Plant-Based Keto Challenge | Day 4 Results | Keto Diet Tips | Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Plant-Based Keto Challenge | Day 4 Results | Keto Diet Tips | Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Plant-Based Keto Challenge | Day 4 Results | Keto Diet Tips | Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

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What's going on everybody it live all right waiting for a few people to join in here already have Wow like just turn it on already have 20 people in here so once a few people get in here I'm going to give a good solid update on what's going on with the live broadcast coming on with the vegan keto challenge plant-based keto challenge which has.

Been interesting I'm here I'm like what three four days and already have some struggles so I want to share with everyone I want to go ahead and talk to the people that are doing the challenge with me but I also want to just share my thoughts and see what I'm uncovering some interesting things going on from the diet side of things but also from.

The mental side of things as I'm kind of evolving in this I'm gonna try to open up the chat window hang on there we go okay so I've got the live chat open so that I can see when people are talking hang on one second all right perfect we will bear with me one second guys dang okay we got one of people walking in here already.

Holy cow all right so we've already got 600 people in this broadcast so the purpose of this is to answer as many questions as I can surrounding the vegan keto challenge but I also want to talk about what I'm eating and what I'm experiencing so far this has been really really interesting and if you haven't been following the.

Lead up up to this point like why I'm doing what I'm doing the reason I wanted to do a plant-based keto challenge was simply because there are so many people that have come to me and said that the keto diet is bad because of its carbon footprint on the earth and this and that and this and that and I wanted to prove that the vegan keto diet can be done.

Like you absolutely could do a keto diet if you are plant-based so again like I mentioned in the day one video I'm not here to go plant-based I'm not making that shift I'm not like I'm doing this for science I'm doing this to prove that it can be done I'm doing this to see how I feel maybe I'll feel great maybe I won't but anyway I wanted to put the.

Information out there for everybody yeah you guys are awesome before I get started deep diving into what I've experienced so far I want to go ahead and ask everyone who's here to comment where they're watching from just so I can say hello I see we've got a soccer sort of Japan in the house we've got Montreal in the house Wow.

Then we've got Idaho in the house we've got Quito in Seattle Roxy what's going on we got Los Angeles in the house oh my gosh this is crazy so many people here as if you are watching this broadcast go ahead and hit that thumbs up button that little thumbs up icon so that we can give this a like that way it's going to.

Help support the video get it to rank a little bit higher so that people that are on my channel can actually see it because YouTube is still algorithmic and they need to see that there's attention on the video if they're even gonna show it to my actual fan base holy cow I wish you could see how fast the screen is going right now because I can't even.

Like keep up with it but if any how to give you an update so here I am I started the vegan keto challenge on Sunday so here I am Sunday Monday Tuesday I'm on day 4 interesting things that I'm noticing ok so first of all digestive bloat is down significantly ok that was something that I wasn't really surprised to see ok I know that.

Just from a metabolic standpoint from an enzymatic standpoint protein is a little bit harder to break down so but and in Britain I noticed you asked super chat question and I appreciate you you do that a half that you answer that question just a little bit you wanted to know about fast way to get back into Quito I will hit that in just a little.

Bit let me go ahead and catch up with what I'm doing here so digestive float is significantly down that's not too much of a surprise but I am noticing that I'm probably overdoing the nuts a little bit things like the almonds and stuff like that those heavy phytates that are in those almonds and things like that they can be really tough on.

The body it can be really hard to to break down and because they have these things called anti nutrients so like almonds in the skin themselves they have phytates okay phytic acid and it's the job of that phytic acid to literally make it so that the nut is hard to digest so the hardest part that I'm finding with plant-based keto is eating.

A lot of nuts and just sort of the inflammation that comes along with that so what I'm working on doing this week is reducing the amount of nuts that I'm consuming so that I can start making some changes I want to give you a little kind of a sample meal plan of what I've been eating the last couple of days and that way you have a solid idea because.

Those of you that are doing the plant-based vegan or plant-based keto challenge with me then you're probably wanting to know what to eat and things like that I will say my wife's doing it with me and she's been cooking up some amazing food so I got to give her a huge credit she's on Instagram and she's posting like all the perfect pictures.

