Some Real Talk + 2020 Intermittent Fasting Myths (join me live)

Some Real Talk + 2020 Intermittent Fasting Myths (join me live)

Some Real Talk + 2020 Intermittent Fasting Myths (join me live)

Check out the video on Some Real Talk + 2020 Intermittent Fasting Myths (join me live).
What's going on everybody in util and Thomas Toole our here let's see all right we already have a good number of people on this broadcast so hey if you're just tuning in you're just jumping in make sure you comment where you're watching from that's kind of how I like to roll them get these things started so you can get some good just.

Community involvement going you know to be completely honest we're all in the same boat so I've been doing more live broadcasts lately just trying to hop on communicate with you guys see what what your needs are right now how can I help what kind of content can I put out but also just to be able to have some good old-fashioned just conversation in the.

Time where we're all just kind of cooped up right I'm also going to talk about some intermittent fasting myths have been revised a little bit for 20/20 not gonna go super deep into the science I'd like to leave my live broadcast a little bit more open for QA and things like that so we're gonna progress to that only have 30 minutes so we're only gonna.

Go to 130 Pacific time today but as always everyone that's coming in here comment where you're watching from say hello what's going on in Manitoba Canada we got Scotland in the house we've got Massachusetts in the house what's going on perfect everyone's saying how's your personal time going hey that's actually kind of the real talk I wanted to talk.

About for a little bit I'm sure a lot of you watched my video last week where I just did a kind of cell phone style and put it out there just kind of poured my heart out regarding the whole you know haters and dark circles and everything like that and just the overwhelming weight just positive response was just so much needed and there's a lot of.

People out there kind of said you know hey what the heck why do you even put that under the universe why you even give haters credit why do you even do that because the reality is when you care about what you do if someone shoots it down it hurts and that's just what it comes down to and that's kind of the gist of what I got out of all this you.

Know myself my team would care about what we do we put it out there and we give spewed a lot of hate right we get a lot of hate thrown on us and that's okay it's something we accept and just wanted to touch on that for a second but I think what it comes down to and this has really become clear in the last week is that we just love what we do and when.

Some someone threatens that or someone it really hits deep anyhow not going to dive into that too much let's go ahead and let's have some fun with this and real talk I mean what are people up to right now what are you guys doing I like to see it in the comments section just so that you know I but my live up in Monterey California so.

We did have a place down in Southern California but we've moved up this area just to be a little bit quieter a little bit easier place to raise a couple of kids so right here I'm down in my studio which is where I'll be doing some of my filming and some of my live broadcast stuff so I've got just an own little area where I can come down and work but.

Anyhow without further ado let's go ahead let's dive into a little bit of these intermittent fasting myths that I wanted to talk about in terms of just revising them for 20/20 if you can please go ahead and hit that thumbs up button I'd really really appreciate that and that way you can just get more people on this broadcast we can talk a.

Little bit more yes so many people are this is awesome holy cow I can't even keep up with this Scotland in the house we got New Jersey in the house we got Mozeliak California okay started your isolation challenge it's awesome and you guys are great this is still loading up still got a lot of people popping in okay the first one.

That I wanted to talk about now we have to look at the big picture with intermittent fasting and this whole human growth hormone piece the reason that I want to address that there's a lot of people out there that will tout this huge human growth hormone spike that occurs with intermittent fasting what I mean with this is there was a.

Paper like those ten years ago or so that came out and said that intermittent fasting is going to boost human growth hormone levels by like 2,000 percent it was just some exorbitant unrealistic number now I see a lot of people on the internet kind of trying to create content surrounding that I just wanted to address that from a very realistic.

Standpoint okay the muscle building effects that you get from intermittent fasting are not from a 2,000 percent increase in human growth hormone let's just put it this way that when you are fasting you do have a big spike in growth hormone but it is very very short our growth hormones pulses they they.

