Live Q&A Coaching On Prolonged Fasting – Follow Up to Yesterday’s Video

Live Q&A Coaching On Prolonged Fasting – Follow Up to Yesterday’s Video

Live Q&A Coaching On Prolonged Fasting – Follow Up to Yesterday’s Video

Check out the video on Live Q&A Coaching On Prolonged Fasting – Follow Up to Yesterday’s Video.
What's going on youtube-land it's Thomas de Lauer and right now it is what is it Thursday evening and I figured well I did this bra tour did this video last night on prolonged fasting and it was a success like so many people watched it I think it was my most successful video yet the questions were just overwhelming like out of control comments were.

Awesome so much engagement so I figured okay perfect perfect opportunity to hop on here do live broadcast and talk a bit about the topic talk about fasting talk about prolonged fasting hey we can even talk a little bit on intermittent fasting but traditionally I like to do these videos like talking about a general subject and just kind of giving.

You my information but this time I want to actually ask you to answer to ask some questions that I can answer them so anyway I want to make sure that I'm addressing everybody and saying hello to as many people as they possibly can so if you can comment where you're watching from so that I can say hello and that's how we're gonna get this thing started.

So what's going on in Tennessee fast max someone says I need to shave this is this how I roll Syracuse New York what's going on Antioch we got Detroit in the house Sweden in the house we've got Alabama New Zealand Mae in Tahoe Odessa Texas New Jersey Phoenix Bay City Michigan San Fernando Valley Pittsburgh El Paso.

Philippines Denver Toronto Ontario Tampa Toronto again Indiana Public Colorado lots of people here this is really really awesome guys so I love it when you comment where you're watching from and gives me a chance to be able to just engage with you guys but I love doing these live broadcasts simply because it gives me an opportunity to answer the.

Questions that I know people have all the time so if you can do me a big favor and invite some people to this video in try to get as many people on this as we can because I definitely want to address some of the questions and for those of you that didn't get a chance to see the video yesterday after we hop off of this broadcast I encourage you to go watch it.

But I'll paraphrase in just a little bit d what's going on in Napa Valley you just want to extend my best wishes out to you I know it's hard out there I don't know if you guys know this but I'm born and raised in Sonoma I met my wife in Sonoma from there everything we know is burned to the ground where we grew up our houses everything's gone so I mean.

It's just a matter of it's been interesting definitely so d sitting here from now but I know it's it's crazy there right now it's crazy for us to even just just knowing about it anyway yesterday I posted the video on prolonged fasting which is something different than what I normally talk.

About normally I'm talking about intermittent fasting I'm talking about you know a 16-8 kind of window I'm talking about maybe a little bit of prolonged fasting here and there maybe 18 to 20 hours but prolonged fasting is something different I was talking about going like a full 24 to 48 hours fasting to really try to elicit a different.

Response in the body I'm a huge fan of implementing a and extended fast every 2 to 3 months and this simple reason I mean it's the fact that you're basically getting this regenerative cell thing going on you have this thing called etapa g and i talked about in a lot of videos Tophet g is where you actually recycle cells it's basically when your.

Cells eat the other cells and you have this whole crazy process that's going on so basically autophagy is the old cells dying the new cells being able to recycle from those and create something new well that is stimulated when you're in a fasted state and it's an extended vastest thing what's gonna essentially.

Happen is the cells go around and the macrophages which is part of your immune system going to gobble up a lot of the old cells basically you end up in a heightened state and immune response so you're getting a lot of positive benefit there I'm gonna get right into the questions because someone asks a tremendous question do you exercise when.

You're in a prolonged fast yes I am a highly highly highly strong proponent of fasting and exercising but you want to make sure that you're exercising in a very very moderate way you don't have to be going crazy you're not doing anything intense you're basically doing slow extended cardio here's the thing we can't forget the basics right oh wow Ali.

