3 Weird Causes of Chronic Fatigue

3 Weird Causes of Chronic Fatigue

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hey guys dr. Burke here I want to talk about the three weird causes of fatigue now there’s actually more causes of fatigue and I’ve listed most of the common ones that are not winners but there’s three that are very very strange you know I would never guess them in a million years but being in practice for a long time 27 years these things just keep coming up so I want to bring them up and talk about them but let’s talk about the non-weird causes of fatigue you probably already know poor sleep or lack of sleep of course you’re going to be tired from that right but let’s go a little bit deeper what causes a sleep problem if you watch my videos you probably know this but adrenal stress will do it your bladder waking you up going the bathroom several times a night will disrupt your sleep and sinus problems from sleep apnea try to sleep with you can’t breathe it’s not going to work digestion try to you know eat too much at night and then try to rest you can’t because a lot of the nervous system that’s affected into the gut goes right up to the brain and it keeps your head very very you know uncomfortable and your neck muscles very uncomfortable so so what I do is I listed down below in the description what to do for each one of these adrenal and weed to support the adrenal bladder you want to actually fix insulin resistance because that’s what what’s behind a lot of bladder problems unless it’s a prostate related and I talked about that down below sinus you also want to work on the insulin resistance for that a lot of swelling will come down and then digestion there’s some ideas down below okay so poor sleep very common slow thyroid that would make you tired to hypothyroid but most thyroid problems are not primarily coming from the thyroid they’re secondary to either a gall bladder or liver problem okay so let’s see you’re bloated you’re constipated and you had your gallbladder removed well guess what your thyroid you can’t convert t4 to t3 you can’t make that conversion so you even know if you’re taking thyroid hormones you don’t see the benefit so that’s a big cause and then high estrogen from an overactive ovary will do it a lot of people are estrogen dominant and there’s a solution for that too but when you have high estrogen that can the thyroid I put some links below on what to do for these okay so now let’s talk about the kind of the strange weird causes of fatigue that people don’t realize old head injuries okay I’ll never forget I had a patient come in and she’s so tired it’s crazy she’s always tired we’ve tried everything who dies perfect she’s trying to sleep that it’s not working and then I says when does the fatigue start she says when I was 13 years old I said what happened at 13 right before the fatigue she goes I was involved in a car accident we hit head-on and something hit my head or whatever I think the windshield and then ever from that point on she’s been tired okay so a head injury will cause you to be fatigued especially in your head so if you’re tired chronically you want to ask yourself what part of your body is is fatigued is it your head is it your body is it your eyes did I have a trauma in that part body part right so there is a technique down below that I put down for injury to the head so if you had an injury to the skull there’s some things you can do with acupressure to release some of the trauma okay I put that down below so but that will just keep your head really kind of heavy and tired a viral okay at low immunity so let’s say that you were on high school and you had mono mono is a virus and mono basically makes you very very tired well guess what you can’t kill viruses they come out of remission and go into remission depending on your stress level and the adrenals so let’s say that you’re now you’re 50 years old right you’re way past the time where you got infected well the virus can go out of remission and create fatigue chronic fatigue not necessarily an infection but just chronic fatigue so if this is the case what you would want to do is watch the video down below and I show you how to address probably one of the most common causes of fatigue which would be mono now we’re not actually getting rid of a Meyer there’s this a technique to help put it remission it’s almost like I’m not going to explain it I’m just going to say do it and see if your energy comes up if it does great okay so it’s just working on the immune system but that can make you tired especially if you’re under chronic stress okay the last thing which is very it’s actually quite common a problem with the ovary if your menstrual cycle is not smooth and light and it’s kind of heavy and you have menstrual issues let’s you have an ovarian cyst whatever that really can make you tired in fact hormone ly it can actually make people have the blues depressed that time of the month PMS so it can affect you emotionally so your physical body can affect you emotionally and if you’re feeling the Blues get depressed it’s going to feel exactly like fatigue okay so you can say I’m tired but really it’s an emotional effect from this hormone imbalance so these are just things that I’m a broadening your viewpoint to look at every possible reason why you might be tired so we can correct it so I put some links below on what to do with each one of these all right thanks for watching

This Post Was All About 3 Weird Causes of Chronic Fatigue.
3 Weird Causes of Chronic Fatigue

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