Your Immune System & Antibodies + How to Boost It – Live Discussion with Thomas DeLauer

Your Immune System & Antibodies + How to Boost It – Live Discussion with Thomas DeLauer

Your Immune System & Antibodies + How to Boost It – Live Discussion with Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on Your Immune System & Antibodies + How to Boost It – Live Discussion with Thomas DeLauer.
What's going on everybody call our here hey it's just a little bit before 1 p.m. here on the west coast and I figured everyone's kind of in need of just some some good social interaction some good live broadcast stuff so normally my videos are obviously full production videos but it makes sense to hop in here get right into the.

Nitty-gritty of what people want to talk about right now and what people really want to learn about so I welcome everyone we're going to talk just a very basic simple explanation of our immune system how it works with antibodies and I've got some really fun analogies to help you I don't know get through this tough time and really understand what.

Your body is capable of because I think right now we tend to think just it's all doom and gloom and I want everyone to be able to just learn how their bodies work and I think that this is a fun time for me I want to be able to leverage YouTube right now for a sense of community normally my channel is all about just pumping out information well now is the.

Time to create community and now is the time to be able to get everyone on board and just get excited about health because to be completely honest right now we have a very clean slate to just be able to start fresh and get really really healthy ok maybe this is all happening because we all just need some subconscious wake-up call to get healthy.

So anyhow we're going to talk about antibodies I've got a fun James Bond analogy that's gonna make that all make sense we're gonna talk about immunoglobulin a we're going to talk about IgM all the stuff that sounds very complicated but it's actually quite basic so we'll have fun with it before I go any further with any of this it's.

Very important that anyone that's watching this video knows that I am NOT a doctor okay although I'm passionate about this stuff and I love talking about it and I love translating the complex subject matter the best that I can I'm not a doctor I'm not an infectious disease expert I cannot comment on how this virus works because.

I'm not an infectious disease expert just my microphone here so I just wanted everyone to know that okay I'm not here to save the day what I am here to do is teach you about your immune system and what you can do to help support your immune system through your diet and to really get the most out of your immune system okay you are born with an immune.

System okay you are born with an immune system that has the ability to fight things off and it has the ability to combat viruses it has the ability to combat pathogens and what's unique about it so if we understand exactly how that process works then I don't know we can understand it so we're gonna dive into.

That tour and talk about specific vitamins and minerals things like that first thing we're going to talk about antibodies everyone here is heard of antibodies right okay if you've heard of antibodies go ahead and just common antibodies but also do want to make sure everyone watch comments where they're watching them okay that just helps out a.

Lot in terms of just gin and everything like that so antibodies the purpose of the antibody is to essentially bind to a pathogen and neutralize it okay that's essentially what's going on so when you have a virus or you have a pathogen that's coming into your body what's happening is these antibodies come in and they actually surround the pathogen.

And almost put a layer around it okay so if you envision a virus coming in your body you have antibodies that come in and they encapsulate it okay when they encapsulate it allows that virus to be excreted in processed okay all told them processed and that's what we're really after but the thing is we have a number of different antibodies that we really.

Have to think about and I just want to encourage people to know exactly what they are the first one that I want to talk about is one called I g-gee okay so we have five different kinds of antibodies okay we have I Gigi we have IgA we have IgM we have IgE and then we have one that we don't know a whole lot about which is called IgD okay I'm not.

Gonna spend a lot of time on IgD I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on each in one individually but I think it's important again this is the time for us to educate ourselves and to to learn about our bodies Eric what's going on Toronto Cassandra what's going on Arkansas what's going on Luna in Canada tel aviv phillip good to see you here Haley in.

Pennsylvania we got el mayo and northern Italy Kate Williams in California Suzanne and Michigan we got Brussels in the house Wow we've got Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we've got Damian Nightingale ig-88 I'll talk about that one a little bit we've got Clegg's 12 awesome good to see you in Oklahoma we've got Toronto in the.

House we've got Noah in North Korea we've got wow so many people make sure you just continue to comment where you're watching from it helps out a lot and I am sorry about the lighting I'm outside because baby's inside napping and I tend to sometimes get loud and I do these live broadcasts so I know the Lighting's not great I know my.

Complexion probably looks terrible and this lighting but who cares right it's all about doing a live so go ahead and smash that thumbs up button get some people on this broadcast if you can give it a big share anyhow let's go ahead and let's jump in so I Gigi's when you think general antibody you think IgG okay.

That's what we are thinking when we think of just a general antibody but the fact is we have a bunch more see IgG is the antibody that's built by immunization okay so whether it's exposure to a virus through actual exposure or through vaccine or anything it is the IgG that is kind of just the overarching just initial antibody the.

Big antibody that we think up so I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on that because it's just kind of a big picture but we want to look at some more interesting ones we start looking at IgA antibodies IgE antibodies are going to be what's called immunoglobulin a and these are the types of antibodies that are produced after or excuse me letter.

