3 Soy Sauce Alternatives: Soy & Estrogen- Thomas DeLauer

3 Soy Sauce Alternatives: Soy & Estrogen- Thomas DeLauer

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you know what really grinds my gears amber what soy yes you know why why because 98.5 percent of it is genetically modified and the other part extremely yesterday so we’re dealing with genetically modified garbage or stuff that’s going to give males gonococcus maceió which we don’t want and it’s still not too good on the female side as well you want to keep our hormones level so what we’re going to do today is we’re going to show you three different alternatives to soy sauce because I know amber and I both love our Asian food but we haven’t been able to have it you were diagnosed for your thyroid issue true and I can’t have soy and soy is going to make me feel a little bit soft and puffy so I figured hey let’s go ahead and find some alternatives okay so what’s the first one we’ve got so this one this is actually coconut aminos so this is a soy sauce that is made from coconut nectar yeah okay I’m getting science II watch out Oh chicken some this is serious people okay what I love about this one is that it’s gluten free but this is also one of the only store-bought products that I found that it’s completely soy free totally it’s like every time you look in the store you look there’s some kind of filler that’s going to have sewing in it you’re gonna have all all the Asian sauces of some kind of soy simply because it’s a simple base for them to use right this one tastes a little nutty not your typical soy sauce flavor but it’s just pretty darn close yeah and it’s made actually from the coconut sap so it’s a little bit different in the nectar but it’s still kind of the same thing but all in all it’s a soy free alternative that you can use and you can get this from pretty much any of your natural health food stores right yeah pretty much everywhere yeah next time we want to talk about is Bragg Liquid aminos alright seeing these before we know that wonderful lady Patricia Bragg that wears the bright colorful colors and the crazy hat we got her who she lives up in Santa Barbara we’ve been up to her ranch she’s an amazing amazing person probably know many of the Bragg products okay so here’s the caveat just being fully transparent with you when it comes to the Bragg’s Liquid aminos all right Bragg’s Liquid aminos still contain soy we still contain soy but they do not contain GMO soy which like I said the beginning of this video 98.5% we don’t want soy now still this one is still a gluten free alternative okay so huge huge Cheers especially when we’re talking about the thyroid you want to explain why it’s hard on the thyroid I glee yeah sure yeah so gluten contains a protein strain close gliadin which is almost identical and make up the protein that’s found in your thyroid interesting so essentially what happens in an antibody response is if you’re already having a thyroid issue where your immune system is attacking your thyroid then what’s going to happen is sort of in a negative feedback or almost in a sense of positive feedback immune response you consume a protein that looks similar that antibody and your body is going to steamroll and sort of skyrocket the existing antibodies to attack your thyroid plate exactly so any alternative we can get to gluten free will take for sure and that’s one of the biggest steps the most common questions that I get asked is what do I do when I go gluten-free what do I avoid and my first response is soy sauce yep totally and it really does make it tough I mean so this is one of the things again still super high in sodium not going to lie not something you want to just go chug for fun because you will definitely wake up feeling pretty puppy and sodium rich but if you’re just looking for the same taste of soy but you want to avoid the gluten it’s a great alternative absolutely okay so what’s the third option that we’re looking at third one we’re going to do he’s going to take a little bit of work because we’re going to make it okay so let’s say you don’t want to go to the store you don’t want to go buy some coconut aminos but you actually want to make something unique that you can control the sodium content for what are we going to start here what have we got here come to what we’ve got set up to start is with two cups of vegetable broth now you can actually use the bone broth if you prefer beef bone broth is a great great option for this specifically it’ll give you got really nice rich Asian flavor you’re also be able to get some benefits to help a leaky gut if you go with the bone broth broth right going on it works yeah I don’t know what burner this good luck model musical burner is long okay so we added two cups of broth okay you can use any kind of stock you can use vegetable broth which we are in this case you can use vegetable broth if you’re trying to stay budget Arian beef broth chicken stock like we said okay and then we need one teaspoon of balsamic vinegar okay try to find one that doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it just going to go ahead and add that sucker in there sonic glaze you would probably want to stay away from more so than just a straight balsamic benefit then what we’ve done next red wine vinegar this is going to be one teaspoon full of seats anymore boom look at that okay so we’ve got a teaspoon of red wine vinegar and then now my favorite stuff it’s just different two teaspoons of molasses I dare you to like take a sip of that thick as molasses stuff it’s sticky you should like take a bath okay the gradient here is we’re going to do a tiny tiny bit of this Stephanie well for this a free penny flavor you know very much it may be like west quarter yeah heaven this is totally optional like this is just going to give it a little bit more of an Asian feel just again that secession you taste it so totally optional II don’t have to do it definitely going to add a couple calories to it but really we’re back or this up a little bit and then you’re going to go ahead and get rid our tea smells like a bit smells awesome so then we’re going to move into some dry ingredients here so the first one is onion powder now we need that teaspoon don’t we do you wash that off real quick okay so we just need a half of a teaspoon of this and these measurements don’t have to be totally exact I kind of wing it I like to make kind a little bit more oniony nice thing about adding some onion powder to it is a nice strong prebiotic so you get some good bacterial growth in your stomach from the way that you really need it so prebiotics are going to allow that gut bacteria to flourish allow your existing bacteria to grow so it’s a very good solution there what do we add in here and now we’re adding about a quarter of a teaspoon of ground ginger perfect so Jen Pirtle don’t do that don’t do that so ginger obviously we have a lot of positive properties of ginger but if you’ve seen my videos talking about some of the benefits of ginger one of the main ones that I like is sort of the hand-signed nausea effects what it does in terms of just balancing out your gut a little bit helping that out so a lot of a lot of benefits coming from ginger in and of itself not to mention getting a nice Asian taste what I think trouble opening the lid for this this is garlic powder so we’re going to add about a quarter of a teaspoon of garlic powder here another prebiotic fiber so we’ve got onion and garlic powder so you’re getting a very powerful prebiotic blend going into your intestinal tract here so so much better than just the stuff that we’re getting out of a bottle right now we’re going to do again a quarter of a teaspoon a pepper that might have been a little bit more than a quarter of a teaspoon
and again you can even add a little bit more spice to it depending on the dish if you need to be a little bit more pungent and then the one thing that you can use your own discretion on is going to be the salt alright you can add as much as you need to if you like it to be a little bit salty like soy sauce then go ahead and add some more but you can see what we’re using here I love using the Himalayan pink salt it has 84 minerals in it no I’ve get in a fight I usually think it’s 81 in geology boy and I lift it up and it’s 84 okay google it thank you for she’s right I think always right I’m always right I thought it’s really triplet he’s probably putting a total of maybe a half a teaspoon in that and then we’re going to do is we’re sir that we’re bringing that to just to a boil and then we’re going to reduce that heat just below a boil I’m going to simmer it watch that towards you and we’re going to play with the puppy for about eight minutes while that is simmering and reducing and once it’s reduced we’ll show you the finished product technique America [Music] all right we’re back it’s been like eight or nine minutes we’ve reduced this down to a much thicker viscosity and I think we’re pretty much ready to use our soy sauce substitute yes kinda late for it dr. palace hand a little warm you look at that you can kind of look like soy sauce my new you is a vegetable brought dear so if you had to use defrost it would have had a completely different look absolutely so you can use this over rice you can use this over anything you can put it in stir Fry’s whatever any know me your code except we don’t want go you owe me an iced tea so there you have it guys everything that you need to have a low estrogen non soy soy sauce recipe that’s going to make your Asian dishes have a completely different feel almost of the teriyaki by doing really I mean really crushed pineapple and bird and then you have to go exercise I wouldn’t do keto friendly that’s always keep it as always keep it locked in here on our videos and if you have any ideas for recipes or any ideas for listicles like our top favorite foods or anything like that make sure you let us know in the comments section below that way we can review and pick our favorites we’d love to do it so yes sir yes

