Live Q&A: Should You Intermittent Fast Every Day – Clearing Up Confusion – SKIP TO MINUTE 6 FOR INFO

Live Q&A: Should You Intermittent Fast Every Day – Clearing Up Confusion – SKIP TO MINUTE 6 FOR INFO

Live Q&A: Should You Intermittent Fast Every Day – Clearing Up Confusion – SKIP TO MINUTE 6 FOR INFO

Check out the video on Live Q&A: Should You Intermittent Fast Every Day – Clearing Up Confusion – SKIP TO MINUTE 6 FOR INFO.
What's up YouTube it's Thomas de Lauer and you know yesterday I posted up a video talking about intermittent fasting versus time restricted eating and I know it's early but I wanted to get this out here as soon as humanly possible before a lot of confusion really broke out I am very very loyal to my subscribers so whenever I see that there's some.

Confusion on a specific video or anything like that I want to do whatever I can to clear the air and make sure you understand exactly what I was saying because there's a lot of confusion surrounding if you should fast every day and some of the things that I talked about so I want to make sure that I address this and this is honestly I mean.

This is how I like to operate my channel or like to operate with as much integrity as possible so the fact that there was some confusion on there I want to just hop on live and address this issue because it's actually quite simple and I think I just didn't articulate it very well in the video so I apologize to that so I wore that so I want to break.

This down okay so give me two seconds what I want to do really quick is I need to grab the link from this live broadcast and I need to put it into messenger so I can send it out to a couple other people so just bear with me really quick I want you in the meantime to go ahead and let me know where you're commenting from this way I can shout you.

Out what's going on in New Jersey what's going on in the UK what's going on in Italy we've got a lot of people here guys give me one second I'm just grabbing this link because I need to get this out to my list because a lot of people are wondering about this topic so here we go one second okay all right and we are now in business all right I'm.

Sorry about that I needed to get that out okay we got Columbus Georgia we've got Missouri we've got Kansas we've got Colorado we've got Andy in Connecticut UK Thailand Australia surprise Arizona North Carolina Miami Belfast Santa Clarita I hope you are doing okay with the fires so that you guys know I'm in Ventura County so these fires are close.

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That everyone that's a subscriber of mine people on YouTube can see this video the more people that like it the more people that are going to be able to see it and be able to clear up some of this confusion because quite honestly I have to fall on the sword I feel I feel bad because the video that I posted yesterday left some ambiguity and left a.

Lot of people confused and I want to talk about this so let's make sure that we get as many people on here as possible so that I can talk about this one time and clear it up so that you guys definitely understand what I meant what's going on Israel good to see you here Maurice in Columbus Ohio what's going on got Las Vegas in the house got.

London we've got Riverside California Plano Texas Philippines Ty Lee in South Carolina Romania Hamburg Serbia a lot of people on this broadcast maybe the mornings are the way to do these holy cow I'm actually in my studio right now I'm you can you see it you recognize this we're gonna be filming a lot of content today so I'm already in the.

Studio getting ready to film figured okay while we're prepping for this let's talk about this so bear with me for just another couple of minutes I'm waiting for a lot more people to come on because I have a lot of people that are joining this broadcast it's growing by the minute so I'm gonna keep shouting people out don't worry I'm gonna get to the.

Meat of this in like two minutes I just want to wait for a few more people Trinidad what's going on we've got Sherman Oaks again Deep South McAllen Texas we've got Canada we got Maryland we've got wow we got a lot of people West Point Missouri we've got over sorry Mississippi we've got Iowa Brazil Dallas Poland Philippines again New York.

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Like already proven to be the most successful broadcast just by how many people are already on this so if you can if you're watching this broadcast I do have to ask you to please hit that little thumbs up button hit that like button it's gonna rank it really high get a lot of people on here I can settle this issue once and for all fall on the.

Sword apologize to a lot of people for the confusion from the last video I just want a lot of people on here first someone says must be a slow day at work okay it must be because there's a lot people here maybe I need to definitely do these in the morning more often okay so I'm gonna get right to the topic now because keep on commenting where you're.

Watching from as I go it's totally fine if you have questions go ahead and post them up I will try to get to them but I want to go ahead and explain the situation so yesterday I posted up a video talking about time restricted eating versus intermittent fasting okay let me clarify that whole thing and if you want after.