Usually like produced in the mucosal area okay so you see them a lot in the respiratory tract you see them in the saliva you seem in the mucus okay and really it's the job of these ones to neutralize things as soon as they're really coming in so it keeps the pathogens from sticking to what's called an epithelial cells so what that means.

Is if you have if you breathe in a virus you breathe in a pathogen it's gonna get caught up in your mucus and IgM is or excuse me IgA is going to be the one that kind of comes in and helps kind of neutralize it at that point the reason that I mentioned this is because we do need to take care of our mucous membranes we do need to take care of our.

Mucous we do eat because it's a good thing it's actually protecting us so a lot of times you see this inflammation and it's occurring in the respiratory system and it's occurring in the lungs it's occurring in the nodes curing these mucosal areas because that's exactly what it's supposed to do it's triggering more in these antibodies it's turning.

More of an immune response in that specific area helping protect us okay it's a very normal response so it's keeps them from sticking to the epithelial cells and actually getting into the body again now we also see a lot of IgA reaction in people with celiac disease for instance if that's why when you look at people that have a.

Gluten issue they have celiac disease because it affects their mucosal layer of their gut okay so that's an IgA issue for whatever reason their bodies are seeing gluten as a foreign invader and it's triggering inflammation in the mucosal layer of their intestinal tract now I'm not a doctor but I can make some.

Speculations as to a lot of times when you get a cold a lot of times you also do feel a little bit of a stomach upset too because perhaps your mucosal layers are all having an issue simply because that iga responds right anyhow that kind of covers that so basics IgG IgA those are really the two big ones that we focus on a lot and so.

Many people hopping on here and again I just encourage people to be here just so we can just talk and hang out because life is a little bit different right now I mean obviously I'm still gonna be doing my normal live broadcasts but I want to help people get through this and when I go through this live broadcast I'm going to also be giving you some.

Tips on things that you can do to improve your immune system to the best of your ability granted your immune system to some degree is what you are born with but there's also things that you can do to help support that immune system and we start understanding how the actual antibodies work okay so then we look at what's called IgM okay so IG.

M is another antibody so this is usually the one that comes in when you first get an infection okay so basically how do I explain this right after a pathogen enters the body you usually have some IgM response okay so usually you're gonna get big surge of IgM and what's gonna happen is the same i GM is recognized whenever you have like a.

Reinfection now I'm going to give you a simple example here herpes for instance okay the same the reason that people can have an initial infection but when they get immunocompromised they have it surface again that's the exact example I know it might be a little bit graphic for people to really think about and I know it's whatever the point is is that.

That's just a perfect example of something that gets reactivated in the body and typically is an IgM response okay now let's jump over and let's talk I GE for just a second I want you to understand how closely correlated the immune system with like a viral infection versus say like an allergic reaction is very very similar so with an.

Allergic reaction you have what is called an IgE response so if I was allergic to say like peanuts or something like that and I were to consume consume peanuts I would have an influx of IgE okay that is an immunoglobulin an antibody that is there to react and to fix and correct the fact that I just.

Consume something that as far as my body is concerned is a toxin right is a poison so it goes and it works hard to neutralize that well it causes something called a histamine reaction which is exactly why you take an antihistamine so I don't spend a whole lot of time there because obviously we're not talking about allergies with it.

Whatever's what is it on everyone's mind excuse me anyhow moving on into what's called IG d so IG D is found also in the early stages of an immune response but there's not a whole lot known about they don't seem to circulate basically what it means is it signals other cells to become active because they're bound to what are called.

B cells which are made and like our bone marrow and things like that which I'll talk a little bit more about that point is is that we don't understand a lot of these IG D and I know a lot of this is complicated and I'm gonna try to make it super simple but I have to give this overarching just explanation first okay our immune system is like James Bond.

Okay basically what ends up happening is we have part of the immune system that goes through and tags a cell okay it's just well can't a cell but it tags a pathogen okay it circulates through the body and if you think of James Bond for instance James Bond is gonna go through and he's going to try to save the world who's trying to save your body okay and.

We have a villain right well that villain needs to know you know where James Bond is right so there's all kinds of different tracking that's going on well it's the job of essentially the antibodies to go through and place a GPS target on whatever pathogen is there that way James Bond can come in and kill it right that's the simplest thing we.

Have cells that float through the body okay we have T cells they float through the body and they put a tag on anything that's a pathogen and they put a tag on this pathogen so that our body's innate immune system can come in and attack it well the hard part is is that when it's a new invader it takes us time it takes us time to be able to combat that.

Villain right so if you think of your body once again as just you know a city and you have chaos happening because a new virus comes in it's gonna take time for James Bond to go in and actually neutralize this because it's taking time for the labels to get placed on all the different pathogens it takes time and that's why.

You end up getting sick because during the time that you are repairing and building antibodies and fighting this thing off you're dealing with an inflammatory response which is what's making you sick and sometimes causing some serious damage right it's all in the hope that next time you come into contact with.

