Best and Worst Beverages – Grocery Haul (energy drinks and more)

Best and Worst Beverages – Grocery Haul (energy drinks and more)

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beverages where do you start you walk in a grocery store and you have a sea of different beverages some are keido’s some are not some have calories some of stevia some have sucralose where do you even start well I’m in front of a sprouts market but just because I’m in front of a sprouts doesn’t mean that as a video is only going to apply for shopping at sprouts because a lot of the beverages that we’re gonna find here you can also find at other just build fashion health stores so I wanted to teach you how to navigate the beverage section the tea section and the coffee section we’re gonna try to make this really quick so you just get the quick takeaways so you can make a better decision so let’s head on into sprouts I have been to this store a lot before and I have talked to them about filming and they’re a little bit iffy so we may get in trouble we may not let’s see what happens and the cool thing is is I’m gonna be a good customer and I’m gonna get a shopping cart and I’m gonna buy the beverages that I talked about because I’m all about supporting this healthy stores and I don’t want to just be someone that comes in their films and leaves that way if we do get kicked out we’re at least still given a business suit whatever I just think it’s the right thing to do let’s rock [Music] okay so let’s gotta start with like the coconut water section the beverage section that’s over here we’ve got two beverage sections here got a part that’s like sort of the healthy beverages and then the more normal beverages if you want to call it that I’m not here to really represent any brands or anything I just want to teach you some certain things okay let’s talk it about your Bamonte a for a second so your Amadei has some really powerful fat burning effects I absolutely love this stuff but you don’t find them without carbs very often so here’s the thing okay all your month a is a specific kind of tea that’s brewed a specific away and you usually want leaf extract which is exactly what we want here organic organic your Belmonte leaf extract it’s going to be a more concentrated form so this has got stevia in it which is great monk fruit the reason it has the carbs so that’s coming from the erythritol so this is kind of nice technically this would not kick you out of ketosis but you can get it without the erythritol the thing is any kind of tea he’s gonna have a natural bitterness to it already so you don’t need to have a root all erythritol is designed to cut the bitterness of the stevia so I totally understand that with tea it’s a waste you don’t need to have the bloating effect of erythritol if you already have a bitter tea that’s going to be essentially canceling itself out with the stevia okay oh here we go this is actually one I haven’t foun before okay so this is a carbonated one so we’ve got white tea extract your Vivante guarana seed Borana is interesting there’s conflicting stuff out there surrounding Borana it doesn’t have the fat-burning effect they talked about all it does is it’s supposed to have a small small small effect on thermogenesis like elevate your core body temperature a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a degree you’d be better off just adding a little bit of cayenne pepper to your water then drinking that and spending you know 2:29 on a little teeny drink there so you know just a quick note on your Bamonte days there I want to talk about vitamin waters for a second here too this is this is where it gets a little bit weird so first of all we’re do the Y’s vitamin waters are very scary because look how close the label is to a vitamin water zero versus a regular vitamin water you can hardly tell the difference and this one we’ve got 26 grams of sugar okay and just because it has vitamins does not mean that it is good look at reverse osmosis water and then crystalline fructose fructose can only get processed in the liver so anytime you see fructose crystalline fructose high fructose corn syrup anything like that it has to get processed in the liver and the liver can only handle so much at a time just 20 grams 15 20 grams which means anything in excess of that has no choice but to go through what’s called de novo lipid Genesis and turn to fat so fructose you just avoid it all cost especially if you’re on keto okay so then when we take a look at vitamin water zero we think it’s a little bit better but then we have reverse osmosis water and then they went ahead and they switch to erythritol before for a while they were using sucralose so I got to give them some credit that they switch to a river tall but then we have these small amounts of vitamins you see here a bunch of preservatives zinc okay here’s the thing look at the percentage of the vitamins in here you’ve got something that is water-soluble that’s not gonna really do much for you because that amount of vitamins is joining to get flushed out with this volume of water I would say when you have a small amount of vitamins like that 20 ounces of water is going to flush those out so you’re paying extra money to get vitamins when it really doesn’t matter okay let’s talk coconut waters for a second our coconut water is good to go on keto no they are not okay you are not going to find a coconut water that is going to be keto friendly look at this first of all okay amount per container two servings 12 grams of carbs per serving there’s not even sugar added to this this is just straight-up coconut water coconut by itself has sugar in it so no this will not work on keto is it healthy for you it does have some good vitamins and minerals and it is good if maybe you’re replenishing yourself after a long workout