The Relevance of Calories in Ketosis or Fasting- Live Discussion

The Relevance of Calories in Ketosis or Fasting- Live Discussion

The Relevance of Calories in Ketosis or Fasting- Live Discussion

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What's going on everybody out there in YouTube land I wanted to do something a little bit different I wanted to go ahead and hop on and do a live from the webcam stage a little bit of a different world from where I would normally do a live topic of discussion today do calories matter when it comes down to a ketogenic diet or the calories matter.

When your intermittent fasting I think it's a super super important topic that no matter what whether you're a subscriber of mine or whether you're someone that's just cruising the internet and stumbles across this video I think it's something that everyone should know a little bit about so a little bit of an odd time of day for me.

To typically do a live broadcast I want to start doing these a little bit more often it's nice to just kind of hunker up in my office talk to you guys I don't have a lot of friends I spent most of my life doing what I do so might as well talk to my friends on the internet right anyhow I do want to make sure that everyone that's here goes ahead in.

Comments where they're watching from so I can say hello we've got a lot of people here and see if you see me looking over to the screen a little bit's because I'm looking at all the people that are commenting already got Flagstaff Arizona we got John what's going on Thomas top we got Dana we got Dimitar we've got William what's.

Going on so many people here holy cow is a lot of comments coming in like I cannot keep up with this at all so you got I already got 560 people here already this is great guys if you haven't already just go ahead and hit that little thumbs up button really quick just so we can get this video ranked nice and high and I can talk to.

You guys a little bit about the actual subject matter so I don't waste a lot of your time just my typical gobbledygook when it comes down to saying hello to everybody but this is amazing if you guys can see I wish I could do like a screencast of my of my screen right now it's just the comments literally I can't even see a hockey token in the house I.

Did see that one Clovis California Buffalo New York Tennessee San Diego man this is crazy Louis what's going on we got Chicago we've got Kris we've got Brandon Alabama we've got Nick Mike okay we got people literally watching on a plane someone says I'm flying right now this is crazy okay I'm gonna get right into the.

Subject matter and I'm gonna pop back now and then to say hello to everybody but I want to make sure everyone can see me okay everyone can hear me okay can you guys just go ahead and just give me just let me know just say yes I can hear you yes I can see you someone make sure we've had you know connectivity issues.

Before my live broadcast and I don't want to have that be an issue okay cool everyone's saying I can hear me okay this is great guys keep the comments flooding I'm gonna go ahead and start talking about some stuff so here's the thing guys when it comes down to calories calories at the end of the day do still.

Matter but we need to start looking at them a little bit differently and I just produced an entire video on this but I wanted to do a lie because it's better with discussion okay when you're looking at how body works sure thermodynamics calories in versus calories out are the only true way that we can see whether weight loss or weight gain is going to.

Occur so based on that theory it has a lot of people believing that you're not gonna have to do any kind of specific diet you don't have to do keto you don't have to do fasting the reality is there are a lot of other things that come into play you see there's things that are gonna make you more sensitive to calories at a very point in time so a.

Really good thing that I encourage people to do a great practice it's very very effective and I want every single person that's watching this video whether you are someone that is a high-level executive that just wants get better with your performance whether you are a stay-at-home mom that's just trying to find your way whether you are.

Someone that is just trying to get better at being who they are this will help you okay stop looking at your calories on a daily basis okay stop that because we don't know what our daily caloric needs truly are why because things change consistently we don't know what our activity level is gonna be like one day we don't know different hormonal.

Functions that are gonna be occurring one day we don't know different insulin functions that are gonna be occurring another day so stop looking at your calories on a daily basis and start looking at them in a little bit like look at them over the course of a few days over the course of a week okay so what I mean by that is rather than.

Focusing on needing 2,500 calories every single day focus on how much you might need over the course of a week because some days you might consume 2,000 calories some days you might consume 3,000 and guess what at the end of the day at the end of the week net-net you're still where you would be otherwise if you were just deducting.

