Weight Loss Update – Keto + Fasting Challenge (week 2)

Weight Loss Update – Keto + Fasting Challenge (week 2)

Weight Loss Update – Keto + Fasting Challenge (week 2)

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All right so here we are week two of this awesome keto and fasting challenge so trying to adjust my lighting here make sure everything's all rock solid want to make sure everyone can hear me can everyone hear me can everyone see me just go ahead and comment yes we hear you yes we see you I'm using some headphones this time whereas last time I.

Did not sighs want to make sure that everyone is rocking and rolling to hear me i cool looks like everyone's got me hey we've already got a lot of people joining in here and this is gonna be a really good broadcast I want to turn into not only some cool new research that I just discovered in the world of keto and fasting but I also want to of.

Course talk to you about your experiences what's going on and what weight you started at where you're at now remember I don't want to make this all about the weight I don't want to make it all about just how much weight you lost there's a lot of different things that we can really dive in the detail on the main purpose here is are.

You having success and how do you define success is it through weight loss is it because you are increasing your your mood as your mood elevating we're talked about all that stuff so anyhow I want people to pile into this broadcast before I start going into the nitty gritty and start going into the details we've already got almost 800 people on.

Here if I can ask everyone to do a big favor there's a big thumbs up icon depending on how you're watching this on mobile or on desktop can you go ahead and smash it really quick so you can get a bunch of likes on this video that way more people that are doing this challenge see this okay they actually see it and they can hop on so awesome.

Just saw a big jump going up there and also go ahead and comment let me know where you all are watching from okay where are you at and are you common in that way at home my gosh I can see a lot of we got DFW in the house we've got California we got Ireland we got the Ukraine we've got Canada we've got oh my gosh I wish I.

Could like show you what my screen looks like right now it's insane I obviously can't keep up with all of that but I love scrolling through this later and just seeing where everyone's watching from obviously this intermittent fasting and keto challenge has just been nothing short of amazing now last week in the Facebook group for.

Those of you actually that aren't familiar with this maybe you're just catching a live broadcast on your own what is Thomas talking about I am doing a one month keto challenge with everybody where laid out a full meal plan I laid out what everyone should be doing what they should be eating and overall if you.

Follow that plan you're probably gonna have some good results last week in the live broadcast I'll link it down below in the description after this we discussed substitutions what you can change like what you could alter from the meal plan specifically for breakfast lunch and dinner so we broke that all down we got into the nitty-gritty of it.

This week I want to focus a little bit more on side-effects and what people might be going through when people might be dealing with and if we can overcome some of that but also I wanna be able to feed you some of the science so that you at least have an understanding of it I always say with education comes adherence so whenever you have some.

Issues with a particular diet or with fasting or keo and you start to find yourself just in a little bit of a lull if you understand the science of why something might be happening then it can make things a little bit better so now we've got a lot of people here who wants to hear a little bit of science because I'm gonna I'm gonna explain something.

That you might have experienced in this first week and hopefully it'll make some sense of a lot of things that were going on so just by show of typing science anyone want to hear some science go ahead and type science and there it goes science science science science it's so awesome to watch it you guys are awesome by the way.

Like seriously make my life like just amazing yes like brings so much happiness to me anyhow here's some interesting stuff when you first start a ketogenic diet if you've never done keto before what people don't always realize is that the ketogenic diet is a stressor okay it's stressful on the body at first why.

Because keto adaptation where your body is getting adapted to utilizing ketones is a stressful period for the body you've taken a cell that is so used to running on glucose and you suddenly deprived it of what fuel it normally uses and you're trying to essentially force it to use a different fuel that is stressful that's hard on the body right.

So what ends up happening is cortisol levels go up and we use course all levels go up in the very beginning of keto it can throw some people off is there anyone here that in their first week of trying keto whether it's with this challenge or on their own is there anyone here that within the first week of keto your weight stayed the same or.

Even went up anybody here if you say if that happened you say yes it happened to me just type yes it happened to make okay that is an okay thing to have happen I can almost guarantee you're not gaining fat starting a ketogenic diet if anything you're leaning out yes a lot of people it's it's a normal thing okay it's a normal thing when you start keto.

