9 Reasons Why You Are Vitamin D Deficient

9 Reasons Why You Are Vitamin D Deficient

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alright so there are actually nine reasons why someone is deficient in vitamin D let’s go through them number one I don’t know if you knew this but bacteria in viruses have a unique strategy of interfering with your absorption of vitamin D there’s what’s called the vitamin D receptor and what they do is they block it so you can’t get an amount of mandi which is essential for your immune system and that’s how they survive and that’s how they kind of break down your defenses by shutting down that vitamin D before you can even get some help the epstein-barr virus lowers the vitamin d receptor HIV virus completely stops the vitamin d receptor shuts it down so if you have HIV or I’ve seen barbarous you should be taking a lot of vitamin d TB down regulates the bottom in d receptor so they’re very devious these viruses and bacteria they go right for this the receptor for vitamin D and that’s why a lot of different illnesses use what’s called vitamin D receptor analogues there which are basically kind of a mimic vitamin D and they actually bypass the system then go right in but you can actually do it other ways as well you can increase the amount of vitamin D that you’re taking you can also take bile salts but I’ll do a separate video just on that aging decreases the skin’s conversion of vitamin D so as you get older you need three times as much vitamin D and that’s when you actually really need it when you get older so if you’re older you should be taking vitamin D but always take it with food because it’s a fat soluble vitamin okay and it’ll go in a lot better number three difficult to get vitamin D in the diet I did a whole separate video on this it’s almost impossible to get really what you need from your diet unless you’re doing condom oil because it’s just it’s just not in the foods if you’re breastfeeding you need to be taking vitamin D if you’re pregnant you need to be taking vitamin D very important for that growing child number four 57% of the population is deficient in vitamin D I think it’s between 37 and 57% but a lot of that’s based on your location where you live in the world so in different latitudes if you’re in the south and the tropics chances are you’re probably not going to be very deficient but if you’re in the north which a very large population lives that right there can severely decrease your vitamin D from the Sun exposure number five mutations with the vitamin D receptor it’s called polymorphism okay and just a fancy word for there’s some alteration in the vitamin D receptor in certain populations okay and it’s actually higher than you think and there’s different there’s four different alterations in this little receptor and it’s a genetic thing and you can get a test you can find out if you have this problem and this would explain if you have any of these symptoms like for example your depression autoimmune disease insomnia adrenal fatigue that can’t seem to be resolved some skin disorder like psoriasis eczema chronic inflammation and you’re taking vitamin D it’s supposed to create effect but it’s not working what you need is you need a lot more because you may have this genetic defect within the receptor and it’s just not working you won’t see any effects if you have a fatty liver or hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver you’re not gonna absorb vitamin D – well okay so because your liver is is key in the absorption of vitamin D the conversion of vitamin D even from the Sun as well as the kidneys you need good kidneys and a good liver to actually absorb and use vitamin D number seven you don’t go outside anymore you’re inside all day long maybe as a kid you’re outside but now you just stay inside well that could be a big reason number eight if you have a chronic infection a low-grade infection which a lot of people have and they have they chronically fatigued or they have fibromyalgia or some type of low-level infection going on that can suck the vitamin D rather than give you tissues because every single immune cell has receptors for vitamin D it’s important in preventing infections and then if you have an infection it will deplete your vitamin D high levels of cortisol okay from stress will deplete vitamin D so another interesting thing that you may not realize so the more stress that you have the more vitamin D you should take it’s going to bring your mood up as well so I hope this increase your awareness of the importance of vitamin D and the reason why people need it thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About 9 Reasons Why You Are Vitamin D Deficient.
9 Reasons Why You Are Vitamin D Deficient

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed the 9 reasons why you are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential to the immune system.
1. Bacteria/Viruses
EBV lowers Vitamin D receptor
HIV completely stops Vitamin D receptor
TB down regulates Vitamin D receptor
2. Aging decreases Skin Conversion
3. Difficult to get vitamin D from the diet
4. 57% of population is deficient depending on the location
5. Mutations with VDR (Polymorphism) – alteration in the vitamin D receptors in certain populations.
6. Fatty liver
7. Don’t go outside enough
8. Chronic Infection lowers vitamin D
9. Stress lowers vitamin D
Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency
• Depression
• Autoimmune
• Insomnia
• Adrenal Fatigue
• Skin Disorders
• Chronic Inflammation
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