Keeps on saying dr. axe is better than you go away you're awesome and I love say oh I know who you are you're the guy that always asks really weird questions in the comments and I never reply so you get upset that's what this okay now I don't feel so bad anyway so what I was basically getting at was when you're doing and extended fast and you do a.

Little bit of cardio you are basically tapping into additional fat reserves it's pretty straightforward everyone likes to overcomplicate it we're thinking but when you're fasting it is so so simple your body has nothing else to burn but fat at that point you're not going to burn muscle it.

Doesn't work that way in fact in the video next week I'm gonna explain everything as it pertains to the fitness side of things you don't have to worry about that but your body is going to actually start utilizing fat as a source of fuel so because it has no choice so a tiny bit of cardio is really really good what we have to remember is that we have.

A difference between aerobic and anaerobic activity aerobic activity utilizes fat as a source of fuel okay it's utilizing oxygen an aerobic activity like lifting weights utilizes carbohydrates we do have to remember that so if you're trying to burn a little bit more fat and you're in a fasted state you're typically going to.

Want to do a little bit more in the way of cardio versus weight training now when you're intermittent fasting and you're trying to exhaust all of your glycogen stores then you want to weight drink here's what I've always been taught and it makes a lot of lot of sense when you think of it like this when you are fasting and your body is.

Able to utilize fat as a source of fuel you are in a much more prone state to use oxygen as a source of fuel or as a source of energy right because here's how it works beta oxidation is when your body can actually have time to utilize oxygen for fuel so for example going for a run you're going slow enough cardio you're going slow.

Enough your body has time to take oxygen and convert it into ATP and convert it into energy because you're moving slow enough you're just cruising along well that process uses fats okay the other side of the equation is weight training and when you're weight training you're exhausting yourself or you're sprinting so your body does not have.

Time to take oxygen and convert it into fuel so it has to go into a different system where it utilizes glycogen it utilizes carbohydrates as a source of fuel that's exactly how it ends up working so that's exactly why when you're fasting you get more benefit out of cardio because your body is utilizing oxygen and can have time to burn fat.

That's the simple science of it now if you're intermittent fasting it's a whole different ballgame because then you're trying to exhaust your glycogen as fast as you can so your body can get to the fat stores but with prolonged fast you're already there okay 24 hours into your fast trust me your glycogen stores are depleted it's just a simple way it.

Is I love weight training sure that's me but I also love cardio and I also know that it's super super important for you to be getting your cardio in during the extended fast just keep it super easy I know you have a lot of questions coming in there's a ton of important yet I do want to stop for a second make sure those of you that have just joined in.

You can comment where you're watching from so that I can say hello so please just give me a quick comment here say where you're watching from and if you can everyone that's on here you know the drill if you can please hit that thumbs up button it helps me out a ton I can't tell you how much it helps the channel how much it helps everyone.

Be able to see good content so if you're getting something out of this or if you appreciate me taking the time to hop on a live broadcast and do a coaching video just do me a huge favor and hit that thumbs up India and the house Florida New Jersey Jared and rally we've got India more India Los Angeles Traci what's going on Thomas the bay area I.

Hope you're not getting too much smoke up there right now Illinois in the house Jennifer in Austin we got Cedarville Ohio what's going on we've got Trenton Tulsa we've got Bill's Texas Portland Concord California Korea Denver Massachusetts Bolivian Ireland Norfolk Park Portland Australia Miami Hillsdale lacrosse Malaysia.

Hawaii holy Callas you guys are so awesome I love this port st. Lucie Florida Argentina Raleigh North Carolina again Newfoundland San Francisco Carmel Indiana Virginia Texas we got Florida in the house virginia MO the holy cow you guys are amazing thank you guys so much if you if you are hopping on here if you you've missed part of the beginning i.

Started talking about the video that i did yesterday on prolonged fasting so please give us a good ol share so we can get a lot of people i want to get as many people on this as we possibly can houston what's going on okay let's go back to the topics again I also started talking about digestive benefits okay I started talking about what happens to.