Because it can be stressful then you talk to these people that are like what the heck like I lost all this weight in the first week and it's just frustrating you want to pull your hair out because you're just why are you having all this success and I'm here plateaued and I just started it's so frustrating but the.

Reality is it's a simple thing cortisol is not always the enemy but it can really cause some issues particularly I'm going to pick on the women here for a second because something's very important what happens is there's a cortisol estrogen loop and I have to give some big credit to a friend of mine who helps me out with research he's over.

At Oxford University his name's Nicanor whit's and he he's a PhD researcher and Harvard med student anyway awesome guy to have on my team and he kind of came up with this and he and I were talking about it what happens is women when they first start keto they go under a lot of stress well there's a loop with estrogen and cortisol okay so what happens is.

Cortisol elevates and that can trigger a little bit more estrogen and a little bit more estrogen triggers more cortisol more fat accumulation more cortisol so what happens is you end up in this vicious cycle of kind of inflammation for the first week because estrogen elevates cortisol elevates estrogen elevates and you actually have these.

Compounding variables really it can be very frustrating for women that start the ketogenic diet because their first week of keto is a lot worse than a lot of males first week of keto and my advise you on that is and I didn't want to scare anybody with this first week out it's easier to do in retrospect and so the last broadcast I didn't want to.

Focus on I wanted to focus on it today it's a lot easier to look back and be like yes that's what's happening and then all of a sudden the inflammation drops in the weight starts dropping so you have to stick with it for that first week or two because what ends up happening is the mitochondria the powerhouse inside of our cell starts.

Adapting and understanding how to use this fat for fuel it's no longer in this bad situation where it's like I don't know what this fuel source is like you're again for those of you just joining it's like you have a cell and it's used to running on carbs and all of a sudden there's no more carbs and it's like the cell is stressed I mean it's.

Like what the heck's going on so of course it triggers stress then your body starts to get utilized are used to utilizing the fats and the cells are like ah this is what I do start getting in their groove they're warmed up and then boom now the body can start dropping some weight so this is what's happening now with men.

It's a very similar thing okay it's still stress-related but with men it's usually water retention related with women it's usually a legitimate stall so I always encourage women again just keep pushing through it and then again now that we're implementing some of the fasting into the equation that's when women really start to have success and.

Men don't worry I'm gonna pick on you guys – I'm just focusing on some of the women right now because it all ties together what happens is women respond really well to fasting initially why because women are adapted to running on fats a little bit easier than men granted it's still a shock to the system but the point is is they actually adapt.

To fasting a little bit quicker so when women start adding fasting into the mix they tend to see results a little bit faster so when you start getting into the periods where you're adding more fasting and you're doing that a couple days per week that's when the women start to pull ahead okay now with men it's an inflammation thing what we need.

To focus on with men is getting the ketones a little bit higher which means potentially reducing the protein so if your ketones aren't getting high enough where you feel like you're not losing a little bit of enough weight we need to mess with some things and see well actually I take that back let me clarify if you're not losing weight the quickest.

Way to lose a little bit more weight is to actually trim down on the fat okay hear me out now what's gonna happen is if you decide to if you feel like you're not getting the benefits of keto like you're not feeling mentally clear you're just not feeling all that good then we need to back off the protein and increase the fats so it's kind of a.

Double-edged sword in a way we really want you to be able to have the fat loss results but sometimes the fat loss results come at a price of lower ketone levels because it means we need to reduce the fats a little bit so that the body tries to utilize its stored fat so what I'm ultimately saying without trying to go in too many circles here is.

Men if you're stalled on weight loss decrease your fats 10% from what I have laid out and that meal plan okay decrease your fats 10% this week if you're stalled if you're losing weight already do not take away any more fats but if you're stalled take away fats okay women if you are stalled this week if you're if you're like frustrated.

You're stalled 5% reduction in fat why because women you will utilize fats easier than men okay it has to do there's studies that have public been published that show that women have better lipid utilization anyway point is men reduce fat calories by 10 percent just take the total food that I have in that meal plan and reduce.

10 percent of the fat women reduce 5% okay weight loss aside if you're losing weight just fine and you feel like you're just not feeling good like you're not getting like what all these mental benefits that people are usually talking about why am I not getting them what's going on for you you actually need to.