Come literally in pulses and these little surges so when we get like a really quick pulse like that and there's a 2,000 percent increase it doesn't mean that it's happening consistently and we have this massive overload of human growth hormone point is is that because your body is in this restorative mode because you're allowing it to be into.

Repair mode you are going to have increases in human growth hormone however there's not as much of an increase in what's called IGF insulin like insulin growth like factor that is what's actually what would muscle in conjunction with growth hormones the reason that I'm saying this is I just don't want you to think the.

Intermittent fasting there's like a magic pill to be able to put on a bunch of muscle where it does come into play with building muscle is the fact that intermittent fasting puts your body into a little bit more of a preserving state ok it's the opposite of what people think usually you think you go into intermittent fasting you're gonna waste.

A bunch of muscle it's quite the opposite because your body does whatever it can to preserve it does whatever it can to institute what we call ketones obviously so beta-hydroxybutyrate very anti catabolic that's just like the first brand of myth I want to discuss it it's a little bit weird because I know in previous videos I've talked about the.

Benefits of the human growth hormone and obviously they are there but I just don't like how that's getting exploited right now and those of you that are in the internet and fasting community with thee know that sometimes marketers like to kind of stretch the truth a little bit and I just it's important that we know that intermittent fasting is very.

Very very good for building muscle but it doesn't have to do with these massive spikes in human growth hormone so I some good questions coming up what is the best fast to heal a broken fibula can't walk to exercise I mean the quickest recovery possible I mean it's a good question I'm glad you brought that up ok at the end of the day with fasting.

You're still putting yourself in a little bit of a nutrient deprived state during the period of your fast so if you have massive injuries or things that you need to heal you may want to reduce the frequency of your fast and just do some shorter fasts your goal ends up coming down more to insulin sensitivity and being able to maximize the amount of.

Protein you synthesize at the end of a fast so what that would mean is when you break your fast you may want to have a good amount of protein ok you're actually trying to capitalize on growth and recovery whereas other people are capitalizing on sort of the breakdown and recycling if you're recovering from an injury it's not the time to go into.

Recycling mode and that's what's funny is people will typically think that you want to go longer term fasts simply because it's going to increase stem-cell production and everything like that well what good is a stem cell if it doesn't have fuel right so like from a healing perspective if you have an injury and you're doing a bunch of chronic fasting.

Like you're fasting all the time you could be having this proliferation of stem cells but these that really doing you much good if you've never give yourself the protein or the actual means and treants to actually build and recover so that's why I usually say fast a little bit more infrequently and a little bit.

Shorter if you're recovering from an injury Vandana says hi Thomas can you please guide how to balance electrolytes without breaking a fast I get drained even in ten hours of it overnight fast no it could be electrolytes but it could be a number of different things okay some people are going to end up having.

Some fluctuations with their adrenal glands and with things like that during a fast which of course then is going to affect the electrolytes so we have to look at it like that right so if you are someone that has adrenal fatigue or you're already a high stress person well you're gonna have what's called a mineral corticoid response you're gonna.

Have where your body is trying to balance out potassium sodium and all this stuff as a result of your adrenal fatigue so what I mean by that is if you're very very stressed out person then going into a fast can put you at a little bit more of a taxing load in terms of your adrenals not the end of the world not a huge huge huge problem.

But it does throw your electrolytes out of whack a little bit more so what I would usually say is when you wake up in the morning one of first things that you want to do is have some sodium and potassium okay so you usually have a little bit of salt have a little bit of potassium have a little bit of cream of tartar okay anything like that in your.

Water because what that's going to do is that's going to take the load off of your adrenals okay right when you wake up in the morning your adrenals are working at overdrive okay generally because you're pumping out cortisol you're getting your blood pressure up your body has to kind of balance that out.

Well that taxes your adrenals and the entire process of fasting in general puts stress on your adrenals and it's kind of funny because we want the stress response but we don't want the reciprocal stress on our adrenals and the best way that we can support that is by giving ourselves a little bit of minerals a little bit of salt a little.

