A Conversation on SUGAR with Karen and Dr. Berg

A Conversation on SUGAR with Karen and Dr. Berg

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check this out 26% of teens have pre-diabetes or diabetes that’s one out of four Wow is that yeah it’s the worst in the world it seems ridiculous especially because with social media and the internet people are so much more educated I would think on food and we have all these you know organic is coming up and all these alternatives and things like that that the situation would be worse is it worse or is it it’s it’s really bad in fact this in the United States has the most high fructose corn syrup of any place in the world to which we’ll come back to that don’t let me forget so we’re looking at this trigger and this is a sugar cube okay one and a half of these equal one teaspoon okay here cubes so a Snickers bar for example has ten point eight cubes okay this is a this is snicker bars an average a person per day consumes about thirty to thirty one teaspoons of sugar a day now this is it takes two like one and a half to equal one teaspoon so that’s yeah a little over two teaspoons yeah yeah this is right here right so we’re chillin with a tremendous amount of sugar going in our bodies 30 of those good night so let’s just take this thing like this don’t let me so did you realize that an average American consumes all of this every two weeks no yeah that’s crazy this is about 400 teaspoons in weeks so where are they getting that if they’re not eating donuts and lollipops well it’s it’s liquid candy its soda its juice it’s in all the hidden sugars like bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins juice like I said right that’s enough I’m just demoing just playing so incredible so let’s just take a look at it this is only this is this is only like a little more than 10 teaspoons maybe 12 teaspoons so every day the average American has three times that yeah that’s a lot of sugar it’s incredible yeah coca-cola has 13 cubes okay Red Bull is 11 sprite right must be healthier 13 cubes a day I mean per per container Mountain Dew is 18 cubes Wow one 12-ounce can now lucky tribes have you ever had that cereal because I grew up on Lucky Charms and what were the other ones Lucky Charms and more puffs no the ones with the marshmallows I don’t know all the my boo count yeah all those Lucky Charms is 14 cubes of sugar okay now after serving per container so you have to actually multiply hundreds every box which is probably about 15 16 gatorade 32 ounce the Gator is 22 of these cubes Gatorade its sugar water so wouldn’t so Gatorade is supposed to be a half drink or a fitness a fitness drink right this whole concept of you’re burning up your sugar so you have to put it back it’s just totally crazy but I thought drinks like that fitness drinks were to rehydrate you well they have throw a little salt a little potassium in and that’s that’s their electrolytes they don’t have all the left lights you have like there’s no hardly any potassium there’s no magnet magnesium so don’t get me started so now juice let me just take juice like grape juice orange juice that’s supposed to be healthy right right natural yeah well it’s basically we have a little more than one cube per ounce okay sugar so basically this isn’t everything so if you say you have a glass of juice for breakfast you’re getting that yeah and then you have a soda at lunch maybe you have several sodas a day but then what about things like how do you factor in condiments and ketchup here’s what you do when you read labels the first thing you want to look at is the first ingredient that’s the majority of the product so if it says high fructose corn syrup you know you’re getting the majority of it I purchase corn syrup the second thing you look at Karen yeah is the sugar grams all right how many grams of sugar so it might see like ice cream for example you might see thirty grams of sugar then you look at the serving size serving size is like three-fourths of a cup or half of a cup then used to multiply how many serving size in that container so in a pint there’s four serving size times the total so it’s actually you know it’s not like and who needs a serving size of anything really I mean I almost I want to buy a box of cereal so we can just see how much is a serving size it’s probably like three quarters of a cup or something I mean that’s a really little amount and people usually just fill a bowl same with ice cream right so you might be having four serving sizes in one sitting oh let’s take salad dressings like you have massive nut and low-fat salad dressings you have massive sugar per teaspoon so if you calculate it out it’s like the whole thing is just like sugared water so you really gotta read the labels and just make sure that sugar gram is that close to zero as possible yeah well it’s so easy to make salad dressing you don’t have to you don’t have to buy salad dressing it’s so easy to make salad dressing but if you’re going to you have to really look at the sugars and you know one of the things that I was shopping for a