Said virus or said thing you're going to have the GPS target already on it okay it's like almost like a parolee right it's like the GPS target is there so if a problem occurs and the see that something is wrong they can find it immediately and neutralize it right so that's exactly these birds second last time – that's this a very simple.

Explanation now when you break that down into different categories that I explained with IgG IgA everything like that well then you understand that there's multiple different GPS targets okay there's multiple different forms of James Bond there's James Bond that is kind of the universal James Bond that.

Regulates everything there's the James Bond that regulates just the mucosal area there's the James Bond that regulates the histamine and the allergic reactions and then there's a James Bond that actually regulates the beta cells or the Sunni the B cells not the beta cells and so you have all this different just activity occurring in our.

Bodies so then we have to look at okay well how do we support this and this is exactly what we're wanting to look at right how do we support this how do we take care of our immune system how do we you know really look at this so anyhow you know that's when we start looking at different B vitamins and everything that we're going to talk about here in just a.

Second so I want to take this time if anyone has any questions in the meantime before I dive into the nutrients before I dive into that piece go ahead and hit him I'm happy to answer fYI anyone that's watching this broadcast tomorrow I am posting up a meal plan video simply because I figured a lot of people kind of on the limited.

Supply right now they don't have a whole lot of different foods and they might need a good meal plan so I'm posting up a meal plan video that walks through akido meal plan intermittent fasting meal plan and also some strategies for people that aren't doing keto so anyhow it's gonna be able to help you out a lot I hope it's all with like a limited food.

Supply so yes you've got a good yeah prema says there's some haters on the court there's always gonna be haters on here hen juror says Thomas you know more than most Doc's out there I wouldn't say that I think doctors are really they know a lot but the hard part is they don't always do a good job translating it what are my thoughts on.

Echinacea you know from an antioxidant standpoint echinacea is pretty powerful but I don't think that it's gonna really save the day what's the best thing to implement during a stressful time look we are facing now for your overall health that's a really good question you know I think I could go down a mind-set rabbit hole but I think the biggest.

Piece here is well I hate to say it but you know if we can control inflammation a little bit more and then our bodies are going to be in a better position to be able to fight off whatever could be experiencing no I don't care what anyone's beliefs are with everything that's going on I don't care where people stand with it the fact is is it's.

A virus that we don't know a lot about and that is what's scary right so I think the best thing that we can do is just allow ourselves to be as resilient as possible I'm taking this time to actually allow myself to catch up on sleep I know I mean I'm taking this time to not over train I'm taking this time for my body to recover because when I'm.

On I'm on and this is a period for me to be you know what I need to pause a minute because everyone needs to pause and Nature has an interesting way of making this all happen for us forcefully sometimes we need to relax we need to calm down and we need to allow ourselves to actually distress that we don't contract whatever is going around right.

Anyhow see almond Birds does a very considerate of you to draw such relatable correlations for people I'm doing what I can here and definitely u-haul says missing puzzle piece flaxseed you know what looks like once again the chat box seems to have disconnected here I'm gonna have to open the chat in a different box hang on one.

Second guys I don't know why keeps doing that's did this last time to bear with me one moment there we go guys I have to look at the chat over here just because it popped up there we go now we go to spot him in C form oxalates and cause kidney stones there's conflicting evidence on that to be completely honest Oxford's aren't.

Always a bad thing oxalates can't help chelate excess iron in the gut which can actually be a huge contributor to a poor immune system don't even or not you know if you look at iron basically excess iron makes me excuse me it makes it hard for and it magnesium can't do its job then you cannot synthesize vitamin D and if you.

Can't synthesize vitamin D then you don't have that kind of relationship between vitamin C and vitamin D that works so well together hello from Greece what's going on have you heard of elderberry being detrimental to the treatment of the virus you know elderberry I don't know what it.

Is about elderberry to be completely honest ed let's have a little bit of vitamin C but it doesn't really seem to do a whole lot away of other things so probably doesn't play a big role Thomas given the fact that taking zinc is crucial these days what's the best time to take zinc before food with food and how much I usually like to say take.

Zinc a little bit before your meal in most cases because if your meal contains copper which a lot of meals do you end up depleting the zinc because they counteract each other so hopefully that helps a little bit so I would usually recommend taking zinc a little bit before a meal let it break down a little bit but that way you're taking it close.

To a meal so you don't potentially get an upset stomach with it garlic so garlic's antioxidant properties mainly have to do with something called allicin and that is largely more of an anti tumor and an anti-cancer property of course it's very good for bacterial infections okay people have seen that I've seen it.

Firsthand that garlic is very powerful when it comes down to antibacterial situations it doesn't look like for the most part what we're dealing with right now is bacterial so however a lot of the secondary infections and everything they're going on so anyhow someone says hey Thomas loving the content I've been taking CBD for anxiety and inflammation.

