6 Ways to Know You Need MORE Zinc

6 Ways to Know You Need MORE Zinc

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why does everyone forget zinc everyone’s so focused on potassium and magnesium and man I’ll tell you zinc is one of the most important minerals if not the most important when it comes down to just cellular function it is one of the most prevalent minerals in the body but we don’t have a storage system for it so what that means is that we end up having to constantly replenish our zinc level so it’s very easy to become deficient in zinc and it can cause a cascade of different problems now what it does do is manifest with some pretty clear ways so we’ll explain those deficiencies and all that so that you know if maybe you need to start adding some zinc and also talk about some foods that are gonna be rich in zinc and how much zinc you might want to be getting in alright so we’re gonna talk all about that but first I wanna make sure you hit that red subscribe button and also hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications so you know whenever I go live or post a new video which is pretty much just about every single day at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time these days alright so first of all why zinc is so unique it promotes thousands and thousands of transcription factors and enzymatic functions within the body okay now most of the time minerals are involved in some or part of these transcription factors now what that means is basically the creation of new cells and things like that now normally magnesium is involved in a few then you got potassium involved in a few well zinc is involved in all six enzymatic classes so what that means is that every kind of enzyme function in your body whether it’s breaking down food or whether it’s breaking down certain cellular functions or whether it’s triggering the growth of new cells and things like that different enzymatic functions zinc is involved in all of them and in case you don’t understand the magnitude of that we cannot function without enzymatic functions happening at some point so they’re involved in ligases lies as hydrolases isomerizes oxido reductase and transferases which has to do with even genetics right actually like changing our DNA and changing things like that that’s very important what I said earlier no ability to store zinc we don’t have this a storage mechanism for zinc so what we have in our body in our blood or in our cells at a given time is what we have it’s why it’s very important to replenish your zinc levels every day whether it’s through supplementation or through good food okay if you go and you get a blood test and you find that your zinc levels are high or low it’s not necessarily going to reflect anything that matters because it doesn’t tell you what is being utilized by the cell at that point in time you say if your zinc levels are high it in your blood it doesn’t necessarily mean that your cells are utilizing that sink and then you actually have good amounts of zinc in your body so it’s always good to replenish sink now the caveat being if you take in too much zinc can you go overboard it depletes and cancels out copper that’s when things get wild with minerals start taking in too much zinc it actually cancels out some of the copper which creates its own signs and its own symptoms which we’ll talk about in another video but let’s talk about some telltale things because otherwise we’re gonna sit in lala land where it’s super complicated alright the first symptom that I want to talk about this is kind of an order of what you might see manifesting the first symptom is going to be hair loss okay here’s what’s going on hair cells and hair follicles in that whole process they turn over really fast so whenever you have something that’s turning over fast you’re having a big demand in zinc because zinc is required in that turnover creating new cells new means ematic function so anything that turns over really fast he’s going to burn through zinc like crazy so what’s happening is when your zinc depleted your hair starts to fall out or starts to thin simply because you have other cells that require zinc that turn over fast let me put it like this hair cells regenerate fast immune cells regenerate fast intestinal cells regenerate fast but hair is not a priority so what ends up happening is the zinc deficiency makes it so that your body prioritizes the immune cells and the intestinal cells and says okay we have to shuttle zinc away from the hair and put it to the immune cells because that’s where they’re needed so as a result you start losing your hair so if you’re you know brushing your hair in the morning just having clumps of hair coming out not even clumps you just notice it’s thinning and coming out zinc could be an issue in just a little bit of supplemental zinc could fix that or adding some oysters or some shellfish in your diet could make a big difference there which kind of leads me into the next thing maybe if you don’t like oysters or shellfish you want your tastes to go away but in this particular case this is a symptom of zinc deficiency so same kind of thing with our taste buds our taste buds have a short half-life believe it or not our taste changes every one two weeks so what happens is your taste buds the cells in there die and they go through a kind of new recycling process every one to two weeks which explains why if you eat spicy foods for about a week you get used to it okay you develop a sweet tooth or a salt tooth or a spicy affinity just an amount of weeks time but the same kind of thing happens here if you’re deficient in zinc your body’s reprioritizing and sacrificing for the greater good of the rest of your body your immune cells and you know your intestinal cells and things like that so it’s taking zinc away from the cells and your taste buds and moving them to other more important places so these two although are critical for most life they’re not super critical compared to immune cells and intestinal cells so that’s where we really have to start paying attention these are the first warning signs and I want to stop right there because you might be wondering where you can get zinc in food like you might be looking at this thing okay well this is great I already have these symptoms where can I get some food so okay we’ve got things like oysters okay we’ve got other shellfish those are always going to be a good sign you’ve got some things like seaweed and they’re gonna have levels of zinc anything kind of marine base is going to have a good amount of zinc there’s a lot of vegetables that have zinc but unfortunately a lot of times our soil is so deprived of the minerals we’re not actually getting that amount so what I’ve done is I’ve created some grocery packages through thrive market thrive markets an online grocery store so you can get your groceries online not to go to the grocery store this gets shipped right to your doorstep I’ve created specific packages for Quito for fasting for thyroid for hormones everything like that so you can get groceries that I would recommend all bundled into a simple box it’s like hey this is what Thomas de Lauer would get for minerals for thyroid health for hormone health etc etc so there’s a link down below in the description that way you can check them out and they also utilize wild planet which is a really good canned fish and Kansas shellfish source so a good way for you to be able to get your oysters in if you like them stuff like that so you know link down below in the description check it out after you watch the rest of thi