This video you can go back and watch that video if you haven't already but I explained it with a whiteboard talking about the two different things we had time restricted eating and we have intermittent fasting now the difference between the two is really and this is the meat of the video and I polished have just gotten to the point it's.

Really ultimately the same thing it's just two different schools of thought in how they look at fasting and the whole purpose of that video wasn't to really say that one was better than the other I had been getting a lot of people asking about the difference and the fact of the matter is even when I doe deep into the research there isn't much of a.

Difference time restricted eating just focused a lot more on the eating window whereas fasting just focused more on the fasting window but at the end of the day it was very very very similar and it ended up looking like it was just someone else creating another term for fasting trying to ultimately create more of a buzz and that's the point I was.

Trying to get across there was that there don't dwell into it so in an effort for me to try to say don't overthink it I ended up making everyone over thank you and that was my fault that was totally my fault because I was trying to make it simple and in an effort to make it simple I made it way more complicated so I do apologize but.

It's a good video if you understand the gist of it but I made one comment in there that confused a lot of people and I feel like it needs to be explained and that's talking about fasting every day I think I scared some people because I said you shouldn't fast every single day and here I'm gonna get down to the real real science in the nitty-gritty of this.

So I want to make sure you're paying super close attention because this is critical you should not plan on fasting every single day I talked about fastening being a lifestyle and that's true and the majority of your days that you are dieting or the majority of the days that.

You are alive yeah you can be fasting but I recommend fasting anywhere from three to five days per week and here's why if we fast every single day eventually we put ourselves into this point where we are restricting the amount of calories we're consuming in our bodies setpoint our basal metabolic rate you're going someone laughs because.

Days all right a lot time you're alive in that comment I made your basal metabolic rate will start to decline what I mean by that is if you fast every single day you're eating windows really small so you're only going to be consuming you know a thousand fifteen hundred calories maybe and if you end up doing that every single day you get.

Yourself to a point where you are restricting calories so much that your metabolism will slow down now hear me out on this this is where I confused people and it's simply the fact that when you fast every day you lower your metabolism a little bit so if you fast three to five days per week fasting remains the catalyst to improve your.

Diet essentially what you do not want to have happen is you don't want your body to become tolerant or build up a tolerance of – fasting fasting is amazing and is a perfect lifestyle but fasting every single day to an extreme that I usually recommend like 1820 hours it's just leaving a lot to be desired with your calories so that's why let.

Fasting keep its power so by keeping it what I mean by that is fasting is a powerful tool so use it intermittently now the words intermittent fasting end up having two different variations two different kind of things and you can take it what's going on then you can take it two different ways there's intermittent fasting coming from the.

Side of you are fasting intermittently meaning you're not fasting every day or there's intermittent fasting coming from the angle of your intermittently fasting for a period of the day so there's two ways that you can look at intermittent fasting and I really wanted to be able to explain that and I know it confuses you can hear the.

Dogs whining because one of my guys just walked in the videographer walked in and thugs are going crazy so when it confused a lot of people when I talked about saying don't fast everyday that's me explaining to the masses not necessarily everybody but to the masses that when you fast you want it to be a powerful tool that's going to exacerbate.

The positive effects of your current diet so if you fast three days per week that those fasting days remain a very effective tool to help out your existing diet or your existing lifestyle now you can also do the same five days per week if you're a little bit more advanced you just have to make sure that when you are fasting on those fasting days you're.

Getting sufficient calories in throughout the course of the day so I hope that that makes some sense there there are people that can fast every single day as a good lifestyle but that would be a much shorter fast you have to you have to understand that when I'm talking about these these topics and these topics of intermittent fasting and.

Things like that you have to go back and realize that I've done hundreds of videos on these topics and not everyone's gonna know my school of thought I usually recommend like 18 to 20 hour fasts so Timmy relax who dogs are going crazy over there guys sound like Tasmanian devils anyway so like literally.

I'll bring the dogs over here and say Randy it's okay anyway so the point is is that we okay I'm gonna wait for one second in the meantime let's make sure that you comment where you're watching from and say hello and let me know where you're watching so I can wait for the dogs to chill out for a second okay now I can get back to the facts so a guy's.

Actually by the way really quick if you are watching this video can you please make sure you hit that thumbs up button hit that like button as much as you can just hit it right now anyone that's watching because it's gonna do it's gonna rank this video a little bit higher so that more people that are subscribed to my channel can.

