Thomas DeLauer Reacts to David Blaine on Joe Rogan Podcast About Fasting

Thomas DeLauer Reacts to David Blaine on Joe Rogan Podcast About Fasting

Thomas DeLauer Reacts to David Blaine on Joe Rogan Podcast About Fasting

Check out the video on Thomas DeLauer Reacts to David Blaine on Joe Rogan Podcast About Fasting.
Hey and we're live already i'm gonna make this one kind of quick um actually this is totally impromptu absolutely nothing scripted nothing planned out other than i was just cruising youtube like a lot of you guys probably do and i came across that david blaine video on joe rogan on jre and awesome awesome.

Interview to begin with right but there were some things that david blaine talked about that were entirely accurate that didn't go into a whole lot of detail and i was watching this being like oh man i wish you were going deeper into the science of what's happening here um so anyway the purpose of this live.

Broadcast is to explain what happens in an extreme fast like david blaine was was going through i'll recap really quick what he was talking about um and what happened with that right so david blaine uh talks to joe about how for his frozen in time stunt that some of you are probably familiar with.

He did some pretty extreme fasting leading up to it and enduring it et cetera et cetera but uh he talks about his various experiences with extreme fasting with longer periods of fast and one point in particular i want to make sure that everyone can hear me okay some people said the audio.

Is not real good so um but anyway uh if you can't hear me let me know but if you can if audio seems okay just please let me know it should be fine uh that's why i'm using the earbuds here so anyway if you watch the clip you know exactly what i'm talking about but if you go to jre clips you can check it out.

Later it starts at like four minutes in when he starts talking about it okay so he talks about how the first time he did this about a week-long fast and he didn't really just did it pure just pure water now i'm not saying that what he did was incorrect there was nothing about that that was incorrect.

But he proceeds to talk about how um when he was doing a 44-day fast prior to any of this other frozen in time experience he was very hesitant to break his fast a specific way now what happened was he had a lot of people that were coming up to him and wanting him to take specific vitamins during his fast that.

Were sweetened with sugar and things like that well what he says in that clip is that he does not he was afraid to take those because he didn't want to mess up his metabolism he didn't want to mess up his body he wanted it to be a very strict and very clean pure fast so it makes perfect perfect sense but it.

Begs the question why would it do that why would it mess up your body and he proceeds to talk about world war ii and how when people were coming out of being prisoners of war or anything like that people would die because they would consume food.

After an extreme fast and it would throw things off so here's what is happening it's called refeeding syndrome and it's really interesting because while you are in a fasted state especially for an extended period of time you have blood levels of electrolytes.

That actually remain relatively constant so when you're doing an extreme extreme long fast like that he's actually right you should be keeping it like totally neutral and probably not even taking in um minerals right why like in a shorter fast like two days three days yeah take in some.

Minerals it's not going to harm you but when you're talking about extreme fasts what happens is you throw off sort of the natural balance within your body okay so imagine this your body is doing whatever it can to rebalance electrolytes so what it does is it'll pull sodium potassium everything like that.

And it will put it into the bloodstream out of tissues in an effort to maintain plasma levels of these electrolytes because if we lose our electrolytes in our bloodstream we have a serious problem okay we can lose some electrolytes in our tissues it happens when we work out right if we have an imbalance of sodium.

Potassium we might end up with a little bit of a cramp and everything like that right so imagine if you were to have that happen in the bloodstream it would really throw things off okay it could throw off your heart it could throw off a lot of things now what can happen potentially when you.

Break a fast at that is that long and you have something super super sugary or something very sweet what happens is it causes a big spike in insulin okay and this big spike in insulin suddenly opens up the cell okay.

And what happens is by law of osmolarity a lot of the sodium and all the other minerals will flush into the bloodstream so i want you to imagine it like this for a second okay let's say you have one water balloon that is full of water and another water balloon that is full.

Of water with a bunch of salt and a bunch of electrolytes and things like that okay if you were to magically connect those two water balloons together the water from one water balloon that doesn't have all the electrolytes would flood into the water balloon that does have the salt.

Okay it's called creating an isotonic state and it's also it's called the law of osmolarity water is going to flow where there is some sodium in water right so imagine your bloodstream having a balance of lots of salt lots of potassium lots of minerals because your body.

Is creating just again this balance osmosis osmolarity well as soon as insulin is spiked the cell doorway is going to open and a lot of those electrolytes that were in the tissues are going to flood to where there's more and it can also happen both ways it all depends on where the fluid balance is.

But this is what causes some serious issues people can go into cardiac arrest they can go into all kinds of issues with that and i'm not trying to scare people away at all that's not the point i'm just explaining the mechanism of action for what he was talking about and how this frozen in time stunt how he was thrown off right with this.

So anyway it goes a little bit further you may have seen some of my videos recently where i talk about thiamine okay another thing that happens with extreme fasting is very very serious thiamine deficiencies thymine is a you're gonna find it in turkey you're gonna find it in chicken.

Poultry things like that what happens is again with these longer fasts thiamine becomes you know you become deficient in it and then all of a sudden you consume some food and you require thymine for proper glucose metabolism so now you have glucose that is not.

Getting metabolized because you're largely glucose intolerant in conjunction with an insulin spike in conjunction with this weird thing happening with your electrolytes i don't even know what you could call it other than refeeding syndrome so that is exactly what he's referring to.

So i saw a lot of people in the comments section of that joe rogan video saying why wouldn't you have just had some salt why wouldn't you have just had some minerals and i understand why they're saying that and this isn't to say that they're wrong it's just when you go on a longer fast you want to be very very careful with.