Bit of potassium right when we wake up other than that beyond that you really have to know when your cortisol is spiking and the only way that you could do that is by taking like salivary cortisol tests throughout the course of the day to see when you spike because we're gonna have natural rhythms and natural pulses just like growth hormone.

Sorry there's the big questions coming in let me see someone says is there an amount of time too fast to reach out to gee that is a really good question so when it comes down to a tappa g it's all going to depend on the person and it's all gonna depend on what you're after it's all going to pin when again if you're someone that has put.

Yourself into like you've exercised a lot that morning okay if you exercise a lot that morning that's going to stop on top of you for a little bit of time but then afterwards you can have a recovery system that's going to come into play that's going to kick you in talk to you a little bit faster the other thing we have to consider is autopsy occurs at.

Different levels and at different places within the body generally speaking about 16 hours is the magic number when she starts to really kick in at what's called the hepatic level at the liver level and that's a really powerful thing when it comes down to just the cellular recycling but the overall if you want to call the detoxification effect of the.

Body so I highly recommend that you you know push to 16 hours if you're going for the up top of G of X but just remember you're gonna have a lot of different variables that are coming to play there okay another one of the myths that I really wanted to address how to do with mental function okay this is out there in the mainstream and I saw some.

Papers put up and running papers I saw some articles put out there by some pretty big publications that shall remain nameless right now that we're trying to put down intermittent fasting I think a lot of them came from like Jillian Michaels earlier this year started you know bashing in term in fasting which tends to happen it's all.

Good point is is that what came of it is your brain can't function when you're fasting oh my gosh that one frustrates me okay so your brain can't function when you're faster okay well let me first give you kind of a personal like anecdotal thing there's a reason that whenever I'm filming and I'm filming a bunch of content I'm fasted there's a.

Reason why when I don't sleep well for whatever reason I fast the next day okay there's well not always but if I have to use my brain point is is that when you're fasting your brain actually slows down and you're thinking wait a minute what my brain slows down that's not good I don't want my brain to slow down yes you do a slow brain is a happy brain now.

What happens with a slow relaxed brain it means that your brain is actually able to process things okay you're able to have that transmission you're able to have that connectivity and your brain is able to function better there's a reason why when you come out of say a meditation or something like that you feel so clean and clear there's a reason.

Why when your rest your brain is rested and you feel more clear well the nice thing is intermittent fasting not only do you get the rest for your brain but you also get a bunch of euro chemicals okay you get brain-derived neurotropic factor which is not a long-term positive effect well it is but it's short-term – okay what.

Brain-derived neurotropic factor is is something very very simple it's we call it like brain fertilizer and when you go through a period of fasting or eating caloric restriction what happens is you create these stress response you create a good degree of lactate well that good degree of lactate actually feeds and grows brain driving a trophic factor.

Which literally has been shown in multiple studies to grow nerve cells to grow brain cells so we get a short-term effect in terms of the actual communication and the neurotransmission within our brain but they get the long-term effect of actually making our brain better so that myth just frustrates me because it's just one of.

These myths that you're not even threatening the metabolic side of things it's like when you come out that it's like you're going to the very core or like fasting we're depriving yourself of food you're going to be stupid you need carbs to survive your brain needs carbs come on okay I don't care if you eat carbs or if you're keto or what the fact.

Is when you're deprived of calories in general your brain finds a way to thrive and gluconeogenesis where your body utilizes stored substrates like proteins and even protein we've consumed and degrades them and deaminate them well that is a very very efficient way to create energy and it's also has some additional byproducts that allowed brain.

To work really well so point is the brain works really really well when you're fasting and it works really well right after a fast however you probably noticed that if you fasted and then you break your fast you end up finding like two hours later you feel a little bit fatigued you feel a little bit bulk that's totally normal that's usually.

Just a digestive response now I know I had some super Jets that came in so I'm gonna make sure I address them oh sorry BMW guy – a6 says you're getting written fasting and keto videos helping me drop my weight by 15 pounds awesome man good to hear that how to deal with Ramadan thirty days of dry fasting you know the nice thing is with.