or anything like that but by and large it’s just not something that you need to be sipping on all the time they get people get tricked all the time into thinking they can consume this stuff and that it’s like a net neutral food no there’s still a lot of calories there’s still a lot of carbohydrates in something very very empty I do like the premise of it I think it’s better than drinking a soda if you do go for a coconut water you can go for one it has the pulp in it and what’s gonna happen with the pulp is it’s going to slow down the digestion a little bit so even though we do have the sugar here because we have the pulp it has a good bit of fiber it has a good bit of things that are gonna slow down the digestion which therefore slows down the absorption of the sugar so if you’re not keto you’re someone that’s just wanting to have the benefits of coconut water make sure you get it with the pulp okay let’s talk energy drinks for just second some of the things you really have to look for we want to be avoiding sucralose okay this is nice even c4 is actually starting to use that’s actually a plus carbonated water taurine so all taurine is going to do is essentially replace a particular amino acid that is combined with other things to create energy in the body natural flavors we’ve got tyrosine which is actually going to be really strong for you you got citric acid stevia like actually using good quality stuff it’s actually much better than I would have thought and see ZV ism okay this one’s just carbonated water citric acid organic stevia leaf to extract natural flavors and or down at caffeine that one’s really simple so usually what you want to look for an energy drink is caffeine as the basics and then usually maybe some citrullin
e malate or anything like that if you has other components in there you’re usually going to end up having a problem I like keeping it clean and simple okay let’s look at Celsius for example carbonated filtered water erythritol it’s a little bit of a bummer citric acid potassium citrate natural flavors stevia barely even know where oh there we go 200 milligrams caffeine so a good amount of caffeine added to this but that’s it it’s just that’s all you’re paying for it it’s just a fruity beverage sweetened with stevia it has some caffeine and added to it I’m gonna do a full video breaking down energy drinks so I don’t wanna spend a whole lot of time here talking about that because it’s just complicating it drags out this video let’s go ahead and whoo here’s some good notes to talk about because these are talked about all the time cold brews it’s just important to navigate them right so even this it says ten calories right where’s it coming from well coffee by itself is going to have a carb or two so don’t be discouraged by that some list calories some don’t it’s really wild when you let go to pick a cold brew some are going to say it’s a zero calorie someone going to say five so I’m going to say ten Coffee has a couple of calories in it you can’t get around it it’s up to them with how they want to label it really I highly recommend with high brew or anything like that you just go for the straight-up black one any of these other ones have sugar added to them and they’re deceiving so you think okay it’s the screaming cappuccino flavor well look at this we’ve got 120 calories and this it just defeats the purpose heyday is kind of in the same ballpark people ask me all the time about these bulletproof coffee things they’re okay they’re just a little bit of a waste of money in my opinion because you could make this so much cheaper so we’ve got cold brew coffee which is great we got hydrolyzed collagen which is great brain octane oil which is just a certain type of MCTS but then we’ve got grass-fed butter which is great then we get into erythritol that’s annoying we get gum acacia we got gellan gum we got natural flavors not a fan of natural flavors because you don’t know what that actually means monk fruit which is great and Kahala extract so not bad but a bunch of fibers in there that quite frankly if you were to drink that in the morning I would argue would get you bloated I would much rather see you make that at home with coffee a little inexpensive MCT your own G instead of butter it’s just I mean look at the price on that so I know I’m in California these prices are inflated but you’re gonna spend an arm and a leg you’re paying for the brand there I do want to mention a product here that’s really cool if you’ve ever seen these things these are really cool I talked about apple cider vinegar all the time not a bad price but what these are it’s apple cider vinegar or sorry water apple cider vinegar ginger and stevia zero calories zero carbohydrates I drink these things when I’m fasting okay they were really really cool I’m gonna grab one of those now you do have to be careful though like apple and cinnamon concord grape they’re not all zero carb okay so these this is two servings 16 calories four grams you can always tell a company that knows how many calories are in their products when it’s these off numbers like this I really appreciate this 16 calories they’re not around in the 15 around into 20 and they know their product when you see individual numbers like that it is a really good thing it means they know their company they know their food we used to bring to before we move on to the next aisle I want to talk about high ball so high balls are like little energy drinks there’s really only one thing that I have a beef with with high ball okay so we’ve got carbonated water that’s all good natural flavors sure I could have a little beef there organic caffeine that’s awesome organic piranha again we get that little core body temperature elevation ginseng heck yes ginseng drives a blood flow to the brain so you do legitimately