Before & After Keto – Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Berg & Michelle Spiva

Before & After Keto – Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Berg & Michelle Spiva

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so welcome everyone we have another amazing interview Michelle welcome so you sent me here before and afters there I’m very impressed I wanted to do I wanted to find out about your your history of what what happened that you start gaining weight when you’re a little bit younger maybe you could tell me about that and tell me your story okay well um I I would say that I always had a weight problem but looking back in pictures I think it was in my mind right and I really started noticing it in my college years you know the famous freshman 30 well nine when grew up there it could be because I’m from Louisiana and I was going to school in New Orleans so okay that makes us yes it could have been that but what I did notice was over the years I had all of the stuff that you explained the high estrogen the heavy heavy cycle fibroids all of that stuff and I always had to struggle with weight I wasn’t really a dieter because I just I just don’t believe in it but I would try to do what I thought was healthy eating which in hindsight it really wasn’t I had a lot of high stress jobs after college and grad school and it just it kind of like inched up you know so I was okay here then in my 30s I guess you know who does better I’ll tell my age I have a problem with that I just decided to you know like by sheer force of will go to the gym everyday and get it you know get it controlled and that was still struggle I changed careers so now I’m a full time on author and consultant and I sit all the time and I will just tell this quick little story if you’ll permit me um it was December 31st 2016 last year and I had just come back from a cruise and normally when I take my cruises I can walk I can do all the stuff dr. Berg I was so um sick I slept like two days straight on the ship it was a chore to walk from my side of the ship to where the food was and I had the nerve to be upset about that and it was just a different different thing I didn’t even get to get off the ship to go to any of the ports and that kind of stuff and I kept getting severe leg thigh and calf cramps and by this time my brain fog was so bad I remember I would like get up to go and get something and by the time I got to the next room I would have totally completely forgotten why I was in there Wow yeah and so it was really bad so get back from the cruise and I get on the scale and that was my my breaking point I think because the scale said are you ready for this I’m only five I’m am five six some more like five five and a half and my scale said I was 249 pounds oh wow that was probably freaked me out right there yes yeah that’s what I was just like you know okay I can’t do this and like I said I write for a living I write you know novels and so I sit a lot what I realized was something had to change and I was watching a YouTube video on doing some research for a book it was December 31st and this ad comes up are you having these symptoms no way yes and I never really watched ads and then it has a little pictures of the people’s you know little play-doh bodies and it had click here to take this evaluation and right am I getting punked you know because it was everything I was going through and no one had ever explained that to me so I went through and all of that and I’m going to just you know you can edit this out if you want to dr. Perry felt a little hot with you and the reason why was because you got it kinda like you get your mouth and I want to do the sweet here you get your mouth all ready for that cake and you bite into it and there’s nothing so I was so excited I wanted more information I tried to get on the membership website and it told me it was an error and what I found out was like I said this is a little embarrassing I was trying to sign in on January 1st and whatever program was running the membership had not updated to be able to reflect 2017 Wow it kept telling me you can’t get in here so anyway one of your staff persons just happen to come in on the on January 1st and saw I guess mine and a few others and got a soft subtle and I will tell you I spent all day January 1st of this year 2017 just Netflix in dr. Burke I had never heard of you before then to be honest and I just want to say Nestle say I’m talking about I stopped writing all I did was that and I will tell you I realized I had become a sugar addict when I went back and looked I had not eaten real food in about three days it was so bad I was sitting there with a can of sweetened condensed milk just eating it out of the can so you know I mean I just be open right hey I mean I would go I would go like to Walmart late at night because I needed my fix because I was writing books on pure sugar and I would like to have 50 bucks worth of candy and when I say candy I like the hard crunchy you know like cinnamons and you know and that kind of stuff because I was like just I was mainlining sugar basically now doesn’t so you definitely were not oh that’s amazing yeah I remember uh actually my thing and college was the jumbo bag of Doritos