It's working wonders worried that it will reduce my immune system also will there be supply chain issues I wish I could answer that I don't honestly know a lot of the evidence is too dang new so I'm sorry I can't answer that people are asking should they fast right now this is obviously a common question of my channel since I do a lot of.

Fasting content my common answer for this is if you are adjusted to fasting by all means you don't change something okay continue to do your normal fasting regimen if you're new to fasting I don't recommend you embark on a fasting lifestyle now why because it's very natural for the first phase of fasting to get exhausted.

To have a cortisol spike to get stressed out it's difficult on your body at first so if you're adapted to it you're probably in a great spot and you don't really need to change a whole lot but if you're not I don't recommend now as a time to start doing it in an effort to boost your immune system because it does boost your immune system in the long.

Haul and I have some evidence in that have a video coming out next week on that but what it also does is it temporarily compromises your immune system if you're not adjusted to it because your body's kind of in fight-or-flight mode so I just want you to be very very careful with that same kind of thing with starting Aikido I.

Wouldn't suggest people start keto right now because it's just it's a rough time any any evidence that you look at with the first phase of keto you have an increase in cortisol levels it's that fat adaptation period where you're taking the mitochondria that's normally used and running on glucose and all of a sudden you're switching it over and it.

Has that two-week period where it really needs to try to figure out its transition I just don't think now's the time now is not the time to be putting your body under any kind of stress so I don't even think people should be in severe caloric deficits right now I think that people should be in just neutral diets that.

Allow them to stay lean and get healthy but don't push them too far anyhow I hope that that helps diamond edge yeah you're very welcome for answering your question and I'm here looking for a couple other questions see bare with me guys okay yeah so Jimmy had asked how antibodies actually worked when it comes down to destroying a pathogen because.

The antibodies themselves don't actually destroy the pathogen all the time a lot of times what they'll do so if we have okay let's say for example someone has received this virus before they've gotten it maybe they had symptoms maybe they didn't okay well what's generally going to happen is their body's going to recognize that this virus is there so.

Those antibodies are going to go and they're going to envelope it but they're also going to trigger the innate immune system the phagocytes the lymphocytes the macrophages do their job and to remove it okay so it calls in sort of the troops and that's basically what's happening that's the idea behind being exposed to a virus of.

Some kind you know I've talked to a number of people that actually have thought that maybe they even had this a couple of months ago and a lot of people were complaining about respiratory issues because there a couple of months ago there was a big influx of people having some serious respiratory viral infections people just didn't know what.

Was going on there testing negative for the flu and it's complicated I'm not a doctor so I can't speak to it once again but I can just talk about my experience as a human I met a lot of people that in January and in February we're dealing with similar symptoms but I think they're quite frankly we didn't have testing at that point in time so it made.

It kind of difficult I can't speak to that so I can't give like a professional opinion on it I can give a personal opinion point is I think there's probably a lot of people that actually are innately immune because they had exposure to it but anyway just to put that into perspective of how that works the immune system activates neutralizes.

Something and then it now has the GPS tag to be able to trigger the macrophages in the phagocytes and everything like that to come in and take care of it in the future now what's interesting is when you look at antibodies antibodies have what is called affinity but they also have something that is called face basically.

They have the ability with affinity is their power to be able to bind to a pathogen and neutralize it okay but then we have another piece of the equation okay within that there's also what is called almost called acidity avidity sorry you've got affinity and avidity so affinity is the ability of an antibody to actually neutralize something but a.

Lot of times antibodies that have a high affinity and ability to neutralize things are pretty limited in their scope okay we're always producing new antibodies that's what's great but we don't always have antibodies that could neutralize multiple things so the higher the affinity the more potent that antibody is now a lot of times you'll.

Have antibodies that have what's called a high affinity which means they have the ability to neutralize multiple things but not as aggressively so I want you to think of it like this you have one type of antibody that can go in and neutralize something neutralize the virus and take care of it okay but its sole job is that it's like.

Specialist it's like a special-operations or it's like a special-forces person that can come in its job is to be a sniper and neutralize it and it's good at that one thing but it's very lethal when it does it okay the other side of the equation is one that has high avidity that's gonna be more like a generalist and that.

Generalist may not be good at sniping but he could be very darn good at at least saying hey wait a minute that guy's bad that guy's bad that guy's bad that guy's bad go ahead and take care of them natural killer T cells does that make sense – everybody's want to make sure that that makes sense so anyone following me on that it's one make sure.

Bare with me guys trying to wear my chat box go there we go okay if that just makes sense just go ahead and cool it sounds like people are making making sense to people Rach TIFF thanks for adding video really appreciate your hard work absolutely a lot of people asking about bee pollen I can't really comment on that to be.

Completely honest I don't really know too much about bee pollen in the immune system to be completely honest there anything we can do to prepare our bodies I'm going to get into that already says too lengthy yeah sorry this is too lengthy it's a live broadcast it's not designed to be something you're gonna get in two.