And everything like that of our food so you guys actually do want to follow her you can it's amber de Lauer she's got all the pictures of the food we're eating anyway but I'm gonna describe it okay so today for example what I did is I kept my breakfast super super super simple one of the challenges that I'm facing is my mind set it has always been.

Like how do I break up these meals in a protein a fat a carb a veggie whatever segments them right because that's how I was how it was ingrained in my mind when I was first losing weight is like segmenting these meals into particular macros and things like that with vegan keto that isn't really doable because you're only left.

With like one macronutrient you're really left with fat protein is in the equation but you're getting it from different sources and making it in the aggregate and obviously meats out of the equation obviously carves out of the equation veggies are in the equation even then you still have to be kind of easy on them because II don't want to.

Kick yourself out of Quito so it's made it rather difficult because it's erased sort of what I have in my mind to actually compile foods so we're creating these mixed matches of ingredients to ultimately combine amino acids to get protein in which has been interesting so I mean that's combining things like like milled flax seed that makes a great.

Little flour actually if you like take flax seed and you mill it or you just get ground flax seed you can make a lot of flour out of that you can make bread and you can do things like that but it's been difficult it's been interesting so this morning for example it was simple I had part of what's called a cave shake which is like just a brand that you can.

Get a whole foods it's basically heavy coconut cream so high fat coconut cream a little bit of stevia a little bit of ice coffee and just kind of blended that all together and I had a tiny bit of that I had about half of what I would normally have because I am so satiated I don't have much of an appetite so it's really wild so that's been interesting.

So I had that was by about two or three hundred calories and then I had a Sun warrior protein shake so I ended up having their warrior blend which is a mix of hemp and pee and I had their mocha flavor link to them is down in the description if you guys want to get your hands on some of that they're sponsoring this vegan keto challenge so big thank.

You to them but also a special discount that's extended out to you guys anyway so that was breakfast really simple hit lunch I cheated a little bit in terms of just what I would normally do I had a lot of veggies so normally I would cut my veggies down a little bit but I was really craving veggies so I did my asparagus with nutritional yeast so what.

I did is I took probably about 20 stalks of asparagus that were already grilled up and steam that should say I added nutritional yeast to them sprayed my coconut oil on them just about tablespoon of coconut oil and a little bit of salt and some sesame seeds on top of that ate that that was really really good and then I had a little piece of.

Flax bread so amber had taken milled flax seed and made like a seed bread out of it so she used the flax seed made it into a bread along with a little bit of almond butter so it sticks and then added pumpkin seeds and added sunflower seeds so as you can see it's very very heavy nut and sea-based which again has been difficult because.

That's something I try to modulate a little bit in my diet in the first couple of days I didn't feel real great doing it but now I'm feeling really darn good I'm actually feeling like my body's adjusting to that so it kind of goes to show and it's I'm kind of understanding as I go through this that perhaps changes in the diet just take a little.

Bit of time for the in somatic processes to catch up so that's what I'm discovering here one thing I will say I'm finding it hard to stay deep in keto I'm not here I am three days into it and I'm not registering a lot of ketones which doesn't really bother me too much it's not a huge deal not registering a lot of ketones doesn't concern me as.

Long as I'm registering at least some but I'm only sitting at like point 5 millivolts so what that means is that I'm not getting into a heavy state of keto but it also means that I'm fat adapted in my body isn't having to create a lot of ketones so I'm really not too concerned but normally I'd be sitting about 1 to 1.5 millimoles now.

This could play a part in as to why like I'm waking up in the morning a little bit foggier than usual and then as the day goes on I'm getting clearer and clearer because I'm getting more fats coming in so it's interesting now here's the emotional issue that's been a little bit of a struggle and all of a sudden I'm sharing this stuff with you just out.

Of honesty because I will say that the food is tasting really good Amber's been making some amazing tasty stuff like vegan keto plant mosquito is totally doable but the biggest struggle is the caloric density of the food okay so normally I'm adjusted to having some protein which makes up some of the volume of the food that I'm consuming.

Right now the proteins not in the equation well I shouldn't say protein is in the equation the meats not in the equation so I am restricted to fat based meals or fat and fiber based meals which can still taste good they can taste really good almost too good but they're very calorically dense and it's easy to overeat so until the ketones kick in.

