10 Benefits of Cryotherapy (Freezing)

10 Benefits of Cryotherapy (Freezing)

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let’s talk about the ten benefits of cryotherapy or the benefits of freezing so since the Stone Age time our bodies have adapted to various things like starvation and freezing so a little bit of freezing occasionally is very beneficial to your body it creates something called the hormetic effect which is inducing a small stress to make your body stronger and there are certain genes proteins and enzymes to get activated when you put your body in colder temperatures whether you put yourself into a crowd there opee chamber or just take a cold shower you can activate certain genes one is the satellite sound now a satellite cell is like a pre muscle cell like a stem cell that can actually then turn into a muscle cell so one of the benefits is muscle soreness or muscle repair from damage and that’s one of the things that gets activated and then you can increase these enzymes called kinases which increase muscle synthesis so again it’s repairing a muscle damaged after some injury and this is why they apply ice after you have an injury also cold therapy will suppress certain genes that regulate inflammation so it’s not just about vaso constricting the blood flow and getting the blood flow out of there it’s about activating your genetics to create an effect that’s called epigenetics so so certain things in the environment can turn on or turn off certain genes and col therapy can also increase the number of mitochondria which relates to increasing your metabolism so these are the benefits decreased muscle soreness repair damage improve your immune system but of course if you’re out in the cold too long that can add too much stress so I’m talking very short amounts of cold therapy number three can decrease inflammation for it can increase your mood try taking a cold shower you’re gonna go into exhilaration really fast alright number five it can help you sleep number six it can improve your metabolism number seven it will increase your antioxidant Network – then fight against oxidative stress so it can actually help lower your oxidative stress it can improve herniated discs decrease pain and spasm and I put another video explaining the hormetic effect of various things check it out it’s very interesting 

This Post Was All About 10 Benefits of Cryotherapy (Freezing).
10 Benefits of Cryotherapy (Freezing)

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1:32 Cryotherapy benefits
In this video, we’re going to talk about the incredible benefits of cryotherapy. 
Since the Stone Age, our bodies have adapted to various things like starvation and freezing. A little bit of freezing occasionally is very beneficial to your body. It creates something called the hormetic effect. It induces a small amount of stress to make your body stronger. 
There are certain genes, proteins, and enzymes that become activated when you put yourself in colder temperatures. You can use a cryotherapy chamber to get this effect, or just take a cold shower. 
• Increases satellite cells (turns into a muscle cell)
• Increases kinases cells 
• Suppresses certain genes that regulate inflammation 
• Increases mitochondria
The 10 benefits of cryotherapy:
1. Decrease muscle soreness and repair muscle damage
2. Improves the immune system 
3. Decreases inflammation
4. Increases mood
5. Promotes better sleep
6. Improves metabolism 
7. Increases the antioxidant network
8. Fights oxidative stress
9. Improves herniated discs 
10. Decreases pain/spasm
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