get a brain boosting effect from ginseng and I think it’s severely underrated so look for that vitamin b3 good calcium pantothenate b12 they’re using is what is called cyan Ikoma wommen just like the name implies cyan a– cobalamin it’s made from cyanide and sounds crazy right that’s like what the astronauts would take as their kill themselves pills when they’re in space like in an emergency so the cyanide the sign a couple of n’ could easily be methylcobalamin which would be much better so is it gonna kill you no but if you’re looking for vitamin B and you’re looking for something that’s a little bit healthier look for methylcobalamin so let’s go ahead and let’s grab this one just so we can have it as reference oh stop here the wonderful world of teas back to teas again okay so many different tea brands so many different things to choose from STIs or STIs however you want to say it okay stuff Tazo is a little bit is clean but they don’t always have organic honesty is organic but again you have to make sure you’re looking at the label here aha 19 grams of sugar or in grams of carbs 18 grams of sugar I will say I recently discovered these things these are pretty cool these Xevious these are just organic teas organic stevia organic natural flavors with natural flavor and you definitely want to see organic natural flavors natural flavors are always questionable or the thing I like about these let’s see if they have oh no do they not have it for my example here okay they have oh cool they have unique flavors but then they have a caffeine free option too so like after 11:00 a.m. you know 12 p.m. whatever like that I cut caffeine out so it’s really cool a’right teas where do we begin this deserves its own entire video let’s talk about much of her second what is the difference between matcha green tea and regular green tea matcha green tea is baby green tea leaves that are grown in the shade so they have massive amounts of coal so that’s the green stuff the stuff that makes them nutrients nutritious and nutrient-dense okay they also have a little bit more of a potent caffeine content but because they are baby tea leaves they have much less in the way of the oxidative damage they have much less in the way of the pesticides things like that true matcha he’s really good stuff the stuff you get at Starbucks things like that that’s not real matcha a lot of times what they’ll do is they’ll take regular green tea leaves and they’ll polarize them into a fine powder and they’ll call that matcha but that’s not real matcha cause real matcha is raised properly it’s grown it’s the baby tea leaf and then it’s just pulverized into a fine dust that should mix with cold water if it doesn’t mix with cold water it’s probably not real matcha okay lots of different matcha options if you watch my channel a lot you know I talk about use ito matcha so use ito is a one hundred eighty year old matcha company and you will find this at Costco you will find this as sprouts you’ll find that at some other stores it is a amazing amazing stuff and it is like you can just feel I’m gonna buy this so you can see of it just so powdery so fine and it is the way to go pure matcha so if you see this in a store go for it the other thing is they have sweet matcha just go where they take matcha and they put it in these individual little packets so you can take one of those and just dump it in a water bottle and get your matcha and it tastes good and it would work when you’re fasting when your Kido anything like that but just for the sake of this I’m just gonna buy I’m just gonna buy the sweet matcha it’s gonna last you a little while too if you get this it lasts you a little bit longer but you don’t get the fun effect of having it sweet so not all notches are created equal that is super super important you know so you want a real good authentic stuff otherw
ise you are wasting your money alright let’s go ahead and let’s talk about some of these other things here if we move into some of the regular 200 and stalk about chai for a second the nice thing with the chai chai really gives you more of that spice effect so really good on the digestive system really good for your mood okay just the spices that are in chaya alone are good for your mood it’s really difficult especially when you look at these chai concentrates you want to find ones that are unsweetened or just get there beg you ler TMaG and just make it yourself and then go ahead and just add a little bit of milk or add a little bit of almond milk to it that’s the cheaper way to go because this is a concentrate here so you’re gonna make mix it a little bit with a place that’s going to make you like three cups of it and you’re thinning ten bucks for that just not really worth it let me go ahead and just break down the things that I would recommend that you get things that I think are powerful if you’re bloated lots of water attention maybe you ate too much sodium the night before dandelion chai is a really good one to go with any kind of dandelion tea it’s a very powerful natural diuretic allows the kidneys to expel some extra water so just cutting to the chase they’re trying to save some time let’s see we’ve got oh we’re going to sleep for example if you follow my channel and you do a lot of intermittent fasting lavender chamomile or straight-up chamomile before bed is going to suppress some of the adrenaline that usually elevates during a fast so the reason you feel so energetic and feel so good when you’re fastening adrenaline epinephrine all those things are super elevated chamomile will bring that down so you can get some sleep so if you’re doing like a 48-hour fast or anything like that trust me it makes a big difference I have it on hand all the time whenever I’m fasting something you need to know about all hot teas very very important always