Top 10 Cleanest Fast Food Keto Options

Top 10 Cleanest Fast Food Keto Options

Top 10 Cleanest Fast Food Keto Options

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and I seriously in front of a Taco Bell right now like Thomas de Lauer in front of a fast-food chain yeah I am and the reality is what I want to do with this video is break down some of the cleaner fast food options that you can get for keeping the truth is is that none of these options I’m going to talk about today are going to be for the ideal circumstance it’s not going to be something you should opt for when you have other options but I understand that a lot of my viewers and a lot of people that are watching my videos in general don’t always have super clean options don’t have whole foods don’t have things like that so we’re gonna break down ten really awesome fast food options that you can utilize when you’re on a ketogenic diet so I’m in front of Taco Bell there’s actually two options that you can get at Taco Bell they’re gonna be on the Thomas de Lauer keto approved fast food menu if you want to call it that the first is gonna be at a mini skillet bowl the reason I offer the mini skillet Pole is the main focus is the eggs okay eggs yeah they’re not the highest quality thing to get at a fast food restaurant but in my opinion it’s a little safer to get eggs then a lot of times the meat a lot of times the meat is 30 40 50 percent meat at least the eggs you know what you’re getting they’re just not exactly raised ethically and not exactly raised with the best ingredients okay so I recommend getting the triple a ranch sauce on the side okay that’s gonna add extra calories and a low quality fat that you don’t need you’re getting enough fat from the eggs you think enough fats from sometimes they come with guacamole you’re good there okay so just get the sauce on the side so you get the mini skillet bulb okay then we’ve got the power Bowl okay the power menu Bowl you can get it with chicken you can get it at stake this is gonna be the way to go what I would recommend you do with this menu item is don’t get the sauce at all okay have the sauce on the side and ask them to double up on the guacamole if you double up on the guacamole you’re at least getting fat so from a form that you can control a little bit more and not just getting this really low quality omega-6 ranch’s that are on them most of the fast food salad dressings are super subpar and you’re better off going for like the avocado is there so talk about simple mini skillet Bowl and the power Bowl okay plain and simple and I’ll put all the nutrition facts along this as we go so you know exactly what’s gonna work with a specific macro range all right now let’s head to Carl’s jr. everyone kind of has their stories right like I I wasn’t a saint growing up I had fast food from times at the time and it was funny is we had these we had these two like small sailboats they’re called Sun fishes and it was one of the things that my family we used to do a lot when I was younger so we go we lived up in the wine country up like Sonoma Napa area and we took the Lisa trailer these little small boats up to a lake called Lake Hennessy up kind of by Lake Berryessa and we used to stop at a Carl’s jr. as my dad loved Carl’s jr. and I don’t even remember what I would order I was a little kid all I remember is my sister and I got in a fight and my sister’s four years older and I flung something like it was like a zipper or a bungee cord cuz I got mad at her and I chipped her tooth and a big chunk of it came out and I’ll never forget it and she was so mad and my mom was like laughing my mom thought it was funny because my mom had always told me like one of these days he’s gonna get you back because he was kind of a bully and then it was funny the funniest part about this was there is a James Taylor song playing and I have a horrible voice so I’m not gonna sing it but it was the one that was like winter spring summer or fall yeah you guys know it if you know that James Taylor song so that song starts playing and it’s kind of sad and I start thinking about like the life of my sister’s tooth and like I’m a little kid so it’s like I got sad over an inanimate object knocked out of my sister’s mouth anyway has nothing to do with Kido but well I don’t know maybe does but anyway it’s kind of a funny story it’s my memory of Carl’s jr. I probably told my wife that story like nineteen times she’s probably tired of holding it just by tired of hearing it but all right so let’s go to Carl’s jr. let’s see what Kito options that he’s got I gotta give some credit where credit’s do actually Karl’s juniors has done a really good job of implementing higher quality meet standards so I gotta give him some serious credit there normally when you go to fast food you can plan on it being about 60 to 80% the best-case-scenario actual meet the rest of the time you’re looking at some kind of soy buffer to really just inflate it a little bit more so big big props there now with Carlos who uses a couple different options again full disclaimer these are not best-case scenario this is if you’re in a pinch so the thick burger is halfway decent yeah you get 1/3 pound or 1/2 pound as a lettuce wrap the reason that Carl’s jr. works well as a lettuce wrap a source is simply because they actually use the butter lettuce the big like beefy lettuce not just cruddy iceberg or cruddy romaine the butter lettuce works good as an actual button so cool props there for doing that