Are You Iron Deficient?

Are You Iron Deficient?

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about iron deficiencies okay iron is the most common deficiency so let’s just kind of break it down to make it really basic iron is needed for oxygen transport through the blood okay it also is involved in producing energy at the cellular level it actually helps make DNA it helps with hemoglobin myoglobin which is basically the transport oxygen system to the blood and also to the muscle so iron is needed to transport oxygen to the different parts of the body and then neural globin which is basically similar to these other oxygen transports but it goes to the central nervous system like the brain spinal cord and that type of thing but iron also helps make T cell so it’s involved in the immune system so the symptoms of iron deficiency are fatigue kind of washed out and if a woman actually is a like has really heavy menstrual cycles they can be anemic and they have low iron and they’re just kind of always tired chronically fatigued increase heart rate rapid breathing especially when you go up inclines low endurance you run at a gas real fast restless leg syndrome is an iron deficiency it could be other things but iron is one of the causes attention deficit disorder like attention content of problems with concentration associate kids and adults poor memory involved with low iron interesting it so normally we need about eight milligrams of iron per day postmenopausal women need 18 grams of iron that’s 10 grams more per day then the average person a pregnant woman needs 27 milligrams of iron every single day yes iron is in spinach it’s in vegetables it’s in legumes and beans but the challenge is that the animal sources of iron are much more absorbed by the body that you can still get it if you’re vegetarian for sure if you actually have a variety of vegetables but it’s much easier to get it from like meats and chicken and fish in that type of now other nutrients needed to absorb iron you need vitamin A so when you have people are deficient in iron they’re usually deficient in vitamin A at the same time copper zinc so you need these other minerals and by the way when you’re taking iron is a supplement a lot of times they use something called ferrous oxide which is I don’t recommend that source it’s not the best source for the body and you want to get it from food it’s all possible but if you’re actually taking iron as a supplement and you take at the same time as you take calcium chances are you’re not going to absorb it so you want to take your iron and take your calcium later about two hours later don’t combine those two when you’re low in iron you have poor conversions from t4 to t3 so the thyroid needs iron for its conversions so one of the causes of an iron deficiency is yes maybe you’re a vegan but you’re not doing it correctly and you’re having just maybe too many refined grains that could be a cause of your iron deficiency if you’re a silly ik or IBS or you have a digestive issue or a low stomach acid you’re not going to be able to absorb iron that well or if you have a gastric bypass we have chronic inflammation you’re not going to absorb iron and this is interesting too there’s something called phytic acid and that is something naturally in legumes grains nuts and seeds and if you’re consuming those foods and they’re not germinated you’re going to actually block the absorption of iron and other minerals so here’s the catch-22 if you consume those those foods you need to germinate them which basically means soak them in water overnight dry them out and then consume them now there are certain conditions genetic conditions that have too much iron in the liver because the liver is the organ that stores mostly iron and it can become very very toxic so what I recommend in that situation to remove the ions is to consume legumes grains seeds and nuts that are not germinated so you can you know try to limit this toxic iron and maybe take more calcium as well alright so that’s just some basic data on iron and put your comments below hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Are You Iron Deficient?.
Are You Iron Deficient?

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