A Walk Through Of My Push Day | Raw Benching, OHP, & Floor Press Work

A Walk Through Of My Push Day | Raw Benching, OHP, & Floor Press Work

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alright guys so one thing I haven’t shown you yet is an entire workout what does an entire push workout look like for me well you’re about to find out usually in the vlogs you’re only seeing a quick part of my workout like just bench or just squats or just deadlifts or maybe even some push days you’ve seen like the first three exercises so let me explain how my push day kind of goes I start with three base movements one for chest which is the flat bench that you’re seeing right now one for shoulders and one for triceps lately that’s been flat bench overhead press and some type of a closed grip movement but as you’ll see that kind of wasn’t how today when we’re getting into working sets now these are touching go reps before I dieted down to my current weight which is about 208 I was doing 360 for touch-and-go sets of 5 reps and that’s certainly lost some strength as you can see here these are really like it’s a grind these are grinder sets I probably shouldn’t have even gone 335 looking back on and I probably should have done like 325 for triples but I probably was trying to show off pretty guys and go as heavy as I possibly could and I just think that that wasn’t maybe necessarily the smartest idea for the workout here today just because I think I ended up only doing as you’ll see here three working sets of flat bench and they were just such a grind so I moved on from flat bench to overhead press and to be honest with you guys I really really need to work on my overhead press strength but really just my shoulder strength in general I would consider my shoulders to probably be the weakest muscle group in my body and my on my body as you’ll see here this is the first working set of 175 and I kind of didn’t know where I was strength-wise because of how much of a grind 335 on flat bench was and I just barely got this last rep that was that was much more of a grind than even the flat bench was so I the weight I went down to 160 pounds much more manageable four triples and really what I should have done to start I shouldn’t have even attempted the 175 but like I said there was probably a little bit of trying to show off for you guys I end up doing four sets of 160 and an overhead press just so you guys know then I moved on to what I considered my my tricep workout for the day my base tricep workout which was 4 presses and I just started doing floor presses maybe a couple of months ago really have been enjoying them a lot guys if maybe you haven’t been doing floor presser you’ve never done floor press I think they are great not just for triceps but great for chest great for shoulders this is like in my opinion probably the ultimate push day movement and once again 315 was heavy as all but I dropped the weight just like I did with the overhead press and realized you know what that that’s not gonna happen today once again I didn’t really know where I was strength-wise because of how much of a grind the original benchpress workout was and then overhead press I overestimated some things obviously so I think I ended up just staying at 295 for 3 or 4 sets of 3 anyways guys if I’m not doing floor presses for my base tricep exercise then usually I’m going to be doing some type of a close grip bench press or I’ll do heavy dips dips is another one of those exercises that I really love to do on push day I just think it’s so another one of those ultimate push day exercises because you get your shoulders your triceps and your chest involved in that exercise and and I love doing them didn’t do them today after the floor presses I ended up doing these chicken wing shoulder side raises that’s what I call my you just call them chicken wings but looks at up on bodybuilding.com and according to bodybuilding.com this exercise is called power partials so who knew but I did drop sets here starting with 50 pounds then I went to 40 as as you see on the screen and then I went to 30 pounds these are sets to 10 reps so I start doing a little bit more hypertrophy after my first base 3 exercises and as you see the first two of these chicken wings were definitely not as strict form wise but as I get lower and I tend to do this with with a lot of the hypertrophy movements at this point in the workout I’ll get more strict focus on squeezing be whatever muscle I’m trying to work in this case shoulders and really just focusing on the pump and also guys after every one of those chicken wing power partial drop sets I was super setting close grip bench press with those again to ten reps just like I was doing the the chicken wing side raises and even if this doesn’t end up being my base exercise some type of a closed grip exercise works its way into my routine somehow I love close grip bench press I think it’s one of the best exercises you can do not only for chest but also for triceps and it’s just a great push day movement so those are definitely always somehow in my push day program after those two I did three sets of those and after those two exercises were done I moved on to bent over rear delt Rose never did these again up until a couple of months ago and I did drop sets of them it was 60 pounds like you’d seen and now I’m moving on a 35 but I I never realized how great they are not only for rear delts I want to start doing more rear delt work in my program because to be honest you guys do a lot of pushing movements but not a whole lot of like side raises or even rear delt stuff really great for your traps that movement you’ll notice your chest will probably be sore the day after two days after you do that exercise if you don’t have those in your program give it a shot I really like them like surprisingly really liked them and I just started doing them two months ago finished the entire workout with some drop sets of just some V bar pull downs and this is a pretty common way that I like to end my workout some type of machine work like this

This Post Was All About A Walk Through Of My Push Day | Raw Benching, OHP, & Floor Press Work.
A Walk Through Of My Push Day | Raw Benching, OHP, & Floor Press Work

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A Walk Through Of My Push Day | Raw Benching, OHP, & Floor Press Work
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