The digestive system when we're fasting okay once we get through an extended period of fasting like after 24 hours or so we start seeing these changes in our digestive system and what happens is the gut mucosal layer starts to wean off it starts to go away and it starts to reset and that could mean that during the fast your stomach's extremely sensitive okay.

For a longer term fast but what it also means is that your gut is restoring its realigning and if we don't give it a chance to realign every once in a while that's exactly how we end up with all these things like a leaky gut I hate talking about a leaky gut because it sounds really marketing and scamming why because all the guys out there in the.

Internet are selling products about a leaky gut okay gut health is important but let's not predicate everything on a leaky gut a leaky gut is an issue and we do have to deal with it but it's not the end-all be-all but I hate saying the word because leaky gut because it just sounds so marketing but the fact is intermittent fasting or prolonged.

Fasting is extremely extremely good for that so it's going to help prevent that issue it's going to give the entero sites a chance to actually absorb better it's going to give the VI a chance to actually restore those of you that are asking what a leaky gut is I will explain it really quick because it is important to know it does have to do.

With gut he'll just don't listen and subscribe to all the crap that's out there talking about how their magical leaky gut cures and stuff like that what happens is when you have inflammation in your gut from eating certain foods over and over again or just from being stressed out or just chronic inflammation in general the villi the.

Actual little strands in your stomach or in your intestinal tract excuse me that absorb nutrients nutrients go in between these villi and absorb well what happens is inflammation comes in and it swells and they get brittle and they break in a way when they start to break you get these gaps in your intestinal tract where larger molecules can get in.

Through the gut that makes sound good at first because we're like wait a minute we want more stuff to absorb but that's not the case because we don't want big particles to absorb so when you have a leaky gut larger particles of undigested food are getting into your bloodstream well the big problem with that is our body doesn't know how to break those.

Down our broader you knows how does it break down simple gluco simple free fatty acids things like that doesn't know how to break down giant chunks of undigested particles and food so what happens your immune system kicks in your immune system ends up coming into the equation to try to figure out what's going on and it triggers systemic.

Chronic inflammation that can rage throughout your entire body you make you really really that's the whole idea behind inflammation and a leaky gut how does fasting help this well simply because fasting is by and large the fastest way to reduce inflammation saying reduce inflammation is a pretty kwaini term I.

Don't like to say big claiming terms like that but free I mean that's all there is to it fasting is going to reach inflammation you don't have anything coming in you have no choice but reduce inflammation someone asked the glucose range to be in while doing keto that's a good question I want to save that for a different thing I just wanted to make a.

Note of that okay so when asked will MCT or bone broth break a fast yes I want to encourage you guys to not overthink it again if you overthink it you will drive yourself crazy fasting is fasting period you should really only be consuming water coffee and something that has no caloric value bone broth has a caloric value chicken.

Broth has a caloric value MCT oil definitely has a caloric value it will break it fast but it's a different kind of fast if you do implement that okay and someone asks does Tee tee does not break the fast just do not put honey in it or anything like that okay so we have to make sure that we're paying attention to that house how can I ease back into.

Eating after fasting that is a phenomenal question and it came up like at least 10 times in the comments section of the video that I did yesterday how do you introduce food back in there's two parts to this question that I want to address and there are two very good questions I do want to make sure we've got a lot of people in this.

Broadcast but not a lot of people hitting that like button which really makes me kind of sad so can we get some people to please please please Oh someone actually okay cold hands feet overall Low Energy when fasting what can I do about that okay that's a super good question have you tried utilizing nitric oxide as a.

Supplement when you're fasting that is a big big thing that you can do utilizing nitric oxide when you're fasting like taking a nitric oxide supplement can increase the blood flow that flow is that he's going to help prevent that that can be a big big problem I'm glad you addressed that it's a usually an issue with low blood.