Ramadan coming up it is important to address this because I have a lot of people that have been asking me that it's really quite simple with intermittent fasting during Ramadan you're really just fascinate from Sun up to Sun down so depending on where you live it's anywhere from 10 hours to 16 hours really and yeah you should be dry.

Fasting during that time the one thing that I know from I've got some some Muslim friends and I and I know you know generally what the fastest broken within a lot of cases the one big beef that I would give no pun intended the one big thing that I would say is don't break your fast with the dates that are so commonly breaking a fast word right so.

Many people break their fast their Ramadan fast with dates that is pure fructose which is not something I would recommend breaking your fast with because all it's going to do is fill up your liver glycogen now this just goes for anybody right this goes for anybody that's doing any kind of fast but I'm addressing it because person asked the.

Questions surrounding Ramadan okay at the end of your fast the goal if you're going to have carbohydrates would be to have the carbohydrates saturate the muscle right you don't want to saturate the liver glycogen now regular glucose regular carbohydrates will fill up the muscles okay fructose will only fill up the liver as.

You've probably seen from many of my videos we can only hold anywhere from depends on the person I mean probably 25 to 50 grams of carbohydrates in the way of fructose in the liver so that means if you have like five or six dates or you know what again I say this because it's a common fruit that people break a fast with during Ramadan you're filling.

Up your liver glycogen and then you're never filling up your muscle glycogen so then the next day if you go work out or anything like that you're gonna feel a lot more fatigued and all you're doing is potentially putting yourself at risk for what's called de novo lipid Genesis okay we're fat spills over from the from the liver okay so hopefully that makes.

Some sense I just wanted to give a shout out here William help me thank you so much for the kind words it says super chat and says thanks for all the great content another question that came in and says sorry mister Showtime says thank you for helping me lose 40 pounds I'm definitely feeling good and I'm fasting properly weight is just falling.

Off 18 pounds to go heck yeah there we go and this is awesome so many nice people saying some so be positive things and while we've got a good amount of people on here hey can you guys please hit that thumbs up button please really does help me out a lot helps this helps the channel out just in general and for those of you again that have.

Just hopped on here a lot of the reason I'm doing this isn't to know anything else other than to just hop on to be able to chat with people it's you'd only have so many conversations with a two-year-old before you kind of start to act like a two-year-old you know so anyhow it's nice to hop on with some people here Carlito says when fasting.

Eighteen six is it better to eat early like 11 to 5 or later 1 to 7 it all depends on your goals to be completely honest I generally will eat a little bit later but I rotated up depending on like when my workout is and what I'm doing stuff like that there one of the things I also want to talk about kind of a to some more common myth that's coming up.

And again these mists tend to come in droves right I've been talking about intermittent fasting for close to a decade and they always kind of cycle through there's like a different series of anti intermittent fasting people and anti fasting people and I think one of the most common ones is again you're gonna be fatigued all the time and I.

Just want to address this because there's more recent evidence that's coming out of the saying like okay when you are fasting you have such an increase in the level of norepinephrine that your alertness and your overall energy is significantly higher fasted state I seem to be significantly more energized than if I worked out in a fed.

State so when norepinephrine is triggered it's basically released in the synaptic cleft and it interacts with all these different receptors and it causes energy to be created at a much higher level and that's exactly what's happening so you're not gonna feel fatigue in fact if you go and then you have the secondary effect if the ketones.

Coming in later on with the longer fast I personally with the exception when I first started fasting I don't think I ever really got fatigue during a fast we've got some more questions coming in let's sit here sorry so many good questions here Bonnie thank you so much for the super chat appreciate that let's see can you talk some day about.

Physiologic insulin resistance first pathological insulin resistance that's a very good point I can't talk about insulin resist the second in general because I do want to say yeah there is such a thing that's what they call pathological insulin resistance where you can actually psychosomatically kind of affect your insulin and also just.

