9 Top SuperFoods on the Planet

9 Top SuperFoods on the Planet

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hey guys in this video I’m going to talk about the nine top superfoods on the planet okay we’re talking about kale firms now kale is very bitter anything bitter is really good for your liver in removing fat from the liver in decongestant the gallbladder making more bile so it’s basically you want to start consuming more vegetables that are bitter most of these are bitter but kale has tons of vitamin C vitamin K vitamin A but mainly what it will do is it helps to slowly clean and detoxify your liver alright it’s also anti estrogen ik – so if you have a buildup of excess estrogen the bad kind it’ll help balance that okay cabbage so this is the l-glutamine that’s a thin nutrient that’s really good for your brain it’s good for the heart it’s good for the muscle it’s good for leaky gut cabbage juice is wonderful for healing ulcer and anything related to an irritable bowel even acid reflux or heartburn cabbage is really good for that Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts are very similar to cabbage they’re like almost the same properties but what’s interesting about Brussels sprouts as they do not have any negative effects on your thyroid because sometimes the cruciferous vegetables are currently bad for your thyroid because they deplete iodine well you’d have to eat a lot of them but what I like to do is I just like to recommend having some seek help with these vegetables and then you’re good to go but Brussels sprouts have all the effects that cabbage has but without the thyroid negative aspects okay so now we get to the radish radish is really high in sulfur so it’s it’s really good to help detoxify the liver us specifically chemicals and poisons that are actually in the liver it helps to eliminate them it supports something called phase 1 phase 2 detoxification which basically you take a poison and turn into a water-soluble particle for you it’s eliminated safely through the body b-but radishes are really good for sinus mucus congestion because they help pull out mucus especially the Spanish black radish but you can take them for a sinus congestion you can take them for deep mucus and the lungs that just can’t come out it’s a really good anti mucus it thins a mucus then we get the beet okay beets the deep top is really good for potassium like it has that most potassium any other vegetable but the actual beet is good as well why because beet is loaded with nitric nitric oxide and nitric oxide is good for decreasing tension in the arteries decreasing blood pressure helping increase testosterone and balancing on estrogens so that’s just one of the many functions but it’s really good for the liver in the gallbladder then we get asparagus asparagus has not just fibre to feed the colon but it’s very anti-anxiety it’s good for relaxation it’s good for stress it’s loaded with vitamin b1 I like to take asparagus when I take it I notice that I’m really calm after I consume it like the day after I just feel really calm so I recommend that it’s also good as an antidiuretic it pushes fluid out it’s good to prevent kidney stones it has a lot of great things garlic of course we know about garlic garlic is the most potent anti-cancer antiviral antibacterial antifungal and dieese it just cleans up bad microbes in your system and it prevents issues that I can’t really make claims in this video but you can look it up but it’s really just a good immune builder turmeric is it a powerful anti-inflammatory agent it’s good for the brain it’s considered an anti-aging nutrient okay and then we have parsley parsley is another one of my favorites it’s kind of the garnish that no one eats but parsley has more vitamin A than kale it has three times the vitamin C the two lunges it has twice the iron spinach has so it’s it’s like a superfood it has massive amounts of vitamin K so I will take the parsley combine it with kale with lemon juice and make my kale shake like that but it’s very bitter good for the liver but these are the top superfoods that I think are the absolute best ones on the planet so hope you enjoy this now chant now the time is to apply this information and start eating these foods I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About 9 Top SuperFoods on the Planet.
9 Top SuperFoods on the Planet

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Dr. Berg talks about the top SuperFoods
1. Kale
2. Cabbage
3. Brussel Sprouts
4. Radish
5. Beet
6. Asparagus
7. Garlic
8. Turmeric
9. Parsley
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