try to go for organic whenever you possibly can and let me explain why the first time that tea leaves ever get washed of pesticides or anything like that is when you are brewing them so how about them apples right so that means you’re not taking tea leaves that are just getting rinsed with their you know before they go through the processing the first time they’re getting rinsed is in your hot water which means if there’s pesticides if there’s herbicides and things like that just in your tea bag all that boom right in your cup of tea and you’re drinking that and when are you usually drinking tea first thing in the morning when you’re on an empty stomach right when you are most susceptible to it in the livers just like oh okay so just really really be careful that try to go for organic whenever possible one or two times isn’t gonna kill you be normal that’s fine but just really try to make a concerted effort there okay now in this case I don’t necessarily see an organic decaf green tea but there’s been a lot of studies that have shown that the benefits of green tea come from the EGCG so just because it’s a decaf green tea doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the EGCG which is called ethical akattak in three gay light that is what seems to have the effects with what is called catechol Oh methyl transferase so if you are doing keto if you’re doing fasting one thing to keep in mind is that the reason you’re burning fat is because of epinephrine being elevated you have natural processes in the body that would normally stop that normally break it down the EGCG stops the breakdown of the catecholamines which in short essence means that it allows you to burn fat for a longer point in time so I will switch over to decaf green tea later on in the day when I still want the benefits of green tea but I don’t necessarily want to be amping myself up with a bunch of caffeine okay let’s talk waters for a second just to make this real brief electrolyte waters usually are a waste because you’re not getting a whole lot I mean you’re getting such a small amount they will usually say they put potassium chloride in it which is really just kind of acts as a stabilizer anyway and they’ll say it’s electrolyte water and try to charge you more for it don’t spend the extra money but don’t have to stay away from it it’s not gonna hurt you so I would recommend you know any good water it’s gonna be fine some of these are kind of funny you charge you an arm and a leg to put them in a bag stuff like that a common question that’s probably gonna come up pH water is it really good for you honestly the second that’s hitting your gut your body is bringing it up to the pH that it needs at that point in time it is your body’s job to keep you at the same pH you are not going to change your body’s pH by drinking a pH neutral water or anything like that it’s just don’t even worry about that one thing I will say is if you do get water in the jugs or anything like that spring water over purified water spring water is gonna retain the minerals so what that means is you’re gonna at least be more balanced if you drink a lot of water and you drink straight purified water and not mineralized water or spring water eventually you will become mineral imbalance you will flush yourself out so keep that simple maybe you do a whole other video on waters topo Chico is great stuff I love the stuff when I’m fasting just because it gives you a good feeling of satiety it gives you I don’t know the carbonation so it’s a common question is the mineral water are the minerals in the carbonated water going to kick you out of a fast no they’re not you’re good to go on that some of the stuff lower quality topo Chico is pretty high quality if you get any kind of sparkling water that has flavor try to go with one that has like some lemon or anything like that let make sure it’s organic I’m gonna get one of these sprouts has a good brand themselves coffees quite frankly I originally set out to do this video talking about coffee tea and all the beverages but I’m realizing that I’m already gonna make this video too long so I need to do a separate video on coffee the most important thing to note with coffee is yes again organic when it’s not organic you are going to get a lot of those toxins a lot of those pesticides seeping through one of the things that Dave Asprey talks a lot about with bulletproof is how mold forms and coffee so mold is a real thing that you do have to be concerned with in coffee is it going to kill you in time possibly we don’t really know I don’t think it’s something to freak out about but it is important to note what happens is coffee is held in these dark places and when that allows mold to grow we have mold spores in the air all around we’re breathing it what happens when they’re in this dark area where there’s moisture with oil and things like that it allows mycotoxins specific fungus to form and that can affect us and that is HEPA toxic okay so like Aspergillus penicillin stachy boy is all these things that are like black mold when you would normally see if you’re buying a house or anything like that those things are toxic in our body so we have to be really careful so look for mold certifications I will say that even though it’s a lot more expensive the bulletproof does do a good job of doing that but you can just look at this now the other thing to look at is low acid one of the bigger issues that people have with coffee is gonna be the acidity now one of the reasons I like drinking cold brew is because the acidity is cut that’s why it’s so much smoother that acidity is what causes the staining and acidity is what causes the upset stomach and also just causes the issues in our body all together so try to go for low acid whenever possible another fun fact to know about coffee is you still get powerful benefits even from decaf I know the macho people are gonna say no I need my caffeine a lot of the big benefits are coming from the pol