I think they had that in mind a little bit but then of course you can get a famous star as a lettuce wrap I would recommend holding the cheese please watch the cheese that Carl’s jr. uses isn’t the best quality cheese and I’ve done my research on this okay they’re using more of almost like Velveeta american-style cheese just get rid of it it’s higher in carbs you just don’t need it just put mayonnaise on the burger instead you’re better off having the lower quality mayonnaise then you aren’t having the lower quality cheese lastly go for the grass-fed all-natural burger as a lettuce wrap it’s grass-fed grass-finished okay so that doesn’t mean it’s high-quality meat it’s higher quality and at least it’s all-natural in the sense that at least you’re getting meat it is still grain fed but the element of soy is going to be a lot less it is expensive though Carl’s jr. is not the cheapest fast-food option but again they make my list and here’s what you can eat there [Music] alright so in and out now those of you that don’t have in-and-out I’m sorry you guys probably have heard of in and out and you probably I don’t know bums that you don’t have it locally but the cool thing is about in and out they’re actually using a hundred percent beef okay it’s a USDA ground chuck so we’re talking legit good so we’re not talking any fillers and stuff like that so we find this in California quite often and usually you’re gonna end up seeing a line that just wraps all the way down the street now it’s after lunch hour right now it’s like 2 o’clock so we’re not seeing that but here’s the thing when you go to in-and-out you can order something called protein style what that means is they will make it as a lettuce wrap and since their beef is already good quality in their cheeses real cheese heck you know it’s not the ideal option but it’s probably the best fast-food option you can get now additionally when you go in to and in and out you can order something called the flying dutchman and the flying dutchman is not even a lettuce wrap it’s straight up meat and cheese and they give you a fork and then if you order it animal style they’re gonna add their sauce on it which has a tiny bit of ketchup so it’s a little bit a little bit of sugar their ketchup a little bit of mayonnaise to make like a Thousand Island dressing along with some onions on it grilled onions okay you’re talking maybe three to four grams of carbs there so it’s a pretty good option to have when you’re eating fast food definitely obviously want to avoid the fries they don’t have any kind of chicken options or anything like that you’re looking just good clean beef now with I’m gonna ever run through in and out I literally just get a patty I just ask for a couple of patties I just want the meat if it’s a hundred percent beef and I don’t worry about the fillers then I don’t even want to dirty it up with the cheese anyhow in and out is simple but unfortunately not everyone has them now we’re gonna take a different spin we’re gonna go to a sandwich shop and head on over to Jimmy John’s alright so we’re heading over to Jimmy John’s so sandwich places are kind of intriguing when it comes down to keto options surprisingly there aren’t more sandwich shops that offer keto options and I think it’s because you don’t get a very voluptuous meal you know you’re talking deli meat with a little bit of cheese and some lettuce so it’s so thin I feel like they just don’t feel like they can provide value with anything so it’s a little frustrating Jimmy John’s has done it right so I’ll show you what you can get at Jimmy John’s you know subway I will say it’s kind of an honorable mention but some weight doesn’t even have good quality lettuce they’ll just have the shredded like iceberg lettuce so you can get any sandwich made as a salad but they’re cold cuts are pretty low quality and that’s just what you don’t want to be you don’t want to be having that so at least go for the ones that can do a lettuce wrap option like like Jimmy John’s so let’s go ahead and let’s take a look at what we got here and then we’ll move on to the next Jimmy John’s hey guys good job I appreciate what you’re doing so you can get all the taste of a typical cold cut kind of sandwich just as a lettuce wrap here’s the caveat deli meat is garbage to begin with deli meat that is at a fast-food joint is beyond garbage so what you want to do is you want to focus on two real things here you could get any sandwich as a nun which that means you could get roast beef you could get pastrami ham anything if you’re trying to reduce the footprint on your body if you will if you like tuna now go for their tuna or their light tuna on which the thing with tuna is that chunk light tuna base is the lower quality – it is actually better albacore is the stuff that’s high in mercury the chunk light is chunk light it doesn’t matter where you go it’s all pre like the same quality it’s not that good it’s not that bad you can get it without the mayonnaise or you can get it as a tuna salad and then you get the fat coming from the mayonnaise so you don’t have to have a bunch of cheese added to it you can get a tuna sandwich as a nun which and they do a pretty good job of putting it together and having it not fall apart your next best bet is going to be going for the turkey okay don’t go for the roast beef roast beef deli meat is notorious for having just tons of nitrates and nitrates and really not good stuff ham definitely don’t go there ham is hard no matter what the