Like in turn in terms of the actual production of ketones I'm struggling with actually being hungry because I'm not I mean to be able to eat as much volume now I just that in the next day or two my body is going to a ketones are going to produce more or right livers gonna produce more ketones and that's gonna associate me more okay.

Because beta-hydroxybutyrate the ketones do suppress gralen levels they do suppress chlorogene in levels they do suppress those things so they do make it better but it's gonna make it so that in the meantime it's a little bit of struggle so I think on Monday Monday was yeah Monday I think I grossly over ate and I didn't even realize it I had had.

Some like baking chocolate that I melted down and added stevia to and next thing I know I was consuming like a half a bar of it which ended up being like four hundred and fifty five hundred calories and I'm like oh shoot I'm like way over now and then the bread that amber had made made with milled flax like one little slice so that was like 350.

Calories next thing I know like I'm over my calories by like 700 and I wasn't tracking my actual macros because I'm usually pretty good without tracking macros but this whole world is so foreign to me I found that it was it was pretty wild so I'm just falling on the sword I'm just being honest with it someone says you're struggling mentally.

It's not that normal you know I'm just trying to explain this in a way that doesn't sound convoluted it's been a very interesting experience just to have to battle this emotional battle now I came from being 280 pounds before and having an emotional relationship with food that is a little bit off is not fun I used to have a poor relationship with.

Food and one thing I'm finding is right now as I'm transitioning it's a difficult relationship again it's a little bit tough because I'm actually hungry again which changes the paradigm in my mind it makes it a little bit more difficult but one thing I will say has been very positive is that normally I'm concerned about combining fats and carbs.

Right I never want to do that I never want to be combining fats and carbs because that's usually just the end-all be-all in terms of a negative effect in your body you don't want to combine fats and carbs you're spiking your insulin along with fat coming into the equation so what I have found is that since I have no concern whatsoever about.

Combining fats and carbs on this diet because carbs simply aren't there fats are there but I'd never have to worry about carbs coming in the equation it's made it so that I know no matter what I am consuming at that point in time is going to do the job that it needs to do so what I mean by that is I'm not sitting there constantly.

Thinking about adding the protein in so I know that no matter what I eat no matter how good it tastes it fits within the realm of what I can have so normally if I was eating a regular diet you'd be sitting here eating something that tastes good and there would be concern that it could be bad for you right there's just combining the fats.

And carbs and all that stuff but when I'm talking about a vegan keto or plant-based keto there's only one real macronutrient that I can be focused around so I know that no matter how good it tastes it's fitting within the realm of what works and so let me give you a better example because this is difficult to explain if I was doing traditional.

Plant-based and not plant-based keto there's a lot of ways that I could go wrong I could eat a pop-tart and I could be still within the realms of plant-based right but by eliminating the carbs out of the equation and being plant-based and keto i do know that virtually everything I'm eating fits within the realm of possibility for a.

Healthy meal with my diet so amber made some tasty bread amber made some really good pizza crusts she made some really good flat breads and I know that I can eat them in moderation and actually for once enjoy the food I'm eating knowing that it fits within the realm of what I'm supposed to eat this for someone like me that used to be super overweight.

This is a huge thing because I have accepted that there's a lot of things that I can't enjoy anymore but on this protocol I've been able to have a better relationship with food at the same time that I'm struggling so I hope that makes sense it's it's complex but I'm hoping that it evolves and allows me to have a little bit of a state shift in terms of.

How I look at food does that make sense everyone is everyone that's watching does that does that make sense in terms of just how it's fitting within the parameters what I'm supposed to eat so it allows me to sort of drop my guard I just want to make sure that that makes sense it I know full well this it might not be coming through the way that I.

Want it to because it's clear in my head but it's very difficult to articulate a lot of people are saying they get it okay super glad that everyone's getting it there I want to go ahead and open up some questions for people I wanna I want people that ask anything that's coming on their mind if they're doing this.

Plant-based challenge because I really I'm learning things and that's the whole idea I can't preach a certain thing unless I'm doing it myself and I'm gonna encounter a lot more struggles with this one thing I will say is that I'm not having nearly as much digestive stress as I thought I would I thought it would.