couple of weeks ago we’re bullion cubes and I sugar in that couldn’t believe well there’s actually a lot of crap inside of a bouillon cube I thought it was just you know dried broth I just said that’s it I just started making my own broth when I needed it we were recently at a wedding and we right across the street we go to this little store it’s like a little shopping store right mm-hmm and we were just not deserving all the products in there like that was that was mind-blowing just to look from the viewpoint of every single thing and sugar in it I mean way more than I thought I tried to find something with that sugar so what does that tell us it tells us that there’s not a lot of awareness out there with sugar or sugar is getting added for whatever reason to everything I mean you can’t buy brown mustard without sugar why mustard it’s mustard yeah I know mustard they put sugar in meat that’s hidden as like dextrose or maltose crazy static sugar so go to any like well any place in the freezer section and I challenge you to find the process I’m talking about desserts pot pie and pinatas pot stickers I mean anything I think you know I look and I go oh here’s a nice wild-caught fish with a pecan parmesan the crust it oh this is perfect sugar it’s incredible sugar let’s take a french fries you ever got a McDonald’s before lately no they basically we take this potato which is a high glycemic index and then they don’t just fry it they coat it with sugar dextrose right so if you combine that amount of sugar with that starch and then it’s deep-fried in corn oil or soy oil which is GML you have an interesting product amazing it’s gonna spike your insulin so much and what do people eat with french fries catch I eat I use manage people other people other people catch up and I’m sure it’s got something with sugar I don’t know well the point is they have a hamburger fries right and do they drink something to do with that unsweetened iced tea it is the most deadly combination you’ve got other people soda a soda with a burger with the fries I mean that’s like a massive insulin spike on steroids people are doing it I used to do it yeah well also it’s like msg I mean there’s a lot of different names for sugar and people don’t always know what to look for MSG is not a set of glutamate it’s a hidden salt it’s a flavor enhancer it spikes insulin more than sugar I didn’t know that yeah and it’s hidden as modified food starch and many other names actually right yeah tri
ed a lot of other try to find try to find a food that’s processed it doesn’t have modified food starch it’s in you didn’t caught his cheese unless it’s organic so what’s happening our bodies now is it’s rejecting sugar and to do that there’s a mechanism a defense mechanism that we’ve set out in the body and that is called insulin resistance but it don’t we want the body to resist sugar we do that’s a survival mechanism but what we want to do is not get that sugar but if we keep giving it sugar a body’s gonna say oh really we’re gonna shut it down so it starts to develop earplugs in the receptors for insulin so we start blocking the sugar and insulin to the point where now the body says oh we can’t do with this so it starts making more and more insulin try to create the effect that’s what’s happening and insulin resistance is a pre-diabetes situation okay so eventually a person becomes a diabetic I mean it’s like one 103 adults 1 or 4 kids will be a diabetic that’s crazy yeah that’s crazy so now what’s gonna happen once you’re diabetic it’s gonna affect four main cells in the body I can it take take a guess we’re getting technical here oh yeah four cells yeah like great brain cell liver cell okay you’re getting close the retina I was actually I was gonna say that next yeah the retina and that’s why a diabetic goes blind eventually oh yeah retina the next cell effects is the nerves specifically the peripheral nerves which is the fingertips and the toes and the bottom of the feet that’s why diabetic they have numbness tingling and burning mm-hmm guess what happens after that the nerves are dying you get something called gangrene okay let’s literally the rotting of your your toes and then the feet you have to chop that off oh yeah these are just the effects of people mystic we’re trying to increase the awareness right I know those are two cells okay the next cell is the inner lining on the artery okay and don’t feel yourself that endothelial cells yeah it creates inflammation and literally holes on those cells so that’s when the cholesterol comes in the calcium comes in and it starts building the clot heart attack stroke as a side effect of the diabetes okay sugar okay we’ve got three right OH Gretna peripheral nurse heart or arteries and next one is the kidney cell I was gonna say that no your I was actually gonna say that I would have I would have gotten one right I picked that up so I mean the long-term effects of diabetes is you’re on kidney dialysis I mean it’s pretty bad you got to go to the center and get your kidneys filter I think it’s every day or every other day or something