1 Carb Keto Crackers | EASY KETO RECIPES

1 Carb Keto Crackers | EASY KETO RECIPES

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hey what’s happening guys today I am showing you how to make a really quick easy and delicious keto snack recipe we’re going to be making some keto crackers on the channel but not just any keto crackers we’re making some two ingredient two minute keto crackers these are probably going to be actually they are going to be the easiest and quickest cracker you ever make in your entire life like it doesn’t get easier than this plus you can season them however you want to season them because the base recipe it’s just a standard cheese cracker kind of tastes like a cheese it you could flavor it however you want by adding the seasonings of your choice to the tops of the crackers which I will show you how to do later on in the video that said let’s get right into this one and I’ll show you how to make some keto crackers so the first thing we want to do is get out our food scale and then we are going to add our food processor to it because that’s what we’re using to make today’s keto crackers then we’re gonna get out some almond flour and as a lot of you know my personal favorite is the Kirkland’s blanched almond flour so that’s what I’m using for my low-carb crackers today anyways we’re gonna add 1/2 a cup or 56 grams of that to our bowl and then we’re just gonna add the same amount of grated Parmesan cheese to our food processor as well so once that’s looking good we’re gonna lock our processor onto the base and then pop the top onto it at this point we’re gonna give those ingredients a few good pulses and then add a teaspoon of water to the mix so once we’ve done that we are going to mix everything again using the pulse setting on our food processor and then again we are going to remove the top scrape down the sides add another teaspoon of water and then pulse our ingredients together until small balls of cheese and almond flour dough form in our food processor like this once that happens we’re gonna transfer the keto cracker dough from the food processor to a medium sized bowl and then we’re gonna use our hands to form a ball of dome out of those smaller sized pieces now at this point we’re gonna set that bowl aside and set up some parchment paper on our work surface area so when we’ve got our paper set up we’re gonna add half of the dough to the middle of it and then I just like to shape the dough into a rectangle so that when I roll it out it stays as close to rectangle in shape as possible speaking of rolling it out want to cover the dough with another sheet of parchment paper and roll it out until it just starts to become translucent once that happens it’s time to get our pizza cutter out and start cutting up some crackers now you should end up with around 50 ish crackers and if you want to be super OCD about your keto crackers being uniform in shape you can use a ruler to help cut out your keto crackers however I don’t take my cracker making that seriously so I just do it by hand but you do you anyways once we cut the dough vertically and horizontally to make our crackers the last step is just using a toothpick to form a tiny hole in the center of each cracker and we’re definitely doing this because I’m pretty sure there’s scientific proof that crackers with holes in them just tastes better than crackers without holes in them anyways when we’ve taken care of that want to use a pair of kitchen scissors and cut out all of the extra parchment paper from our keto crackers and we’re doing this because as you’re seeing here we’re gonna add the crackers to a plate and then cook them in the microwave which by the way microwave times for these crackers will vary depending on the power of your microwave mine is 1,100 watts though and two one-minute intervals is the perfect amount of cook time in my microwave so once they are done cooking you’ll want to let these low-carb crackers cool down on the plate because they’ll need about five to 10 minutes to crisp up however after that amount of time you can use your hand to break the crackers up into individual pieces and then what I like to do is season them so just coat the crackers with a little baking spray and add some salt or fur in everything bagel cracker which I love just add a little bit of everything bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s or to make a Cool Ranch keto cracker you could add some salt garlic powder onion powder and dried chives the flavor possibilities are practically endless with these low-carb keto crackers and I’d love to see what you guys come up with so if you have any ideas let me know what they are in the comments below as always though if you want more information about today’s recipe check video-description because there’s tons of info in there about it and I will see you guys in the next recipe enjoy the crackers

This Post Was All About 1 Carb Keto Crackers | EASY KETO RECIPES.
1 Carb Keto Crackers | EASY KETO RECIPES

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These keto crackers are practically 0 carb, and they make a fantastic easy keto snack idea. This cracker recipe is made in 2 minutes with just 2 ingredients, and you have to eat over 25 of these low carb crackers to eat 1 NET CARB.
100+ Keto Recipe Cookbook:
Written Recipe:
Food Processor:
Kirkland’s Almond Flour:
Parchment Paper:
Pizza Cutter:
Food Scale:
65 Calories
3g Protien
1.25g Carbs
(.75g fiber)
5g Fat

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