Decrease your protein five-ish percent for men and five-ish percent for women so about the same and feel free to increase your fats just about 5% that's technically gonna increase your calories but it's going to help you out because it's gonna hopefully stop the gluconeogenesis excess process basically make it so you hopefully get more.

Ketones and a little bit more ease out of this process okay so I know that this is super just boilerplate well you have to remember we've got 15,000 people in that Facebook group that are doing this keto challenge I can't possibly give everyone their specific meal plan but I can give everyone a generic meal plan that's based on what I would do now let.

Me tell you a little bit of my experiences I'm going really strict right now like really strict keto where I'm not eating the things that I might sometimes dabble in I'm doing this with you and I am very very pleased with what's happening to me I was actually even on vacation last week and yes when I did that live broadcast I was at an.

Air B&B up in Monterey California and I got so I've gotten so much leaner and it's been so easy to stay on vacation and eat super clean just because what happens is it's so easy for us to end up snacking in between meals even with ki doli so easy to grab some nuts and seeds they're their gateway foods they're dangerous foods they're traps okay so.

You grab a handful of nuts and you just had a 300 calorie bomb of nuts right and it's so easy to do that right but what I've been able to do is because I'm doing this with you and because I have so much accountability with you guys too it's really helping me and like I'm just impressed with how my body's changing so.

Actually so someone asked a good question I saw says which of the fats you recommend we cut back on literally take every single fat that's coming in so like if you look at your breakfast your lunch and your dinner I want you to reduce each respective fat with each meal by 10% so your total fat intake for the day is.

Arguably going to be 10% less because you're reducing 10% from every time you consume fat okay so it's not like you just say oh I'm gonna take 10% less of dinner or 10% less of lunch no you're taking 10% less fat with breakfast 10% less fat with lunch so that at the end of the day you just ultimately have 10 percent less fat hey guys we've got so.

Many people hopping on here and I know a lot of people haven't been hearing the rest of this broadcast cuz they're just hopping on but I would love for everyone to do two things when they hop into this room comment where you're watching from but then also please please please go ahead and hit that like button okay that's going to help this video out a.

Lot that really helps my channel out a lot but it helps get people to this video so that's why more people are jumping in because people are getting that like button so I just appreciate that man so many people here it's amazing now I want a little bit of bragging to occur here I want people to I know it might make some people feel.

Poorly if they haven't had amazing success just yet but I think it's also important from a motivational side of things I want people to post their starting weight with this weight loss challenge and their current weight yeah I don't do it if you don't want to but I want people that want to brag about it to get a chance to brag about it because.

I want to see it I want to see how how people learn I've I didn't think that I had a whole lot of weight to lose but I've already lost a couple pounds and I feel tighter I feel better probably got some people down 97 kilograms and in ninety two kilograms we've got wow this is awesome I just saw someone commented they're.

From Sonoma California I don't know if you know this but I grew up in Sonoma I met my wife in Sonoma with the high school and Sonoma so kind of cool to see someone from my old hometown there holy cow I'm seeing so many – 21 – 213 down ten pounds already this is so awesome you know it's crazy if we think about all the fat and all the weight that's.

Been lost in the aggregate of this entire group can you imagine how much like fat has gone into the thin air like it's nuts like it's so cool and I'm looking at sis if I keep glancing off to the right just FYI it's just because I'm looking at the live chats over here on the right so I'm just like watching what people are saying it's amazing 159 to.

157 308 to 296 229 it's man I'm so proud of all of you guys it's so awesome someone keeps asking about coq10 coenzyme q10 that's definitely an okay supplement to take I don't want to go down that rabbit hole too much but yes it's going to help you out with keto there's a lot of evidence that shows that keto and coke eaten go really well.

Together so if you are taking a Kogi of 10 supplement I would say take between 3 and 6 hundred milligrams per day it's probably a good number to be at ok I want to tell you guys about some interesting science that I just discovered does anyone has anyone seen or experienced when they're on the ketogenic diet that their digestion.

Improves now I don't necessarily mean constipation or anything like that but I mean they feel like their system is just working better and they feel like they're absorbing nutrients people always think that I'm crazy when I say I feel like I just think my body's just utilizing nutrients better it's people looks like Thomas you're crazy you think.

