17 Ways To Get More Veggies in Your Diet / Make them Less Boring!

17 Ways To Get More Veggies in Your Diet / Make them Less Boring!

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you know I always get this question how do I get all these vegetables in my body in this video I’m going to create a whole bunch of ideas on how to be creative in getting all the vegetables in your body and making them less boring so number one is the kale shake as you may already know on my website I’m really big on kale why because it has the most nutrition of any vegetable on the planet has per cup it’s like 35 thousand international units of vitamin A a lot of potassium and so if you just take kale and fruit blend it you can drink your vegetables okay so that would be number one then number two we can actually cut down the salad now what I have is I salad cutter and what you can do is you can actually take the amount of greens that you have now just so you know I consumed a lot of greens you do not have to do all these greens in one sitting but this is just what I do so I’ll have the salad cutter you can get at the store and you basically just cut it down into very small little pieces so you it makes it easier to break down and digest and eat and then what I do is I had a whole bunch of stuff on it and then I actually had some salad dressing I like the Newman’s Own ranch dressing because it’s pretty good it’s there’s no MSG there’s no extra sugar it’s very easy I’ll put the dressing on it and I’m boom good to go so cut down your salad make it easier to consume alright number three veggies with cheese so you can have broccoli with melted cheese cauliflower with melted cheese there’s a great restaurant in my area called the melting pot and they it’s incredible they make this melted cheese and you dip your vegetables and that’s a very easy and tasty way to get more greens or vegetables in your diet now number four steamed veggies there’s a great recipe that you would take spinach and you put it on the on a pan in a stove and you steam it and it cooks down into a smaller amount I like to add organic canned kidney beans warm those up sometimes I put some tuna on it and then you can put sea salt pepper and garlic and it’s incredible so that’s another thing that you can do that may actually make it easy to consume your greens number five we have cut Tomatoes with basil if you have some really good tasting tomatoes from the farmers market or from the health food store that actually tastes like tomatoes and you cut those up and you add basil to it fresh basil with ranch dressing that makes a great kind of a salad but it’s different it don’t have you don’t have the greens but it’s a great way to get your vegetables but you’re actually having tomatoes so that’s another favorite of mine all right number six cut veggies with dip or hummus so you have the traditional cucumber carrot celery but you can have zucchini and even mushrooms if you want and you just dip them you could dip them into certain dips that don’t have msg or the ranch dressing Newman’s Own or hummus that’s a really no-brainer way to get more vegetables without having to you know like just eat them plain so make them taste good now number seven zucchini with pasta you could take zucchini I have the recipe on that log shape it down as noodles and you don’t even have to cook it actually you can have it raw and put some pasta sauce on it or pesto it’s really really amazing some Parmesan cheese I actually really enjoy this one as well number eight spaghetti squash with pasta if you’ve never had spaghetti squash you can get it at any grocery store you cut it in half and you put in the oven for about 40 minutes you bake it and it comes out as noodles and it’s great because you could add some pasta sauce make that could be your noodles and instead of using the wheat pasta noodles really delicious it’s another month another one of my favorites number nine we have grilled zucchini you basically just grill it and before you grill it you just put some olive oil on it sea salt and pepper and maybe some other spices and it’s quite delicious this is another one of my favorite is another way to just make vegetables taste good all right number ten veggies and omelets every time you make in the morning to stuff it with vegetables you can put mushrooms and onions and tomatoes and whatever you’d like that’s another favorite okay 11 baked kale there’s a big kale chip recipe you can get pretty much anywhere on the internet you just take your kale you drizzle some olive oil and some sea salt and you bake it and they’re low heats and it comes out this is your alternative to your potato chip another great way to make your vegetables taste delicious number 12 Green powders this would be the barley greens or the wheatgrass juice powders I have one called the wheatgrass juice powder that’s really good because it’s not just a wheatgrass powder it’s the wheatgrass juice powder I mean one teaspoon is equivalent to about four and a half pounds of nutrients and vegetables so since the purpose of vegetables is to give nutrients this way you can have a very small amount a little teaspoon in a glass mix it up and drink it up and you get a lot of nutrition without having to eat four pounds of vegetables so that’s a really good idea Green powders of course I want to mention my kale shake my instant kale shake this is another delicious way what I’ve done is I found different ways to make taste good kale taste good by taking powdered kale mixing with chocolate or fruit or or caramel flavoring and and putting a protein called pea protein and it’s sweetened with the wreath with all and xylitol and it’s just the tad of stevia and you just mix water or almond of almond milk and blend it up or shake it up and it’s a great way to get your kale in a shake so you you won’t even taste the kale in there but it has a good amount of kale per serving okay number fourteen your favorite veggies now what does that mean it means that out of all of that cheese what is your favorite it’s okay to consume large quantities of just one vegetable if you don’t like vegetables like I had one guy he the only vegetable that he liked was peace and basically that’s all he did he ate a lot of peas every single day and he bought the frozen pea then slightly steamed him and he consumed as he put those in omelets and different things so you can also do that as well number 15 I created a recipe that involved using cauliflower and mozzarella cheese for the crust on a pizza you can also do that that’s another way to get your kids to consume cauliflower and you won’t even taste it it’s in the crust it’s quite delicious very filling so you don’t need much but you could make a vegetarian pizza number 16 you could have vegetable soup I suggest make your own put a lot of vegetables in it you can put kale and beans and all sorts of things a bean soup and that’s another no-brainer to get some more vegetables because normally when you have warmed soup it’s it’s better it’s very easy to consume that during the winter because it goes down nicely versus all the cold vegetables that you would eat now number 17 in the last one vegetable juice now I’m not recommending the v8 because really those that’s pasteurized and when you heat all these vegetables too much you kill it so as you notice none of these involve overcooking the vegetables like you would get at the restaurant at the all-you-can-eat buffets so this one is involving the juicing of the vegetables so I normally recommend I don’t recommend juicing but if you have this with maybe just a little bit of carrot to add a little bit of sweetness not too much because it could spike your sugar it’s good to get some nutrition you can do occasionally but you wan
t to take these green vegetables and you can juice them and at least get the nutrition from that but ideally it’s better to blend your vegetables so that’s your summary of how to get more vegetables in your body and make them taste a little bit more interesting

This Post Was All About 17 Ways To Get More Veggies in Your Diet / Make them Less Boring!.
17 Ways To Get More Veggies in Your Diet / Make them Less Boring!

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