Terms of biologically we're seeing like with diurnal rhythms like if you normally eat at certain times even have an insulin response your body actually starts to calculate that so that's exactly what your fasting kind of keeps your body guessing and it can reset your diurnal rhythm now this video didn't need to just be about.

Of course talking about the benefits of intermittent fasting I just wanted to address that Elena says well magnesium three and eight keep me from my Britta keep my brain from slowing down while fasting no it's actually just the opposite so knees iam three and eight can get into the brain okay magnesium three they.

Can cross the blood-brain barrier which is very beneficial it's one of my favorite magnesium's to take while I'm fasting if I need to use my brain okay so people think that magnesium can energize your brain magnesium is a relaxing mineral okay we have to remember magnesium opposes the excitatory effect of like say calcium so.

Calcium is an excitatory mineral it causes basically an electrical response whereas magnesium sort of has the opposite effect so when you look at at the musculoskeletal level it's relaxing muscles that's why my museum has been shown to help alleviate leg cramps and things like that that's why magnesium is important there so same effect in your.

Brain in terms of not cramping but it does allow your brain into essentially relax right so that's just a point there a relaxed brain is a happy brain is a smart brain is an efficient right and that's what we're after good questions still here let's see hard to do a twenty four twenty I work fast right now any recommendations of an ACV.

To stop the hunger different kinds of tea peppermint tea as long as it doesn't have any kind of herbs or berries or anything mean it's gonna have a caloric effect so peppermint tea has an effect just digestive lis not only is it good right after a meal to kind of ease digestion and kind of help everything go into place that's also good in an empty.

Stomach to kind of just help alleviate any hunger pangs that you might get so it does plus there's kind of a sweetness to it that kind of makes it a little bit nicer so just something to note there Chris material says let's see do the carbs and fats in a Sun warrior protein shake go into storage when breaking a fast know your that's actually good that.

You brought that up so I often talk about not combining fats and carbs it's really important to know that that combination it needs to be pretty aggressive that caused a problem so hopefully there's a lot of people that get a chance to hear this because when you combine fats and carbs it can be very very bad but there's two things.

That you have to remember one how many carbs are you having and how much in a way of the fat are you having to but also how high glycemic is that carbohydrate I mean you still have to remember that like if you have a rice cake or pure sugar or something on its very high glycemic and you combine that with a fat well yeah that's going to.

Cause a problem because you're having a big insulin slab so what you have to look at is how big is the insulin spike going to be right how big is the insulin spike going to be that could potentially allow the fat to go into storage just a question you have to ask right when you look at like a protein shake you're usually looking at a negligible amount.

Of carbs when you work from like two to ten maybe and it's usually not coming from sugar right it's not coming from sugar it's coming from plant fibers in the case of a pea protein and things like that so you're not getting much of an insulin spike if anything you're actually having a reduced insulin spike because of the fibers and the kind of.

Prebiotic effect and ultimately the butyric short chain fatty acid effect so you're not going to have that big of an issue so for all intents and purposes don't really pay attention to the carbs fat combination rule unless it's like more than ten grams of carbs okay that's the only thing that you I just obviously there's nuances with that but that's to.

Keep it simple for all intents and purposes I saw you recommend doing push-ups every hour I can't be more than – can I use a kettlebell instead yeah and the whole idea Beverley is just keep yourself moving right now okay what happens is every hour so it's just good drop and get yourself into that anaerobic mode okay going out and going.

For a walk doesn't do the same thing okay getting out and getting some aerobic activity is going to keep you metabolically flexible shifting from the anaerobic system glycolysis into bacter aerobic that's what I'm constantly on to have that switch that's why you know an athlete is usually a good athlete because they have the ability to recover.

Via their aerobic pathway but then they can still push hard via their anaerobic so right now we have the perfect opportunity to drop into push-ups or drop into kettlebell swings or whatever no another question popped up that I want to make sure I addressed here bear with me okay banana says I have adrenal issues if I'm drained after fasting how.