You're like a witch doctor you're like some like crazy internet guru that doesn't really know what the heck he's talking about ok truth is I've always felt that way I've always felt like I absorb nutrients better and if I'm off keto I don't feel it but guess what new science is published in journal Cell just within the last few weeks shows.

That ketones double the production of stem cells in our gut ok so if you've heard of a leaky gut before if you've ever heard of the inflammation that occurs with a leaky gut and how it can trigger all kinds of issues gastric issues also systemic inflammation issues well guess what ketones end up doubling the rate of stem.

Stem cell production so basically our new cells in our gut are able to double and we're able to heal a leaky gut so that's exactly why if you're doing a clean keto diet you end up feeling so much better it ends up working really well okay now that was just a fun fact kind of random doesn't think any difference.

One thing I'll talk to people about it has anyone here in this room did they experience the keto flu and because I want to address a little bit about the keto flu and some hypothesis that I've come up with also additionally working with Nick out of Oxford some things I've been thinking of and.

Did you feel like you had like a bunch of toxins coming into your body in the beginning okay a lot of people a lot of fatigue I'm just looking at here some migraines keto flu yes a lot of people did not so here's an interesting hypothesis now there's no scientific literature to back this up so guys I got to be honest here this is this is.

Looking at data from different scientific pieces and putting it together but that's kind of the world with keto is like it's where a lot of this stuff were we're having to pull from other studies and sources so it was chatting with again Nick nor what's out of Oxford and like okay so we find out that toxins and fat soluble vitamins are.

Stored in our fat tissue okay so what happens when we start burning fat okay that means we start mobilizing toxins now what's going to happen as we start getting adapted to keto there's going to be less opportunity for this toxins to ever get stored because there's constant fat turnover so the fat is getting mobilized so toxins don't get a chance.

To actually store in our fat tissues but we have years of buildup from years prior in our fat tissue so we start keto and maybe we're dumping a bunch of toxins into our system at first for a couple of days that could very well be why some people that have lived and forgive me for saying this some people that have lived very just unsavory.

Lifestyles prior to starting keto sometimes experience the keto flu worse than others because perhaps they are going through a pretty aggressive detoxing phase that's actually releasing toxins and their liver gets a little bit backed up and then they throw in the towel and they quit right so guess what then those fats get restored it's the.

Worst thing that you could do is to quit you should push through that keto flu because then the fats are gonna get mobilized and then the fats are gonna be able to do their thing and you're not gonna be storing those those toxins anymore it's amazing and I noticed every time that I'm strict on keto that I have a little bit of a kind of this detoxing.

Period and then I feel amazing I think there's a lot of reasons that we get the keto flu and it's called the keto flu just for whatever reasons but the fact is is there's just so many different reasons I think it's a lot of detoxing that someone says since switching the keto stress and course all week too good to implement workouts yes.

Okay so last week we talked a little bit out workout so I'm glad that someone brought that up I advised everyone to just continue with whatever workouts they were doing the reason that I had to advise that was because when you start keto and again forgive me if you heard this already if you're on last week's broadcast but I just always have new.

People coming in when you first start a new diet protocol I don't want you to add a bunch of variables because then it's hard to tell what's working so if you had great success in the first couple of weeks in the first week and you've already lost weight and you haven't changed anything with your diet or excuse me with your workouts you know.

That it's the diet that's doing the trick but if you had have changed your diet and your workout what actually did it was that the workout or was it the diet so then it's really hard to get analytical or have any data with it so it's really important that you do this incrementally so if you've had success this week and you lost weight I'm going.

To talk to two different situations here if you lost weight or if you didn't okay so listen very carefully if you lost weight this last week without changing your exercise without changing anything just your diet and you lost weight what you want to do this coming week is you want to add about 20% more exercise whether it be from time or intensity.

Okay if you have more time to add 20% more time to your workout then do it if you don't have time I want you to add 20% more intensity that means trimming your rest periods down pushing it a little bit harder okay this is super super important it's called periodization and progressive overload and if we don't do it strategically then.

We never know what's working if you did not lose weight you do not need to go into the gym and work harder okay the advice that I just gave is if you already lost weight okay so it's very very important if you're already have success we need progressive overload to get you to the next step but I don't want you reducing calories more because.

