9 Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Fat

9 Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Fat

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all right so today we’re gonna talk about the nine signs that you’re eating too much fat so it doesn’t make sense if you’re eating fat and it’s not really fully breaking down when you do keto usually you’re eating more fat and you have to adapt to it your gallbladder and your liver have to adapt to that fat so some people can overdo it especially if they’re adding MCT oil butter coconut oil bulletproof coffee and these are some of the signs that you’re just overdoing it a bit you need a good liver to make the bile a good gallbladder to store it and then you also need a good pancreas to release the lipase enzyme so your pancreas and your gallbladder work together to help you digest fat so if you’re still floats that means that the fat is going through you and not being absorbed number two bloating burping belching okay that’s a gallbladder issue that’s too much fat number three no weight loss let’s say for example you do keto and you bring your carb down down down but you’re still not losing weight well simply because you’re eating too much fat and your body is turning those dietary fats into ketones and not your own body’s fat in the ketones I recommend trying to cut your fat down to about 75 grams or a little less you never want to go on a low-fat diet but you may want to cut it down if you’re not losing weight okay number four right shoulder pain why because if you overload the gallbladder it’s gonna swell up a little bit it’s underneath the right rib cage there’s a nerve underneath there called AfriNIC nerve that goes to the right shoulder up to your neck so if there’s pressure underneath the rib cage into the diaphragm onto that nerve it can refer to the right shoulder up into the neck through here anything on the right side also you can get pain underneath your right ribcage right here so bloating tightness a fullness or pain that’s usually gallbladder you’re probably eating too much fat of course if you’re doing carbs and sugar that would be even worse alright number six right rhomboid pain let me explain what that is let me bring my person to demonstrate this thank you very much so we’re gonna turn you this way right there okay so there’s two muscles in between this bone right here the scapula and the spine so it’s right through here okay and there’s another one over here and these muscles kind of bring the shoulders inward this way and kind of bring it up this way so right on the right rhomboid right through in here this is where you’re gonna get problems if there’s a gallbladder issue sometimes it comes up into right here too on the right side anywhere through here alright thank you very much so that would be number six okay nauseousness okay that’s one symptom that you’re consuming too much fat the rate your stool is black and tari and oily it’s leaving skid marks okay on the toilet and also realize that you may need some purified bile salts to actually improve the digestion if you have some of these symptoms too so it’s not always that you’re doing too much fat it could be that your gallbladder just doesn’t have enough file stored to be able to break it down the gallbladder is a storage for bile the liver actually makes it the microbes help you recycle the bile like over 90% of their bile is recycled so it could be either you don’t have the friendly bacteria or there’s some problem the gallbladder or the liver could be the pancreas as well and the last one is no appetite for a very long time I know people who consume like half a stick of butter you’re not going to be hungry for the next day maybe a day and a half well that could just mean that you just have a little too much butter the problem with consuming too much butter and not other nutrients so one of the problems with consuming too much fat is that you’re so satisfied that you not hungry for any of the other nutrients that you need okay alright so now you know when to adjust your dietary fat thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About 9 Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Fat.
9 Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Fat

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 9 signs that you are eating too much fat. When you are doing the healthy ketogenic diet, usually you are eating more fat and the body has to adapt to it but some people could overdo it.
1. Stool Floats
2. Bloat – Burp – Belch
3. No Weight Loss
4. Right Shoulder Pain
5. Pain Under Right Ribcage
6. Right Rhomboid Pain
7. Nauseous
8. Oily Black Stool
9. No Appetite For a Long Time
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