I would eat the whole thing I’m some serious like one big pack down it just like that and I’ve always wondered what my fingers were swollen like like blow up like balloon and I was retaining flour I’m like it’s all the MSG I was like addicted yeah you helped me get off of the nuri toes bunions the lady’s chips and all of that and I’m just going to tell you now I walk down the sugar aisle at Walmart now and I just do it just to see you know just you know and I’m like yeah I got nothing on me wow that’s control well you know I don’t know if it’s control as much as it is reframing and when I say reframing you don’t I yeah my years of therapy yeah a therapist I’m you know consulting myself and making sure I use the I word I did not realize how thick I was until I started getting healthy I had tingling in my hands and feet I had on the like except tux before the heavy cycle the brain fog the muscle spasms all of the stuff that is indicative of having just being right at the point of having the issues and I was winded all the time because I really was not moving I was like I am like self I’m in a self-mummification kind of thing here yeah um was that when you were still writing too were you writing them as well keeping rewriting at that point yeah see that was a thinning because I’m a self-published romance author and that cycle is very fast so for me I need to basically publish a novel each month and so sitting 14 hours a day writing on average anywhere from five to ten thousand words because when I say novel I mean I’m writing hundred and ten thousand more novels and publishing each month so it was just like just feed the Machine to get it done and I was on this this rat race and I could not oh one other thing I when I would take my shower and you know how hot water will raise your pressure I had to be careful because I fell a few times you know from just being so out of shape having the hot water affecting my heart and everything and I was like I don’t want to die in the shower and if someone have to come find me and I’m this bad oh my gosh how did you how did you because you have to have creativity when you’re right you have to really how did you because it with all that sugar it would put someone literally in a brain fog on steroids how did you do it like I said it was pure force of will and you know when I had deadlines and there were such a big penalty if you don’t know if you don’t make the deadline like you know penalized and this kind of stuff um I would do what I could and then take a nap do what I could and the
old that was another thing my sleep quality was horrific I could not get good sleep I would try and I just could not get good sleep Wow yeah so like I said it was it was really really bad and I don’t know if you can tell I’ve got this mic in the way but I’ve got this mic in the way but the little thing that I didn’t take for granted like neck you know the stuff you can’t fake right right like the neck rolls it doctor so now yeah now I’m like a cheerleader for all things Kido all things dr. Berger genius I just tell everybody like this man just just go he is he is doing a universal good wow that’s awesome so so okay you started watching the video to start becoming aware of what you need to do realize you’re a sugar crack I mean a sugar a junkie and yes Oh sugar crack it was and so then so then basically you started and did you start with the keto first or the intermittent fasting how did you like do this okay so what I did was first I started off and I got your supplements I mean when I said I’ve got the supplements I went full bore in and got the supplements and started with Keogh and I have to thank you and Karen for the wonderful recipes and so I had to relearn how to cook for myself and started with all those recipes and you know I had to like go and figure out where to find some of the stuff but I did and I will say January and February I didn’t really exercise I just ate and I did not stop the snacking and when I say the smacking it wasn’t sugar or the bad stuff but it was things like okay so for instance January I had to learn that you cannot eat a bag of extra gum I don’t believe the sugar-free if a lot of people it’s a lie and I’ll say okay why why is it not working I mean I lost nine pounds at month but I a not wanted to I want us to stuff like the other you know big girl the big fluffy girls like me and okay oh we lost nine pounds well I was eating thirty pieces gum a day because I still knew that you know that choo-choo kind of thing so I learned that you helped me with that Febuary see you can tell I had seen four hours to winter in February I had to learn that dr. Byrd is not trying to be mean stop snacking so I went down to three mill I lost 12 pounds in February now mind you I was still not walking I was still in exercising snow that March I had to go to a conference and I was like you know what if I should look like this this is not gonna be cute and so I started trying to walk and I would get so winded it was really bad but I actually started saying you know if I could just get a mile in I’ll be okay so in March I started walking it wasn’t until and I’m gonna just be honest with you it wasn’t until the end of April this is four months the end of April then I was