curing process usually involves a lot of preservatives and a lot of things you don’t want so that’s your options for Jimmy John go for the tuna in which or the turkey on which go ahead and have them hold the cheese and use the Mayo if you want to keep it a little bit cleaner but they do use decent quality cheese just try to go for the Swiss it’s a little easier to get cleaner Swiss at a place like this all right now we’re gonna head on over to something that’s a little bit of hybrid it’s fast food but also something that might be a little bit more sit down somewhere that I actually go somewhat frequently with my wife Panera Bread let’s roll [Music] so Panera kind of an interesting place to be completely honest when I go to Panera I’m usually getting a Green Goddess salad so it’s gonna be a mixed greens it’s gonna be spinach it’s basically a Cobb salad with a specific kind of dressing they give you skimpy amounts of chicken usually or turkey so you want to ask for double meat when you go that route get the dressing on the side otherwise they just completely slather it up so get the Green Goddess dressing it does have a little bit of a sweet factor to it but it’s not too bad the other thing that you can get is a power breakfast bowl so that’s got a bunch of egg in it they do add some sauces or some chicken to it but just get it without that so Joe with just the egg the other thing that you can get is the power Mediterranean chicken bowl now they’ve got some other power bowls I’ll be okay and they have a lettuce wrap but honestly I don’t know it doesn’t really fit my criteria the power Mediterranean bowl is a little bit cleaner chicken then you’ve got kind of a Greek dressing that doesn’t seem to have a bunch of dairy in it so you’re looking a little bit of a cleaner almost Italian like dressing and then you can kind of add whatever you want to so Panera is sort of a hybrid not really fast food I guess it’s in the fast category but it’s something that I’ll still frequent if I’m on the road they change their options seasonally and I think with the keto train they’re hopping on the bandwagon a little bit more and having some more lettuce wrap options so what I am seeing now is any of their paninis can be done as a lettuce wrap they just won’t be heated so Panera you know big props to you I will say though generally speaking nine times out of ten they end up kind of messing up your order so just make sure you get it right welcome to consumerism I can knock out two in one parking spot Five Guys and chick-fil-a must be in suburbia huh all right let’s go ahead start with chick-fil-a funny story first thing when I lived in Texas cuz I lived in Austin for a little while chick-fil-a was huge and I had come from California with California Texas back to California and I didn’t understand what was going on I didn’t understand what the craze was and I thought it was called chick fila and I was like what is this chick fila place like feel a chicken like chick the I it was so confusing and my wife turned me on to and it was actually really darn good I will say however the only thing I’m going to recommend from chick-fil-a is their grilled chicken nuggets they’re their sandwiches just have too much weird stuff they don’t taste close lettuce wraps they’re not friendly to the lettuce crap crowd it’s so just makes it tough the grilled chicken nuggets are actually pretty darn cool you have like one or two grams of net carbs probably coming from a little bit of soy it’s in the chicken perhaps anyway pretty nice and clean just get a little side of mayonnaise and like a little bit of ketchup swirl it up make a Thousand Island dressing and dip it in that that way you get some extra fats or just bring a bag of macadamia nuts along with you at least you can get a clean protein proteins the hardest thing to get let’s go to five guys all right so I just had my chicken now let’s go to five guys [Music] five days has done it right when it comes to Kido options any burger that you can get you can order as a burger bowl just so that you know so if you go in there and you want to get a half-pound burger you can say make it a burger bowl they’ll put it in a bowl give you some lettuce and then you add whatever toppings you want into it and they can either chop it up or they’ll serve it to you just like the patty in a bowl it’s really really cool so you’re basically eating a bowl of ground beef way way cleaner than most fast food again it’s technically fast category but it’s not drive-thru style fast you can do some other options you can get anything lettuce wrap there there bacon is really good quality so again you know something for five six seven bucks you can get a nice meal that is keto friendly not gonna kick you out of keto again maybe not the best thing but you’re looking good quality mean you’re still looking 100% ground chuck you’re not looking a bunch of soy and stuff in there so five guys you get some major props in my book all right the next place that we’re headed is an interesting place we’re going to Wendy’s the world of the square patties okay now I’ve got some interesting stories about Wendy’s – we’ll talk about a second Emmy are we gonna go to Wendy’s now Rumi likes Wendy’s I’m just kidding I don’t feed my dogs Wendy’s so interesting thing about Wendy’s Wendy’s isn’t big on they don’t display their their nutrition facts in their stores which is kind of odd and they used to put up a big stink about it in fact if you look online you can find that a lot of times