8 Kinda WEIRD Things I Did Trying to Get Healthy – Dr. Berg

8 Kinda WEIRD Things I Did Trying to Get Healthy – Dr. Berg

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hey guys it’s me again I want to share some of the biggest mistakes in most embarrassing things and kind of crazy things that I have done to try to get healthy all right I’m going to I’m going to tell you tell you what I’ve done I was very very very very sick when I was 28 a couple years ago I’m just kidding I’m 50 right now but I was very sick and I hit bottom and I was searching for everything my house was a warehouse of vitamins I would take massive I would take close to a hundred vitamins a day I mean it’s crazy at a warehouse and every every place we go we drive another time I went hey honey let’s let’s go over there there’s a there’s a health house over there maybe they can help me and we go in there and get all these vitamins and try this and I kept going to the vibe store just trying to get help and I didn’t know what to do so here’s some of the things that I’ve done number one twelve ounces of daikon radish juice okay now radishes have incredible properties and I’m not even saying this is necessarily a bad thing it was just the amount of juice that was consuming because I those daikon radishes are very spicy and they’re hot and they’re very long and they’re white and I juiced this huge container and and what I did is I just plugged my nose and drank the whole thing really fast well that was a big mistake because it burned a hole right through my body all the way down and it opened the gates of hell in my digestive system and that was like I did it because it’s supposed to clean you out it definitely will clean you out that is very very painful okay so that’s that’s the first thing I’ve done number two your candles now some people might really like these and they probably a lot of benefit honestly I don’t think they do what they say you’re going to do you’re basically laying down and you’re sticking this candle this hollow candle in your ear to pull out the wax out of your ear and you can see all these little things come out but I don’t think they’re really coming out I think it’s the wax on the inside that are building up of course I was really excited about I have my parents doing it my relatives my wife’s parents I got everyone doing this and I don’t think it really ever did anything he’s kind of dangerous could kind of burn some things so that was that’s number two number three is called a coal mo now what is a coal mo a coal Emma is a combination between a coal onic and an animal on steroids you basically take five a five gallon bucket of water and you put some clay in there and you take a tube with an enema tube and you lay on this board on your toilet and you basically flesh you put five gallons of water in your body you flush out all this waste and you do that morning at night for seven days okay and you’re taking all these vitamins to flesh off and I think it was a roto-rooter on steroids I made it cleaned me out but that was really really really really a massive detox that kind of depleted me of all my electrolytes if I would have done it again knowing better I probably would have put some electrolytes because you’re putting you’re flushing a lot of things out of your body and that could be dangerous as far as your heart because you’re not understanding how to do it correctly of course with me I didn’t even read the directions I just all I know how to do this and I did it incorrectly so that was called a coal lemma so number four I did the olive oil gall bladder cleanse now what is olive olive oil gall bladder cleanse this is where you take 12 ounces of olive oil 2 ounces of epsom salts and you mix it together and you take a handful of concentrated beet tablets down that and you drink 12 ounces of olive oil right and then you lay on your right side all night long and it’s supposed to pull out all these stones and then of course when you look in the toilet these these round green things that is not stones those are floating that is all your bile and basically all I did is depleted all your but my bile reserve and I just crave things like crazy the next few days so and it almost killed me because the mistake I made was you don’t use olive oil like water like you’re flushing these pills down because the oil combined with the epson salts like a chemical that combined with the beats to make it solid right in my esophagus right down here and it actually got stuck in there and I couldn’t breathe I just barely survived that and that was a nightmare so that was the olive oil gall bladder cleanse number five heavy-duty probiotic now probiotic is a friendly bacterium and there’s different gradients or amounts of bacteria I use the one that was so strong so powerful in that I mean it detox that heck out of me and the problem with it is that I ended up the next day with Lyme disease don’t ask me how I was I didn’t have a tick I just actually reactivated something in my body had rashes and everything I went get gotten tested because I started having inflammation I’m like what is going on so it dumped everything and anything