like that but it’s terrible it’s just like you’re constantly it’s painful and there is some miserable thing okay so that’s a horrible life yeah that is a horrible life in a horrible future and how many kids one out of every four child and it’s raising two okay answer getting worse over time so okay so I get it that’s the good news that is the bad news now here’s the thing is if it’s it’s not you know environmental it’s got to do with what people put into their bodies that’s totally controllable so this is where you come in right so so the reason I’m not ready recommending everyone good at the American Diabetes Association website because if you look at their website they’re allowing people to have a lot more sugar than they should have so they’re not there in our opinion right that’s our opinion because the link between so-called science and diabetes they still don’t know what caused it it’s obvious to us but of course there’s a lot of funding for these institutions so they can’t come out and really say it but the point is that you the consumer can start controlling the amount of sugar that goes in your body and we see it in all these testimonials and all these Skype testimonials and videos we’re not claiming it we’re just reporting what people are telling us these are the conditions I had I did intermittent fasting I did ketogenic diet and I got rid of all the sugar and now these are my body statistics you know especially for belly fat I mean the the short-term symptoms of insulin resistance is you get tired after you eat you have to take a nap that was me right always now secondly is you get craving for carbs okay that’s a big one you have urination problems at night you’re getting up urinating you have brain fog vision problems okay that’s the short-term effects long-term effects belly fat stroke fatty liver Alzheimer’s dementia man other than that you’re perfectly fine but more terrible I wanted to bring up was I had a black blood sugar problem and I just wanted to have Karen you did I not have a blood sugar problem or did I have a picture think you’ve clearly stated you already did but yes you did in my 20s yes it was so bad I had to come home take a nap the inside the eyes are all like they felt like sand a bloodshot I mean I went out for years hmm I was exhausted yeah I don’t know what it was we tried everything I was doing cleanses your candles what a detox is nothing working I’d still have a photo of him with this ear Kendall actually they pulled out I could probably I could probably make some money off of that you probably couldn’t really get it’s the next trend but the other thing too is uh what about the juice I was doing juiced I was doing ice cream and you sing also purchase you did a lot of juicing we tried everything remember I mean certain diets worked for certain people we have strong opinion on things obviously because it’s what’s being forwarded on our Channel but remember when we were just eating vegetables okay now I don’t know some people love this I’m gonna say I don’t want to upset anybody in any way a lot of people feel great eating vegetables we did this and I was bruising I don’t even know what I was such I was bruising my hair was falling out he was feeling horrible certain people need animal protein yeah we definitely needed animal protein yeah well we would be I was it was so bad everywhere we would go I would I was in San Diego driving down the street and I said head Karen it says a yellow building says the health house so Micah members that house like let’s go maybe they can help me that was the opposite these people were the opposite it was like raw milk and meat right so we know we weren’t feeling great so we said okay we’ll try this so that had its own you that had its own things but we immediately felt better every health food store we go in there come out with another remedy I was trying everything was I’m not trying and I think when we were doing the vegetable thing it wasn’t just that we were eating vegetables real a lot of pasta at the time and I think that probably was our big issue with feeling so crappy it wasn’t that we were having great big salads and getting very creative we’re doing a lot of beans and a lot of pasta and a lot of rice and a lot of those things arthritis my fingers down my spine I mean that’s really what drove me to research health and then become almost obsessed about it just teaching it learning it and I’ve been studying it a little bit here and there kind of dabbling in it ever since completely completely obsessed but hey we’re the beneficiaries of that that’s right so do it right so I’m live so I’m like I don’t read fiction or nonfiction basically what do I read greatness physiology for fun all things about the the cell of the mitochondria the latest hot novel on mitochondria it’s fascinating stuff someone I’m glad that you are that interested essential I know I’m glad is fascinating the affects of this and the mitochondria and by the way since you brought that up there’s something very interesting about you can’t even have insulin resistance unless the mitochondria which is Energy Factory in the cell becomes dysfunctional so in other words it’s like a pre thing that happens with the mitochondria if you can keep your mitochondria strong then you can prevent insulin resistance I’m go