See it again the whole purpose of this video just for those of you that are just joining in is clearing up confusion from the video that I posted yesterday talking about time restricted eating versus intermittent fasting a lot of people a couple things that were mentioned in that video that confused people that.

Perhaps haven't seen all of my videos in the past and I felt that it was a perfect time to be able to hop in a broadcast and talk about this it and make some sense of it so the short answer is should you fast every single day there is a subpopulation of people that should fast every single day or can fast every single day but you're.

Probably gonna be fasting with shorter windows if you're doing that you're probably just skipping breakfast in that case right you're you're doing maybe a 14 a 16 hour fast but if you watch a lot of my videos going back I usually recommend like an 18 or 20 hour fast so if you did an 18 or 20 hour fast as your intermittent fast everyday.

You're really leaving a lot of calories out of the equation and you're leading yourself in a position where you may not have a lot of nutrients coming in that's not good to do every day so you all have to take a look at what is Tomas de Lauer's method of fasting of intermittent fasting versus maybe the mainstream sort of intermittent fasting.

That's out there so that's why I say use fasting as a tool even if it's done 5-6 days per week even I mean at least like leave one or two days where you're eating normal three-four meals per day because then fasting remains super effective then you have fasting as a catalyst it comes in and it exacerbates what you're doing with your diet what.

You don't want to have happen is your basal metabolic rate drop okay you don't want to have let's say you're doing a 20-hour fast or an 18-hour fast 7 days per week it's pretty darn hard to get more than like 2,000 calories in that eating window I mean if you who are eatin super calorie dense potential junk then sure that might cause you know you.

To get those calories up your going to do that every day no you're probably going to be getting like 12 1300 calories in if you're eating clean well if we did that every day for the rest of our lives by the time you don't five years goes by our bodies are gonna be totally accustomed to eating a thousand 1200 calories well then what happens.

When you eat 2,000 calories 3000 calories well then your body's gonna store that okay you're lowering your basal metabolic rate so don't diminish the effectiveness of your fast learn how to fast properly and sprinkle it in intermittently that's why I use the word intermittent three four sometimes five times per week and get.

Those calories in on the others days so that fasting has the hormonal power to really leverage what you're doing could everyone that's watching you just comment and say if this makes sense again the whole reason I'm doing this is I have to be you know totally honest fall on the sword and say that yesterday's video might have been a.

Little bit confusing and I know you know a lot of you said you would have liked a little bit more attention to the whiteboard or text to explain it and a lot of you just didn't like the whiteboard style videos in the first place so I probably won't be doing those as much simply because I think it confused more people than it helped a.

Lot of people saying this makes sense now so I'm glad that I was able to do this video to clear this up awesome you guys are great I'm so so so thankful that you guys are you guys are getting it now and I wish that I had explained this in that video because you know I probably confused some people and guys if you also can can you please make sure.

You hit that like button that helps out a ton in terms of getting this video out to even my subscribers just so that you know YouTube is switching a little bit more to an engagement model a lot like Facebook which means that my subscribers won't see all of my content unless people are engaging and liking it and in order to keep me from having to repeat.

Myself in videos it helps me a lot if you guys hit that like button subscribers that I have can actually see this yeah someone just said if people actually watched your other videos they wouldn't be confused there is some honest truth to that I totally totally appreciate you saying that because that is the honest truth the fact is is that.

You know there's a few hundred videos on my channel and I don't expect everyone to be able to watch them all I've got some followers that have been subscribed to my channel since it was a five thousand person channel and they've seen virtually every single one of my videos but I also have people that just subscribed two weeks ago week ago.

Yesterday and it can be really confusing because they haven't seen my school of thought they haven't heard my reasoning behind things so they just come into this video after seeing everything that's been out there on YouTube talking about fascinating they're like whoa whoa whoa Thomas is all of a sudden saying we shouldn't fast every day that's the.

Point so when we look at how fast it works it is a powerful tool to be able to enhance what we're already doing don't lose the effectiveness okay so the way that I want you to look at fasting is look at it like nitrous in a car okay so if you guys have ever watched you know Fast and the Furious and you've watched and you know they.

Flip the switch for nitrous right and they all of a sudden they go super fast I want you to think of fasting like that with your body okay so you've got you know you're running on good fuel you're fast already you're clean you're lean but you all of a sudden go ahead and you put the flip the nitrous switch well that nitrous switch is your fasting we.