Do I figure out potassium or sodium deficiency I'm a new hall very stripped stress last through three years generally speaking it's going to be okay you're going to deplete seem fast and you're gonna deplete magnetar excuse me so I can't remember the name of the publication but I mentioned it in a video your body is.

Going to burn through potassium much faster than sodium however there's a tipping point because once you fast for once you start losing sodium so point is is I want to say it was a 24-hour fast that you lose on average like 500 ish milligrams of potassium which doesn't sound like that much but if you're sweating or if you're stress you're.

Going to oxidize me burn more and then next up was going to be sodium and then I believe magnesium now that's generally speaking now the reason I address this is because if you start to lose sodium then you're gonna start to lose other minerals too right because sodium helps you retain water which helps you retain those minerals so even if you're losing.

Potassium first and then you start to lose sodium well the sodium we lose that you're going to lose more potassium along with it if that makes sense because now your mineral that was allowing you to hold on to other minerals is now letting go if that makes sense so it's always best to start with sodium and potassium because you don't.

Know which one is which and they do kind of balance each other out they're very very critical and if you have an imbalance and you have too much of one and not enough of another it's gonna throw off just the overall electron current or not necessarily the electron transport chain but basically the overall it's called the nerve action.

Potential of actually sending a signal into the cell and sorry more questions coming in trying to get through as much as I can I've only got seven more minutes on this broadcast here hang on Robinson thanks for the super chat appreciate that foxing if you go an if' for pregnancy Jake a good question I would not recommend fascinating during.

Pregnancy I would also I'm not an OB I'm not a doctor but I can say just from experience that I've seen and experienced in terms of just different patients that I know of they usually don't recommend keto until you're in the third trimester and even then they still are reluctant to recommend it the reason is is we don't know what's going to.

Happen in terms of glucose and tolerance later on down the line don't potentially want to make your son or daughter your baby glucose intolerant and we can't that that what's called epigenetic effect that's very powerful what someone eats when a baby is in the womb is going to have a very big effect on how that.

Baby is born and how they process glucose so I can speak from my own experience it you know Amber's not ketone during her pregnancy but she'll shift back to keto in the latter part of a pregnancy because at that point most of the development is done most of the pancreatic development is done they're making their own beta cells their.

Pancreas is functioning so they basically physiologically have their own ability to create insulin they don't rely on hammers or they don't rely on the mothers anymore that makes sense anyhow some more questions that popped in Ross says tonsillar first time joining your live stream I like your videos we've helped them a lot even even.

Though I'm type 1 diabetic one thing I'd like to ask you what can you do to reduce migraines okay again I'm not a doctor so I'm always a little hesitant to answer you need to Rebecca questions that have to do with anything that's you know like this but it all depends on what the migraine is triggered from okay the ketogenic diet has some pretty.

Powerful effects on migraine so I don't know if you've looked into doing that okay I know you're doing intermittent fasting but the ketogenic diet might be a good choice for you it's usually going to be a magnesium issue too if you're fasting you're still experiencing those it's just a hard one to really address on guys I do want to go ahead and make.

Sure I mentioned two down in the description I know if you watch my channel then you know this all the time but I do want to go ahead and give a big shout out to thrive market right now those of you that watch my channel I was going to do it broadcast specifically talking about the economics of YouTube and all of that and everything like that.

So people understand but I'll save that for another day thrive has been supporting this channel through these crazy times where it's been a little bit harder to financially keep the channel going and pay the team so I wanted to just give a big shout out and I think everyone here probably appreciates the fact that thrive is helping you still be.

Able to produce these videos and still keep my team on payroll and being able to do that so by them sponsoring this stuff you may hate it sometimes and it may drive you nuts but just know that that's how we're able to produce good content so big thank you to them but what's relevant for you guys right now I put a link down below in the description.

If you're still having issues going to the grocery store and everything like that thrive is shipping and their shipping times have improved so if you guys are looking they did pantry goods or anything like that right now or you don't want to go to the store and I don't blame you I highly recommend you check out thrive.

