Behind the Plaque – in Arteries, Brain, Joints & Teeth

Behind the Plaque – in Arteries, Brain, Joints & Teeth

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hey guys in this video I want to share with you just some information on what’s behind plaquing in the arteries okay so this is just a massive amount of confusion that’s out there in relationship to the sequence of events that occur the exact cause and effect relationship somehow so-called science doesn’t want to be too positive and really say this causes this everything is associated there’s risk factors and it puts the patient in a massive confusion so let’s just take a look at some of the pieces of the puzzle and then we can rearrange them in a correct sequence of events amyloid plaque anons in the brain Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s so you have plaquing in the brain and then you have also plaquing in the arteries you can have em like lacking in the liver and the kidney and even in the pancreas that can actually shut down the cells that make insulin cause diabetes type 1 okay even make it type 2 as well you can have this plaquing in the joints as rheumatoid arthritis so if you think about it you have the brain you have the arteries you have the gums as gingivitis and all that blocking you have in the joints you have all you have inflammation you have plaquing you have all sorts of scar tissue in there so there’s an interesting phenomena that’s occurring in different parts of the body okay so when you go to the doctor you might they might test for MLA plaquing there’s a medication for that they might find that you have intracellular calcium or calcium blacking so that’s why we have and you get high blood pressure that’s why you have calcium channel blockers for that or you might have high cholesterol so we give you put on a statin or you might have high insulin and we can put you in diabetic medication or bacteria shows up and they put you on some type of antibiotic or high levels of white blood cell and they put you on a cortisone shot right so you have all these different things that occur so my thought is let’s take a look at this and what would happen as a chain reaction 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th ok here’s what I think that’s happening number one you start off with you don’t start off with high cholesterol you start off with high insulin okay when you have high insulin it makes the cells in the vascular system the little cells that compose what’s called endothelium it creates a leak in those cells okay very similar to vici gut where you have another set of inflammation and scar tissue and the whole thing I didn’t talk about that so they’re sort of leaking to the artery wall and boom you’re going to actually stir up a hornet’s nest with the immune system okay so if you start off with high insulin and it could be other things too you could have very low vitamin C which almost like a borderline scurvy and create the same like ulcers or a lesion in the artery wall as well so we could have a vitamin C deficiency let’s say you’re just a junk food junkie that’s going to create it to a lot of stress in the vascular system or you’re an alcoholic all these things nutritional deficiencies chemicals can start this reaction but the the second thing you get is artery damage okay so we have artery damage it could be damaging the joints and the liver in the brain depending on your weakest link in your body so after you get this artery damage then guess what’s going to happen you’re more susceptible to bacteria at that point okay now they’ve even found the same microbes and gingivitis and your your gums and your arteries okay so that’s an interesting coincidence so I’m wondering what other part of the body it affects too and then you’ll get an immune reaction that’s number four so inflammation is not really the cause of these things it’s the effect okay that’s what you need to straight now and then what happens here comes the cholesterol the cholesterol acts is a band-aid to come in there so there’s two types of cholesterol and so there’s two types of LDL which is so-called bad cholesterol I did a video on this I’ll put all these links down below you have type A and type B type A is the big fluffy you know type of cholesterol that doesn’t it’s not involved in trying to do anything with this artery wall type B is very small and dense and those are the guys that are always involved in trying to heal this lesion in the wall okay so how do you know if you have type A or type B because they’re usually combined you can’t tell you look at your triglycerides if your triglycerides are high and your HDL is low or possibly normal then you have more B that means that there’s something going on there’s some type of healing going on there’s some type of something going on in your body that you need to address okay so this is not the villain this is the thing that comes in is the chain reaction is help try to put a band-aid and try to heal this thing okay because the cholesterol is there to actually help heal certain things so we don’t want to completely lower this we want understand what’s happening so we have this cholesterol then comes the amyloid plaque n’ okay or other types of fibrous tissue this is all protein it’s like an it’s a part of the band-aid you’re going to start getting stiffening of the arteries if there’s too much of this then we get the calcium calcium starts building up so we have this whole mesh of this band-aid it’s made from protein calcium cholesterol that’s all trying to heal this area that’s what your body’s trying to do so for someone to come in there and start treating these without understanding it is is completely utterly insane so I just wanted to kind of show you the sequence of events step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 that’s really the order of things that occur and it’s happening all over your body so and I’ll put a link down below of what you need to do for this culprit right here because this is a big one and this actually will cause high blood pressure and obesity but obesity is the last thing to occur not the first thanks for watching press it forget it forget it I’m done press the 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This Post Was All About Behind the Plaque – in Arteries, Brain, Joints & Teeth.
Behind the Plaque - in Arteries, Brain, Joints & Teeth

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