Your calories are already reduced I want you to go ahead and start increasing the exercise ever so slightly if you did not lose weight we need to implement the dietary changes that I talked about earlier in the video if you just hopped on it's going to be reducing essentially reducing your fat by 10 percent we'll just leave it at that.

Women can reduce it a little bit less but men reduce your fat by 10% women 5 to 10 and don't change your exercise we want to do the most with the diet first I don't want you getting scared and trying to throw a bunch of you know exercise in the mix okay is that clear I was sorry this is so important and I hate to be like this but and everyone.

Say my clear if that makes sense I just want everyone to know that's clear ok cool people already stand clear so someone just comment says this is stupid bye it's ok so many people saying clear ok got it got it clear perfect it's very very important yes this broadcast will be saved you can go back and you can watch it you can reference it I'm also.

Going to link out to the other videos if you're just hopping on this live broadcast because you don't know what the heck Thomas is talking about the first in the description the first line there is a link to the initial video that lays out the entire meal plan ok and then just below that is the link for everyone to get their hands on the.

Butcher box deal that I put forward and just so you know that whole special offer for butcher box for this challenge continues on all the way through this challenge and it actually will remain active on these challenge videos because they supported this so if you need if you're just getting started on the challenge maybe you're a week late it's.

Not too late to do that so that link is down below in the description as well ok can we get a bunch of people to hit that like button I noticed like last week we have like 1500 likes this time we're only at like 800 so what's going on we don't have as many people here or not as engaged or am i boring everybody so I didn't want to take a minute to talk.

About like it's just I don't know something that I think is important for people to understand you guys know by now that I was overweight before ok I talked about it last week in the broadcast I was 280 pounds before I lost over a hundred pounds with keto and intermittent fasting and that's why I do what I do.

Because I've learned a lot about it and I like to help people and it's I don't know it's fun to talk about and I just like to sound smart using big words and I'm really just you know just don't know it all so but anyway the point is is I wanted to give just some insight into like bad advice that people used to give me when I was losing weight you know and.

Some of it was people used to always tell me well don't give up your friends in your pursuit of being healthy and and why is this top of mind right now because someone said it to me again someone said it to me about some of the things like well you don't want to lose sight of your you want to lose your friends over this and that makes sense.

Your friends and your family are very important but it's just fresh because when you're talking about health let me say something here and the friends that supported you with an unhealthy lifestyle could be one of two friends they can be friends that just love you and care about you regardless because they unconditionally love you as a.

Friend or they can be your friends because they drag you down with them and I hate to be this kind of person that even has this cynical perspective on this but people used to tell me well Thomas you're changing you're getting healthier don't don't abandon your friends don't abandon your friends it just so happened that when I was 285.

Pounds my friends were friends that wanted me to go out drinking with them constantly that neglected their families because they only cared about making money and going out drinking and am why would I want to hang onto those fruits it was the clarity of getting healthy that actually made me realize that I needed a new group of friends so I just.

Say this because a lot of you are going through a huge transition right now and you're going to encounter that and I'm here to tell you as your confidant as your mentor as your online weirdo guru I don't care that you don't have to be married to those friends they're going to say things to you and they're going to drag you down and it's not.

Necessarily out of jealousy it's out of fear so please please please make sure that you just know that because I don't want anyone to have crazy success with this and then lose it because they go back into the wrong so of friends now this doesn't apply to everybody is but it's worth saying and I noticed some people dropped off in this.

Video and I talked about this because they're like I don't want to hear Thomas's wish you wish he stuff but it's so important and just know that okay now I want to go ahead and open this up to a few questions which I know is going to be difficult because there's going to be a lot coming in so I'm going to try to catch some questions please don't be.

Offended if I don't catch yours I'm really gonna do what I can but people people have to ask questions and I'm just gonna catch ones that I think are hot and again don't get offended and guys please hit that like button and also if you can't share this video like there's opportunities to share it so you can get more people on it okay.

I've seen in this a couple times I'm constipated health constipation is a big issue on keto and it's it affects some people more so than others the first thing that I would say is add a little bit more avocado to your diet avocado will help you have to be very careful because when you start getting constipated it's common for people to.