Be really tough for me to break down a lot of plants and stuff like that but it's not too bad so okay so I'm waiting for some questions we've got a lot of questions coming in okay someone said you've been only doing this a few days and what you're saying makes total sense okay I appreciate everyone being super clear on this okay hang on a second guys.

I got to pull this window over so I can actually see your questions better okay so someone says how can you eat pizza crust so that one I've been using cauliflower foods they have a plant-based pizza crust a plant-based cauliflower crust so normally like cauliflower crust have egg or they have cheese or anything in them they have a.

Plant-based one so a little bit higher carb so you got to kind of control it like it's got you know like 10 grams of carbs or something and a half half a pizza so you just got to make sure you allocate it that way people are asking what kind of how much protein am i consuming so I added it up yesterday and I ended up about a hundred grams still.

So that's not too bad that's you know actually pretty darn good when I factor in the fact that I used the Sun warrior pea protein amber also used that Sun warrior pea protein along with some flax meal to actually make a pancake so she made pancakes with milled flax Sun warrior pea protein and a little bit of almond butter so it had some better.

Consistency some binding unit to it and she made an awesome pancake out of that so and there's a lot of questions coming in so someone says I'm only here to see how you're feeling I don't think I want to try being in keto I love keto itself yeah Adrianna it's definitely different and again for those of you that just joining in the reason that I'm doing.

Vegan keto right now is just to show that it can be done but I also want to learn because it's it's complex and I love a good challenge I just want to say wow this in here says all the information from your channel and help me lose 28 pounds since January 27th that's awesome and Joan marks how much P protein would you recommend so P protein.

It all depends on the person how you just it I usually do about 25 grams of protein worth the P protein at any given sitting I don't go overboard on it you know like yesterday just you know had a scoop and a half of Sunwarrior which was perfect with a little bit of almond milk it's perfect nicole says what vegans substitute are.

You using I'm not sure which are you might be talking about proteins like what vegan substitute I will say I used tempeh today and wasn't the biggest fan of it I'm trying to do this whole plant-based approach with as little soy as possible those of you that know my channel know that soy is if it's in the right.

Instance it can be okay but it's so high in xenoestrogens we just have to be really careful with it now what I'm thinking is that for the next few days as my appetite starts to decrease I'm probably going to get a lot of benefit out of just fasting for a lot of this time so I'll probably end up fasting up until dinnertime break my fast with.

Something strategic maybe like a little bit of vegetable broth and something easy to digest maybe a little bit of pea protein and then proceed into my actual dinner meal Alan says Thomas need mods I definitely do need some moderators when I do these because mainly because I've got a lot of trolls but I also have a lot of good questions that are coming on.

So I hate actually Pavel says hey Thomas should we worry about collagen while on vegan keto no no you'll be fine honestly the body generally can combine aminos where it needs it to so when it comes down to collagen and everything like that your body can combine it pretty darn well but yeah that is one of the struggles that you're going to face.

Is it's harder to get those complete proteins or those collagen proteins that you need to actually support your body in different ways sorry guys I'm trying to filter some of the questions here they're coming through okay any chlorella and spirulina yeah so I actually did have spirulina added that into my Sun warrior shake yesterday so.

That's perfect you can use powdered spirulina anything just try to get a stronger infusion of greens yeah and Gus say it's an unrealistic approach for the vast majority of people I don't disagree it's not always sustainable and the thing that I appreciate about people that are doing vegan keto is that they see.

They see the benefits of Kido and they're not being closed-minded with it they want the benefits of Keita they see the therapeutic side of it because there's strong therapeutic benefits to the ketogenic diet but they're still wanting to live their plant-based lifestyle so I think the people that are plant-based in general that are already.

Vegan or already plant-based that are exploring the keto diet I commend them greatly because it's a challenge but if they're ready to take that dive and actually do the ketogenic diet while following a plant-based diet that's that's hardcore that's commitment but it's interesting to see how easily it could be done especially if you can.

Control yourself with the quantities of food one of my workouts look like right now okay so this has been interesting I'm glad you brought that up today was the first time that I felt okay well I take that back Sunday I felt great in the gym because I was just starting Monday and Tuesday I felt like dog crap I didn't feel good okay I was like what.

The heck am I gonna do this how am I gonna am I gonna be able to handle this at all like is this going to be something I can do I went on the stair climber and for a little bit and I was just so winded like what the heck is going on and then what happened today was like a whole new world like all of a sudden I'm stronger.