Market down below and you can still use like my intermittent fasting box my Kido box everything that I have there so anyhow just big shout out to them you know they are supported this channel huge thing you check them out after this live broadcast just so that you can at least see if they've got stuff that you want.

Ok jumping back into some this other stuff Jack says Thomas Lauer can you use potatoes or in other starchy vegetables instead of a rice too great too fast yeah potatoes are actually really didn't want to break up fast with the reason I say that is because then you're not having the grain effect I'm always a very trepidatious with a lot of grains.

To begin with I usually save rice cakes because it's an easy example but with rice cakes of course you do have a grain and you do have the potential cross reaction assuming so that what I mean by that is there's still an inflammatory response that occurs with the grains simply because there's a common denominator in terms of what's called.

Pro-woman which is the storage protein for gliadin which is in gluten a pro lemon is still released whether you consume gluten or whether you consume a grain and that pro limit can trigger this cross reaction with what's called the TPO antibody point and saying all this is these TPO antibodies affect the thyroid and when you look at a lot of.

The case studies of men and women that have Hashimoto and have thyroid issues it's usually intertwined with a gluten intolerance of some kind – and grains seem to cause that same kind of issue in a lot of different case studies and other anecdotal things right so I'm cautious to recommend anyone consume a bunch of grain so your fact of.

Wanting to do potatoes is actually better like a red potato that you could say baked and then let cool a little bit then it actually turns into what's called resistant starch which is a really cool thing so super awesome there other questions come in and how does caffeine impact immune function and vitamin C metabolism that's a super good.

Question because there is some stuff out there that says that the acid in caffeine can actually counteract the effect of vitamin C to some degree it can help limit the absorption a little bit but it's a pretty negligible amount the fastest way that you can reduce absorption of vitamin C is by consuming.

Carbohydrates or sugar along with it because they compete for the same receptor in the gut okay so when you are absorbing glucose or when your jewelry vitamin C it's riding on the same bus as glucose and it's going to prioritize glucose because glucose is imperative to daily function whereas vitamin C is sort of.

Secondary yeah the body views glucose that's more important is sesame oil inflammatory actually no believe it or not sesame oil is a very powerful oil in the sense that it has its own antioxidants built into it it has sesame and it has something called sessom mul and when it's heated these are powerful they should be essence anti-inflammatory.

Their antioxidants but what they do is they protect the oil from getting to nature so what would normally be a very fragile polyunsaturated fat actually becomes quite stable guys I do have a hard stop at 1:30 so I've got time for one more question and I know this has been a little bit of a shorter broadcast than what I normally do but it's still.

Always fun to hop on here so let's see now this is a question that keeps coming up all the time where'd it go when is it okay to eat oats on keto in terms in the week or in terms of beginning anything about fast the reason is is people been asking about oh no a lot I still encourage you to exercise caution with oatmeal I would.

Recommend making your own oatmeal with like hemp and flax hemp seeds and flax seeds the reason is is even gluten-free oats are still going to be pretty hard on the gut and right when you break up fast especially your gut mucosal layer is very very fragile okay and especially during these times I would just encourage you to be very very protective.

Of your gut mucosal layer and the reason I say that it's because remember 70 to 80 percent of your immune system it's in your gut and if you break down that mucosal layer then you're allowing label polysaccharides to potentially leak into the bloodstream and you're threatening your immune system a little bit more so I would really be making a concerted.

Effort to reduce the consumption of grains right now reduce the consumption of oats and try to go for more seed based things go more a little more paleo if you're normally doing carbs anyhow guys I do it the jump-off I've got a hug stop I've got a hop on a call you guys are awesome please make sure you lock it in tomorrow I've got a really good video.

Coming up tomorrow thank you again so much and don't forget to hit that thumbs up button please hit that little bell icon so you never ever miss a beat alright see you guys soon
Some Real Talk + 2020 Intermittent Fasting Myths (join me live)
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