Are Menopausal Symptoms Normal? Think Again! Problems Only Occur if….

Are Menopausal Symptoms Normal? Think Again! Problems Only Occur if….

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I want to talk about the mechanism of menopause okay it’s very very simple normally a female has about 400 eggs that are supposed to be released each month alternatively from one ovary one month and the left ovary or the other ovary the next month back and forth back and forth back and forth so at the end of that 400 egg which is roughly about age 52 there is a transitional phase there’s a backup organ to the ovaries that are supposed to take over because that backup organ produces the same hormones as the ovary a lot of people don’t know that and it’s called the adrenal gland that sits on top of the kidney so the Drina Glan actually is supposed to be a backup organ to the ovaries if there’s a problem I mean if there’s a if these basically go in retirement okay and that’s a normal process because even though these might not produce the same quantity of hormones as the ovaries but you’re not necessarily ready to have birth at age 52 so you don’t need that extra hormone so normally it’s not your body’s aren’t designed to have the need for the same hormones and it’s not really normally supposed to get give you all the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes like people tell you that’s normal hot flashes night sweats vaginal dryness all the symptoms from menopause are not normal if that something is healthy what really happens is this feedback loop that comes from the brain in the hypothalamus there’s a little part of the brain called the hypothalamus it’s the size of a pea it’s way deep inside there right in the center and it has pre-programmed messages that are sent down here and it just so happens the location of that’s that part of that hypothalamus which is very very small that controls the release of the egg also controls temperature okay and heat and heart rate so that is why we have problems with those given of symptoms so here’s what happens let’s say your adrenal glands are weak going into menopause you’re going to have problems because now what happens that backup is not working fully and with the backup is not working we don’t get the feedback from the adrenals back up to the hypothalamus to turn off to turn off that mechanism to actually complete the circuit so this is like the on switch the off switch so if the brain doesn’t receive feedback from the body in a certain amount it’s kind of like if you have kids and they ignore you what are you going to do you’re going to increase the volume of your communication so anyone who ignores you you’re going to talk louder to get their attention so I guess the best analogy be like the brain is like okay ovary release the egg release the egg and it’s not saying anything okay so after a while that hypothalamus starts shouting in more volume so we get more volume and because it’s on a tiny mechanism you’ll get a an overactive flow into that adrenal gland and you’ll get a flushing of heat you’ll have night sweats and they’re coming at a certain path a turn on and turn off so all those symptoms and menopause are really a problem with a circuit an incomplete circuit all right so if this circuitry isn’t free-flowing because the drina’s are weak and it’s not able to back up and free flow you’re going to start getting more belly fat so you’re going to get more gut weight because that’s a symptom of dream because adrenal is overactive you’ll have loss of collagen you’ll have atrophy so your muscles will get weak your joints will get creaky you’ll have loose skin hot flashes night sweats vaginal dryness bone loss sleep problems decreased tolerance to stress and facial hair other than that you’re perfectly fine but a lot of women get these problems after menopause B just because they’re going into menopause with a weak adrenal so the real solution is to prevent this problem before it occurs because it’s harder to deal with it after menopause than before so you really want to support that adrenal with normal things but the mechanism is very simple the problem of menopause is the lack of adrenals backing up the ovary and so a lot of times people take straight HRT hormone replacement therapy as a solution but the problem is that yes it does work but it gives you side effects like cancer and other problems and stroke and the reason why it works is it because it bypasses everything and goes right to the brain and it tells the brain I got your message I heard you release the egg because it’s sending back the feedback loops up here and it turns off that hot flash but it gives you another problem later so hot menopause problems anything connected with menopause as a problem would be an adrenal issue so what do you want to do you want to support the adrenal gland not the symptoms that most people do can you imagine taking a pill for this and a pill for this no for this without fixing or improving the function of the Drina so you want to support the adrenal gland one of the remedies i use is called adrenal support formula because that supports the gland directly it helps recover it and then it also sometimes if that doesn’t work I will recommend ISO flavonoid which is more of them it’s a it helps balance the good estrogens and it helps balance the good and bad estrogen so it doesn’t give you any side effects from cancer but it supports all the good effects of estrogen and one of the good sources of ISIF flavonoids would be the clover the clover gets some clover leaf if you need to do that but I start with the adrenal and I work work down here and then seek help if so nothing works I’ll you seek help because that has the iodine a lot of times that will help balance the estrogen situation because there’s a huge relationship between estrogen and iodine so that actually takes some stress off the whole system okay so that’s pretty much a summary of the transition phase between the perimenopause and menopause now that you understand it I hope this helps you and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Are Menopausal Symptoms Normal? Think Again! Problems Only Occur if…..
Are Menopausal Symptoms Normal? Think Again! Problems Only Occur if....

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Dr. Berg discusses mechanism of menopause. In this video, Dr. Berg also talks about the symptoms of menopause and what it means to you for a healthy body. These symptoms can be dissolved by using a few simple methods.
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