they can’t find the nutrition facts for their foods well by law you have to be able to post them somewhere you got to be able to find them what’s interesting is when their nutrition facts did come out they’re pretty clean so it’s interesting that they were kind of hiding stuff they were overall pretty clean you look at some of their some of their burgers overall on a spectrum of a lot of these different ones pretty good quality beef some members of my family I’m not gonna say who actually actually worked for Wendy’s in a corporate level and I know people are gonna probably give me beef on that right but I can’t control what my family does and I actually could give some serious credit to what Wendy’s does in the way of recruitment for personnel they hire a lot of veterans they do a lot of so I just you know we have to be realistic here we have to look at the economy we have to look at humanity we have to look at the big picture in general and although I don’t support the fast-food world and I’m definitely a guy that preaches you know eating close to the earth and cooking your own food whenever possible I also like to you know extend a big thank you to companies that do work like that and do make a concerted effort to stimulate the economy with good jobs particularly when it comes down to our veterans and things like that so really cool anyway when we pull up the windi’s I’ll share with you what I think are the best options there and then we can move along to the next [Music] Frosty’s Frosty’s or Kido all right no I wish seriously I used to consume those things like they were going out of style at least when I was 280 pounds so case in point okay Wendy’s you can get a little bit granular with what you choose here a lot of their stuff isn’t super super clean for keto I will be honest I like the way their patties are like they’re clean their chicken quality is not that good though now they do have decent salad options so here’s where things get kind of fun what I would usually do if money’s not too much of an issue at Wendy’s like if you’re looking to spend a couple more bucks and you’re just running out of options what you would want to do is you’d actually want to order the chicken cobb salad dressing on the side and get like the buttermilk ranch or get an Italian on the side okay and then don’t eat the chicken remove the chicken give it to someone else give it to a homeless person whatever and order a Baconator or open order some kind of burger and put the burger on the salad yeah trust me it tastes pretty darn good and then you’re getting the good quality meat from the red meat that is decent quality and you’re not having to eat the super high soy chicken that you might get otherwise it’s just a better option now another thing that you can do is you can just get a lettuce wrap burger and get a small side salad but at least with the Cobb salad you get some bacon you get some blue cheese you get some egg you get some other things that are keto friendly and their lettuce is not just typical iceberg lettuce you’re getting some romaine and some spring mix which is usually kind of rare for a fast food place like when you’re looking at iceberg lettuce you’re pretty much just looking at cellulose in water there’s nothing really there just a little fiber in water at least spring mix you get some manganese you get some minerals in there so I got to hand it to them they definitely are known for their salads all right well let’s head on over to Chipotle which again it’s going to be kind of a mix not quite full on fast food but there’s a lot of good options there so let’s roll chaparro chapati I’ve heard people call it Chipotle and I’ve literally heard people call it chapada so here’s the neat thing about Chipotle you can just build it yourself there’s just a couple little things you got to know if you go and you order chicken there’s no lean chicken option there chicken is swimming in fat that’s not always bad if your keto and you want to get those fats in well you’re looking at an extra 100 hundred and 10 calories if you go for the chicken option then if you go for their steak now normally I would prefer chicken over steak if I have the opportunity the barbacoa however is actually pretty lean so barbacoa and the steak are gonna be your leanest options we’re going to do is you’re just simply going to do a fajita Bowl and then you’re gonna go ahead and you’re gonna add and build it however you want to build it that way that way you can go ahead and you can add the guacamole you can add the sour cream and they have some soy options if you’re trying to keep it a little bit lower on the meat side of things so it works out pretty darn well so then you get no beans you get no rice and you ask for extra fajita veggies there you go that’s all there is to it they won’t charge you more guacamole is a couple bucks or whatever they charge for it but again do guac instead of cheese if you get the option so go in get the barbacoa or at the steak no beans no rice then you’re gonna go ahead and you’re gonna do no cheese and you’re gonna add cuacamole sour cream if you really want to and then you’re gonna add extra fajita veggies and if you can try to get more in the way of like the onions and stuff I get so you get the prebiotic effect so that’s it with the salsas don’t get the corn salsa because obviously it’s going to have a bunch of sugar in it just simply from the corn let’s go for the green sauce or go for the Rojo you’re all good to go that’s it at to pull