Are You Addicted to Sweets or Just a Love Them?

Are You Addicted to Sweets or Just a Love Them?

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hey guys it’s dr. Berg here I wanted to create a short video for those people who cannot for the life of them give up sweets okay so we have to define what an addiction is versus just a habit you know people that crave sweets a lot of times don’t realize they are addicted they may just say I love sweets but here’s an addiction addiction is something that if I were to tell you can’t have it anymore you would say now I can’t live with that I have to have it so it’s a it’s a thing where you cannot resist alright so are you addicted okay you are alright good that’s the first thing to acknowledge you have an addiction a habit is something that maybe you remember it and it’s pleasurable but you don’t have to have it okay so sweets are so addicting even more than drugs it’s huge it’s everywhere everywhere you go grocery stores and it’s constantly on their mind so especially if you go on a diet now you’re going to want it more because that’s about depriving and telling you you can’t have it so that’s a bad strategy so I have a better strategy for you you just need to instead of depriving yourself we need to substitute something that gives you the exact same pleasure as the sweets okay but without the sugar okay there are a lot of different different sweeteners that you can use I create a little book actually it’s a healthy substitute pleasure book that has in here amazing little recipes candy bars chocolate bars English muffins there’s even a bread recipe cookies healthy granola look at this peanut peanut butter cups more cookies ice cream and this is made with healthy alternative sugars so there’s no sugar no bad stuff no flour but it gives you the exact same sensation so this allows you to actually do a program why wouldn’t you want to do a program that would replace it exactly because there’s really no good in at all there’s nothing good in sugar at all so when you do this you avoid the blood sugar spikes and over time the receptors for sugar that have been downgraded which I mean adapted to how much sugar that a person was eating now they become upgraded which means that when you eat sugar now it’s like too sweet like right now if I ate sugar I was like I can’t stand I don’t even like the sensation of sugar I think what’s really wild is when you do this over a period of time and realize that it’s not normal to have cravings it’s not normal to have this incredible desire to like sweet that’s not a normal healthy sensation that that you should like it’s going to blow your mind I mean right now I have no interest in sugar at all and people look at me like are you crazy you don’t like sugar but when I was eating sugar I wanted it more and more and more I was in I was the worst I was trapped in a thing where I had to go get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream every single night and I would eat a pint and I did that over and over and over for several years yeah I did that I was in that trap it is a trap so so it’s really simple you just need to have replacements that are healthy and then you do that over a period of time might be 2 weeks might be a month might be 2 months what will happen is that your sugars will love you lose a lot of weight too but your sensitivity to sugar will go up and all of a sudden things are way too sweet so then even if you did eat sugar it will be satisfying just a little bit will be and you’ll be fine so this is a good way to get out of the trap the sugar trap and to do this comfortably so you’re not depriving yourself so I highly suggest getting this book I created a link down there and start using these recipes because out of all the things that you can eat I think sugar honestly creates more problems for people than any other thing health-wise all right I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About Are You Addicted to Sweets or Just a Love Them?.
Are You Addicted to Sweets or Just a Love Them?

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Dr. Berg talks about people that have sweet addiction and how to stop craving sweets. People that love sweets are different from the ones who are addicted (those who can’t live without it). The first thing to do is to acknowledge your sweet cravings (sweet cravings). So for overcoming addiction to sweet treats, you may need to substitute it for something else (instead of deprivation) but without the sugar. This will help you to avoid sweet addiction and craving sweets.
The amount of sugar an average american consumes is over 150 pounds per year. This is crazy and explain the blood sugar issues, high cholesterol, belly fat. If you are addicted to sweets, then get some alternative recipes from my book, The Healthy Pleasure Food Substitute Booklet. You can find out how to eat pizza, cookies, candy bars, ice cream, and a total of 18 amazing foods.
Sugar is a trap -get out of it!
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