Pressure because you're fasting and you might notice like right now like I have a decent amount of veins right I'm not fasting today but when I'm fasting those veins go away and my hands and feet get really cold too the reason I answered that is because I've been there totally been there by the way thank you all for hitting that like button anyway I want.

To get back to addressing the two-part question that I wanted to start to address before that other question distracted me when you are getting back into eating after fasting for an extended period of time you have to be extra extra extra careful because your gut is super super super sensitive normally I say consume bone froth to.

Break your fast because it's good for your gut that's really good after breaking an intermittent fast but a longer term fast you need to go super easy I'm not just gonna say this because it's fall right now but whether you're keto or not having some pureed pumpkin is actually really good to break it fast I know this because I have a bunch of.

Dogs I have had four dogs I have three now not because I ate one but because one died of natural causes someone actually said that to me last week they asked me if I ate my dog anyway I digress but having dogs I know that what's really good for that digestive system is to give them pumpkin if they have diarrhea if they're sick they have.

Stomach itches you give them a little bit of pumpkin because easy to digest and so that's what I've actually adopted after breaking a long term fast so like once every two months or so when I go on a longer 48 something 72-hour fast I have pumpkin a little bit of pumpkin breaks my fast my stomach feels good and then I proceed into my regular meals.

There's like so many people that said I'm so glad you didn't eat your dog dog is not good meat no we don't do that guys you know I love my animals I've got three dogs I've got two horses okay that's like my life so I it was just a comment that came in on the video like last week and someone said you look like you ate your dog I don't I don't anyway.

Just sharing random details with you the other side of the equation that I wanted to answer which was a great question that came up was someone that asked after they've been fasting for a long period of time how do they start increasing calories again without rebound getting fat which makes perfect sense.

Right because we've been fasting for so long if you're doing it regularly sometimes it can be hard you more afraid you're gonna rebound you're afraid you're gonna gain weight you're afraid you're gonna put fat on so we need to understand that so yeah you have to bring up a great point and the trick is to implement one day every two weeks.

That you're erasing your fasts so let's say for example this doesn't just go over prolonged fasts and goes for all fasting let's say you're someone that likes to fast three four days a week every two weeks you're gonna get rid of one of your fasting days so let's say week one you're fasting four days a week week two you're still gonna fast four.

Days a week week three you're gonna fast three days a week week four you're gonna fast three days a week again week five you're gonna fast two days a week and you're gonna go all the way down to just fasting one day a week and you're gonna do that for about a month then your body's gonna be pretty recycled and you're gonna be good okay you're gonna.

Feel like you your metabolisms getting back it doesn't take as long as people think it does it takes a couple of months to kind of reverse diet and get your body back you guys are super awesome can we make sure why does fasting an intermittent fasting work just as well if you've been eating a ketogenic diet that's such a good.

Question because I did a video on keto versus fasting and the combination of keto versus fat and fasting keto and fasting are so similar I want you guys to pay extra close attention to what I'm about to say because I think it's going to answer everyone's question that they probably have here it is a very very common question and it's super super.

Important that you listen to what I say so here Mia and please make sure you hit that thumbs up button is I'm gonna give you some good information here ketosis the benefit of ketosis comes from the body utilizing ketones period the benefit of fasting comes from the body using ketones similar similar benefits now there's multiple benefits that come.

From each that do different things but by and large most of the benefits are coming from the utilization of ketone bodies from acetoacetate from beta-hydroxybutyrate from acetone from that entire conversion process that is how it works and that's the benefit we're getting now are there other benefits with fast.

Don't apply to Quito hundred percent hundred percent but the reason that Quito and fascinating works so well together is because you're essentially going after the same thing you're getting the same ketogenic response by fasting that you are through ketosis the difference is ketosis you're fed ketosis you're simulating fasting by tricking.

Your body or not necessarily tricking it but by producing ketones by the absence of carbohydrates with fasting you're just freaking not eating and you're gonna produce ketones plain and simple two different ways of getting there fasting is a little bit more abrupt and a little bit more abrasive for people whereas ketosis is a little bit more of.