Calories over the course of the day so does that make sense to everybody I think this is a really powerful thing to really be able to grasp and it's one thing that a lot of the top researchers out there can't give us right it can't give us tangible information that's going to help us out on a daily level all they can tell us is something that's.

Factual and data-driven which is great we need that we need the data to help us to make a decision but sometimes in the world of health in the world of optimization we have data and we have real life and they don't always mesh up you know we want them to just mesh like this the reality is sometimes the gears just don't mesh up all the way.

And that's where real life comes in so the thing we have to look at is how what kind of scale are we looking at calories for example okay so a calorie that comes in after fasting is going to have more amplitude than a calorie that comes in during the course of consistently eating why is that well because you have insulin sensitivity you have other.

Things that are occurring so the amplitude of that calorie could be significantly higher so we do have to say that yes calories do matter when you're fasting but the big benefit that comes from fasting for a lot of people is the fact that they are decreasing their caloric window their timing of how much they eat right so if you're fasting.

Over the course of 18 hours then you only have a six hour eating window it's much less likely for you to consume an overabundance of calories during that period of time so a multitude of the benefits do come from calorie restriction but here what ends up happening eventually you are going to decrease your basal metabolic rate so.

You do want to have these periods of time when you're not decreasing calories too much and where you're going ahead and you're letting your calories you get a maintenance level and you're letting your fasting days be a little bit more aggressive so that you go in a big deficit that day extreme dieting like going ahead and deciding that you're.

Gonna go on a day where you only consume 500 calories I don't see anything officially wrong with that not if you're doing it just once a week or something like that right because it ends up putting us in this situation again where we have more of a calorie deficit or an appropriate calorie deficit at the end of the week.

Versus just at the end of that day I'm not telling you to go out and eat 500 calories every day I'm just saying that if once or twice a week your fasting days are so extreme that you're down to 500 calories I don't necessarily think that that is as bad as fasting every single day and decreasing their calories anyhow let me stop in and say hello to.

Everybody still have a ton of comments coming through literally coming in so fast that it's actually like breaking down the chat like the chat is having a hard time keeping up it's literally like it's pretty crazy so guys if you haven't already make sure you comment where you're watching from a lot of people just hopping on here a lot of people are.

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We've got over a thousand people we've got 1.2 thousand people on this broadcast right now so I do want to make sure that everyone that's here goes ahead and gets that like button it helps this video out a lot help spread the word I'm gonna get into a little bit more detail and some science and at least some of what I believe here in.

Just a second but I want to make sure we get a nice big fluctuation of likes coming in here yeah I seriously can't even give over these comments Jon Brooker what's going on it I'm gonna open it up for questions here in a little bit I got Alabama in the house we've got Armond in the house what's going on we got or again in the house.

We've got Wyoming man we've got UK okay this is crazy so I'm gonna get back to some of the science here okay so the other thing that I want to talk about specifically is if calories matter in quito okay so again we have to look at the same kind of thing of course calories matter like you can't just go and eat an overabundance of calories and.

Expect not to gain weight okay well what we don't know and the argument will always be that we cannot keep track of our basal metabolic rate to the enth degree like we cannot keep super super dialed in and what our basal metabolic rate we can go and we can plug ourselves into a machine and we can plug ourselves with calipers and go and hydrostatic.

Weighing and do all kinds of crazy things to determine what our resting metabolic rate is but the fact is that resting metabolic rate is going to shift dramatically based on different factors so we don't know so you see guys that do these challenges where they're like I'm gonna eat four or five thousand calories a day and I'm gonna prove that I'm not.

Going to gain weight well the thing is is we don't know exactly what's going on metabolically for that person okay what we do know is that yes their metabolism is likely speeding up to accommodate that but that might shift at some point so the short answer is yes calories still matter but we don't know what calories in versus calories out is truly.

