4 Constipation Remedies That Targeting Underlying Root Causes

4 Constipation Remedies That Targeting Underlying Root Causes

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More specifically, you want help with 4 Constipation Remedies That Targeting Underlying Root Causes?

hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re gonna talk about constipation okay now number one you need about four to five pounds of friendly microbes in your digestive system that do 90% of the digestion okay so that’s most of you the great majority of your digestion happens in the small intestine alright and that’s from all the friendly bacteria that are there to help you break things down if you history of antibiotics that eating you probably don’t have this even if you have constipation you probably don’t have them so that’s the most likely cause of constipation there’s a lot of probiotics people take let me just tell you why I use the liquid probiotics and this is a different type of probiotic because it’s called a effector of microbes which is a combination of three different combinations of synergistic microbes that work together to actually have you a lot more spectrum of different types of microbes it’s called live probiotic flora you just take a cap of this before you go to bed okay and then all night long it grows it grows through your body and you wake up and it’s your stomach is feeling a lot less bloated okay so that’s a real good thing to reestablish your microbes and I recommend taking that probably for a month or so and then don’t take it for a month and then take it for a month go on and off because there’s going to be a point where your body’s like okay I had enough I have enough microbes okay it’s not going to hurt you to take more but it’s a really good thing to just fortify you alright so and you’ll notice that your breath in the morning won’t be bad your stool won’t be as have bad odor it’s really interesting okay so number two bile what’s bile bi le bile is made by liver stored in the gall bladder and helps you break down fats it’s kind of like the detergent that dissolves the grease it’s in the bits in the gallbladder formula simply because I wanted to give a solution to people without in a bile especially if you don’t have a gall bladder especially if it’s a sluggish gall bladder especially if you have stress or high estrogen from a pregnancy that’s why you get nauseated that’s kobol like kobol creates bloating right shoulder pain headaches and constipation because bile is a lubricant so again if your problem is more of a lack of bile the simple addition the bile will boom pop it in there and you’ll start to start eliminating immediately so this is a no-brainer and again your body needs a healthy bile but it can run out and become sluggish if you don’t have a gall bladder and bile is recycled so you just might need a little kick starter so you can then start recycling bile okay very important and then acid acid I use the betaine hydrochloride from the outside of vinegar plus so it has the plus of the betaine hydrochloride and then we have apple cider vinegar concentrates a couple leaves before a meal and the only reason I would take that is if I had like indigestion or heartburn something like that because if you’re not digesting at the stomach level the cycle of digestion will end up down here as undigested food so the food just sits there because you’re not breaking down the stomach level so you have all these this chain reaction that start to the stomach where you start to break down food and you just have to isolate what part of this cycle is it broken okay is it the stomach is the gallbladder is it the small intestine and you just have to go by symptoms all right so so you might want to add a little stomach a stomach acid and boom it just handles right there I want to talk about fiber for a second because sometimes people think that you’re taking Metamucil or a fiber or brand thinking that that’s a thing that is pushing things through it’s not like that fiber is not the thing that pushes anything fiber is there as food for your microbes that’s what it does but what there’s a differentiated type of fiber from grain versus vegetable fiber I like to add vegetable fiber because you get actual nutrients from that the fiber from grain brand Metamucil has no nutrition so really it’s not the best type of fiber you need so you want to have vegetables make sure that vegetable doesn’t overwhelm your microbes in bloat you even more like if you’re doing too much kale or something like that but you want to get your fiber from the vegetable that’s what you do so these are the four things that will handle constipation in the process of handling it in correcting it you may need an herbal laxative so find something that you you feel comfortable with and start taking that as a coping mechanism but this is more of a corrective mechanism all right I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 4 Constipation Remedies That Targeting Underlying Root Causes.
4 Constipation Remedies That Targeting Underlying Root Causes

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There are 4 main root causes of Constipation:
1. Lack of Microbes (friendly bacteria)
2. Lack of Bile
3. Lack of Acid
4. Excess fiber from the wrong source
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