ADHD is a Nutritional, Not a Mental Problem

ADHD is a Nutritional, Not a Mental Problem

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More specifically, you want help with ADHD is a Nutritional, Not a Mental Problem?

hey guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about how they diagnose something called ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder this is really a complete joke based on all subjective findings there’s no objective anything it’s a bunch of psychiatrists of the room that vote on this but check this out this is how they would diagnose a second-grader okay has trouble getting started on tasks getting dressed putting away toys ignores directions or delays in following directions hard time sitting during meals digits talks when they’re expected to be quiet as trouble stopping one activity to begin another struggles to slow down enough to do things carefully needs to be reminded a lot to stop and listen as a hard time paying attention grabs things without permission is them unable to wait for directions as it takes too much time to complete tasks has trouble remembering directions has trouble recalling facts they just learned very upset were annoyed over minor frustrations these are all normal things normal behaviors for a second grader and as soon as they label them that’s one thing and then they just put them on a drug this is a great book called the hyperactivity hoax by Sidney Walker MD I mean it’s all about keeping kids quiet stopping them slow down stop wait I mean this is going to mess up a kid if we keep stopping them stopping them and like just have this quiet child that is supposed to be normal and then this is this is one little point I want to mention with hyperactivity often digits with hands and feets and squirms in the sea often leaves the seed in a classroom in other situations when they’re supposed to be sitting I mean you try to take a child and put am innocent sit for long periods of time it’s not natural to do that often runs about and climbs excessively in situations which is inappropriate often is difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly how you going to play with something quietly that this it’s a joke on the go and often axe is driven by a motor I’m serious that’s one of the criterias often talked successfully what if their social listen all these behaviors are normal for a child and this is the biggest scam a hoax these kids I know the nutrition could be improved they never look at the diet they never look at the nutrition there are minerals in the body and vitamins that slow the motor down that get a child to be more calm okay if it’s excessive be one is the number one thing get a natural B one from nutritional yeast mix it with even if you have to add a little bit of a you know low sugar chocolate with peanut butter to get the child to consume it with some nutritional yeast or put in applesauce get the B one in there nutritional yeast that will chill out the child like that of course got to get them off the sugar unfortunately a lot of parents start the kid on sugar we don’t want to do that we want to not have sugar in the house but I have a lot of recipes I’ll put a link down below of all these great foods if you’re a parent you need to start making these for the kids they will not know the difference between a low-carb treat and a sugar filled treat it’s it’s like way way better in it’s healthier potassium we have to find a vegetable that they like do the kale shake and put maybe bananas and fruit in there so that you don’t take taste the kale and have them consume it that will give them so much potassium you’ll see the child will have more control their own body but this out-of-control situation is purely physical it’s not a mental problem preservatives they could be allergic to something in some chemical I mean the amount of all the junk food has msg it’s a neurotoxin and magnesium that’s in the vegetables so that’s a these two minerals are breaks on the nervous system they calm the nervous system I will guarantee doing this simple thing will probably handle near a hundred percent of these kids with this is so-called disorder okay put your comments below hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and we’ll send you a report

This Post Was All About ADHD is a Nutritional, Not a Mental Problem.
ADHD is a Nutritional, Not a Mental Problem

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Dr. Berg talks about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how its diagnosed. This can be improved by:
1. Vitamin B1
2. Reducing your sugar
3. Adding potassium
4. Avoiding food preservatives
5. Adding Magnesium
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