Going to be because the output is going to always change so what I mean by that is one day you might wake up and have a completely different rise of adrenaline no order different catecholamines epinephrine that is making your caloric needs completely different from what it is the next day the only thing that we know a.

Complete baseline of is roughly how many calories you need based on how much muscle mass you carry but even that is starting to change as we're starting to see intra Maya cellular globulin zazz we're starting to see different myofibrils I was starting to see what are called heat shock proteins all kinds of things are playing a big effect on.

How much even one pound of muscle differs in how many calories it burns from person a B C D and so on we have so many different things so I am here to tell you that yes indeed you are kind of a unique snowflake it does kind of work that way and you do need to find what works perfectly for you but we do also have to remember that in the state of.

Fasting and in the state of ketosis you are reducing egg once again the amplitude of a calorie because you are not putting yourself in an absorptive phase and there are gonna be people that are gonna argue with me on the insulin thing saying that insulin spikes are not bad and yada yada yada but the fact is if you were consistently spiking your.

Insulin you are turning off the ability to truly burn fat okay so if you're not consuming a large amount of carbs keto or not you're going to be in a better situation to burn fat period okay that's all there is to it so when you look at again the situation of calories in versus calories out and you look at it on a really small scale like maybe over.

The course of five minutes this is gonna blow your mind that's like I mean I know I've got one point three thousand people on here right now so I can make a solid point that I think people are really going to like here and this is gonna blow your mind this is gonna change seriously it's gonna change how you look at eating and.

Calories in versus calories out and all these guys that have all this negative stuff to say about me and all these other kind of things like it's gonna change okay so listen close every one measures calories on a 24-hour basis they assume that at midnight the clock resets and we magically go back to zero does that make sense.

When you really think about it does it really make sense for the clock to roll back to zero if I'm excuse me for the calorie counter to roll back to zero at midnight that is such an artificial man-made thing that we've created for ourselves so based on that theory based on the theory that we need X amount of calorie.

Per day that would also suggest that every minute that we are eating so in the moment in the moment that I am eating something let's say I'm eating some coconut oil in that moment I am in a calorie surplus really think about I am in a calorie surplus at that moment because I'm eating a tablespoon of coconut oil or I'm eating something.

Thermodynamic supply that means technically I'm gaining weight so what happens if we shrink that scale down to that five-minute window or that one minute window does that mean that we're consuming too many calories because we're in an abundance we have an overage okay so where do we draw the line somehow along the lines we've magically.

Created it to be a day like we just say that like this is how much you should consume over the course of a day okay well let's look at it differently what if I went a week without eating I'd be in a calorie deficit but does that mean that if I were to go and eat a week's worth of calories the day that I broke that fast that I wouldn't gain a bunch.

Of fat so it is not tit-for-tat you have to know your hormones and you have to know your body and you have to optimize yourself you have to set yourself up for success so did that make did that make sense to a lot of people I know that that was pretty deep but I want to see if that makes see a lot of people saying I like the way you think I mean I think.

It makes a lot of sense for most people and if you guys need me to break it down and happy to break it down more like I said I did a video that broke this down in some more detail like in one of those full production videos like the nones I normally do and then I'll go out in a couple weeks but I wanted to do this one again to have a discussion so ok.

Everyone saying that make sense can you guys if that made sense will you guys do two things for me type make sense and hit that like button just let me know that it made sense because I love making sure that what I'm saying is coming across and when I do these live videos these kinds of things it makes life a little bit easier.

Because I feel like I can explain and I can articulate things a little bit better unfortunately and I feel bad about it sometimes I leave you guys hanging because when I'm producing a video I have to go with what I think you guys are going to want or what I think you guys are going to grasp at that moment in time and then unfortunately.

Sometimes afterwards I read the comments I'm like oh man no brainer like I wish I had a slit said that or explain it at least when I'm doing a live and just so many people saying makes sense okay glad it's getting through to a lot of people so I think I just don't feel like that's super important and when we look at that same.