tea or chapati or chapati whatever you want calling alright last but not least we’ve saved the most famous for last Mickey D’s is there anything that you can get at Mickey D’s it’s a couple things it’s not a McFlurry so we’re at McDonald’s now I could make some funny crack here and honestly I might in the future but you might have seen my other video talking about my story talking about when I was 280 pounds and a lot of these places that I’m visiting today although I’m I’m making some snide remarks here and there and I’m kind of joking about them a little bit the truth is is that McDonald’s is somewhere I used to frequent that was 280 pounds like I used to get quarter pounders from here and I used to drive across town and I would hang out across town where no one would supposedly recognize me and I eat my burgers it was a really sad state of affairs a sad part of my life sad time of my life and it just it made it really tough but you know I got past that obviously my life changed I invite you to watch that video if you haven’t already and and yeah so let me show you the very few things that you can get at McDonald’s unfortunately it’s pretty slim pickins let’s go [Music] bacon is a little sketch the meat is a little sketch the chicken is very sketch it’s extruder chicken so you don’t really want that ever see that chicken that’s treated with ammonia it turns pink and then they kind of run it through an extruder that’s the chicken here so I’m just gonna tell you the things we want to avoid a McDonald’s extruder chicken no-go the beef they have reached some new quality standards in the last couple of years so again giving them credit there so beef sure you could do a quarter pounder with no buns stuff like that but it’s still pretty low quality and the carb count is surprisingly somewhat high because of the soy isoflavones and things that are in there so we really want to avoid that then we can move into some of the other options like the breakfast sausage is halfway decent but we really want to be leaning on at McDonald’s isn’t mainly gonna be the eggs the eggs are not high quality but it’s harder to mess up eggs than it is to mess up meat eggs are usually still coming from eggs so we’re still getting the main focal point being eggs like we give the high B vitamin content which is going to be there we may not have the good omega-3 profile in fact it’s gonna be high omega-6 definitely not going to be good but if you get like a sausage McMuffin and you get away with the English muffin and you just eat the egg patty and you just eat the sausage patty it’s not too bad and if you do some of their scrambled egg bowls it’s not too bad but the bacon is not the best you want to go the issue we have with pork is anytime a meat is naturally a higher fat content meat it’s gonna storm or the chemicals more the toxins so bacon is something you want to be really careful with if you ever eat bacon in any fast-food place try to do a little research on where they get their pork because again that’s something that’s gonna hold a lot of chemicals in the fat and that’s gonna come right through into your body so the eggs that doesn’t pass through quite as much it’s just more of what the chicken has been fed so you’re gonna get a lot of grain a lot of soy not something you want to do forever but again McDonald’s is probably the most popular fast-food chains that’s out there if not the most popular so you’re bound to run into a situation where McDonald’s is your only choice well there you have it that’s ten different fast-food joints that you can get some interesting options at not the best choices but hey it’s gonna get you out of a jam I cannot overemphasize this enough because someone is still going to let me have it in the a section and I know I can’t make everybody happy but I still need to reiterate this one more time every option here today was something that you can do when you’re in a jam I cannot express this enough that you should not be coming here every day you should not be going to these places every day this is simply what you can do when you are in a pinch what I’ve tried to provide you today is cleaner variations of what’s available you can go almost anywhere and do sloppy Kido ok dirty Kido like you can you can do that you can get that anywhere you can go get bacon and eggs just about anywhere but when you actually learn what works at specific places and where they’re strong suits are and where their weaknesses are it gives you the upper hand and if you do end up going to these places somewhat frequently it’s going to add up so you might as well get a 10% better item every time you go and then by the time you’re you’ve gone there 10 times you’ve at least subtracted a meal from the overall net right 10 percent 10 times equals a hundred percent my simple point is that it just gives you some more option to have a little more flexibility of these fast-food places all right that’s all there is to it so if you have ideas for future videos like this I definitely want to know about them so if you want to know like Starbucks types or if you want to know specific restaurants or other chains or maybe we’ll do one that’s top just top chains you know you like Olive Garden we’ll do like Red Lobster things like that better more sit-down places but still chains anyway as always keep it locked in here on my channel and I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About Top 10 Cleanest Fast Food Keto Options.
Top 10 Cleanest Fast Food Keto Options