nna make a t-shirt like that we should have mitochondria mitochondria that’s strong right by mitochondria fist but you can’t ask me how to how do you do how do you do that that’s a good question oh we’ll cover the ha no I’ll tell you know it’s it’s vitamin b1 b1 is protective against diabetes and insulin resistance but sugar depletes b1 so if you were to take like the nutritional yeast you can actually improve blood sugars and protect yourself against it guess how you get a b1 deficiency eating too much sugar and refined grains right Reds cereal crackers do yours things waffles pancakes muffins Donuts don’t know it depletes b1 so that’s how you’re getting a depletion and then you set yourself up for getting to complications of diabetes griffith neuropathy vision you go blind gangrene other than that you’ve totally fine okay so I’m picking up a senior I’m kind of you know I have all this data I’m kind of putting it together that sugar is slightly bad talk to them right it’s bad so you know so so this is a little bit of where I come in because okay I would like to do that you know you know how I have these like um partner swapping like celebrity spouse swap kind of thing I almost want to do a challenge and and let someone come live in our house in my shoes for for a week or two and I know that’s really mean we used to call him that just because it got to be sort of like what can we eat they probably get skinny pretty fast yeah but but the point is like not people don’t know how to function in life about that so really I mean there are a lot of ways that you can eat but definitely looking at the sugar in ingredients is one thing there are a lot of alternative sweeteners out there that you can start to play with experiment with there are gobs I mean we put recipes out but there’s gobs and gobs of recipes on the internet and cookbooks filled with recipes on ideas of food that you can eat that don’t have sugar in them that’s right so this is starts with awareness understanding what sugar does what it is and making you aware of what you’re putting your body without even knowing it mm-hmm so again every two weeks one of these so you’re gonna educate your kids yeah so that’s really important the whole family making sure their whole family’s on board and maybe the whole family isn’t gonna be on board at first because they want to have whatever their thing is that they’re gonna have but that one person a lot of times it’s the woman of course who leads the household right and you get started and make the change and then just stop buying things stop bringing things into the house and it’s a gradient it’s not gonna happen all overnight right so you have any last words of wisdom before we end off I am filled with wisdom but no I I mean this was cool and good to know about sugar and all of the medical things the thing that really hits me hard is to see all these kids out there that are obese and that are pre-diabetic I mean it’s it’s really our responsibility as as parents and as adults to to fix that so it’s such an easy thing to do and it’s unnecessary and I really think I have to we got to do something about it we’re gonna do something locally – yeah we’re gonna start to do something should actually tell me – I think we’re gonna film something locally and just help these kids and parents because I know parents don’t they don’t want to cause that effect in their kids they just don’t know or they’re confused or you know they’re – well I’m having a ghave nectar now instead right or and how do you feel about agave nectar okay since you brought it up I brought it out do you have another half-hour now agave nectar is 97% fructose ok fructose behaves differently like this right here is cane sugar sucrose half of this is glucose and half of is fructose all you need to know is that the fructose is the really really bad sugar for your liver because in your cells you’re just picking up glucose for it you can’t pick up fructose so everything is shunted to the liver and your livers like freaking out because you’re doing this every two weeks and everything is that has to be converted over to liver fat fat around the organs and fatty arteries and all sorts of inflammatory conditions so fructose is the real deadly one that’s creating if you have belly fat or a liver roll which is underneath the ribcage we know it’s probably from fructose and it’s your livers body so so God yes sure is just off fructose so they say it’s low glycemic yeah it might be but it’s gonna create the same problem just a different pathway okay okay okay on that note yeah well we’ll see you guys next time okay thanks for coming out right you too thanks for coming out you’re welcome 

This Post Was All About A Conversation on SUGAR with Karen and Dr. Berg.
A Conversation on SUGAR with Karen and Dr. Berg

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