A lifestyle because you can actually eat and there's actually foods that you can eat while in ketosis and still live a normal life fasten even live a normal life but if you're fasting for three weeks and you're going to lunch a couple times a week with people eventually they're gonna think you're weird so who cares if they think you're weird hang on.

My low battery here okay eventually they're gonna think you're kind of weird so anyway is boiled broccoli good to break a 24-hour fast I will actually say Sebastian no that's not that's gonna be really harsh it has not only does it have a high amount of sulphur but it also has drawn a blank on the name of the sugar but it has a kind of sugar.

Something with an R not a ribosome man I'm drawing a blank it's a sugar that starts with an R that basically broccoli has it's very very very hard to break very hard to break down so very very hard on your gut very not a good thing to break the fast with you want to have some solid food and yet some good legitimate easy to digest food before.

You had that broccoli guys can you go ahead and comment where you're watching from really quick I want to make sure I'm saying hello to people we've got 500 people on here live right now which is phenomenal so I want to make sure comment where you're watching from so that I can say hello I really really want to address that Walden yes you can.

Do keto and if' together awesome misty in Detroit Madrid what's going on Florida Ohio what's going on what's good Melbourne Australia Pueblo Colorado we've got land o lakes florida georgia calgary Syracuse New York London Israel Fort Worth Texas Brazil Minnesota Times Square in New York Australia Houston Texas Haverhill British Columbia in my.

Basement awesome Texas go Brooklyn Zil Nebraska Ontario Canada Vancouver Toronto Puerto Rico Kentucky Houston tres even Vegas Canada Huntsville Alabama Greece Laredo Texas you Point Mugu hey you're right down the road I'm up in Thousand Oaks Imperial Missouri Nicaragua everyone's saying ribose on the sugar it's not.

Ribose ribose is a sugar but no I think it raffinose raffinose is wrapping ups anyway guys if you can please hit that like button please please please it helps these videos out a lot I'm trying to do these coaching broadcasts to be able to answer questions because I can't always reply to the comments I'll Paul you ask a question and hang on let me.

Get back to that oops let me get Paul's question please it can I drink see for sports drinks during the fast 5 calories per serving ok so here's the thing see for technically we'll break a fast my man you need to go sorry let's go to the bottom of the comments you need to make sure that you're finding some kind of pre-workout that has no calories that is.

Usually just going to be beta alanine ok so that's gonna be really what we want Don thank you very much man I appreciate that Don Hooton thank you beta alanine is great citrulline malate is great you really really just need to make sure that you're not going overboard on all the extra ingredients I know c4 is inexpensive and easy to find but not.

Gonna be the best thing during a fast avoid the BCAAs as well BCAAs are going to cause a problem because they're going to break your fast technically thank you all for liking this by the way I'm appreciating all the thumbs up all the like buttons it's Avena you asked about the Master Cleanse I'm not a huge fan of the Master Cleanse mainly because it's.

Pretty pretty restrictive and it's not really shown to modulate inflammation too much so I'm not a big fan of that well a CV break your fast apple cider vinegar technically won't break your fat or technically will break your fast but I don't believe it will I use it all the time I don't seem to have any issues.

With it doesn't change my blood glucose doesn't seem to kick me out of keto anything like that someone says broccoli has ribose broccoli does have ribose but it's BRAF notes the sugar that I'm talking about Tracy says you can pay money yeah see I think what you put sorry about that some someone tried calling my phone right.

When I exercised hard I get a headache for hours before meal time solution okay so when you exercise hard you get a headache just try to make sure I understand that question you get a four hours before meal times headache for hours before meal time got you what you're saying okay that's a good question so you're fasting I'm just.

Making sure I understand it you're fasting and then you work out and then four hours before you're supposed to break your fast you start finding that you start getting a headache and lightheaded take some potassium take some magnesium usually potassium issues lead to headaches it also may not hurt to take a little bit of turmeric.