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Top 10 Cleanest Fast Food Keto Options – Thomas DeLauer


Chipotle Steak, pork, or chicken salad with no rice or beans. Add guac, cheese, and sour cream.
Romaine Lettuce (Cal 10, Pro 1g, Carbs 2g, Fib 1g)
Steak (Cal 150, Pro 21g, Carbs 0g, Fib 0g)
Chicken (Cal 180, Pro 32g, Carbs 0g, Fib 0g)
Carnitas (Cal 210, Pro 23g, Carbs 0g, Fib 0g)
Barbacona (Cal 170, Pro 24g, Carbs 2g, Fib 1g)
Sour Cream (Cal 110, Pro 2g, Carbs 2g, Fib 0g)
Cheese (Cal 110, Pro 6g, Carbs 1g, Fib 0g)
Guacamole (Cal 230, Pro 2g, Carbs 8g, Fib 6g)

In-N-Out Burger

Order a burger “protein-style” meaning without the bun and wrapped in lettuce. You can do the same with two patties and call is double double protein style. You can also order the “Flying Dutchman”, which is two slices of meat and two slices of cheese without the lettuce.
Hamburger (Cal 240, Pro 13g, Carbs 11g, Fib 3g)
Cheeseburger (Cal 330, Pro 18g, Carbs 11g, Fib 3g)
Double-Double Cheese Burger (Cal 520, Pro 33g, Carbs 11g, Fib 3g)

Five Guys

Lettuce wrap your burgers or have a burger in a bowl. Add on a bunch of toppings like bacon, cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions, pickles, mayo, etc.
Hamburger Patty (Cal 220, Pro 16g, Carbs 0g, Fib 0g)
Hot Dog (Cal 285, Pro 11g, Carbs 1g, Fib 0g)