Want to preserve it a little bit only caveat difference being that you know nitrous is probably gonna be used once in a lifetime versus fasting being used a few times per week so intermittent fasting is a lifestyle it is effective it is something that you can do a majority of the time but I also feel like you should probably try to eat a.

Normal meal structure a couple times per week so you don't totally get accustom of this so we've got some lot of people okay I think I made it very very clear I think people get it so thank you guys very very much so you know there's a good question just came up I'm gonna scroll down okay second someone says one thing I've been confused on is my if you.

Want 16-8 in previous videos you said you don't really like it but in other videos including your program you've promoted it yeah no you I want to address that too so intermittent fasting is a lifestyle that 16 8 or even 14 10 is a lot better as just saying like I am gonna do this raw you know every day or I'm gonna do it as a lifestyle and it's.

A great way to introduce I need to actually do a video on like what is good for fasting for the introduc introductory person or excuse me as an introduction for people versus what you should do intermediate and what you should do advanced I think that would be a really good video because 16 8 and 14 10 are really good ways to just.

Introduce yourself to fasting the reason I don't necessarily think that 16 8 can't out so many of the benefits is because 16 8 is really just skipping breakfast which mind you is a huge huge step in the right direction and if you look a lot of my commercials a lot of my ads talking about even my programs and stuff I'm talking about skipping.

Breakfast because it's the most simple way to explain it to the masses you know because if you start explaining fasting to people immediately they get cagey and they they kind of freak out and they feel like fasting means they're gonna starve they're not gonna be able to eat all this stuff but if you explain it from the side of skipping breakfast it.

Makes a lot more sense for people and it's a lot less scary and I do want to be able to help as many people as possible understand the benefits of intermittent fasting so that way by saying sixteen eight and in doing this skipping breakfast thing we're introducing people in a way and then indoctrinating them into the process.

Where they can start getting more advanced so that I hope that that makes sense a lot of us oh it's got a lot of other questions you have Patsy a lot of people saying they'd love an introductory video I think I'm gonna do that I think gonna do the basics of fasting at some point I think sometimes I try to go a little too advanced for.

People so just sleeping in the afternoon effect the first meal no it doesn't you're good there and then let's see I'm looking at some other questions that are coming you guys if you can make sure you keep commenting where you're watching what's going on Dina in Texas coconut oil during a fast that would break a fast technically so don't do that yeah.

Exactly Matt Pittman usually breakfast equals break fast you're totally got it what if you're forced to fast because of school well I mean you'll be okay but you're not in school seven days a week so you don't have to fast every single day Miami New Hampshire what's going on we got a lot of people here this is awesome over a thousand people in this.

Broadcast right now guys if you can if you've just joined in please make sure you hit that like button and let's get this up over a thousand likes really quick because we're doing really really good here so another question just came up that I want to see hang on one second Thomas is there any way sin or say oh hey how about having bulletproof coffee.

In the morning a common question does bulletproof coffee break a fast yes it definitely does so Alaska loves me that's awesome I love Alaska – my mom lives there part of the year okay Florida in the house pre-workouts generally don't break a fast you're usually good to go I just want any hours would I recommend.

My favorite is 18 okay if you look at my programs and things like that I generally talk about 16 because those are geared towards introductory people getting people used to fasting but I like the 18 window 18 to 20 is a great window Sweden in the house what's going on Chicago what's going on in the house we've got the supplements break fast as.

Long as they are not fat soluble vitamins like soft gels that actually have oil they will break a fast if they're water soluble you're good to go so if they're like a hard capsule anything like that Berkeley California Portland Oregon awesome I'm glad someone's doing the six pack abs program and having success.

That's awesome to hear and that six pack abs program it's the fasting program that I wrote and also a lot I know I have a lot of people that follow my channel that follow me on other channels where I talk about more of an entry level you know intermittent fasting program so I appreciate you guys being on here too people keep asking about.

More workout videos yeah definitely want to do some more of those as much as possible I'll tell you some of the reasons why I don't do a lot of workout videos it mainly has to do with the fact that it's what every other youtuber does and think of a unique kind of angle when I talked mostly about nutrition and mostly about kind of the science but.

Since a lot of people want the workout content we are working on doing more of that glutamine does not break it fast you're good there what to drink during a fast if you actually look last week I posted a video on that and that should help out a lot people keep asking when I think about dr. Berg I love dr. Berg I think he's a great person to follow I.