able to even consider looking at intermittent fasting so in May Oh so from January to April I lost 28 pounds which was phenomenal for me and I started feeling better but I’m still doing the three meals and not really consistently doing daily movement in May and June and now here I actually started walking each day and now I’m working up to what I call vlogging and doing some little weights and stuff in so as of today I’m just under 60 pounds total loss since yeah since and so for the women out there you guys I was killing a size 18 women and now I’m in a loose size 10 wow that’s fantastic so on I just want to say that I think one of the breakthroughs for me was not about the gold it wasn’t about the objectives of trying to lose the way it was more so you said and some of videos that weight gain is indicative of illness or disease disease and so I focus on that and I was like you know if there’s weight here it’s because I’m unhealthy and so that I think the reason why I can walk down a little sugar aisle and go on to these conferences and everybody around you is ordering cheesecake and just all the sugar and I’m like no I’m fine and I’ve gone to two two conferences this year and was still able to eat keto on my trip that’s so that’s so fantastic you know the when they say an average person ate 145 pounds of sugar and you probably fit that and more but then I can tell you I probably because I started trying to calculate it and I got depressed because in a given day now I don’t really this is this is how you can trick your mind I don’t drink sugary drinks or sodas and stuff never never really help so I was telling myself I was okay but when I could eat a bag of Twizzlers in a day high Smalley’s and red hot candies and you know a little cinnamon dead skin the Werther’s high you know choc I mean terrible and all of that I mean I’m talking about bag wow that was I was I was amazed I was still alive to be honest yeah I’m just blown away are you funny now how many meals are you doing now I’m one wow that’s amazing one meal a day um and you actually helped me understand that it was my metabolism because all through my life I would actually forget to eat and so trying to do the three meals I felt pressure to do it and I felt like I’m doing this because someone said to do it and so when I decided I was going to go to intermittent fasting in May what I’m feeling I think healthy enough I tried that Emil it was still too much and because I wasn’t hungry I was like why am i eating if I’m not hungry and so now what I do is based on what I’ve learned from you and the membership and you know getting making sure I have my supplements and stuff I feel a little more empowered to do the one meal because I make sure that I have the necessary component so in order to get you know my seven cups of vegetables I always have a kale and spinach shake so that’s three of my cups there and then I have the other four cups in a healthy salad and my proteins I’ll do um oh you taught me a little bit about you know the different types of proteins with the meat I was never real red knee person but I was killing chicken and so now I have learned to mix up chicken with other meats even you know breakfast chops and things like that that all black in and those types of things and just really having a variety my my relationship with cauliflower has blossomed and so just a lot of great things and so what I try to do each day is make sure that I have a meal that’s between 12 600 1200 and 1600 calories and I do that by having cheese nuts my kale spinach shake a salad and then a healthy fat so like if that means I’ll have like a little bit of avocado or you know guacamole but you know a soup or something like that you know just a supplement then that’s how I do it awesome now right now you’re continuing to write how was your creativity now compared to before okay so last year I struggled through and I wrote nine novel for the year this is July and I have already written seven all of them sugar-free and Wow it’s not Apple so your cognitive function is much better of course yes definitely I have actually had conversations with authors for just that fact and the reason why is because with the way creativity works you know bear patients with me on this you find that and and I tell them look we are mortal beings pooping out immortality there is a price to be paid for that birth and a lot of times it will trigger anxiety depression panic attacks and those types of things because you have to be creative on a dime and in time and when you have that pressure it can mount and all of those hormones and all of that stuff going on inside if you’re sitting you’re not eating right um it’s bad and so we have bad habit as authors that I think this way of living just a minute uh nature of it eradicate that you know so that’s that’s another thing that I would say about the creative process it is a hand-in-hand kind of thing because of the clarity that you get because of the energy that you’re able to sustain because of the guilt listening of okay oh one of the things that I want to say is when I talk about guiltlessness when we write you know and we’re forgetting to eat you go to what the quickest the easiest and traditionally that is going to be something that’s not very helpful whether it be fast food or snacks or those types of things and so now because of eating ketogenic Lee and for me in a minute fasting if I pure quote