Want to add fiber and I just did a video on this and I talked about a little bit last week – it's like a freeway so if you add fiber into the mix you're adding more cars into a traffic jam once you're already constipated you don't want to add more fiber once you're already constipated you're better off hydrating adding sodium and adding.

Magnesium and incrementally add magnesium okay so I would recommend okay and I have to say full disclaimer I'm not a doctor take this with a grain of salt what I would do this isn't me telling you this is what I would do is I would increase my magnesium to like six or eight hundred milligrams per day and allow that to get.

Things moving again it's usually a sodium magnesium issue that's causing this do not add extra fiber it will cause more of an issue and cause you to be more backed up okay so be very very careful with that if you must add a little bit of fiber do so in the way of like chia or flax because it tends to have a little bit.

More of a soluble effect anyway I'm gonna go off on a tangent there okay lots of questions lots of people asking about chia seeds being okay I'm okay with chia seeds but remember we're trying to keep it within the realm of the diet that I wrote out and I know it can be difficult but please please please try to try to stay that let's see.

Someone says how does the meat stay cold during shipping from butcher box dry ice is a very awesome thing so dry ice is awesome strawberries okay that's a good question people have asked about fruit if you must have some fruit fruit is okay on kedo in a little bit and let me go ahead and tell you if you're having success I.

Am going to give you a little bit of a treat tonight I'm going to allow you to go ahead and have a quarter cup of berries and you're gonna find it's not gonna keep you out of keto it's gonna give you a little bit of a treat and you're not gonna end up just ballooning back up your weights probably not gonna change anything dramatic okay so I want.

You to go ahead and do that and just allow yourself to enjoy it okay Ken thank you for the super chat so many people do that and I really appreciate it super chats just like this thing where you might see in the live chat that's like a multicolored chat comes up where people are donating and things like that I super appreciate that none.

Of you ever have to feel obligated to do super chats where you are giving me donations and stuff but I just want to let Xiao Tao to the people that do it just say thank you and it's appreciated okay let's see why so many comments coming in what is a good detox that I can take actually you probably missed the whole section I was talking about.

With detoxing Kido in itself is detoxing so I wouldn't add anything else into the mix just stay the course what about bee pollen yeah I'm okay with a small amount of deep pollen there's benefits there so I'd be okay with that black beans no not no not gonna go is there anyone here man so many here quest bar is definitely a no-go.

So I have to say something very very clear here if you haven't seen the meal plan the meal plan is in the first video I know it's a lot of monotony but it's four weeks let's try not to get a bunch of deviations if I'm going to allow you to have deviations I'm going to announce them on these broadcasts okay making that very clear if I'm going to allow.

You to have deviations I'm going to announce them on the broadcast I just said if you're having success and you feel like this is a win for you right now you can have a quarter cup to a half a cup of berries strawberries blackberries blueberries and that's it okay if you wanted to have them with a little bit of I don't know you could.

Have a tiny bit of maybe Greek yogurt or something with them if you needed something but I honestly wouldn't risk it I would just have the fruit what are the best berries that I recommend if or in that case raspberries and blackberries probably blueberries are good too okay man 35 pounds since July 5th wow.

That's awesome see I'm sore from light workouts oh yeah this is come people have been saying like is it normal to get more sore when you first start Kido yes it's just a stress response your body's just adapting can too much protein cause headaches no what's probably causing the headache is a change in your blood sugar.

Okay it's gonna be it's not hypoglycemia it's just it's a pain receptors in our brain actually get changed when our blood sugar goes to a different level so people think that when they start getting headaches on keto or fasting that it's because their blood sugars just crashing and they're going hypoglycemic it's actually the opposite.

I shouldn't say the opposite buts actually not that intense it's it's more so you're going down to just a lower baseline and your brain is adapting it's not hypoglycemic happily vice emic is a throbbing headache okay so if you ever knows yourself getting a throbbing boom-boom-boom headache that's a hypoglycemia issue and you may.

Benefit from having a strawberry or two just to get you out of that the keto headache is like a constant kind of like in the frontal lobe right and that's very much so pain receptors just being changed and usually dehydration remember drink lots of water okay okay so did anyone here and remember this is a safe place here so I want everyone to.