Situation it also helps us realize the power of what an individual calorie can do at that moment in time you know because if we look at that one minute where we're in an abundance of calories that one minute right then what about what we're consuming in that one minute if we consume fat calories in that one minute is our body in the mode to.

Consume those fats to take those fats is it what if we had cards at that moment in time okay so that's where so many of the just the internet trolls the health gurus are wrong guys like they're not right to tell you that it's all calories and calories out so I mean I get off my pedestal there I just try to take a realistic look at things and help you.

Understand it another thing I want to touch on really quick because we have so many people here that are talking about keto and and have had an amazing success keto let's touch real quick on the whole keto and protein thing I know that wasn't the topic that I mentioned when I actually wrote out the description but I do want to touch on it really quick.

Because there's been a lot of people that aren't approaching me on this there's been a lot of science recently talking about whether protein ok keto and everything like that and the thing is is gluconeogenesis the fact that your body's gonna use that protein and convert it into sugar is always happening so you guys don't want to.

Freak out with that I just I wanted to clear the air on this because I think I created a lot of false panic with a video a while back where I explained that and I think I didn't quite explain it well enough where protein is not going to necessarily pick you out of keto unless you're not having enough fats so let's just put it that way if.

You're not having enough fats and then the protein is gonna get converted into sugar but your body doesn't have the fats to create ketones so it starts thinking oh shoot this protein is sugar so it goes ahead and it kicks you out of you know that way but if your fats are always high enough that's never going to be an issue so I.

Just wanted to clear the air on that someone asks a tremendous question they said are all macro calories equal is a protein calorie equal is a fat calorie equal yeah that's a great question and again it depends on the state that you're in right so like I'm actually doing a video on this so it's pretty interesting but it's it all.

Depends right like a sugar calorie or a carbohydrate calorie if you are in a position where your insulin sensitive is going to be way more powerful let me put it like this okay if your insulin sensitive that means that your body is in the situation where whatever you eat it's going to grab on to really quick especially the presence of a.

Carbohydrate so if you've been fasting for a long period of time a calorie coming from sugar or from carbohydrates is going to be way more powerful than a calorie from fat why because the calorie from fat is not going to have as strong of an insulin response if any it's going to just go straight to the bottom line of giving.

You free fatty acids and ultimately turning into some energy somewhere long line whereas a carb calorie is going to spike your insulin and it's going to turn you into that absorptive face okay it's going to make it so that whatever you consume subsequently is going to go into storage a lot easier so that's that's answering that question Shawn I.

Had to laugh at this comments that's too complicated where's my cake I need someone to respond while I'm talking I know I have a lot of people commenting here I don't I want to answer a couple of questions I don't have a whole lot of time this morning but I still want to be able to answer some questions someone says constipation though is.

Still working on that only drawback on keto you know the constipation can be a difficult thing and a lot of times it has something to do more so with the minerals more than anything so when you have to look at it is like things like magnesium magnesium what is called the hydrophilic okay so hydro you've hydrophobic and.

You've hydrophilic hydrophobic means afraid of water phobia okay hydrophilic is the opposite so hydrophilic means it draws water in and magnesium is going to draw water into the small intestine into the bowel and make it so that you're not as constipated now here's where the problem occurs keto we have these constant.

Fluctuations and minerals we can't really control it all right we we go through a period where we eat and we consume a bunch of minerals and then we urinate really fast because in Aikido you expel a lot of water so then you have this lag time where you dry out and what happens is your bowel kind of dries out right so you can't get all the water.

Coming in and then you eat again and you have an influx of minerals and you don't have a consistent flow of minerals so what's important is that you constantly have magnesium sodium and potassium coming in okay very very important Cal don't worry about calcium okay trust me on Kido you're getting enough calcium so just I think that's gonna help you a lot.

A lot right there Mimi 7675 says eat avocados avocados do help I will say that but you got to be careful sometimes they do have some carbs to them so we've got so many people does magnesium break up fast no magnesium won't break the fast your perfectly okay it's no different than adding salt to your water anything like.

