we look at soluble fiber one unit or gram of soluble fiber has a lot more bulking potential because it draws in a lot of water just for simple math let’s say 1 gram of soluble fiber holds 10 grams of water therefore one gram of soluble fiber just created 10 grams of bulk so one unit of potential risk one gram of fiber for 10 units of mechanical bulk whereas with insoluble fiber you’d have to eat 10 grams of fiber or 10 grams of potential risk to get the same amount of mechanical bulk okay so it’s just a better risk it’s a better analysis to use soluble fiber if pooping is the issue okay now let’s go ahead and let’s go down this list all right what I’ve done here is I’ve taken foods that I think are the best in terms of fiber content then I’ve talking thinking about the actual fiber content here and then I’ve taken apart their net carbs and then I’ve created a ratio of fiber to net carbs so we can rank them on ratio because that just makes the most sense now this is in no particular order as far as nutrient density and anti-nutrients go we could dive into these pieces and we could break them apart and rip them a new one as much as we wanted to with each and every food we’re focusing on fiber here do not hold me to this on every single mineral and nutrient within these items okay so first off Chia makes the top of the list simply because one tablespoon is going to give you four grams of fiber and only one gram of net carb okay with a ratio of four okay that ratio is really really solid okay so a fiber net carb ratio okay then we go down the line and we have flax two grams of fiber half a net carb still at the same ratio okay so a slightly different profile in terms of the bulk that’s there but still the same ratio meaning it’s still the best fiber two net carb ratio that’s least likely to kick you out of keto plus these are soluble fibers which means that you’re going to get by with less anyway then we move on down the line avocados okay now avocados obviously have amazing fats in them too monounsaturated fats that we want 10 grams of fiber three net carbs giving us a ratio of three really stellar there okay then we have coconut flakes one of my personal favorites because they taste good they’re calorically dense they have good medium chain triglycerides in there so they’re great for low carb so here with 10 grams also the same profile ten three in a ratio of three then we get into some nuts here we got pecans pecans are one of the best fiber nuts that you can eat 2.7 grams of fiber for 20 halves okay 1.3 grams of net carbs for 20 halves with a ratio of two that’s a really good number Plus pecans are mechanically easy to digest they don’t have a whole lot of like if you chew em they’re really soft they’re easy to break down then we have real Maine lettuce now you would think that I’d be putting spring mix and all kinds of easier to digest greens in there I like those because they’re higher in micronutrients and minerals romaine is just cellulose and water and fiber so you don’t get a lot of nutrient value but it is a good insoluble fiber 2.1 grams of fiber 1.2 net carbs and a ratio of two so good insoluble fiber one of my personal favorites cacao powder this is why I consume so much of it two grams of fiber 1.2 grams of net carbs and a ratio of 1.5 not stellar but definitely makes my list plus we have the great fatty acid profile with the monounsaturated fats the palmitoleic acid the stearic acid the Omega 7s that are gonna help out beta cell function in the ins pancreas okay so then we have macadamia nuts really people don’t think macadamia nuts are good fiber source they’re actually great for a hundred grams you have 2.4 
grams of fiber 1.5 excuse me 1.5 grams of net carbs with putting us at a ratio again at 1.5 and in spinach okay spins you’re gonna get good iron here gonna get good copper you’re going to get a lot more nutrient density than you would with romaine but you still get a good fiber profile for 100 grams 2.2 grams of fiber 1.4 net carbs and 1.5 as our ratio once again okay then we go on down the line and these asparagus an artichoke are in a league of their own but let’s talk mechanically first asparagus for again 100 grams we have 2.1 grams of fiber 1.8 netkar with a ratio of 1 still solid artichokes still land at a ratio of 1 but obviously a lot more just carbs to them in general but we have such a high degree of just a ratio there that ends up balancing out so we’re still a 1 the reason that these are in a league of their own is because they have high prebiotic fiber content which means that they help grow existing gut bacteria which means they can help with digestion in other ways so these although they’re not the highest on the list they’re still good and they’re really good in the sense that it helps grow existing gut bacteria especially if you’ve already rebalanced and you’re not in gut dysbiosis okay if you’re balanced to where you need to be so it’s really important to know now any of these kinds of things can be added to the diet just to get you know extra fiber in one of the things that i would recommend doing the most is utilizing Chia and flax when you might be consuming something that has a little too much fat in it so a perfect example is making fat bombs right okay so when we’re on keto we make fat bombs they’re delicious and we can over indulge and eat a ton of them and accidently consume oh like three four five six hundred ten thousand calories worth of that bombs because it’s so easy they taste so good what I usually recommend is intertwining some Chia and some flax into the fat bombs that you make because the soluble fiber can envelop that extra fat and make it so it doesn’t absorb through the entero site and it doesn’t get into system quite as easily caveat being you might have a little digestive upset if you consume too much of this but it does make a big difference you’re gonna absorb less calories it’s kind of a little hack you can actually keep some of this laying around and you know just have it for just a rainy day if you accidentally eat a little too much so the nice thing about cacao also cacao is technically fermented so when we have asparagus an artichoke as a prebiotic fiber we have cacao as a fermented food so yes chocolate is fermented because after the cacao is harvested from the beam and the pod it goes through a fermentation process before it’s dried so cacao in a pretty raw form already has a fermentation aspect to it which means that we’re getting a prebiotic effect in the gut as well and a probiotic effect so kind of they all have their own little you know perks here anyhow this about sums it up and gives you a breakdown of my list of good fiber foods on keto as always keep it locked in here in my channel and please hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Best Fiber Foods to Eat on Keto.
Best Fiber Foods to Eat on Keto

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Best Fiber Foods to Eat on Keto – Thomas DeLauer
“How can I get my fiber in on a low carb diet?!” 😣 I get this question A LOT!! But don’t freak out about it… I’m here to make it as simple as possible for you. In today’s video, we’ll go over the ratio between fiber and net carbs from foods like; Chia, Flax Romaine, Spinach and more, and explain the BEST foods you should be consuming to increase your fiber intake! Let’s dive in and I’ll see you in the comments!
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