This Post Was All About 3 Soy Sauce Alternatives: Soy & Estrogen- Thomas DeLauer.
3 Soy Sauce Alternatives: Soy & Estrogen- Thomas DeLauer

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3 Soy Sauce Alternatives: Soy & Estrogen- Thomas DeLauer… Get more nutrition advice at
Soy sauce is used in many dishes, from stir fries to sushi. Join Organic Foods Experts and Best-Selling Health Authors, Thomas and Amber DeLauer to find out some of the negative effects of soy sauce and even a speedy recipe that you can use to make your own!
Dangers include:
1. High sodium – about 960 mg per tablespoon
2. GMO soy products
3. Contains gluten
4. Additional MSG may be added
1. Coconut Aminos
Made from the sap of coconut trees and sea salt
1. Gluten free
2. Lower in sodium – about 270 mg per tablespoon
3. Contains B vitamins
4. Healthy – the health benefits of coconut products are vast
a. Heart health
b. Cholesterol benefits
c. Decreased glucose levels
d. High in antioxidants
e. Promote brain health
2. Bragg Liquid Aminos
Also made from soy, however the soybeans are non-GMO and no table salt or preservatives are added.
1. No preservatives
2. Gluten free
3. No added MSG
*similar sodium content to soy sauce
3. Make Your Own!
There are a ton of recipes online that can help you to create your own version of soy sauce – ingredients generally include bone broth, blackstrap molasses and fish sauce.
Benefits include fewer preservatives, lower sodium and the health benefits found in the healthy ingredients.
One recipe that looks great from wellnessmama.com is found below:
● 2 cups beef bone broth (here’s how to make)
● 1 teaspoon red wine vinegar (or apple cider vinegar, though the taste will be different)
● 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
● 2 teaspoons molasses
● ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
● ½ teaspoon onion powder
● Sprinkle (less than ¼ tsp) of salt, pepper and ginger powders (add more salt if you like the salty flavor or soy sauce)
● 1 teaspoon red boat fish sauce (I get it here)
1. Mix all ingredients (except fish sauce) in a small pan and bring to a simmer.
2. Simmer for about 8-9 minutes or until reduced by about half.
3. Taste to make sure you have reached the desired flavor and saltiness. Add more salt if needed.
4. Remove from heat and add fish sauce.
5. Stir well and let cool.
6. Store in the fridge and use in place of soy sauce as desired.
7. Enjoy!
Thomas Creates Loads of Health and Fitness Videos, and you can get more of them at:
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2. How to make a soy sauce alternative
3. Amazon.com for sodium per tablespoon

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