Before & After Intermittent Fasting & Keto Success: Dr. Berg Interview – Aysha Islam

Before & After Intermittent Fasting & Keto Success: Dr. Berg Interview – Aysha Islam

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all right so welcome everyone we have a great interview today aisha is with us and hello hi hi so nice to find a donkey nice meeting you too and so what I want to do is I wanted to I saw you before and after I am very impressed and I wanted to get to know your story and what happened before and then after can you tell me a little bit about yourself as far as your you know weight or health in the past yeah so I always struggled with weight I remember being in kindergarten and you know being teased for having like a belly or chubby like I was always like the chubby kid in college so I was always bullied and but and you know eventually as I grew water as a committee in a genetic I was always rapidly gaining weight and I wasn’t really doing any so I didn’t know why what was the reason why am i gaining weight so because I was eating the same muse my friends were the same stuff my siblings were eating so why is it that I was gaining weight so just recently I found out that I have something called insulin resistance so that’s why you know I was putting on so much weight and I’ve done everything I can crash tires I’ve been on extreme weight loss program they like help temporarily I do like about 4 to 5 kg and then as soon as I stopped I gained it all back it feels like I gained it overnight and what where do you live are you in India no I’m in Karachi Pakistan and what’s the food like over there is it really healthy and all really low carb no no no no no no no it’s a very high car lot of needs ourselves nons and what we use is not healthy at all people are becoming health-conscious but we all really have access to good quality like vegetables and fruits and it’s cheaper to eat like flour rice and pasta so yeah so Rice’s rice is really big there right yeah right and also fly flour wheat flour Wow no wonder you had struggles are there people to gaining weight as well oh yes yes like it in Pakistan like the number-one killer like diabetes everybody is diabetic like everyone I know their families is like the grandparents I did time I take depends a diabetic I’m pre-diabetic my doctors have told me that’s the thing you know because it’s all because of my diet Wow question your grandparents growing up in Pakistan was there a problem back then let’s say you know seven years ago I think maybe not as much but yes I think the dice then was super maybe they just had smaller quantities because like my grandparents what is told me that we were formed like poor backgrounds if we didn’t have a lot to eat so maybe they ate less but it was I think generally two things interesting and then the other question I had was has like GMO foods gotten into Pakistan yet are they growing genetically modified foods there now yes like we have seen lots of videos on Facebook as well you know not just like I see like pictures of babies being dyed and we have watermelons that are being repainted with can’t and like vision that that’s the concern you know I keep seeing all the thing I try to eat healthy but then I do I’m not sure if my like even if my salads are you know if tinder is a husband I’m seeing on social media so so even if I’m eating healthy I don’t really know anything here oh my gosh so here you are going along struggling with your weight and then at what point did you hit your worst weight where you’re like okay that’s it I can’t get any bigger oh that was two years ago I think do one and a half two years ago yeah I was like I was really really overweight and then I tried you know I went on an extreme weight loss program is called fortitude a challenge here in Pakistan and I lost about 4 kg and it was like a month and a half long and I only lost like four kids but that’s also because the diet you know I have insulin resistance and they are cute eat sweet potatoes and have one apple have a smoothie and it just did not suit me didn’t work for me and I always knew that you know this is the some long there must be something else for me and then in December last year I was I had to attend a wedding my one of my closest friends was getting married and I wanted to look fit and I tried using wait I did lose some weight I lost like 5 kgs and you know I got a lot of interest around my waist and I look good for a few days but once the wedding was over and I get told back and then I think I was on YouTube just like just searching about insulin resistance and what it really is because I just didn’t really know what it was and then I came across one of your videos about cars and insulin resistance it was just like two or three minutes nah I was like okay there’s all the other videos in like 45 minutes long I can’t watch those so I started watching videos and I loved it and I watched all of them in one go and then it was like you know I just clicked when I saw that video on insulin resistance and how are you supposed to eat less frequently or else if I could incident and then I was like okay this makes so much sense maybe you know I was eating healthy before when I was Swingle guys but I was eating like five six seven times a day so even if it was the salad and grilled fish I was still you know getting a lot of it so it’s like it just made sense it was like your videos and I some pieces of jigsaw puzzle you know they all fit and I was like okay something in me just service just like a light bulb went off and like okay I’m going to have to try this I know it’s going to work this time so and yeah ever since it’s been seven months now but I’m not going to count this one because I’m in slim and it’s a month of ramadhan so I have to eat two meals a day or as I was just eating one meal a day and so in December I