s video all right now let’s go ahead and talk about the next one which is going to be muscle loss and weight loss you might be wondering I want to lose weight well you’re gonna probably lose the wrong kind of weight if you’re having a hard time putting on muscle where you feel like you’re just atrophying and losing a lot of muscle same kind of thing okay comes down to the intestinal cells at this point zinc deficiency is starting to affect the intestinal cells so it’s prioritizing the immune cells and it’s getting rid of the intestinal cell turnover because you’re deficient in zinc which means that now you have a leaky gut so you have more inflammation but you also have cells that aren’t functioning as well which means they’re not able to absorb nutrients as well which means you lose the good kind of weight you lose the weight that you shouldn’t be losing the weight that you should be keeping on because your body’s deprived of nutrients so if you feel like what the heck I’m doing everything I can I’m losing my hair my taste is is lame right now and I’m losing muscle you’re probably dealing with a zinc deficiency okay then we get into illnesses as we’ve gone down the line okay you’re kind of seeing the pattern here right you’ve seen the chain reaction it cells that turn over fast in areas of the body that require fast cell turnover are going to end up seeing the result of a zinc deficiency much faster so if you cannot create new immune cells your immune system suffers plain and simple next up we have diarrhea the thing is there’s not a whole lot of understanding as to why people that are zinc deficient can get diarrhea so much now the issue is once the diarrhea starts then you’re losing more minerals so then you lose more zinc and then you really have to replenish it and everyone talks about replenishing sodium potassium magnesium but no one’s talking about replenishing zinc which is one of the most important ones to replenish okay now I have my own hypothesis I think that what’s happening is it’s a bacterial thing and I think it’s a chelation thing so what that means is you’re probably having diarrhea because you have excess of one particular mineral probably too much iron that’s chelating excess minerals in the body and in the gut and it’s causing oxidation which is making you feel sick now the point is there is you can reduce your iron levels but that’s pretty hard to do the best way to reduce your iron levels a long story short is to actually add magnesium into the mix alongside zinc but that’s complicating I have other videos on that we don’t need to worry about it right now okay last but not least libido and testosterone zinc is so critical for testosterone production there’s a lot of reasons why but I want to reference one particular study was published in the journal nutrition back in 1996 took a look at test subjects and it had them go on diets that were low in zinc so basically they slowly made them limit their zinc intake whether it be through they were supplementing before and now they’re not or they’re just limiting zinc foods pretty wild okay so they found that they had a progressive decrease in serum testosterone levels as they decreases in fact after two months they had half the attest Ostrom level they had before after five months they had a order the testosterone level they had before okay just by limiting their zinc intake okay so it crushed their testosterone and crushed their libido then with some older populations they did another test where they supplemented a little bit of zinc and they found that it doubled their testosterone in just six months by adding zinc really powerful stuff so how much does think should you be getting in per day okay so recommend a daily allowance is like 10 milligrams that’s really not that much I would say you could go up to 40 before you start to have some kind of issue with potential copper cancelling out I honestly think you could go higher than that and it all depends on how higher testosterone levels are how much cellular turnover you have if you’re working out a whole lot you’re breaking down cells a lot which means that you might be breaking down or requiring more zinc for that cell turnover every time that you’re putting your body and high demand for anything you’re gonna turn over more zinc okay so it’s like you’re eating a lot then of course you’re going to have a lot of intestinal cell turnover you just have to increase your zinc whenever you can feel that your body has to increase cellular toner up turnover when you’re sick okay when you’re working out a lot things like that so I hope that this helps you out okay so you can get the zinc rich foods in you can supplement some zinc at 10 to 20 milligrams per day and you can pay attention to make sure that these symptoms aren’t getting too bad in your own body so you know when you can start implementing more zinc so as always please keep it locked in here in my channel thank you again and also check out thrive market again down below in the description see you soon 

This Post Was All About 6 Ways to Know You Need MORE Zinc.
6 Ways to Know You Need MORE Zinc

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6 Ways to Know You Need MORE Zinc – Thomas DeLauer
Mineral deficiencies can be difficult to detect on your own, as the signs and symptoms are often subtle, or in conjunction with a few other symptoms. Zinc, in particular, has SO many crucial functions within the body, so it is critical that we’re supplying our bodies with adequate amounts! So I’m going to break down the role of zinc in the body, as well as the top 6 signs of a zinc deficiency so that you know EXACTLY what to look for! These symptoms range from hair loss, to weight loss, and even to taste! I’ll see you in the comments!
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