7 Benefits of Avocado Oil

7 Benefits of Avocado Oil

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so let’s talk about the very cool benefits of avocado whale alright first thing is it’s loaded with potassium 708 milligrams per avvocato and then we have carotenoids chlorophyll different phytonutrients that have different effects one big effect is to help balance the different types of cholesterol in the body now that’s interesting because people automatically think a lava kados they have saturated fat that’s gonna worsen my cholesterol actually no it’s not it’s going to help your cholesterol based on these other phytonutrients and then we have vitamin E but not just the corals the tocotrienols too so this is the complete vitamin E complex lutein which is great for the eye and protecting you against the complications of all the oxidation out there and chemicals and junk foods it’s loaded with vitamin K 1 b2 b6 folate it also has a lot of vitamin C and then we have Omega 9 which is different than Omega 3 Omega 9 is the monounsaturated fats really good for balancing out cholesterol so it’s cardioprotective it’s great for the hair could be because of the vitamin E complex and then we have anti-inflammatory in fact there’s some interesting studies I’ll put some links down below that show that certain property is an avocado oil can mimic the mechanism of certain drugs which are anti-inflammatory fascinating it can help stabilize your blood sugars that’s why abaca dough’s and avocado oil are great when you’re on the ketogenic diet lower blood pressure probably because of the large amounts of potassium potassium is a physiological relaxer and so it’s really good for people with high blood pressure number 6 decrease the effects of sugar there’s a study that I read that shows the comparison that even when you actually consume sugar and you actually add avocado oil you can actually reduce the effects of sugar not that you’re going to do that but it’s just good to know alright number 7 avocado oil is great to use when you cook certain things because it doesn’t smoke like other oils so you can actually heat it up to 480° before it starts to smoke now of course when you’re heating the oil you’re going to destroy these nutrients okay so yes you can actually definitely use it for cooking but I would also use it on your salad and you want to get the organic cold-pressed extra virgin if possible and that way you can retain these nutrients right here all right guys thanks for watching and if you haven’t seen my video on olive oil check that here on the page 

This Post Was All About 7 Benefits of Avocado Oil.
7 Benefits of Avocado Oil

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Have you heard about these incredible benefits of avocado oil? Check this out. 
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Today we’re going to talk about the interesting health benefits of avocado oil. 
Avocado oil contains:
• 708mg of potassium 
• Carotenoids 
• Chlorophyll
• Vitamin E
• B-sitosterol 
• Lutein 
• Phytosterols 
• Vitamins K1, B5, B6
• Folate 
• Vitamin C 
• Omega 9
Avocado oil benefits:
1. It’s cardioprotective 
2. It’s great for the hair
3. It has anti-inflammatory properties 
4. It may help stabilize blood sugar 
5. It may help lower blood pressure 
6. It may help decrease the effects of sugar 
7. It tolerates high heat temperatures 
Avocado oil uses:
• You can use avocado oil for cooking, but heating the oil destroys the nutrients. 
• You can use avocado oil in your salad. 
Be sure to get organic cold-pressed extra virgin avocado oil if possible. 
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Thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you better understand the amazing benefits of avocado oil, consider giving it a try on your next salad.

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