just first thing I did was I got rid of all sugar I just was like I’m not going to have any sugar I got rid of all the pie from the white carbs no rice no potatoes no nothing and I started losing a lot of weight so the first 5 kgs I lost it felt like I lost an overnight but I was like now you know I’ve done this before I got the 4 kgs I gained it back but then I was like very consistent consistency was key for me I was a patient inconsistent and I said I started noticing that I started I was still losing weight and before I knew it I had lost 10kg and I think it I was like I lost most weight by much mid March beginning of April I was a chemist and then I went on vacation I mean the vacations with my family and I was at that time I started having like I was already having one here today but you know I mean I went there and they were like house parties and you were going out and I was eating stuff so what way did you start it and what wait did you end up at at your lowest um my highest weight was 102 kg and I think it was aa Durden uh in pounds almost over that’s really dated we don’t think it’s 2.2 pounds okay that’s fine and then how many I’ll have to use my calculator I’m terrible at math so then at the your lowest weight how many kgs right now my lowest was 90 kg 90 okay good yeah so right now I’m 91.3 I just checked but that’s because I’ve been eating a lot of fruit for six months I had no food nothing not even a bite of food except occasionally we’ll be very we make at home but other than that I had no app because once I heard you say that a that an axle has 90 grams of sugar I was like I was so shocked and I stopped eating it and people look at me like I’m crazy right yeah but it helped so when you ate one meal a day what did you eat um I usually eat like five to six eggs and eats like a pig on it I put an entire capsicum inner in the two lots of tomatoes and onion and I put so
y in some like turmeric and salt and pepper and red chili and I just you know make like a giant omelet and I eat that so it’s like a breakfast but not really I eat around I eat around with me around 12:30 1:00 o’clock but I am starting to like I’m going to start eating often of the on ends I’m going to eat around me so that I can like you know no longer like because around sometimes I sleep late and then I’m like I start getting hungry so I don’t want that even though I have like coconut oil and all of that I have a regular did you find that you had to gradually go into eating one meal a day do you still like to and then eventually one and then you’re good yes so in December I started like from the beginning of December I started with three meals a day and then I came down to two musicals a day quite quickly like not even a month yeah it was it was so easy and I started having to news a day and then in March I switched to one meal a day but I still feel like the two meals a day was the best I said like most energetic I just loved it and then the one meal a day was maybe for psychological thinking oh that’s too crazy one ability are not going to survive but I’m unsterilized so I think the one Villa day is fine until I reach my goal weight sometimes occasionally I have to miss when you know if I’m like if I’m doing too many chores and going out so I feel like any practical news only then I have to leave as I just have one enough and I don’t get hungry my skin is glowing always so yeah my skin has some creepy tasks on okay that’s fascinating because when you when you drop insulin you improve androgens which then get rid of acne especially for women their polycystic ovarian syndrome thing clears up if you have that but here’s the other here’s the other there’s two you have that too there’s there’s two points I want to make number one egg pretty much has almost every single nutrient almost so it’s very balanced so you can actually do very well in eggs also the people that I recommend one meal a days are those people who either really need to lose a lot of weight you know they want to lose it in the fastest way possible and then are those people who maybe have thyroid issues and have no metabolism left because they destroyed it through dieting over the years and there may be menopausal you know they need like one meal a day and I had bodybuilders there they are fine but the problem is trying to get all your nutrients in that one meal it’s a lot of food to consume so you have to eat such quality and some people they do they do intermittent fasting with junk food and I’m like no you don’t want to do that because you may lose weight but you’re you’re going to be unhealthy because you’re just putting garbage in your body so so tell me so you would do eggs and you do spices and tomatoes and curium that it’s big big bowls of salad you recommend ten cups I think I have more than that because I’m also eating the omelette and then I’m having like a big salad and it fills me up sometimes I make a pig likes chickpea salad I love chickpea salad I have that I have lots of um we trust you yeah it fills me up I don’t need food after that I don’t create my you know sugary snacks I used to crave a lot of chips this time last year I was having like I was having snacks regular tea you know I would hang out with my friends and watch TV shows and we’d have like popcorn and chips there it was like a regular thing and then I had like break out and it was terrible and held on I don’t have a lot of headaches now I was always struggling with hair loss also I was I always had a tight justice problem and like for like a couple years I was almost constantly constipated it sounds disgusting yeah but I was every single day I was just I just had such terrible concentration it’s not stupid yeah so I yeah so I just started having a lot of lemon juice as well and a lot of apple cider vinegar and that really helped that was like instant remedy yeah