Taco Bell

Mini Skillet Bowl -(Eggs, steak, cheddar cheese, sour cream, guacamole, creamy chipotle sauce)- (Cal 490, Pro 14g, Carbs 6g, Fib 1g)
Power Menu Bowl -(Lettuce, shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, guacamole, bacon, avocado ranch sauce)- (Cal 330, Pro 21g, Carbs 8g, Fib 2g)


Garden salad with grilled chicken
Grilled chicken melt (no bread)
Bacon tacquito (no potato)


Turn any sandwich into a salad
Cold cut combo (Carbs 9g)
Subway club (Carbs 8g)
Tuna salad (Carbs 7g)
Oven roasted chicken (Carbs 7g)
Roast beef (Carbs 7g)

Jimmy Johns

#1 Pepe Ham Unwich (Cal 345, Pro 19g, Carbs 6g, Fib 1g)
#2 Big John Roast Beef Unwich (Cal 255, Pro 16g, Carbs 3g, Fib 1g)
Totally Tuna Unwich (Cal 275, Pro 11g, Carbs 7g, Fib 2g)
J.J.B.L.T. Unwich (Cal 335, Pro 12g, Carbs 3g, Fib 1g)
Slim Tuna Salad Unwich (Cal 265, Pro 11g, Carbs 5g, Fib 1g)
Slim 5 Salami Unwich (Cal 275, Pro 22g, Carbs 3g, Fib 0g)
#10 Hunter’s Club Unwich (Cal 815, Pro 56g, Carbs 4g, Fib 1g)


Double Cheese Burger -(no bun)- (Cal 280, Pro 20g, Carbs 5g, Fib 1g)
McDouble -(no bun no ketchup)- (Cal 240, Pro 17g, Carbs 3g, Fib 1g)
Grilled Chicken Sandwich -(no bun)- (Cal 160, Pro 29g, Carbs 2g, Fib 1g)
Egg Muffin -(no English muffin)- (Cal 160, Pro 12g, Carbs 3g, Fib 0g)
Sausage Egg Muffin -(no English muffin)- (Cal 340, Pro 16g, Carbs 3g, Fib 0g)


Grilled chicken THIGH -(per piece)- (Cal 150, Pro 15g, Carbs 0g, Fib 0g)
Grilled chicken DRUMSTICKS -(per piece)- (Cal 80, Pro 11g, Carbs 0g, Fib 0g)
Grilled chicken BREAST -(per piece)- (Cal 210, Pro 38g, Carbs 0g, Fib 0g)
Caesar salad (no croutons)
House salad (no croutons)

Wendy’s (They have no nutritional facts on their site)
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Double Stack (no bun)
Baconator (no bun)
Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich (no bun)
Chicken BLT (no bun)
Chicken Cobb Salad


Grilled Chicken Nuggets -(12ct)- (Cal 170, Pro 31g, Carbs 2g, Fib 1g)


Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak or Roasted Turkey
Power Mediterranean Chicken
Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey
Power Steak Lettuce Wraps

Burger King

Cheeseburger -(no bun no tomatoes)- (Cal 130, Pro 9g, Carbs 1g, Fib 0g)
Double Cheeseburger -(no bun no ketchup)- (Cal 230, Pro 18g, Carbs 1g, Fib 0g)
Grilled chicken sandwich -(no bun no ketchup no tomatoes)- (Cal 640, Pro 40g, Carbs 2g, Fib 0g)
Carl’s Jrs

Lettuce Wrapped ThickBurger ½ (Cal 630, Pro 39g, Carbs 9g, Fib 1g)
Lettuce Wrapped ThickBurger ⅓ (Cal 420, Pro 25g, Carbs 9g, Fib 1g)
Famous Star -(no bun w/cheese)- (Cal 300, Pro 20g, Carbs 9g, Fib 1g)
Super Star -(no bun w.cheese)- (Cal 660, Pro 40g, Carbs 2g, Fib 2g)
Grass Fed All Natural -(no bun)- (Cal 400, Pro 23g, Carbs 7g, Fib 1g)

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