Curcumin curcumin has been shown to do some amazing things when it comes down to migraines in fact I just did a video on that today it's pretty interesting so curcumin affects tumor necrosis factor-alpha and triggers headaches in the Dower or helps reduce headache issues in a different way so if you're fasting that's a good way to get rid of.

Those headaches I hope that that helps you someone says how do I track my fat consumption honestly the good old school fashion way doing it with like my net diary or MyFitnessPal or any of those simply because it helps out right out the gate because I can actually you know get an idea but then after that I get a good idea for eyeballing it and knowing.

What's gonna happen guys we have so many people on this broadcast I know not everyone has click the like button in this video it really really helps me out a ton and I know I sound like a broken record but I really mean that when I'm doing these videos and doing these live broadcasts you know one of my one of my reasons for doing them is to engage with.

My audience and if I feel like I'm not getting those thumbs up then YouTube says okay basically here's how the algorithm work YouTube looks at these live broadcasts they know that there's gonna be more engagement if they see that I do a live broadcast and not that many people like it or comment on it or join it they're like well this guy must.

Suck like he must not be good at what he does so guess what then my videos don't get out to as many people that means you don't get to see them that means that you don't get to see all of my videos yes believe it or not YouTube is starting to operate more like Facebook where it's harder for you to see all of my videos and I want to.

Make sure you see them so that helps Sam I'm glad you love the broadcast Lonnie thank you for thumbs up you guys are awesome I appreciate that Mitch says YouTube's algorithms are dirty they definitely are lemon juice does it break a fast it technically it can and I hate to say that because I'm a huge advocate for the lemon juice apple cider vinegar.

Combination goat milk and tea levels that's a good idea for a video not for this particular one but we'll talk about that Chicago in the house what's going on cream of tartar and water is okay to drink on a fast absolutely how many days a week should you fast intermittent fasting one to two maybe three prolonged fasting like 24 to 48 hours longer.

Definitely okay you definitely need to be going like once a month okay and ER you say you hang on so you bet I never hear much on skinny high metabolism people at 8% body fat and whether they should do intermittent fasting or keto that's a good question you know actually doing a video here really soon on the world of fasting keto.

And muscle building because I think there's an audience there for that now I know most of my audience here that I'm talking to isn't usually interested in the muscle building side of things as much but I will say that for a skinny person intermittent fasting can be tremendously tremendously powerful because you're you're harnessing the.

Power of an insulin spike so when you spike your insulin it allows your body to absorb a ton of nutrients all at once that is powerful stuff really powerful stuff so if you eat the right kind of calories and the right kind of food right at the end of your fast when you're breaking it you can have some huge huge results in terms of muscle.

Building same thing with keto it's very very effective weight training dressing a 72 hour fast well sorry guys hang on guys sorry about that hang on this gimbal did its normal weird thing that it does every now and then hang on one there with me one second okay everyone lemon juice yeah we talked about that so weight training weight training when.

You're fasting you do want to be able to you know still survive you're fast so I recommend if you're going to do like a 72 hour fast you should do your weight training at the beginning of your fast okay full body and then throughout the rest of the fast just do a little bit of cargo so if you're doing a three-day fast you're.

Gonna want to do like weight training the first day and then maybe a little bit of cardio that night little cardio the next morning little cardio the next morning and you're good to go then intermittent fasting every day since January 20th feel great that's awesome you know intermittent fasting every day is aggressive it's not for everybody.

It's still awesome cuz maca Brega fast now you're good with maca can a large consumption of alcohol hurt ketosis yes they can use salt a good source of potassium or light salt Oh gotcha light salt yeah it would be a good source because that's basically what it is potassium sulfate but I would recommend just honestly just taking a potassium.

Tap would help you out a lot something else what's the best how many Karen I'm sorry I saw a good question I like what is the best way to consume MCT oil that's a good question because a lot of people ask that when it comes down to MCT oil my favorite way to take it is with broccoli believe it or not so here's what I do I take broccoli I.