Than I was last week my workout style has been a little bit shorter my wife and baby were sick last week so what I've done this week is I've really tried to like lessen my workouts a little bit because I don't feel like getting sick I'm trying to not be immunosuppressed and compromised my immune system right now so I've just been going heavier and.

Shorter workouts and then adding a little bit of high-intensity cardio at the end but so dramatically shorter workouts by half the volume that I normally would do so but I'm trying to do compound movements right now to get myself into a deeper state of ketosis so I'm doing a lot more in the way of like dumbbell deadlifts dumbbell squats.

Compound multi joint movements so where I'm doing like dumbbell thrusters and stuff like that and I'm just doing traditional heavy sets in the range of like eight reps with some drop sets and again I'm doing that to try to get myself into a state of ketosis and get myself there a little bit faster NIC Paris says I microwave a protein shake.

With my oats when I break my fast is that okay yeah I would recommend not having gluten when you break your fast it's a little bit hard on the system so maybe use gluten-free oats a omlette theory says going plant-based forces the body to detox yeah to some degree it does I would argue that more so it's just about getting an infusion.

Of good nutrients in so what I'm learning here right now is that the struggle is going to be getting enough veggies in that don't kick me out of quito to still get enough nutrients overall so how do I keep my calories high enough without just eating tablespoons of coconut oil while also consuming enough veggies that don't kick.

Me out Aikido to really feel a combination of satiated and full but also be able to get the nutrients that I need so I feel like it's a detox component but it's more suggest you're actually getting nutrients that you should be getting so I feel like people that eat plant-based diets get a lot of these nutrients if they're paying.

Attention to it people that don't eat a plant-based diet generally speaking aren't getting those other nutrients I do feel that someone that is consuming even a meat diet if they add those plant-based components to their me diet I think they'd feel good and they'd feel that same detox effect that's just my opinion on it.

Christy I'm so so honored that I've inspired you to do keto it's exactly what I love to hear Nona says beard trimmed now I did trim it up a little bit it was again a little bit out of control Nani Nani says any plans for a vegetarian challenge soon I would like to do a vegetarian challenge and amber and I were just talking about.

This last week and the reason that we were talking about it is because there's so many things that could be solved that are struggles by just having eggs on this diet right and you could bake you could have the complete amino acid profile from eggs and I think it'd be interesting to show people as just a different kind of challenge that might.

Not be as extreme to do a vegetarian style so I will do that and I'm also going to in May just for the heck of it because I can't give preferential treatment to one specific diet so I am gonna do in May a carnivore challenge I'm gonna do it too I already talked to dr. Baker who created that the why because I need to get data like I want.

To get data for you guys and I want to encourage everyone to think outside the box okay I want everyone to be able to think what just what can I do just push the boundaries with my body a little bit and learn what works for me now I may at the end of this two weeks challenge by plant-based keto is not for me Jake says.

Am I currently in a caloric deficit so I don't know if you saw the beginning part of this video but I don't think I am right now I'm adjusting today to try to be in a caloric deficit because I feel like the last couple days I was in a clerk overage trying to adjust and figure out this new style of eating can you exhibit it was an example of a daily.

Meal please so I did do that a little bit earlier but I can break it down again just to give you yesterday's meals for example actually let me do yesterday I ended up fasting a lot of the day let me give you Monday because Monday was an interesting day I went to a place called longevity coffee longevity coffee is a local place that actually makes like.

Keto beverages it's pretty cool that we actually have that locally so I had a macadamia nut milk cacao stevia hot chocolate so it literally is cacao macadamia nuts stevia some spices into a hot chocolate totally vegan friendly totally keto friendly and it's been interesting so that was good okay they made it with coconut whipped cream.

So they ended up like literally putting coconut cream inside a whatever those things are called I can't even know what they're called things that make whipped cream so that was awesome that was like enough calories right then and there then I got back to the house and I had a Sun warrior pea protein shake and I had a slice of that flax bread that amber.

Made so I'm like adding up the calories there I'm like okay shoot that was already like six seven hundred calories then with the office for a little bit came home for lunch and had a flatbread made like a little veggie pizza thing so I took a flatbread that amber made and then I took a specific kind of vegan cheese that's made from coconut oil I.