That Craig what's going on at least Summit Missouri do I believe in the insulin hypothesis after oh so you know I need to go back and need to watch that in some detail I saw the Joe Rogan Laine Norton thing Layne Norton hates my guts so like I I have a hard time looking at things in a biased and unbiased ways because he's like so dang like just over.

The top like mean towards me so I need to go back and I need to watch that and really get some because I'm big Don the Agostino fan and those of you that know me know that like I don't sit here and just preach quito i love quito for what it does like i love how much it helps people and I love how so many people are able to change their lives and I love.

Them people come up to me and they have totally just had their lives just transformed but does that mean that keido's for everybody no and people seem to think that because I advocate quito that's the only way that I would condone eating and living so the reality is you have to do what works for you and I'm gonna give you the tools no matter what.

And maybe sometimes that's Quito maybe sometimes it's not someone asks how long can I go on Quito before I want to see that so that was a good question how long can I go in Quito before refueling with carbs I miss my carbs yeah you know everybody's different and again the keto Vangelis out there are gonna tell you that you should never go in carbs and.

That you but the reality is every couple of weeks or so whatever you feel like you need to mentally just keep you there you're gonna get back in keto fast are you gonna lose some of the benefit yes you will I will honestly tell you you lose some of the benefit you will lose some of the cognitive benefit but what are you looking for you know if you get.

This positive effect that comes from having a little bit of carbs every couple of weeks to do it right and strategically implement them I don't see a problem with that if it makes you sustainable so I would say 10 to 14 days allocated into the evening time with no more than like 120 grams why Kido isn't it just.

Calories in versus calories out Chris I appreciate your comment but I think you're coming into this a little bit late so you need to go back to the beginning and watch the entire video because calories in calories out do matter but you got to watch the whole video I'm vegetarian and don't eat she is so I'm finding it difficult but.

Making meals interesting and tasty I won't give up though awesome already lost three and half stones okay so what I would suggest on in that case you know vegan cheese kite Hill makes an amazing vegan cream cheese I use that on a lot of stuff I would recommend that how do you benefit from compression garments that's a good question actually.

You know one that I'm not super super familiar with because I don't usually use compression garments can I please talk about the targeted or testosterone please you know there's some videos I've got some good videos coming out in the world of testosterone so just keep posted over the next couple of weeks do I recommend high-intensity interval.

Training on traditional Aikido or targeted Kido both okay you're gonna have success with high-intensity interval training whether you're in keto or not you might have a little bit of a harder time reaching that high aerobic threshold when you're not when you're in keto but trust me you'll be okay you you will you still have glycogen you sold.

Everything to tap into guys I have to wrap this up I do have to I have to run to the airport so can I just please get just everyone that's on here I've got one point three thousand people on here and somehow only have 387 likes so either a thousand people are hating this video or people just aren't hitting that little like button I'd really appreciate.

If you would because it helps it out it it sounds crazy but literally when you guys like my videos and engage with them it helps me to continue to be able to produce content so from a business side of things YouTube only serves my videos if people engage with them so I really do appreciate it and that just worked so.

Many of you guys just like the video so I appreciate that it helps keep the content free it makes it so that I can just do whatever I can do to get videos out there and guys there's a new video coming out tomorrow just so that you guys know every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time is when I post new videos okay so mark.

Those on your calendars be the first ones to see my videos before anyone else does Tuesday Fridays and Sundays at 7 a.m. Pacific time so you can always be the first to see him you guys are super awesome I want to make sure that we and you guys can always go to Thomas tell our calm there's always stuff there custom plans everything like.

That I'm not taking on a lot of custom planned clients right now just because it gets too crazy time of the year but still you can always put in an application or email Paula you guys are great as always make sure you're keeping it locked in here you guys are super super awesome I love my fans like you.

Guys are make my day all right you guys see there
The Relevance of Calories in Ketosis or Fasting- Live Discussion
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