Steamed broccoli then I take nutritional yeast I don't know if you've ever had that stuff but nutritionally uses awesome then I put nutritional yeast on the broccoli and then I put coconut oil on the broccoli and then I put MCT oil on the broccoli and then I put ghee on the broccoli so talk about a lot of fats right but that's the way it should be.

With keto and the way it should be when you're really breaking a fastener in Quito that's the way it really needs to work Ruben you ask if I'm still taking clients unfortunately I'm really not I just don't have the time unfortunately one on one anymore to do that I I wish that I could but because that my price tag for.

Coaching is is really really high and I just don't feel comfortable even taking people off at that rate anymore and this is this thing is really starting to get me will start to die on me I think I'm gonna need to get a new one soon so I don't really take on clients anymore unfortunately so I hate to break that to you but you know I start doing these.

Coaching broadcasts hopefully they help and I don't know if you guys saw it's kind of a cool cool trick on these broadcasts oh I'm doing coaching broadcasts you see there's actually an ability for you to pay to ask a question where it's actually highlighted which is really cool so now I know that kind of hurts for some people but it is kind of.

Focus it does pop up and come the front of my screen so I can't miss it so when people do that it makes us though so what I'd like to do is the audience is big enough now so I can really take on one-on-one clients I can at least do that here and be able to answer questions and do these coaching broadcasts a lot of these here.

Thank you very much for all the compliments you guys are super awesome a couple people asked really quick about how Amber's doing guys just so that you know my wife is about to go into labor like any day like she could call me right now and say my water broke it's time to go like it's right there so so I'm getting super super excited and I'm.

Excited to share with you guys what you know my little son's gonna be like and how fatherhood is gonna change my perspective on things because I'm a busy guy and I understand that fasting and Aikido is is tough for anybody sometimes and as a busy person the person that's running a company and managing a team and really has two companies I it's a.

Lot of work it's a lot of stress and now I've got a kid coming to the mix I'm excited to share it with you I'm excited to share what I learned about being a father in conjunction with what I'm doing now and how it might change my perspective on health and fitness so it's gonna be awesome so we're keeping the name quiet until he's born only my.

Close friends know the name so I'm excited to share it with you guys think you guys are gonna really dig it so that's oh my god you guys with all the all the positive words you guys are super super awesome dextrose is a pre-workout on keto I wouldn't recommend that Kevin you ask if fasting is for everyone it's definitely not you're.

Gonna have to test it out and see how it goes South Dakota sorry mr. question thank you guys for all the congratulations you guys are super awesome how much fat can we use when we are doing intermittent fasting well here's the thing you shouldn't be consuming any fat varying or fast but when you break your fast.

You're gonna slowly implement that so don't go crazy about the gate okay Sebastian you're super awesome thank you so much how to bulk on keto that's a video in and of itself I have time for two more questions and then I got a roll my wife is cooking some dinner and I know she just texted me like three times and I can't see it but I know that it's.

Coming through my phone and she wants me to come home soon so okay is Greek yogurt okay to break a fast you actually Roman that's a great question I'm gonna get to that in a second someone asks what a fast help to break through a plateau in keto also do almond flour products keto bread made from home negatively affect ketosis Branden that's.

A really question man like really good because that's one that I think is that's one that I've encountered myself so when you actually and this thing's driving me crazy guys I'm sorry it's it's killing me bear with me one second does a fast really helped break through a plateau yes it totally does in fact when I was.

Working with clients one on one a lot that's what I used to do all the time I used to you know if they would reach a plateau fasting usually breaks them through that Plateau really quick so basically you're you're getting the benefits of ketosis you're in ketosis and then you switch over to fasting for a little bit and all of a sudden it's.

Like a lot of boom things start to work so I hope that that that really answers your question so I will try if you're already on keto just start with fasting one day a week and then I think it'll make a big difference for you and really help you out a lot there there wasn't part two to that question that I want to make sure I answer and the almond flour.

