6 Dieting And Weight Loss Tips For Men, Women & Beginners

6 Dieting And Weight Loss Tips For Men, Women & Beginners

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hey guys as you know I’m currently dieting for the show and my diet so far has been going flawlessly it’s actually been going way better than expected this morning in fact I hit an all-time new low weigh-in for the contest prep of 200 pounds which is like unbelievable so today I just want to share with you guys six tips that have helped me stay on track with my diet and adhere to my diet and I’m sure that these tips can also help you so let’s get into it tip number one is get yourself into some type of routine if you’ve been watching my blogs then you know most mornings I’m making myself the exact same protein shake also a lot of times at dinner I’m having almost the exact same meal – I have steak potato and some type of a vegetable and you guys also know what I’m at work a lot of times my work meal is egg fried rice just having go twos that you can make yourself on occasion and in I’m not saying that I eat those every single day but most days that’s sort of the routine that I’m in and giving yourself a new routine of most days can just help you have more success on your diet now am I saying you should start your day with a protein shake no I’m saying start your day with whatever your preferences are maybe that’s just boat meal and some eggs or maybe it’s just sausage and toast I don’t know whatever it is find something that works for you find something that works for your schedule maybe at work your go-to is a protein bar instead of egg fried rice I’m just lucky enough that I have a grill so I can do any fries if you’re following if it fits your macros one of the hardest things can be the freedom that comes along with the if it fits your macros lifestyle because you can pretty much eat anything as long as you make it fit your macros at the end of the day but the drawback is that there’s really not a lot of structure so giving yourself a little bit of structure giving yourself a few routines or go to meals can really lend itself to you having more success on your diet my second tip is make sure you’re staying hydrated make sure you drink enough fluids throughout today because a lot of people mistake hunger for thirst and we’ve all heard the recommendation of eight glasses of water a day but really that’s not as good of an indicator as something more individualized like having five clear peas and and I’ve heard a better target number for an individual is actually just two-thirds of their body weight in ounces in terms of drinking that influence so anyways guys drink more water stay hydrated better and ultimately you will feel hungry less often and anybody who has died and knows that hunger pangs and dealing with hunger is one of the hardest parts about dieting so you can minimize your hunger pangs or eliminate them you’re putting yourself in a way better position to have success on your diet tip number three is make sure you’re getting enough fiber in your diet this is really for a lot of people who are following me if it fits your macros type of a lifestyle because that is one of the biggest things I see with beginners is that they don’t get enough fiber in their diet and fiber obviously has a lot of satiating benefits that come along with it so if you’re not eating enough fiber you’re probably feeling more hungry throughout the day with that being said I think a sweet spot for fiber is somewhere between 10 to 20 percent of your total daily carbohydrate intake coming from fiber it’s enough where you get the satiating benefits of it but not too much where you’re bloated and gassy and you have all this stomach discomfort that can come along with having too much fiber in your diet and yes that is the thing you can have too much fiber in your diet tip number four is just think about consuming or supplementing with caffeine so I really like to use caffeine for two reasons number one obviously it’s an energy booster but number two it is an appetite suppressant so it can help curb your hunger with that being said I do recommend just using caffeine in moderation because if you’ve ever become dependent on caffeine then you know coming off of it is absolutely awful you have headaches you feel sluggish it lasts for days like that terrible just use it on days where maybe you need an extra a little pick-me-up or you’re sort of hungry and you need it to curb your appetite so tip number 5 is a little judo mind trick for diving and tip number five is be present when you eat too many of us are eating and on our phones we’re on our computers for watching TV we’re doing a million other things except being present in the moment and gosh that sounds just like life itself too many of us are not press period but with food it is very common for you to or me anyways to just consume a lot of food not be paying attention to my food I’m paying attention to whatever else I’m doing and all of a sudden my foods gone and I still feel hungry because I wasn’t present when I was eating so if you’re present if you’re there in the moment in thinking about the food tasting the food it is a much more enjoyable experience eating is more enjoyable and I promise you when you’re done eating you will feel fuller it just happens if you’re present while you are eating your food and that leads me to tip number 6 my final tip which is something I don’t think a lot of people consider or not enough people consider and that is know your binge queues and plan accordingly so I think the best way for me to explain the step is to just give you two of my personal binge cues the first one it’s not happening right now which is interesting but it happened when I was dieting for my wedding last year and that was when I’d start eating I didn’t want to stop eating I would eat and eat and eat and I’m talking like if it was breakfast I would eat a lot of food to start the day and that really hurt me because then I couldn’t eat a lot of food later in the day especially if I got hungry so what I did about that was I recognized my binge q is eating in general so maybe I need to structure my diet in an intermittent fasting approach to eliminate this Q or to minimize it so basically how intermittent fasting helped me is I fasted for 18 hours of the day like I wouldn’t eat breakfast and I would save all of my food for later in the day where I when I started eating I could eat like all 2,000 of my calories and that kind of minimized the binging now I’m not recommending this for everybody but it’s important that you keep your binge queues in mind now my second binge queue is actually totally different than my first binge queue it’s actually just having food in the house a specific food actually you guys know if you followed my vlogs for a while that I love cereal and I love pretzels well it just happens to be bad if I have pretzels in my house I cannot stop eating just however whatever serving I lay out for myself no can’t just have that serving I eat pretzels out of the bag I also do this with cereal delicious cereal there’s a few boxes that’s up on the cupboard over there they’re not really all that great but we get Cookie Crisp in here we get some cinnamon toast crunch it’s very very hard for me to just eat whatever serving I’d put in a bowl so I don’t even keep those cereals in the house anymore I don’t keep pretzels in the house anymore and it’s helped me adhere to my diet way way better so does that mean I’m giving those things up for the rest of my life no not a chance I love pretzels in cereal way too much for that but what it does mean is that while I’m taking this classic physique bodybuilding show seriously and if you are taking your diet seriously you ne
ed to be aware of your binge queues and eliminate them or minimize them if possible because you will have more success with your diet anyways guys those are six of my best tips for staying on track with your diet those tips are a substantial reason why I’ve been having so much success lately with my diet and I hope you can add them into your own routine and have just as much success with them if you liked the video give it a like subscribe if you haven’t already thank you for all the support guys I really appreciate it and I’ll see you in the next video [Music] you [Music]

This Post Was All About 6 Dieting And Weight Loss Tips For Men, Women & Beginners.
6 Dieting And Weight Loss Tips For Men, Women & Beginners

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6 Dieting And Weight Loss Tips For Men, Women & Beginners
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