out of my body and what happened was it kept getting worse so I actually did the natural remedies that you’re supposed to do but it didn’t quite work so I had to basically I had to go get a pro antibiotic unfortunately it was called bactrim I think bactrim and that was like I felt like my body was awash washing board because it was it just killed everything in my body so I had to heal from that just triggered from this I mean it was like a chain reaction that just really wiped me out for several weeks so eventually I got my immune system strong where I’m I don’t have a problem anymore but that was that’s number five number six called the rusty nail experiment or whatever a situation so I have a backyard and I have a little compost pile and one summer I’m working on there and I stepped on a nail okay I stepped in a nail so I go inside the house and I tell my wife and she says well you better get a tetanus shot and I’m like I’m like it teddy shot I mean first of all it’s not really rusty secondly I don’t really believe in those those things so it’s not going to be a problem okay I cleaned it up it didn’t really go that deep whatever so anyway the next day I go to the office I sit down in front of my first client who’s a new client and the first thing out of her mouth which she tells me a story that she basically stepped in a rusty nail and she didn’t do anything about it and she had lockjaw so bad that she went to the emergency room and she almost died and she’s telling me this whole experience I’m like we almost died she was yeah once you get because you there’s a time frame and once it goes past that you could die and I’m like I’m sitting there with her that I mean what’s like it’s like hello you know someone’s trying to tell me something here so basically right when that new client was done I said cancel all my appointments and I ran to an urgent care and I said okay give me give me the shot I’ll take the shot right it’s like you know you don’t have to warn me that much right so they she gives me the shot for tetanus I go home and I get a call that night and she says oh we gave you the wrong shot I’m like what do you mean you gave me the wrong shot so I Drive all the way back and get the right shot but it had me freaking out because the last thing I want to get is tetanus but that was just kind of a mistake of not taking care of myself and there is a point where you know you need to do some medical care number seven the Master Cleanse now this is basically you’re basically living on lemon water and maple syrup for about ten days okay and burn first of all it’s like d
rinking sugar water there’s no nutrients in it at all lemons not enough to giving nutrients so basically you’re starving yourself for ten days so it’s like a fast and I was craving pizza so bad towards the end I was dreaming about pizza I I felt high blood sugar issues irritable it was a nightmare so the problem is doing this Master Cleanse ne cleanse you detox and then you go right back to your pizza or old ways because you can’t you can’t avoid it because you’re craving so much so I never really fixed the real problem okay so that was the Master Cleanse and I don’t recommend doing it because it’s like a starvation thing number eight I did a kidney herbal detox and these these herbs were from China and I didn’t really study about the side-effects from these herbs but I took you know my whole concept is unlike the human guinea pig if it and I’ll go ahead and if a little bit as good I’ll do a lot and that was a big mistake because I drank half the bottle and what happened I started getting a sore throat lung infection I was in bed for a week with a fever it turned on everything so I had all sorts of things just kind of mobilized from my body and what happens the problem with some of these detox is they they dump your liver in your kidney and it recirculates your blood to the whole body so it’s like taking this these toxicity things and then pushing them in other organs that’s why I don’t I don’t like like powerful cleanses like that especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you’re going too fast okay so these are just things that I’ve found that obviously didn’t work for me I’m sure you have similar experiences or maybe not but I just wanted to kind of point these out and anytime you do something kind of new you want to either be supervised research it and or do it on a smaller gradient so you don’t go too far alright thanks for watching I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About 8 Kinda WEIRD Things I Did Trying to Get Healthy – Dr. Berg.
8 Kinda WEIRD Things I Did Trying to Get Healthy - Dr. Berg

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In this video Dr. Berg shares mistakes he has made while trying to get healthy starting at 28 years of age. While hitting rock bottom, Dr. Berg became desperate and begin taking over 100 vitamins per day. He discusses how you can get healthy without dieting.
You want to get healthy and stay healthy the right way. Dr. Berg explains how you can start your own healthy path by learning from his mistakes.
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