Bread it can negatively affect ketosis you really need to do that in moderation definitely if you don't control it with the almond flour you take big problem not only because it's carbohydrates but because it kills your digestive system almond flour is still very high in phytates phytic acid that's hard to.

Break down if you eat a lot of almonds viewer to eat like a whole handful almonds it's really really tough okay if you were to eat almond flour there's more surface area of those almonds it's really tough to break down someone asked what do you do to get through a 24 to 72 hour fast that's really important it's really important to know and that's.

Simply because you're going to want to really make sure you're occupied drink a lot of water drink a lot of green tea have lemon juice because it will satiate you okay that will help you tremendously also here's a crazy one go for walks because what that's gonna do is gonna stimulate things to get moving it's gonna stimulate the free fatty acids but.

You're gonna say she ate you my trick to long fast going for walks I just saw another highlighted question that came in Thomas I'm 36 years old I lost 60 pounds in three months of ketosis and fasting and lifting but I'm stuck you want a nine percent body fat you know it might be time to go to a little bit of a slow carb approach so this is what I did.

When I hit a plateau I went off of keto for about three weeks and I ate nothing protein low fat or moderate fat I should say and slow glycemic carbs like low glycemic like 25 GI and less so all chickpeas all lentils things like that that worked really really well for me to do that for like three four weeks and then bounce right back in Aikido and.

Boom it was like magic you will find when you first go back on the carbs you're gonna bloat up with a little bit of water at first but that's okay it's fine it's just your body responding to the carbs are there any negative effects of fasting there's a multitude of negative effects with every time to.

Diet if you do my friend its you're always going to come into a you know you might be a little bit hungry at first you might have some other issues might have some moodiness things like that guys I'm gonna have to wrap this up can I ask you guys one more time to please just give one more shout out to where you're watching from and guys I have.

Something really quick I want to ask them you and you know if you do this great if you don't that's fine too I'm never I'm never gonna ask anything big of you guys but I just want you to know for those of you that joined here if you've been seeing what's been going on in Sonoma County up in Sonoma and Napa the fires that are just like raging.

Through the town it's it's no joke like that is crazy that's where I grew up spent the first 20 years of my life it's where I met my wife my how my family homes are there our entire family's there Amber's entire family's there Amber's family lost homes it's it's been bad it's really bad and I don't know exactly what to ask of.

You guys but I do say if you guys have a minute go find one of the animal rescues that's there one of the animal rescues that's in Sonoma that's dealing with a lot of these abandoned animals right now and go give them a couple bucks you know like if every single person here went to one of these charities that's in dealing with Sonoma right now and gave them a.

Buck it would make a big difference I don't even know what charity to say right now all I can say is it's bad right now and it's I really like to see those animals getting helped in any way why do I default to animals just because they're near and dear to me so in any way I don't know where to direct you for that to be honest but it's everywhere so.

Anyway thank you guys for being here and thank you for all the kind words with you guys are super super awesome vallejo in the house said that all your girlfriends families in Santa Rosa it's definitely yes Sonoma Animal Services is great so even the humane society in Sonoma it's awesome pets life line in Sonoma is great just you don't have to.

But I'm just putting it out there and prompting you and for those of you that are asking I'm north of LA now I live north of LA I'm not up in Northern California but we'll be going up there in a couple weeks to take care of some family and everything that's going on so again thank you guys one last round if you can hit that thumbs up button and if.

You have any ideas for future live broadcasts just let me know because I'm happy to do these this was a lot of fun thank you to all who ask great questions thank you all – that took the willingness to actually use that paid feature to ask questions that's really cool I've never seen that before so you guys are super great I'll see you soon.

And I look forward to the next broadcast and another video coming to you tomorrow alright see you soon guys
Live Q&A Coaching On Prolonged Fasting - Follow Up to Yesterday’s Video
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