Minutes apple cider vinegar with the mother okay so the apple cider vinegar I don't think it's gonna like save the day but I do think that it's going to at least help you out when it comes down to you know supporting your gut biome during this time hey can I ask everyone if you can to please hit that thumbs up button that way we can get a bunch of.

Likes on this and YouTube can see that this is good content I want to make sure that everyone knows that YouTube knows that hey this is good content and a lot of times you're hitting that thumbs up button hitting that like button help set out say we've got Madrid in the house yeah so apple cider vinegar it's definitely not going to hurt and the.

Thing is apple cider vinegar at the very least is going to at least help you control those blood sugar rises and falls right so if you have apple cider vinegar right after a meal at least it's going to make it so you don't feel like you're gonna succumb to this cravings I definitely don't want people to run into a situation where they're regressing and.

Turning back to sugar and things like that right now this is not a good time to be triggering inflammation like that sugar does wreak some havoc on our body when it comes down to inflammation so there's what I'm going to be careful there middle Epps's can you please provide links to vitamin D with K complex and a vitamin C that you can.

Recommend haven't seen vitamin D with k at drugstores yes I'll put some links in the description I'm finished with this so anyone that's interested in that I'll put links afterwards I was also gonna make a note a lot of people have been asking because my thrive market got wiped out like totally like shouldn't say wiped out but.

Their delivery times are really really backlogged right now so they're doing a really good job right now of just kind of contributing humanitarian in the humanitarian way right so they're matching donation amounts they're helping contribute to make sure that people that can't get food right now can get food so I've actually literally been.

Instructed by them to let people know that right now is not the time to sign up for thrive so if you're looking at joining throught it might not be the best time so I talked about this my other videos but I put a link down below so you can still go to thrive and check them out so right now everything they're doing is focused on the humanitarian.

Side of things and donating to families that are in need because right now obviously there are a lot of people that are having a hard time getting groceries they're having a hard time getting food and thrive is a perfect place to be getting those pantry staples so they've done a really good job just helping people out in that case so any about.

Link is still down below still highly recommend you check them out just give them a couple weeks before you potentially sign up anyway so I have some more questions do calories matter for immunity what if you're not hungry on keto that's a tough question because I think that it's all going to depend you know relative we'll take a probiotic.

Supplement in this case personally night if I'm going to take them not the biggest fan of probiotics unless you can get your hands on some really high-quality ones and most of them aren't the highest quality to be completely honest they usually don't last someone asked how many milligrams of zinc I would usually say 50.

Milligrams of zinc is probably the best one okay I want to talk about vitamins they're gonna help boost your immune system a little bit because I touched on in my live broadcast two days ago a vitamin C vitamin D magnesium and that whole correlation which for those of you that are watching right now if you did not watch the other live broadcast room.

The other day I really think that you should go back and watch it but I'll touch a little bit on it now basically what it comes down to is vitamin C is essentially worthless without vitamin D and vitamin D is worthless without vitamin C they need to work together that is imperative because vitamin D ends up getting synthesized because of.

Vitamin C and vitamin D is what signals the immune system to attack an invader so when an immune cell notices a pathogen is there okay so remember everything we talked about the James Bond thing all that virus comes in and what happens is the first phase of our immune system is to identify something is wrong this guy should not be here.

Tagged the virus the virus gets tagged okay then it's the job of the natural killer cells to come in and take care of that virus well here's the problem when that immune cell tags that pathogen it calls the natural killer cell well it sends a vitamin D signal and that's what triggers the natural killer cell so it's phone is vitamin D without vitamin D it.

Cannot send a signal so then you have just rogue soldiers running around your body not knowing what to fight if you want to be able to have the GPS target work with your immune system there has to be vitamin D vitamin C is simply a fuel for the immune cell vitamin D is the command center so you can see they're both very very important but in.

Order to utilize and actually have vitamin D turn into its usable form you need magnesium because every time you take d2 and convert it into d3 whether it's from the sunlight or from your food you are not you're not able to turn it into its usable form without magnesium and guess what the mineral that most all of us are deficient in is magnesium so.

I've been telling everyone however much I can magnesium magnesium first vitamin D second and if you're up for it a pretty decent mega dose of vitamin C am I a doctor I have to say this again no I'm not but I can tell you from my own experience of my own research that all this stuff adds up and magnesium is a catalyst for 400 different enzymatic.

Reactions within our body it's a cofactor for so much I'll go and actually in the description down below after you watch this video I'll put links to some of the things that I recommend because people are going to ask magnesium's things like that so I'll put some links down below there's a magnesium link down below already again.

Everyone's running into inventory issues so I can't promise anything I just I'm putting them down below now the other day I talked a little bit about B vitamins okay what we have to remember is that B body and still play a very very big role in how our body works with the immune system okay so there when we're first.

Building our innate immunity and our death of immune system most of the vitamins okay like b6 b9 b12 they're also applied in our bodies to ultimately boost up that whole process so basically what that means is most of the vitamins like b6 + b9 and b12 are involved in the production of antibodies so if you are deficient in those B vitamins that's.