Think if you look at how he explains things and how I explain things they're very similar yet different enough to provide different insight so I think you guys should follow him I think he's awesome and I actually admire the amount of work that he puts into his channel so some people think that we're competitors because a lot of our content is similar.

I think it's a good thing the more people to see his videos they generally see my videos and the suggested feed so in vice-versa so I think it's a great thing for education in the gym in general so I think that I've really answered this I know we still have people trickling in so let me just briefly explain really quick for.

Everyone that came in later yesterday posted a video time restricted eating a versus intermittent fasting confuse a lot of people because I made a comment about not fasting every day it scared some people and they think the sort of thing that they were doing everything wrong not the case it's simply the fact that intermittent fasting should be.

Sprinkled in three to five times per week so that it remains effective as a tool just like if you were to drink alcohol every single night eventually you'd build up a tolerance and you'd start needing more and more alcohol well the more that you reduce your calories you're gonna have to start reducing them more and more and more and more to start.

Getting a desired effect so if you just drop down to 2,000 calories for a set amount of time your body's gonna require 2,000 calories if you drop down to fit hundred calories your body's going to start demanding 1,500 calories after a certain amount of time twelve hundred thousand etc etc so we want to make sure that fasting is always.

Used as a tool to be a lesser amount of calories injected into the process okay so all of a sudden we have a random day where we're dramatically lower than what we normally are that way fasting becomes a not only a recovery tool but also something that reduced inflammation and also boosts your body composition okay so anyway guys I hope it has made a lot.

Of sense a video for women doing intermittent fasting the only touch on that really quick don't get me wrong fasting is not bad for women I want to make sure that you guys notice all the women that are watching right now and men it's good that you know this too because a lot of you have girlfriends.

Spouses friends that want to fast with you and everything like that fasting is not bad for women don't get me wrong but women need to modify their fasting a little bit and I need to do a video on this and I did one because a lot of women purchased my fasting program and wanted to know this women just want to shorten their fasting.

Window a tiny bit but they also just want to look for the signs if you start getting really really cold it's usually a sign that your thyroid is slowing down just the female hormone structure is different because you have to preserve a lot more for your reproductive system than men do it's a lot easier for you know even if we look back and our.

Ancestors men would fast more than the women would the men would go out and hunt and provide for the women to be able to make sure that they could bear children and take care of the kids whereas the men would usually sacrifice and fast a little bit longer and it has to do with the biology of the male hormones males can go a longer period of.

Time with fasting than a women can so but you can still have the benefits of fasting if you do it intermittently like women should maybe two three to four times per week slightly shorter fast 1416 whereas I recommend 1624 men okay so I'm gonna touch on that in another video what's my opinion on intermittent fasting with the keto diet yes.

Definitely perfect when they're combined okay they're absolutely amazing when they're combined and that's what I would usually recommend so you go your keto diet you know all week right and then two to three days per week you're just eating straight regular keto style breakfast lunch and dinner and the other days you're fasting whether you want to.

Implement carbs are not keto plus fasting is amazing and they both emphasize and utilize the same kind of mechanism within the body and that is producing ketones fasting produces ketones as well as ketosis produces ketones so I hope that that makes a lot of sense you guys are awesome I got to jump off because.

I'm literally here in the studio right now and I'll show you really quick camera setup we got videographer over there doing his stretches because he gets that involved in the videos but he has to stretch and warmup but anyway guys thank you all super super much for being here and thank you for allowing me to explain.

Myself and I know a lot of people said I didn't have to apologize and said that I definitely didn't need to do that but I value my channel I value what you all think and when I see a lot of comments about a specific issue in a video or specific topic that needs clarification it's a good indicator to me that I didn't explain it super well so this.

Video was definitely needed so thank you guys so so much now if you can head on over to that video that I just did yesterday the time restricted eating versus intermittent fasting go ahead and watch it and give it a good old thumbs up give it a like so that it gets boosted up and people understand that I came back in here I did the.

Clarification video and defended me a little bit in the comments section from some of the subscribers that that bagging on me because I didn't explain it well because I'm trying to help you guys as much as possible alright you guys are super awesome thank you all for the congratulations on the baby a lot more videos to come with him.

And I look forward to doing another video here soon and let me see how I can turn this thing off because it's not letting me used to be a way to just end the video but anyway you guys I will see you guys very very soon thank you again and have an awesome day
Live Q&A: Should You Intermittent Fast Every Day - Clearing Up Confusion - SKIP TO MINUTE 6 FOR INFO
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