Can't remember the name of right now took a little bit of pesto that amber had made with some pine nuts with some walnuts some olive oil avocado oil a couple other things and then a little bit of well actually no that was it that was in on that food so then I had a protein shake with that too then I came home for dinner and we had zucchini.

Noodles so we had just the regular zoodles right where you take zucchini make it into noodles and here's where it got crazy we wanted to make a bolognese sauce right so we started looking up some recipes and we found that if you take walnuts and you soak them and then blend them in a food processor and mix it with a little bit of tomato sauce and.

Some spices it really does have the consistency of like ground meat like it tastes like Bolognese it was really amazing put that on top of the zoodles and bingo we are good of course lacking a protein there it was a little bit difficult so what I did I ended up again having a little protein shake with.

That meal now what was sketchy about that meal with the walnut and everything like that is walnuts are caloric so at the end of that meal I had ended up having like a quarter cup of walnuts that were like processed in ground that's a lot that's a lot of calories so I'm like oh my gosh my dinner was like a thousand calories so it was so easy for.

Me to go over on calories and I was still hungry so I ended up you know like it was tough so I ended up making some almond milk and then having some cocoa in it and a little bit of stevia whipped it up in a magic bullet blender and made my own little hot chocolate again so I could sip on it and satiate myself you know again like I've talked about my.

Videos my chocolate muumuus so I made that it tasted really really good was still a tough day calories were over again I was still hungry Tuesday I explained earlier I fasted then today I'm getting a grasp on things a little bit more tomorrow I'm filming so like Thursdays I usually film a lot of content so tomorrow I'm like okay I'm a.

Little bit cognitively foggy right now which I mean you can probably tell a little bit like I'm not quite as articulate as I normally am because I think I'm just at this low level of ketones my body's adjusting so I'm kind of thinking tomorrow what do I do how do I get my I cognitive up so I'm gonna experiment with some high quality.

MCT which I'm usually not a huge huge fan of doing copious amounts of but I'm do that I'm gonna do you know sort of a bulletproof coffee style with that and then I'm gonna have a little bit of chocolate that has like theobromine in it like unsweetened chocolate that's gonna have high amount of theobromine I know a company called addictive wellness.

That makes it with like cordyceps which is a mushroom extract in it I'll probably have a little bit of that and that's just I'm just going to eat that for the morning so keep it super super simple film hopefully the MCTS are gonna give me a little bit of brain fuel and I'll feel good I'm just going to keep you posted throughout the whole thing.

Obviously I'm doing this for two weeks I'm gonna do more live broadcasts I'm only four days in so it's really tough for me to be giving any kind of like solid concrete stuff someone just asked am i seeing it decrease in my list no I'm actually if anything I'm feeling stronger but I think I'm feeling stronger simply.

Because my caloric values are up I'm consuming more which it might change as I start to reduce this the last few days couple days at least I've been over it on my calories so I think it's making an effect because I usually sit in somewhat of a caloric deficit like I usually don't consume a whole lot of calories so I think one thing that's working is I'm.

Getting a little bit of a metabolism reset probably from a leptin standpoint my leptin values are probably communicating my lessons communicating with my brain a little bit more so this is all hypothesis but anyway I mean this is all about just doing this for science so hey guys we have a lot of people on this broadcast you guys just do me a.

Favor and hit that thumbs up button hit that like button that way we can get a nice big surge of likes on this video so that people that are on my channel can actually see it ace you say does anyone know about vegetable ghee I don't know much about it I just heard about it recently because I thought it might be something I can use for this protocol so.

We'll see someone says can you be fat adapted and still have cravings absolutely you can especially when you're trying something new and you're reducing your food volume and I don't want to forget the question that came up earlier which was talking about like if you screw up how do you get back in ketosis fast you know usually I do a.

Coconut oil fast so what I'll do is I'll go 24 hours where I'll just have a couple tablespoons of coconut oil in the morning a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil in the mid-day couple tablespoons of coconut oil for night at nighttime and the next day I'm back in ketosis with a vengeance and it works really well and I actually don't feel.

