Autoimmune Mysteries Revealed

Autoimmune Mysteries Revealed

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hey dr. Berg here again in this video we’re going to talk about autoimmune conditions it’s a very complex situation for most people there’s there’s basically autoimmune is the body is developing antibodies which are things immune wise that attack your own tissue so it’s kind of like having an allergy to your own tissues so if you had autoimmune of the thyroid gland it would call it be called Hashimoto’s where the your cells your immune cells are killing off your own thyroid in there creating inflammation or if you have another type of thyroid condition it’s called Graves where your body is attacking itself or sarcoidosis where your body’s has antibodies against your lungs or you have MS multiple sclerosis where you have antibodies against your own nervous system or lupus against the connective tissue and your in your body or rheumatoid arthritis you have enemies against your own joints or Cushing’s you have antibodies against your own adrenal glands so I want to just kind of take this complex problem and dissect it one of the things that I do for complex problems is I’ll take one piece of the problem and I’ll try to figure it out and then usually that will help me look at other areas of the problem so we eventually the whole thing could be understandable so all I want to take one little piece of the autoimmune and try to understand it more so let’s just take one point about the autoimmune conditions if you take any oven any autoimmune conditions which i’ve had hundreds and hundreds of people come in with autoimmune conditions and it always ask them when did it start to get the clue and they always tell me it happened after a stress event and I found it very interesting usually after a loss of a loved one a divorce a severe injury a loss of a job so so it’s it’s definitely triggered by a stress thing okay so stress can activate autoimmune I’ve never found a condition where they didn’t have some something like that and losses are a thousand times more stressful than any physical trauma that could ever be that’s why people can get stuff stuck in a loss for many many years and grieve and grieve and cry and things like that so it’s very very very stressful okay now number two how our autoimmune disease is treated well one of the most common treatment they use is cortisol or prednisone what is that that’s adrenal hormones so now we have two situations we got stress and what’s treated with the adrenal hormones what is what what Glen the stress effect on the body of the adrenals so really those losses those stressful events severely damaged the adrenal gland the treatment for autoimmune is adrenal hormones well right there now we’re starting to unravel this mystery and make this a little bit less complex now let’s get into because the autoimmune conditions are immune related let’s take a look at what controls your munis tum’ what parts of your body well you have the thymus gland you have the spleen you have the bone marrow you have the gut but did you know the adrenal gland controls the immune system as well yeah the adrenal gland controls the white blood cells in fact I’m reading right now biological actions of the adrenal hormone cortisol it says that the adrenal glands release antibodies from the from the lymph nodes and they create a decrease if they’re the Drina glands are over working they will create an overall decrease in anybody production interesting and also when you have a dysfunctional adrenal you will lose the barriers to the immune system and it makes your body more susceptible that’s interesting so based on these three things autoimmune conditions are really adrenal situations even though they affect the and tissues so when people have Hashimoto’s for example they’ll start treating the thyroid but they never look at the adrenal they never look at the stress part of this when I think about adrenal I’m really thinking just think about stress accumulation of stress in the body so I think really what causes autoimmune is the stress state which then causes the adrenal gland to dysfunction and causes a loss of control of the immune system because it lowers your susceptibility and all sorts of things can happen when you do that because you have no more barriers to the immune system so you could have microbes come out viruses come out of remission and just hammer that gland and you can have all sorts of dysfunctional things so that’s my two cents on what causes autoimmune now what I’m going to recommend for you if you have an autoimmune condition is do an experiment on yourself talk with your doctor in and start to go in the direction of improving your own body stress and just see what happens to your condition see if you could put this condition back in remission because a lot of these conditions can go in remission which means they’re more viral start to do things to improve stress rather than treat the condition directly with drugs and things like that just my recommendation you don’t have to do it but I’m just telling you that I’ve seen good success with instead of treating the condition reducing the stress state changing the environment doing things to get over that loss of a loved one and you may find that these conditions greatly improve okay so I hope that helped you I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Autoimmune Mysteries Revealed.
Autoimmune Mysteries Revealed

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Dr. Berg discusses some interesting common things that occur with Hashimotes, Graves, Sarcodosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid, Cushings, Addisons, MS. In this video, Dr. Berg explains how it can be a complex situation and in some cases can be triggered by stress.
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