Know and I wanna be able to give an insight has anyone slipped up and cheated and it's okay because you probably are still having success but I want to be able to give you some some advice on how to bounce back if you cheated because I've seen a lot of people okay so did anyone has anyone cheated just say yes I cheated yes I did.

Whatever okay get a lot of people saying yes okay now the magnitude of the cheat does matter but for this case I'm going to just talk about larger scale magnitude cheats if you just had a little piece of chocolate or you just had a little piece of something sweet not enough to really kick you out of keto caused an issue.

Please don't do that but you probably don't need to change anything dramatic what I would usually recommend is if you had something that's like a cheat meal of some kind and you just slipped up the next day you just reduce your fat content by about 50% I don't recommend that you fast the next day because I think that that creates a bad.

Psychological issue and I've been guilty of that myself so you know we're like all fast because I did something I ate something I shouldn't have and I quite honestly as someone that I think suffers from an eating disorder or suffered from an eating disorder like I was a very binge and purge type mentality I would just.

Get excited and eat a bunch and that's the classic addictive personality can't you see by how many videos that I put out that I have an addictive personality I'm addicted to creating videos better than food I guess point is is we don't want to get addicted to fasting as an impulse because we overeat or we ate something bad okay.

But what I do want you to do is I think you do need to have some kind of reaction since this is a challenge and I want you to have success with it so what I would recommend that you do is just reduce your fat by 50% the next day is that the oscillation stimulating proteins can kind of come back down to normal and your body can just get back.

In the groove you don't want to be loading yourself up with a bunch of fats when insulin and glucagon are trying to balance out so that's the simple point there okay clean up that's how it is there's other strategies and I have other videos on my channel for that okay lots of people getting cramps again it comes down to a mineral thing okay so we.

Need to make sure that we're getting magnesium in and potassium in however you can okay any suggestion of lots of people more still in the leg clamps how do I feel about the BAI drinks and let's keep them out of there yeah so many good questions coming up how much water should I be drinking honestly I would just say drink as much.

As you can it really makes a big difference here potassium for women potassium is very important period I always emphasize magnesium but I I probably emphasized it a little too much because I'm a magnesium oxidizer I utilize a lot of magnesium I think we have different magnesium is required for ATP production.

Okay so ATP which is the energy within ourselves technically is actually mag ATP adenosine triphosphate is bound to magnesium without magnesium energy can't be really released and utilized in the body if you're a high energy individual which we all know if we are like kind of people that are normally kind of strung out a little bit high anxiety that's me.

Okay I'm not that calm super dude I can be calm when I meditate when I'm on point but I am NOT I am a little bit more high-strung did you ever guess the point is that means that my body is probably oxidizing magnesium a little bit more because I'm creating more energy so if you are more of a calm person by.

Nature and maybe more lean towards like the depressed scale versus the anxious scale if you were to look at it like that you might need more magnesium or potassium whereas if you're someone that's a little bit more on the Tilted anxiety scale you probably need more magnesium so that should be your focus.

Potassium magnesium both very important okay eat cheese skin okay that is a common one and again as your ketone levels balance out that will subside when you first start keto a lot of times your ketone levels go really high and you have excess ketones and it calls cause a what's called a neutrophil infiltration a white blood cell.

Infiltration at a specific area as a result of excess ketones that can trigger you to get a little bit of a rash and itchy skin it goes away when your body gets more fat adapted and your body knows how to utilize the stuff a little bit better and then when I say stuff I mean ketones and then everything balances back out what if you don't like.

Avocado I actually gave some solutions in last week's video so I actually recommend and it's in the beginning of that video so I recommend you go back to last week's live broadcasts and check that out alcohol on keto very important I think for this month with this challenge I would appreciate if people could try to abstain and try to keep it.

Out of the equation if you absolutely must then I think that keeping it to something that's a little bit more triple or quadruple distilled so you're actually having less impact on the liver so the liver doesn't get its ketone producing properties disrupted can you fast 16 hours 16 hour fast more than three days okay so I had suggested that.

People do a 16 hour fast a few days per week basically skipping breakfast if you wanted to add more I don't recommend you do it this week I think that's the next kind of phase we put in so again like I've been talking to people if you're having success don't change the diet but we can add more to the workout if you're not having success don't change the.