because that’s going to improve your digestion and then what about your energy level is that improved yes my energy doesn’t also my memory I have such terrible maybe I still do but I had like such horrible nandi 50 in college I remember I wouldn’t even remember what I had for breakfast that morning or what I was wearing yesterday what I got for homework so my memory has really improved but I still need to improve it oh yeah I want to talk today I still need to do the power – any more candy I think okay well you know over time it’s good at your doing in a minute fasting with Kido is going to actually regenerate brain cells it’s going to actually help but it does take some time to really you know completely change over people always want want it’s like oh yeah six months I’m going to be a but it takes longer and then I was going to ask you do when people look at you now probably kind of strange like why aren’t you eating all this and they’re probably pushing all this food with parties and events right so how do you how do you deal with that people look at me like I’m crazy you know they look at me they like wow he’s not so much weird because we know I I never really lost any weight now all of a sudden I’m losing weight so and they’re like what what you have what’s your meal plan and what what diet are you following and like it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle and when I tell them what I’m eating and how I’m eating is they’re like they look at me like I’m crazy they give me like such dirty looks like you’re crazy you’re going to collapse one day this is fun healthy and what are you doing to yourself you’re going to get like this disease and your phones are going to get weak and blah blah blah and I’m like look at me and this is the like Henry’s I’ve been in years I remember being 11 and 12 and not like fitting into any jeans not being able to find clothes yeah so yeah I don’t know I find proof that it’s okay they like you one day you’re going to like fly yeah I’m going to give you a little tip because I run into that all the time okay so here’s a little tip especially with family never tell them what you’re doing have them go to a video because they have to get the why first they have to get the why you’re doing it and explain a little bit of why versus the hey just do this because it doesn’t seem to be is impactful because they don’t understand it and it flies against their fixed ideas and so it’s just good they’re going to reject it and I’ve done it I mean so many times so sometimes I feel like when you know I’m telling somebody I mean they’re asking to show interest and then when I tell and it feels like it’s sad because I feel like they don’t want to listen it’s not like they know that cards aren’t good for you and sugar isn’t good for you but it’s like they just don’t want to listen they don’t want to stop eating and it’s sad like it hurts me now yeah I know and I think well because I run into that as well I’ll do something like this they’ll say well you want to know what I did if I you know of course if I told you to have to kill you so I just kind of played with them back and forth and I’ll say well I’ll tell you what I will let you know in about a week from now so just call me like I’ll kind of push them away get them to reach a little more and then I’ll send into a video but because here’s the thing you have all these people there are not ready to change they almost have to hit bottom just like you did like I did I had to be really sick before I actually said okay that’s it I’m willing to do whatever it takes you know so with those people they might want to know I wouldn’t actually tell them I would just say well go watch this video and that way they can be a little bit more enlightened but I do know what you’re running up against it’s like frustrating you want to help everyone but some people aren’t don’t want your help so it’s kind of crazy we go out and eat you know it’s like going out with friends and I all just eat like with a fork like a barbecue with the fork and everybody’s having like delicious like nons and Aiden is there everyone goes like who wants dessert and I’m like I did you want it but I’m not going to eat it it
it’s actually I don’t let allow myself to think as soon as the question is asked you want to develop no and sometimes I even surprise myself I’m like okay I just said that so quickly but I always did know before I say yes that is yeah because I think that’s your biggest challenge especially in India or Pakistan it’s like people around you dealing with all the people around you with the food and oh my gosh it’s just such a part of the culture like what you don’t want rice are you insane in potatoes I mean like no thank you so I know I feel your pain so well this has been awesome so you’ve done really well I’ve seen the before and after so we’re posting them throughout this interview so it’s quite amazing but anyway I want to thank you for your story it’s going to inspire a lot of people and maybe you’ll do like a little follow-up in several months and see you know when you hit your ultimate goal we’ll just kind of do a little post video interview thank you so much for your videos I’m so grateful seriously such a motivation to watch you think oh my pleasure thank you okay have a great afternoon good bye

This Post Was All About Before & After Intermittent Fasting & Keto Success: Dr. Berg Interview – Aysha Islam.
Before & After Intermittent Fasting & Keto Success: Dr. Berg Interview - Aysha Islam

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Dr. Berg does an interview, before and after, with Aysha Islam. She combined both keto and intermittent fasting to achieve the weight loss success. As her blood sugars and insulin improved, she lost weight after getting healthy – check it out.
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