When you run into a problem now this is where I get concerned and this is not to bash anybody but I legitimately get concerned with some people that are vegan because it is very common to be deficient and B vitamins if you are vegan and now people that know how to eat a vegan diet properly get those B vitamins so this is not to bash vegans.

This is to say that it is a concern because when you don't have B vitamins it's hard to produce antibodies even the the British Journal nutrition to publish something so all the micronutrients like vitamin A b6 b12 even folic acid they're all essential for antibody production okay that has been found so make sure you're getting your B vitamins in.

Whether it's through your food the simplest way to probably do that is good old-fashioned nutritional yeast okay so in the meal plan that I'm putting out tomorrow for free by the way a video that I'm posting tomorrow ok I am going to be talking about all these different things and I'm gonna be talking about foods that you can consume they're gonna.

Also help boost your immune system during this time ok again also we want to get in shape but we also want to be boosting our new system so I'm gonna be talking on that stuff a lot let's see magnesium rich foods a Stephanie that's a great question the thing is with magnesium foods you're looking at things like almonds and we've actually done.

Some fun little case studies on this but if you to get the daily recommended allowance of magnesium you'd have to basically eat like 3000 calories worth of almonds so really right now the soil is so depleted we don't get the minerals that we really should need so magnesium is probably in the 3 to 5 supplements I would recommend that people who really.

Really focus on taking I'm not going to even talk about those supplements in today's video because not all of them have to do with immunity and this isn't about just pushing supplements I'm not doing that at all that's not what I want to do vitamin K with vitamin D yes definitely I talked about that in the other video how much Sun.

Should you get for vitamin D production it all depends on where you live and it all depends on your skin type because we all have different ability to synthesize it usually the safe amount is 15 to 30 minutes is what they say daily of course if you're living in a dark environment it can be kind of tough right jim says 800 milligrams of magnesium okay yes.

That's quite a bit to be completely honest as long as it's not making you run to the bathroom then I think you're probably in good shape I put again I put a link down below for a magnesium that I would recommend that sustained-release because it's dying magnesium male 8 also magnesium glycinate is one that I would recommend.

In magnesium 308 yeah those are the kinds of magnesium the one that I've linked down below is just a general magnesium let's see so lipo spirit vitamin C yeah liposomal vitamin C that would be a really strong one too I can put a link down for pure thrives vitamin C which is one that I'm on the advisory board for that I that my.

Patent is involved with so those of you that have followed me long enough know that I have a couple of different patents on some delivery technologies and things like that so with pure thrive vitamin C I'm involved at the patent and that problem is everything's back order to be completely honest so I'll link it down below but the truth is it's it's.

Probably going to take one or two weeks or people don't even get anything so I didn't bother linking it other questions that are coming in would a focus on cellular health help inflammation you know resveratrol could play a big role the thing is is you know antioxidants are gonna be very important and next week I have a video coming out.

Surrounding antioxidant rich foods and beverages and I think that's gonna be really important right now what we want to do right now is kind of the opposite of what I'm normally preaching in terms of causing a hormetic stressful response in the body this is our time to actually allow our body to kind of have some cushion so we'll talk a little bit more.

About that what minerals don't have to be taken together magnesium is one of them to be completely honest magnesium is pretty powerful and don't recommend you take it with anything else I can easier to tell you what not to take with minerals versus what you can take is very very very few I would say you know copper and you could take individually.i.

But remember copper and zinc deplete each other so you have to be careful of that is Dyna SEMA late the same as my Museum a late it's just two different forms of magnesium in it that's the only difference see what kind of zinc is the best honestly whatever zinc is going to not give you an upset stock let's see.

Some other good questions coming in CSI guys scroll through some questions here see black seed oil can't really come on that one colloidal silver I know there's a lot of people talking about colloidal silver right now I just I just don't know you know because the FDA has sent out so many warning letters to colloidal silver companies right now because they.

Think that it's like really pushing another wrong message but then again we always have to question everything right so I haven't done enough research on colloidal silver to really make a comment on it and I really only like to comment on things that I have researched and vetted out it cod liver oil I'm glad someone brought up cod liver oil because.

I do feel like since vitamin A and vitamin D are so critical when it comes down he's Birds and laughing at me anyway because vitamin A and D are also so critical for antibody formation is vitamin D is so critical for the overall activation of the t-cells properly cod liver oil is a great source of that because you actually get the.

Bioavailable retinol a the thing with if you're taking just a regular retinol or a regular vitamin A supplement you're getting it in essentially a synthetic form which can ultimately cause a chain reaction of depletion down the line so you want to get it in a solid form as much as possible like in a food form so usually like eating some.

Kind of you know fatty fish sardines with the actual bone and with the skin which is gross for some people it's probably one of the best ways to get vitamin A and vitamin D so remember vitamin A vitamin D and then also all the B vitamins to actually help build antibodies okay that way you're giving your body what it needs okay but then.

