5 Tricks to Make Intermittent Fasting Work Faster

5 Tricks to Make Intermittent Fasting Work Faster

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hey guys I’m gonna give you five tricks to make in a minute fasting work faster okay okay number one potassium potassium is the most important mineral to fix a problem with insulin which is behind weight in memory issues and cardiovascular and so many other issues so the reason why people do intermittent fasting is to fix those things but if you fix insulin you will speed things up and you can’t do it unless you have a sufficient amount of potassium our normal amount that we need per day is forty seven hundred milligrams that’s a lot so unless you’re doing large salads or enhance your diet with potassium you may not hit even your minimum requirements so potassium is a real secret mineral to actually speed up things okay now number two over eating so a lot of people when they’re doing intermittent fasting they’re doing like two meals today right and then what happens is they gorge themselves so much they step themselves because they they have this idea that oh my gosh I’m not going to be able to eat I’m only gonna eat one more is kind of like a survival mode when in fact you have a window if you want to get to like an eight hour window or even a four hour window what you can do that’s your eating window it’d be much more important to let’s say you ate in a four hour window let’s say you ate at twelve and then at four okay so you and you just can’t seem to get enough of those that food in there to keep your calories high enough right so what you do is this is what I do sometimes I’ll have right in the middle between twelve and four like at two I’ll consume most of my salad and greens so that way I have time to digest it until I eat another meal you’re not going to spike insulin too much with the with the salad compared to other things by the way but I’ll have my huge salad right in the middle of two meals that way I kind of spread it out but it’s still within the four hour window alright but just don’t over eat especially too many fats because it’s going to you’re going to feel to stuff but in the beginning as you’re transitioning over you do need to add a little bit more fat until you fully adapted to the point where you can switch to your own body fat and be more sustained than consume fat to be sustained between the meals okay number three do it gradually do not go into them and fasting too fast if you have a blood sugar issue hypoglycemia you’re going to crash and burn you’re going to it’s going to be really difficult on your body so I recommend start with three meals a day no snacks okay do that until you’re fully comfortable then two meals a day until you’re fully comfortable and then what will happen you can squish those two meals in within a four hour period of time so let’s say you get up and you eat at ten o’clock in the morning and then you eat at like six and then what you’ll do over time when you get comfortable then you’ll eat at five and then you’ll start at night and then in the morning you’ll switch it to eleven o’clock in the morning and then eventually twelve and then push down before so you can start to decrease the time the window of eating and increase enhance the fasting time but you have to do it at your own pace do it to you’re comfortable until your body says okay I can push a little bit longer versus trying to force it on your body because as soon as it doesn’t work you’re going to give up and you’re going to have blood sugar issues when you having blood sugar issues you’re you’re adding more stress more cortisol more insulin number for extra sleep you even notice when you’re stressed and tired you tend to be more hungry cortisol increases by 50% if you’re not sleeping and that’s going to raise insulin and knock you out of fat-burning so you want to get extra sleep if you have to take a nap that’s fine but you want to make sure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep okay also keep your stress as low as possible go for long walks very very important to help you sleep last one is high intensity interval training this is one of those workouts where you’re working out like a full body high intensity high pulse rate short duration lots of rest I put a video down there to explain that more but this type of exercise if you add this to in a minute fasting you can really increase growth hormone anti-aging fat-burning everything but the key is make it high intensity short duration lots of rest so make it twice a week or three times a week or even once a week making sure you have a lot of recovery in between because this can make everything work even better just make sure you do your workout just after your last meal or just before your last meal or during your window of eating so that way you don’t drop your blood Sugar’s too low if you do it on by completely no food in early mornings okay so those are the five tweaks that to enhance the progress to make this go faster thanks for watching hey guys the quick survey question I want to know what topic you would like me to do a 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This Post Was All About 5 Tricks to Make Intermittent Fasting Work Faster.
5 Tricks to Make Intermittent Fasting Work Faster

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Dr. Berg talks about making intermittent fasting work faster.
1. Potassium (keep your veggies high)
2. Avoid stuffing yourself too much – add your salad mid between the first meal and second.
3. Do it gradually and let your body adapt to avoid hypoglycemic issues
4. Get extra sleep – even if you have to nap.
5. Add HIIT – high intensity interval training
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