yphenols so even decaf you’re getting the polyphenol effect which actually can stimulate cellular regeneration stimulate otology and have some really powerful effects for you so just don’t shy away from the decaf just because you know I don’t know there you go gets in the way all right let’s try to bring this to a close here as soon as we can Lucroy good to go except we do have some natural flavors in there that I think are a little odd see here we’ve got actually you know what I take that back they’ve changed so carbonated water and naturally essence I don’t know necessarily what that means but it does say non-gmo which is nice technically it won’t break a fast so you’re good there so many different sparkling beverages just kind of touch on them for a second diet Hansen’s first of all I’ve made this mistake many times once again diet Hansen’s looks a lot like regular Hanson’s Hansons is loaded with what they say is healthy cane sugar coca-cola is also real sugar that’s also real diabetes I don’t like what’s the point real cane sugar Wow but then when you look at this diet ones they try to lay themselves to believe this like healthy option when we’ve got carbonated water citric acid natural flavors sucralose and acesulfame potassium this is a big note important thing to know important thing to know note note note acesulfame potassium will spike your insulin it is a artificial sweetener an artificial sweetener but it is one that has been known to spike your insulin through what is called the cephalic insulin response for some reason we don’t really know why the sweet taste of particularly acesulfame potassium triggers the pancreas to produce insulin which means it will break your fast which means it will kick you at potentially out of keto but at the very very least it’s going to turn off the fat burning process within your body acesulfame potassium is scary stuff sucralose isn’t good either but sucralose and the only evidence we have against sucralose is that it kills the gut bacteria well so does hand sanitizer so I mean lots of things killer gut bacteria let’s talk about zvf for a second we had a little office party at my house last night and I brought a bunch of Z via an I like Z via carbonated water citric acid stevia leaf extract and natural flavors not the cleanest stuff in the world but will it kick you out of keto no will it break your fast technically no is it better than a heck a lot of these other ones absolutely still a little bit pricey for what you really get and is there the same company that makes these oh here’s another one that people talk about live soda carbonated erythritol okay here’s the thing I’m not an tire-riffic well I can’t overemphasize this I love a withdrawal even some of these sweet notches have a river tall but when you’re looking at like a diet soda you mix carbonation with erythritol I think you’re going to bloat City okay erythritol has a tendency to bloat you if you’re not adjusted to it it’s not a huge deal it’s just it doesn’t process in the body and that’s one of the reason why it doesn’t count as a car because the body just doesn’t absorb it but if you’re not used to it it can cause some bloating now if you combine that with carbonation you do get bloated so I don’t like seeing sodas that have a rift or toll at them again whenever you have these flavors it’s okay to have a little bit of just regular stevia the bitterness is okay with carbonation in fact it adds to the bite of it I think a lot of these companies jump on the bandwagon and they don’t really understand the flavor profile of stevia and how it works so anyhow I digress but you know that’s why they’re making the products and not me I don’t know but Perrier is also good just watch out these Perrier and juice drinks are not just flavored Perrier this is Perrier plus a juice added to it and the average has no artificial sweeteners yeah because you have real sugar in it Pellegrino’s I have sugar she got to be careful there and then ginger beer is one of my favorite things out there but it’s really hard to find a sugar-free ginger beer and one at the very least that doesn’t have erythritol added to it because it’s carbonated I think we’ll go ahead and wrap this up let’s go ahead and check out we got most of the beverages I talked about didn’t get all of them because I only want to get the ones that I’m actually going to utilize but I hope this helped you out we’ll close it up outside the store so rule number one if you’re gonna film in a grocery store buy the groceries don’t be a jerk rule number two I don’t know a number two is I don’t know where I was going with that so anyhow this at least broke down some simple options for you okay some of the stores you go to we’re gonna have these options some of them aren’t but at least you got a little bit understanding of the ready-to-drink options and just what you should be looking for and I think the big takeaway here is avoid that acesulfame potassium because that will mess up your ketogenic diet and that will mess up your intermittent fasting so I’m gonna go while I’m fasting right now so some of the stuff I can drink some of this stuff I can’t but after my workout a little bit later maybe the decaf beverages I’ll get to enjoy a little bit as always keep it locked in here my channel see you in the next video [Music] 

This Post Was All About Best and Worst Beverages – Grocery Haul (energy drinks and more).
Best and Worst Beverages - Grocery Haul (energy drinks and more)

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Best and Worst Beverages – Grocery Haul (energy drinks and more) – Thomas DeLauer
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