3 Foods to Reduce Estrogen to Lose Weight- Thomas DeLauer

3 Foods to Reduce Estrogen to Lose Weight- Thomas DeLauer

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one of the biggest enemies for men is high estrogen levels estrogen is really the opposite of testosterone and when we’re talking about being laser focused in the office and having the motivation to stay in the gym the motivation to cook right in the kitchen we want to have our testosterone levels a little bit higher than estrogen so in this video I’m going to give you the three foods that are killing your testosterone levels and raising your estrogen levels and if you stick with me to the end of the video I’m going to give you one simple food that you can eat that’s going to abolish the extra estrogen out of your body when we have high levels of estrogen within the body it means that we have a high amount of aromatized activity happening and what aromatized activity is is it’s a high level of what’s called the aroma taste enzyme and the aroma taste enzyme is what converts and roast our own and testosterone into estrogen or more commonly known as e – or estrogen so when we have that conversion happening a lot it raises our amounts of belly fat that we have it increases fatigue makes our brain foggy and worst of all it raises our cortisol levels which of course make us flighty and force us to make rash decisions that we don’t always want to make also pushes us into survival mode which ends up making us gain even more fat and burning up that precious muscle that’s encouraging our metabolism to fire efficiently so let’s dive right in to what these three foods are the first thing I want you to eliminate is a pretty straightforward one and that’s excess carbohydrates and refined sugars and there’s a reason behind it I mean we hear all the time the sugars are bad but the reason that sugars are bad as they correlate directly trance Astron levels and your estrogen levels is because of the hormone insulin when you eat carbohydrates and you increase your insulin levels it lowers the effect of something called the sex hormone binding globulin and what that sex hormone binding globulin does is it binds testosterone with estrogen now when that binding hormone isn’t there it allows levels of free testosterone and free estrogen to be floating around when you have excess amounts of free estrogen floating around that means more estrogen that your body can utilize in a negative way and remember as men we don’t want to have high levels of estrogen we want that bond to happen so if we don’t have that sex hormone binding globulin then we have all this estrogen floating around that’s just wreaking havoc on the body in the first way that you can eliminate that issue is by reducing the amount of refined sugars that you have replacing with some healthy fats when you would ordinarily have carbohydrates mix them up with some fats as you want to have those healthy fats your body can convert that to testosterone rather than have sugars that are just going to free up more estrogen the next food that I want you to practice avoiding are non organic dairy products now you’ve seen from my other videos I condone the use of things like Greek yogurt and you know I have dairy in a lot of my clients diets but unfortunately conventional dairy has so much in the way of medications and so much in the way of estrogen it wreaks havoc on our bodies as well now I need to be blunt but have you ever noticed that 12 and 13 years old girls are going through puberty a lot sooner than what we may have noticed 10 15 20 years ago well log that has to do with the increase in hormones that are in the milk there’s a lot more estrogen in milk now there’s also other medications that reduce the effects of growth hormone that can slow down your metabolism in a study from the interdisciplinary graduate school of medicine and engineering in Japan they found that conventional milk products contain copious amounts of estrogen they also contain components that suppress what’s called gonadotropin in the male body that gonadotropin suppression ultimately leads to a suppression of testosterone so not only do we have an increase in estrogen from conventional milk we have a suppression of the male hormone testosterone so what’s the solution here the solution when it comes to choosing your dairy products is to opt for things like organic raw milk whenever possible not only do you get a higher quality protein but you also don’t have the estrogenic effects another one that you can try if you can go accustomed to the taste is goat’s milk goat’s milk has an extremely bioavailable form of protein of the body breaks down very well and also since goat’s milk isn’t as popular it’s not mass-produced and it doesn’t have a lot of medications it doesn’t have a lot of hormones at it to it so if you get the chance go raw organic or go goat and the last food that I want you to avoid is one that you’ve probably heard a lot about that’s soy and there’s a lot of myths floating around there there’s a lot of just different conflicting evidence and so many different people talking about soy but I want to get down to brass tacks when you consume regular soy that we get here in the States it contains something called xenoestrogens xenoestrogens are not real estrogen they’re not like the real hormone of estrogen they’re just they’re literally a xenoestrogen they mimic estrogen within the body when you mimic or emulate estrogen within the body it sort of forces the body to kind of go into this artificial spiral where it may produce more estrogen sometimes it shuts down estrogen production and then it skyrockets later on it just throws your entire body out of whack because you really have an artificial form of estrogen now a lot of the issues that we face with soy are simply because it’s so heavily genetically modified and most of the nutrients and the natural estrogens have really been stripped from it in fact there’s very very seldom do you come across a soy that you can have that isn’t genetically modified in fact over 98% of the soy that we consume is genetically modified a lot of times even if you do find organic soy it’s not as pure as you may think one of the only sources of soy that you can get comes from something called natto which is a pure form of fermented soy out of Japan and it’s not really readily available here in the States sometimes you can find it at some Asian stores but even then it’s still a rarity here in the states now I have a lot of clients that are vegetarians and they still want to supplement their protein and for the most part they’ve been using soy protein and I’ve had to convert them to other means now most of the soy proteins that we do have out there are going to be full of those xenoestrogens so how do we fight that I recommend going with something like a pea protein still going to get you that complete protein but you don’t have those estrogenic effects of soy now I promised you at the beginning of this video that I was going to give you a simple trick to help eliminate estrogen from the body one simple food and as simple food is going to be cruciferous vegetables now that could be broccoli that can be collard greens that can be cauliflower any of those foods that aren’t really that fun to eat those cruciferous vegetables now the reason that they are so successful at ridding the body of a surgeon is because they have something in them called indole-3-carbinol or i3c we’re going to call I 3 C for this video I 3 C helps the body fight off excess estrogen within the bloodstream but in addition to fighting off a surgeon it is also a sulfur and what happens with sulfur is sulfur helps detoxify the body so not only are you the body of the excess estrogen you’re
assisting in detoxifying and purifying and getting rid of that excess estrogen out of the body entirely now you might be wondering when the best time of day to eat those cruciferous vegetables are to rid your body of estrogen and the answer to that is going to be nighttime you see testosterone levels are high during the day men our testosterone levels peak at like 10 a.m. 11 a.m. if you’re getting up at maybe 6:00 a.m. it’s like four hours after you get up estrogen levels peak it the opposite they peak in the evening time so eat those cruciferous vegetables before you go to bed wake up in the morning feeling nice and full of testosterone ready to take on your day thanks for watching see in the next video