You want the vitamin C to be able to actually fuel the immune cells so everything's involved in the signaling and the building and then we have to give a part in what we can't actually feel the immune cells what are my thoughts on coenzyme q-10 okay when it comes down to immunity coenzyme q10 doesn't really I'm not well versed in.

That coenzyme q-10 is all about delivering or bang for the buck to the cell what that means is when you're looking at an overall energy balance in the body you have what's called the electron transport chain hey actually quickly before I dive into this can everyone that's watching this video can you go.

And hit that thumbs up button please yeah this is a much lighter broadcast than the one was last week so I definitely need your guys's help to get this out there and hit that thumbs up and anyhow what happens is you have the energy powerhouse inside a cell you have the mitochondria right and what ends up happening is the electron transport.

Chain delivers a pulse of essentially electricity right down this chain of electrons and it delivers energy ATP into the cell now this is of just a massive chaotic response within the bottle reaction within the body as electricity is kind of coming down that pathway it creates rogue electrons that go out.

And cause oxidative stress so every time you eat every time you create energy anything like that okay your body is creating waste the more energy you have the more waste you also have okay abundant energy that doesn't die is a good sign of being able to actually fight the waste that's produced by energy so envision this for one.

Second I promise I'm getting to my point here you have a lot of energy first thing in the morning and that's great okay but then later on in the day you crash well a lot of times what could kind of be happening in almost a visual sense is you're creating so much energy that you're stepping on the throttle so much you're creating so much waste that.

Your body has to deal with that waste so it's a natural process but the faster that we can deliver and more efficiently we can deliver energy into the cell the less energy gets wasted and the more that actually goes into the cell properly so long story short being like focusing on coenzyme q10 focusing on even a ketogenic lifestyle if you've.

Already been doing it or fasting all makes it so that that electron transport chain is more efficient it increases the ability for that energy to transfer down that electron transport chain faster okay and that therefore means you're delivering a more powerful punch at the cellular level now if you think about dropping a bowling ball from five feet.

How much power is it gonna have when it hits the ground a good amount but if you drop that same bowling ball from 30 feet think about what its gonna do it's gonna drop and it's gonna slam into the ground with a lot more force that's essentially what we're talking about we're talking about delivering power into the cell coenzyme q-10 and things like that.

Basically increase the height of what you're dropping the bowling ball if that makes sense Diane thank you very much so guys there's lots of questions coming in what a my thoughts on ginseng I love ginseng as an immune immune supplement I can't really comment on it but ginseng in terms of that's what I switched to.

Halfway through today so Brendon Bogaerts has energy equals Wes waste question mark in in a way it does so the more energy it's just like if you take a vehicle I mean I'm going to use a gasoline or internal combustion engine so it makes sense if you have a Lamborghini and you step on the gas sure you have a lot of energy but you're also.

Creating a lot of waste right okay it's just whereas if you have also in the world of an internal combustion engine maybe you have a Honda Civic step on the gas yeah you can go full throttle you're not going to be as fast as a Lamborghini but you're also going to be producing less waste right so it all depends like the more energy you have the more of a.

Lamborghini you are as there's a lot of noxious car in the background thoughts on a veggie greens powder I have a video coming out next week when I'm talking about just different things that you can do for fastening and the immune system because I do feel like when people are fasting is when they should be supplementing like a greens powder.

Afterwards just to make sure they're getting all their nutrients in see that's a good question is here lost another three stones so far awesome that's great fermented veggies okay so fermented veggies as far as the immune system is concerned sure that's powerful but I think the bigger piece there is just.

Looking at your gut health right because so much of the immune system is in our gut so if we can support our gut if we can do that then of course we potentially allow our immune systems now again I talked about this the other day but I think the big piece with our gut health is less about what our gut does for us in a healing process and more.

About what our gut does in a negative way to destroying our immune system when it's in bad shape so we just need to make sure our gut is in good shape I don't think that personally a stronger gut he's going to make you have a stronger immune system but I do think that a weaker gut is going to make you have a weaker.

Immune system I think most of us are living in a weakened digestive state and we're living in a with a weak microbiome and the reason that I say weak is because we're in dysbiosis where we have just a large imbalance of gram-negative bacteria to gram-positive bacteria causing the leakage of lipopolysaccharides.

Everything like that into the bloodstream basically what that means is everything I've been talking about as far as antibodies go everything that I've been addressing what it would essentially mean is that all those antibodies are going to work fighting off toxins that are leaking from our own gut when they should be going to work.

Fighting viral infections and viral situations like this right that's the big thing we've got to do what we can to make sure our body actually can target what it needs to target and it's not wasted targeting just a useless garbage because of poor metabolic health Bob said my thoughts on mega dosing vitamin C you have talked this a few neut few.

Times and the thing is is I can only speak to my own personal experience with this because of you talking about vitamin C you open yourself up to a lot of scrutiny because so many people are anti mega dosing vitamin C so I personally take a ton of vitamin C I take a ton and I say that I'm taking between seven and fifteen thousand.