Really really bad I actually feel really energized so that's the way you can get back and keep doing really fast yeah if the like button on mobile you actually have to like pull it up if you like minimize the screen for a second and then it pops up it's kind of difficult if anyone knows how to hit the like button on mobile if you can type it for.

The couple of people that are concerned and trying to figure it out okay okay and we have so many questions it's so difficult to even see a lot of them some of them is thrive market legit yeah thrive is very legit so very well known marketplace you guys are super awesome she likes went up so it's working right now so ask text 732 I I'm glad I'm glad.

That that coconut oil fix worked okay perfect I didn't want you to think that I forgot about your question earlier someone says have you tried to germinate your seeds it could help the digestion yeah so if you sprout seeds or you sprout almonds or sprout the nuts it does help quite a bit so that's something that I.

Think I'm gonna start doing with that Bolognese that we talked about if you sprout the walnuts first it makes a big difference and I noticed the digestibility was a lot better too I haven't tried ambrosia collective's plant protein I know you mentioned that is he kind of taking a shirt off no I'm not gonna take my shirt off not.

In this video I did start filming some more workout content though so hopefully we'll get that up here soon film the workout today on or a video today on how to actually activate your glutes more when you're doing a leg workout to ultimately get more of a calorie burn so just out of curiosity actually while I'm here talking to a lot.

Of people would you guys be interested in seeing more workout related content not necessarily like follow along workouts but more just like educational physiology like athlean-x style workouts yeah any anybody interested in that kind of thing just go ahead and type in workout that way it gives me a good idea because I don't want to start creating a.

Bunch of content if it's not gonna be a good fit someone says Tom you look paler well first of all it's winter and it's been raining here for like the last three weeks so yeah I am probably a lot more pale than I normally am but also I have the fluorescence on in front of me to try to give me enough light so that I.

Can be in front of this camera and the fluorescents just destroy my complexion so that's definitely CT says any plant-based protein powder you recommend as again for those of you watching this video Sunwarrior has sponsored this entire two-week plant-based keto challenge so their link is in the description it's a special pretty.

Aggressive discount for those that are wanting to do the challenge now I will say I actually use pea protein even when I'm not doing plant-based keto so I just want to make that super clear like I'm not a big fan of way so I'm a fan of just using pea protein because it's a complete protein well it does miss them a theanine but Sunwarrior has the hemp.

In it too so P protein is a complete protein with the exception that I'm athenian and then you add hemp into it and you get that additional amino so I use that anyway because I'm not a big fan of weight I get inflamed that hold a lot of water I find with pea protein I stayed light nice and lean my muscles stay hard I don't feel like I'm puffy so.

That link is good for anybody you don't have to just be doing the challenge so go ahead and check it out now description someone says windmill amber come out with a keto cookbook I was just talking to her about that last week you guys like no you merely need to she's just been busy with the baby and all and I think she's just been hasn't been.

Doing as much of the social media stuff guys I'm gonna have to jump off here but I'm gonna do another live broadcast probably this weekend or early next week I just really wanted to hop on here give you guys an update you know touch base a little bit be a little bit more community driven with this if you guys really do like these live broadcasts and.

Stuff make sure you comment that you do make sure I like to know that you guys want to be here like I said we had almost a thousand people on this broadcast so I know it was at least a win for for some and if you guys have questions just try to post them up after this video goes live and after it stops I mean because then what will happen is.

The comments will actually go into the actual video versus just into the live chat and that way I can go back and I can look at them and I can answer the questions in the weekly Q&A like I posted up earlier this morning etc etc so one last big round thank you guys very very very very much and I will keep you posted and also make sure you check.

That community tab all the time so on YouTube on my youtube channel you can scroll over and see the community tab on the top bar I post pictures I post updates all that stuff and also for what it's worth I don't know if you guys follow me on Instagram but on Instagram I'm posting stories with my meals and things like that so you're gonna see a.

Little bit more of just the day in and day out so go ahead and give me a follow on Instagram simply at Thomas de Lauer that's super easy that way you can at least see the day as I go cuz I don't always write everything down but I want you to see what I'm doing and be a part of it alright you guys you guys are awesome.

And I will see you guys in the next video thank you again for Hobbiton here see you guys too
Plant-Based Keto Challenge | Day 4 Results | Keto Diet Tips | Q&A- Thomas DeLauer
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