This Post Was All About 3 Foods to Reduce Estrogen to Lose Weight- Thomas DeLauer.
3 Foods to Reduce Estrogen to Lose Weight- Thomas DeLauer

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3 Foods to Reduce Estrogen to Lose Weight is an effective segment on the effects of estrogen on dieting and fitness.
One of the worst enemies for men is high levels of estrogen. Period. In this video I’m going to give you my three foods to avoid at all costs if you’re trying to have the energy to stay focused in the office, and in the gym. And at the end, I’m going to give you a food that you can eat to help GET RID of the extra estrogen
When we have high levels of estrogen, it generally means that we have lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of what is called aromatase activity. This aromatase activity is the enzymatic conversion of androsterone and testosterone into estradiol, more commonly known as E2 or estrogen. For what it is worth, high levels of estrogen cause excess belly fat, increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and also fatigue and a serious lack of drive and motivation.
1) The first food, is simply put, refined sugar and excess carbohydrates. The simplest way to put it is that when you eat carbohydrates and spike your insulin, you lower an important hormone called Sex hormone binding globulin, this hormone is responsible for binding testosterone and estrogen and when the hormone is too low, it leaves you with too much estrogen floating around in the bloodstream, leading to the myriad of effects. Replace the carbs with healthy fats to stimulate testosterone production rather than killing it off. Fat = Conversion to testosterone, sugar = no binding and more estrogen!
2) The next food to avoid is non-organic dairy products. Now, I am not one that is against dairy; I think that it has it’s place in moderation, but for the person that is trying to be as productive as possible, consuming too much dairy is flat out going to slow you down. But conventional milks and other dairy products have so much in the way of medications it wreaks havoc on the system.
Research Bomb – In a study from the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering in Japan it was found that conventional milk contains large amounts of estrogen and progesterone and is shown to suppress gonadotropin, which suppresses testosterone.
The solution is to opt for Organic Milk or even goat’s milk when given the opportunity.
3) The last food to avoid is one you’ve probably heard talks about… and that is SOY.
Soy contains something called xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens mimic estrogen in the body, but aren’t real estrogen. This throws off your body and causes you to sometimes produce even more. This happens because we are not consuming true soy. So much of the soy that we eat is genetically modified that it doesn’t have the natural benefits of some of the other potentially healthy soy out there.
I work with a lot of clients that are vegetarians and they need a solution for a vegetarian protein powder, in this case I recommend pea protein.
4) Now lastly, as promised I want to give you a way that you can reduce estrogen in your body and help your body get rid of it easier…
Cruciferous veggies – things like broccoli and cauliflower… Why? Because they have a component called indole-3-carbinole that is being shown time and time again to reduce levels of estrogen in the body, but they also have levels of sulfur in them which detoxify the body quite well too. So not only do you reduce serum levels of estrogen within the body, but you also help the body eliminate them easier. Since estrogen levels are actually highest at night and lower during the day, it’s most important to eat your big bowl of broccoli before bed.
As always, nourish your brain, your body, and your business and I’ll see you in the next video!
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