Milligrams per day when I'm tired now does that mean that I think you should not necessarily you need to find your upper tolerable intake and you need to I have to say this for full disclaimer reasons consult with the medical professional because mega dosing vitamin C has its pros but it also has its cons if you're not properly hydrated than.

Sure it can cause some issues but you want to make sure you're hydrated so that if you do take too much you excrete it out rather than it forming oxalates within your body so as a BJ you're very welcome stats thanks for your support during this time yeah honestly I think this is just a great time to be able to do some live discussions and be able to.

Have some fun I don't know if everyone here has notifications on but I would appreciate if you would turn them on because we've been definitely battling issues with YouTube lately it's just been super tough you think the reason is it's just more and more people are coming on here putting content out and it starts making it tougher for the good.

Content to float to the top and those of you that have watched my channel for the number of years know that we really put a lot of effort into good content and it's a bummer because then you get people that just spread misinformation or people that have no references whatsoever but no scientific knowledge into anything and.

They just put their vlog sell videos out and they ultimately get the views so the channels you know like myself and the channel it's even like dr. Berg's you know some of these amazing people even dr. Peter attea like all of our good channels kind of get muffled it's a real bummer so anyhow just ask that people turn on notifications that way you could.

See when we post videos let's see you to say it to us no more we're not in trouble it's just it's just been a it's been a struggle recently in the last like six months as YouTube's algorithms have changed to make it so that you know it favors more entertainment based content because they're trying to compete with Netflix and everything like.

That yeah my comment is not entertaining it's not designed to be entertaining it's supposed to be educational which is kind of what YouTube was formed on it's all good okay let's see there's sugar from potato and rice inflammatory it all depends on your own response to that will you do more live streams and maybe an exercise one I would love to do more.

Live streams but I want to make sure that we get a good feedback good turnout on these things my thoughts on oil of oregano I know someone else had asked that too you know it does have some pretty powerful immune boosting properties I probably should do a more specific video on it but I don't want everyone to do is try think is thinking.

That there is just a magic pill for all this because that's the thing and if there's one thing that you've learned from my channel is that there isn't a magic pill for all this stuff all you can do is support your own immune system okay in a way you're kind of born with your immune system right you're born with your own innate immune system what.

Is there naturally that's kind of what's given to you through the placenta right but then you have the adaptive immune system the innate immune system is just what's their underlying ready to attack and then the adaptive immune system is what adapts you can only build your adaptive immune system based on what you're exposed to.

It's your innate immune system that is basically what allows you to get sick or not the adaptive now the people that have conditions where their adaptive immune system doesn't work as well or their immunosuppressed but it all starts with their innate immune system their innate immune system isn't working well so it doesn't allow the adaptive immune.

System to work well so everything that we can do is just give our body the tools necessary to fuel our immune system what I don't want people to think is that you can take a bunch of elderberry you can take a bunch of things and combat this novel virus right that's not how it works we're not going to take something that's just.

Going to prevent it but we can support our own immune systems and that's why I'm doing these boring educational videos right it's all boring nonsense crap except you need it because you need to know how your immune system works so I know that people get annoyed with me talking and rambling about this stuff but you have to educate yourself.

If you don't educate yourself on this stuff how do you know how to actually nourish the immune system that you need right so anyhow I know it's kind of confusing but I'm frustrates me sometimes but I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna answer answer one more question I gotta hop off that's a good question should a ginger lemon juice and turmeric.

Black pepper concoction a good immune booster it is cool that you mentioned that to be honest because I think turmeric is really really really important turmeric is still going to be one of the best natural anti-inflammatories that's out there the World Health Organization and the Chinese government and I don't know if.

The CDC has mentioned it yet but ibuprofen is one of the worst things that you can take during a virus specifically a novel virus like this there's a level of anti-inflammatory quelling that occurs when you take in anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen I'm not a doctor so I can't tell you to take it or not to take it but point is.

Is the World Health Organization even put it out that ibuprofen is not good to take right now so a good alternative if you are feeling sick and you're not sure what you have turmeric with a little black pepper or a good quality turmeric supplement will probably be be a bet to take a a test right I'm not even gonna say the word but you all know what I'm.

Talking about I say it YouTube will flag this video yes if I say the virus we're all concerned about YouTube will flag this video point is is that you may not you may not have access to the test to see if that's what you have but you don't you're just concerned because you feel a little bit ill but you don't wanna take ibuprofen because you've been.

Anyway point is turmeric might be a good choice there to at least alleviate some symptoms as far as inflammation goes but what do I know I'm not a doctor I'm just some guy on the Internet so anyhow guys I gotta hop off thank you all so so so much and don't forget tomorrow morning okay tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Pacific time I'm.

Posting the meal plan video please try to jump on as soon as I post it that way it gets out there and people see it they get some good attention you guys are super awesome thank you thank you thank you so much for being here and I will see you all soon
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