Workout but adjust the diet next week we'll talk more about potentially adding more fasting into the mix but what I don't want this to become is a free-for-all for people to try to lose as much weight as they possibly can in this month and this is about doing this right in doing it healthy and hopefully at the end of this challenge will be.

Able to kind of sustain this and get everyone indoctrinated into this ketogenic lifestyle Wow yeah this is awesome so someone says since July 10th and lost 30 pounds at dr. Bergin Thomas very awesome thank you for saying that if anyone is hopped on here that hasn't announced where they're watching from please go ahead and do.

That please just so that we can go back and reflect and see where a lot of people are watching from and if you haven't already please hit that thumbs up button wow this is awesome so many comments I'm just looking over here down 50 pounds you may want to yeah let's say sorry guys I'm trying to see Oh sleeping problems that's a good one okay people.

Having issues with sleeping on keto it's usually an adrenalin thing it's usually in a wreck sending these different things that you can balance out you may want to try shifting your evening meal a little bit earlier maybe if you can't a half an hour to an hour earlier it'd be am you'd be amazed at what a half an hour can do okay it can make a big.

Difference in terms of overall how you sleep and overall how you feel if you just move everything forward a half an hour if you're implementing fasting and you might find that you don't sleep as well in the fasting days again it usually has to do with adrenaline your body's burning fat so adrenaline is elevated norepinephrine is elevated.

Epinephrine is elevated all these things are elevated that trigger fat loss but they also trigger sleeplessness so there's a balance right is what we don't want to have happen is if you get sleep-deprived then you have cb1 receptors that get elevated or that the affinity for them gets elevated you end up having sort of a Munchie effect it.

Can be a vicious circle so you're almost better off to just you know move your meals up a little bit and if you're still having trouble sleeping reduce the quantity of the meal by 25% and see if you sleep better you can always reallocate calories if you need to Clarksville Tennessee drink can you drink BCAAs I do not recommend.

Drinking BCAAs during this Lusine does spike your insulin i've talked about that in some videos remember I've laid it out in multiple videos but the magic happens in between meals okay so I'm gonna end with this very important thing this is something that sound like a broken record record if you watch my videos but very very very important when.

You eat a meal you have a spike in insulin insulin goes up and then after you eat the insulin starts to go down when insulin is going down another hormone called glucagon is going up so insulin goes down and glucagon goes up glucagon triggers your body to start utilizing fat because it activates.

What's called cyclic adenosine monophosphate or and also Emporium P protein kinase so basically what it does is CMP tells the brain hey we're in somewhat of a deficit we need to start pulling from existing fat stores this only happens when insulin is low and glucagon is high if you munch on things between meals you spike your insulin and.

It's an on/off switch as soon as insulin is spiked glucagon goes away and you have to wait for insulin to come back down and glucagon to go up again so in between meals that little Valley is where you burn fat you don't burn fat while you're eating you burn fat in between your meals so don't snack in between your meals try to keep.

It strict is what the biggest success that people are having with this is probably a result of that because you're actually on a plan where you're not snacking and if you absolutely must snack then you know we have solutions for that as time goes on but anyhow I have to sign off here it's been 40 minutes I appreciate everyone hop it on.

Here everyone being a part of this and I really do ask everyone if you can please do turn on notifications and make sure that you try to at least hop on and watch the videos that have going on almost every morning we're in a world where YouTube is so saturated with just content now and it hurts us because it makes us so the people that are putting.

Good content out it doesn't get seen so a lot of you don't get to see all the content that I'm putting out all the time which is frustrating because we put a lot of work and a lot of money and a lot of effort into these videos for them to just get lost in a sea of people that are creating garbage so for all the effort and the money that we put into.

Research I just appreciate if people can do whatever they can to hop on whenever I post a video which is every day and just give it a watch even if it's just for a couple minutes you know because you'll probably learn something I'm trying to do a little bit better at shortening videos to make them.

Just more convinced for people as always I love you all you guys are super awesome if you haven't joined the Facebook group already I'll put the link down below in the description as well thank you all very much season you
Weight Loss Update - Keto + Fasting Challenge (week 2)
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