unquote forget to eat I know what my meal is going to be and I know that I am eating to really actually feel the machine to make sure I get my potassium in and my K me too thank you for teaching me to make sure I take those by the way and all those other things so yeah I hope I answered that question yeah that’s amazing that’s awesome so you know it’s there’s a common thread like your awareness is so high now and now you have the knowledge of exactly what to do and how to get to where you really need to go and now you’ve felt that you’ve experienced it you know it’s true because you you see it and wow it’s what a story amazing um it must be something about the eating because now when people see me and they see my skin and all of that kind of stuff they’re like what are you doing and she really opened it up you know for whoever might see this I am NOT young I am I’m 48 and to be able to have all of the like collagen I mean none of this is going on it’s no flabbiness and you know that’s weird I set up this this was the true test that it was working I always and I don’t know if you can see this they guess that back ok so you know you can’t fake the neck or like arms and stuff and for women this is gone you know you get the little fat pocket right that’s one of the weirdest things when you notice a fat pocket is going you like yeah yeah you’re I mean I just saw the picture of your face before and after me like you could just see this everything’s coming down it’s dramatic it’s it’s amazing I I mean I have people saying you know you look so much younger I mean of course I’m rocking my gray and of course this is my workout hair doctor bird but right but it’s something when other people can see the health and that’s what I wouldn’t want to say I’m not concerned as much about you know them seeing oh you’re losing weight no it’s the health it’s the quality of the clarity in my eyes and my and you know the vitality that’s coming back and that’s one of the biggest things that I’m very grateful for um what if Bob Marley’s saying his death bitch you can’t buy life you can’t and so for me being preventative now is a blessing and it’s it’s really a gift that it just keeps on giving it’s helping me be you know able to produce and do what I do and chai is really something that’s awesome yeah I think the just if anyone is watching this and they haven’t watched some of the other videos the principles you’re talking about is get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy it’s a simple thing but it’s an altered sequence that we’ve been brainwashed to say that oh yeah obesity is a health risk and you know you need to lose weight to get healthy well oh really going to starve yourself to get healthy but if you get healthy the right way fixing insulin resistance that’s the big thing the weight will come off and and you start feeling good and you get all the benefits I mean the benefits are huge but until you do it you don’t really know it so anyone watching just you just need to bite the bullet jump in do it drink the kool-aid no not the kool-aid sugar free cooling exactly so I wanted to just really thank you I mean I you know words can’t even express it but I’m going to attempt to say that it’s not even about weight loss again it is about the fact that I am I have been freed from a lot of the haunts of my family diabetes heart condition high blood pressure in those types of things and I mean flirting that closely with those symptoms who’s a wake-up call for me and I mean it’s only been six months I mean I’m not where I totally want to be but I am on a forward consistent movement and this is not a diet this is sustainable for the rest of my life I’m very helpful and I don’t have that and why I don’t have that I didn’t recognize how much of a burden in the back of my mind that that was a worry that I would end up with those symptoms or those conditions and now I don’t have that concern well so doesn’t you’re not in the fear of constants here am I going to get this that whole thing cuz you know yeah yeah awesome Michelle thank you so much for the interview this is going to get a lot of people hope and I really appreciate it your if a wonderful personality oh thank you and so thank you so much for sharing your platform with me I’m very humbled and so just my pleasure thanks thanks have a great afternoon you see Emma bye

This Post Was All About Before & After Keto – Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Berg & Michelle Spiva.
Before & After Keto - Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Berg & Michelle Spiva

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Dr. Berg does another amazing interview with Michelle Siva. She lost a lot of weight doing keto and intermittent fasting, Cutting out her refined carbs and sugar (ketogenic diet) and then finally adding in intermittent fasting allowed her to continue to lose more and more weight. However, more than the weight loss, her health benefited. Her energy, creative concentration for her writing, her skin all improved.
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