3 Ways to Boost your Metabolism over New Years- Thomas DeLauer

3 Ways to Boost your Metabolism over New Years- Thomas DeLauer

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hey it’s Thomas de Lauer with optimized CEO and today I want to give you three simple tips that you can use to start reading up your metabolism as quickly as possible the reason that I want to do this video is I’ve been getting a lot of my clients lately asking how can they jack up their metabolism through the holiday months specifically through December I figure this is a perfect time because I usually don’t do videos like this that are pretty broad and generic but I figured I’ve got three perfect little tips that you can implement that will help you come out of the holidays a little bit leaner possibly feeling a little bit more fit but most of all having your head on straight and feeling energized you can get back to the office and get back to doing what you know you need to do so the first one that I want you to start implementing is switching over to high intensity interval training now if you watch a lot of my videos and you follow me you know that generally speaking I’m an advocate for fasted cardio I usually advocate getting out of bed rolling out of bed and hitting that fasted cardio in a slow steady low intensity kind of state because it burns up a lot of the excess glucose that’s floating around through the bloodstream but in this particular case it’s December chances are you’re taking in more carbs than you usually are you’ve got holiday cookies you’ve got holiday meal so you’ve got pies you’ve got all this stuff then you’re normally not eating so your body’s already in a little bit of shock from the excess sugar so how can we put that sugar to use well high-intensity interval training so what I mean by that is doing quick little intense bursts of exercise quick intense bursts of cardio followed by a full recovery when your body goes into that high intensity mode you start utilizing carbs for fuel more you go into that anaerobic mode which is going to make it a lot easier for you to burn those carbs than it would otherwise if you were doing fasted cardio so we’re less worried about burning fat for fuel as we are about actually utilizing those carbs this time but it’s important that you go 20 seconds to 30 seconds as hard as you can then let yourself recover as long as you need to in order to go 100% with that 20 or 30 seconds again and you’re going to do this just 5 to 7 times that’s all you need it’s a real short workout which also makes it great for the holiday time when we’re really slammed we have to go from meeting to meeting and party to party and all that stuff and here’s a little research for you one of the most recent studies out of Australia showed the test subjects that did 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training burned six times the amount of fat than those that did 40 minutes of steady-state cardio over a six-week period of time now this isn’t the Bible it’s not the end-all be-all doesn’t mean that high intensity interval training is always going to burn more fat but it definitely proves that when you shock the system and do something a little bit different you might be pretty surprised with the results that you get the next thing I want you to do to start reading up your metabolism during the holiday season is to start allocating your carbs at different times of the day see we have a tendency especially in the holidays to kind of munch on leftovers and eat sweets throughout the day we don’t really want that so here’s what I want you to do I want you to start focusing when you have your carbohydrates surrounding your workout or vice versa surround your workout around when you would have your carbohydrates so for example you know you’re gonna go to a party you know you’re gonna have some carbs you know you’re gonna indulge a little bit even if you know that you shouldn’t but you’re preparing for it right so let’s say you go to that party of seven pm arrange your gym workout or arrange your run at 5 p.m. so that those carbs that you consumed after the workout are utilized properly that way they’re not just going right into storage you’re actually getting a good solid use out of them so in the morning hours of the day I want you to focus on eating a high fat low carb breakfast I want you to focus on keeping those carbs minimal throughout the day until you’ve completed your workout so all you’re essentially doing is reallocating where you put your carbs for the day and the next thing I want you to do this December is to start meditating and I don’t mean that you have to become a full blown yogi I don’t mean that you have to dive headfirst into that world but what I’m really truly getting at is the fact that your emotional stress and your overall levels of chronic stress need to be a little bit lower in December because if you’re consuming carbohydrates a little bit more frequently like you more than likely are in December it’s a lot easier for those excess calories to go to storage if your cortisol levels are higher so what I really want you to do is take some time this December to take 10 minutes out of your day and focus on joy breathing to reduce the cortisol levels and reduce the stress in your body honestly December is a time where you should be focusing on family come down to earth a little bit enjoy your health enjoy your family don’t let the crazy workload at the office really bog you down because honestly if we have these three simple things in order high-intensity interval training the reallocation of carbs and the reduction of stress there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t come out of this December feeling energized charged and ready to take on the new year and the most productive time effective way possible see in the next video

This Post Was All About 3 Ways to Boost your Metabolism over New Years- Thomas DeLauer.
3 Ways to Boost your Metabolism over New Years- Thomas DeLauer

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3 Ways to Boost your Metabolism over New Years: For ways to boost your metabolism when eating out at a restaurant, check out Thomas DeLauer’s Cheat Sheet for Restaurants at
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Eating at holiday parties can absolutely wreak havoc on any kind of strict diet plan. Which is why OptimizeCEO created this video to help you hack your way through the holidays without gaining a single pound, but also allowing yourself to leverage the extra calories into some more energy and better workouts that leave you burning fat all day.
So much of eating right at a holiday party comes down to the proper preparation, but much of it is also just knowing this hacks and tricks that can allow your body to metabolize carbohydrates a bit easier, therefore giving you the extra boost for the gym, or if times properly, a bit of extra brain power.
The simple fact is that we are not all robots and we cannot expect to eat perfectly through the holidays, but choosing fatty foods over carb foods, and timing your workouts around your workout will definitely make it so that you can roll right into the new year with as much raving motivation as possible.
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