That and someone is saying please define longer fast by longer fast i would say anything over a week okay so we're talking pretty darn long fast we're pretty serious stuff it's just a lot of people took very keen interest in what he was talking about so this particular refeeding syndrome.

That people talk about we can apply to a smaller degree with shorter term fasts okay that's why i usually talk about the kind of manipulation of sodium when i talk about not having salt too much right after breaking a fast okay you want to kind of balance it.

Anyway don't take everything i'm saying right now and try to formulate a perfect intermittent fasting plan from it this is me just explaining some stuff to again get the point across so after world war ii you imagine people going months without food very little food.

Well the other thing that would happen that was very detrimental if you're in a true starvation true true true starvation mode you're not having any food coming in and a lot of times people that are in sort of forced starvation situations prisoners of war things like that.

They're given minuscule amounts of food so they're not in like the official starvation mode from a fasting perspective they're in a very much more dangerous starvation mode where their metabolism is still trying to process in somewhat of an all or nothing.

Principle um so it's actually more dangerous to try to embark on a two-month fast but have a little bit of food in the middle than it is to just say i'm gonna go all the way uh i think david blaine said on his 44 day fast that he lost 60 pounds and throughout other fast that he was.

Doing his fasting expert his fasting doctor that he went to um had claimed that he didn't believe that he had been fasting for so long was he was functioning so well well i mean that just goes to show he was probably metabolically adapted fat adapted.

So anyhow i don't want to take up a lot of people's times i'm happy to answer a couple of questions here um people that are hopping on i do also want to announce just why there's a lot of people on this broadcast tomorrow have a really cool video series launching just fyi called the.

How to stay lean year round series all about mitochondrial function so it's got a nutrition protocol that's going to go live tomorrow okay so it's going live at 10 a.m pacific time okay then the next day wednesday uh excuse me yeah sorry thursday the next day thursday.

I have the exercise protocol to stay alien year round okay and then the next day friday we have the supplement protocol to stay lean year round and then we move along the line all the way into recovery protocol and in a live broadcast so anyway i want to make sure that you guys hop on on.

That because that's going to be really really cool it's probably one of the best series that i've ever put together i'm really stoked on it so all the people hopping on here just to kind of recap before i sign off here in a couple of minutes uh joe rogan obviously talks about fasting all the time.

David blaine was talking about his experience in his frozen in time situation and how he was hallucinating during it what's interesting is he claims that they gave him a good amount of water during the actual stunt which is kind of wild because sometimes.

Having water without electrolytes during extended fast like that can throw things off even more again the important thing to remember is your body does a really keen job of being able to balance things and i think that's something that i've learned in time too and of course always trying to.

You know move through the evolution of this stuff is that your body does a tremendous job of keeping the balance it knows when it needs to pull electrolytes from given functions that are not critical i am okay with my leg cramping because i know that electrolytes have been pulled from my leg to go save my heart from.

Cramping right so the point in that is not that cramps are good but the point is that your body will typically allocate the proper minerals to the proper place when it's in a mode of scarcity so remember that your minerals are not you're not becoming completely mineral deficient.

Okay although your insulin levels being low is going to make it so that your kidneys expel more water yes you could get dehydrated more but it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to lose all your minerals in fact you start to lose more minerals in the first day of a fast.

And then you start to actually spare them a little bit more your body gets a little bit more efficient at sparing those minerals so i'm going to go ahead and keep this short and simple uh andrew littlefield yes magnesium and potassium are definitely good during a fast.

Says it's mr denali man live so anyhow thank you guys oh actually a good question i just want to answer this the best acv cocktail during a fast this is kind of fun to talk about let me mention real quick apple cider vinegar during a fast because this is a perfect thing to talk about there's different forms of fast like a.

True true fast when you're not taking anything at all nothing like that simple you don't need a million videos for me to explain that right okay just don't freaking eat you may drink a little bit of water but anyway point is there's other things that you can take during what i would consider more casual fasts you know even if.

They're up to 70 to 96 hours apple cider vinegar is typically one of them i enjoy taking an apple cider vinegar during a fast because acetic acid puts you in a net energy deficit that's right okay so when you take in apple cider vinegar the acetic acid.

Actually feeds the cells as a form of what's called acetate okay this acetic acid excuse me i stand corrected there it's actually straight up acetic acid so the acidic acid goes in goes into a phone ring for a second um i'm probably going to call back because every time i ignore a call people tend.

To just call you right back so where was i with that okay so when enters into the cell it goes through a process where in order to create energy from acetic acid it actually costs more energy than it actually creates so it virtually takes that acetic acid and tries to manufacture energy.

Okay it tries to create acetyl coenzyme a out of it so acetic acid can be part of acetyl coenzyme a when that happens it puts you deeper into what is called the ampk pathway it puts you deeper into a fast so literally consuming a couple tablespoons of apple cider.

Vinegar makes you fast deeper quicker pretty cool stuff anyhow just go ahead and just spare you the details on that keep this one short anyway that is the reasoning behind the refeeding syndrome that david blaine and joe rogan were talking about as always keep it locked here on my.

Channel thank you all very very much for being here don't forget please please please please please set a reminder 10 a.m pacific time tomorrow for the stay lean year-round series that starts all right talk to you all soon if i can ever figure out how to turn this thing off where'd it go well i guess i'm still.

Here guys because the there we
Thomas DeLauer Reacts to David Blaine on Joe Rogan Podcast About Fasting
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