LIVE FASTING Q&A: Daily 16:8 Fasting vs. Infrequent Longer Fasting

LIVE FASTING Q&A: Daily 16:8 Fasting vs. Infrequent Longer Fasting

LIVE FASTING Q&A: Daily 16:8 Fasting vs. Infrequent Longer Fasting

Check out the video on LIVE FASTING Q&A: Daily 16:8 Fasting vs. Infrequent Longer Fasting.
There are different benefits for different lengths of fasts for different goals let's leave it at that to start all right we're going to cover a little bit of a few different pieces of ground on this video but i don't want to forget that the main.

Reason i'm doing this live broadcast is part of the intermittent fasting challenge that's going on this month so i do want to make sure that anyone that's doing this challenge knows that you are welcome to ask questions and i'm going to answer them to the best of my ability on this live broadcast so we're going to have some fun as we.

Usually do if you're hopping on this broadcast later on you can always come back and look at different parts of it but the main emphasis of what i want to focus on today with this live broadcast before i answer a bunch of questions and before i chit chat with everybody is to really really really drill into the fact.

That different lengths of fasts have different goals and some fasts will allow you to do more frequent shorter bouts of fasting and other fasting protocols are more designed to be infrequent and a little bit longer why do i use that on today's broadcast because the whole purpose of the meal.

Plan that i laid out that's down below in the description for the women's fasting challenge which by the way works for men too it's just geared towards women with some of the foods that are in it the whole idea behind that is to periodize you going through shorter periods of fasting and then.

Progressing into more infrequent longer periods of fasting so we get the whole cascade of different benefits i'll start off really quick with benefits and then i'm going to go ahead and i'm going to start right in with answering questions because i really want this to be a q a.

And i want this to be heavily community driven so please do hit that thumbs up button if you can hit that like button it helps us out a bunch and let me just cover one quick base and then we'll get into some questions daily intermittent fasting is not something that you want to do long term.

Daily intermittent fasting is more like time restricted feeding it's where you just have possibly breakfast skipped and you're consolidating your meals to a later period in the day i'm okay with doing that almost every day but in reality just remember you really.

Want to be testing the body in all kinds of different mediums and not just get adapted to one particular thing that's broken record thomas because i talk about that all the time and i know if you're in this broadcast you probably watch a lot of my videos you don't really need to hear me talking about that.

But i will say the benefits of longer fasts are a lot more in the world of cellular rejuvenation a lot more in the world of autophagy a lot more in the world brain development a lot more in that category you cannot do these long fasts super frequently.

You have to do these long fasts periodically right and when i say longer fast i mean like anything upwards of like 22 hours so one two three times per week 16 hours and eight hours of fasting sure you could probably do that shorter periods of time so let's go ahead and let's get that out.

Of the way that meal plan video that's down below in the description outlines that pretty strategically um i want to ask people to corral their questions within specific categories so that i can answer them appropriately so let's go ahead and let's start the first category of fasting questions.

To come around surrounding the fasting period not the eating period but what are some questions that are coming up during your fast and during this particular challenge that we're doing what are questions that you have surrounding the fasting period not what to break a fast with.

Not what to eat during your eating window but what's actually going on during the fast so any questions that are coming in through there let's go ahead and answer them i already have what two let's see so many questions already popping in uh rocky wrath by the way awesome i've lost.

80 pounds and i'm doing the same thing we can't seem to lose weight now again one of the best plateau busters that you could possibly have is adjusting the length of time that you fast but also adjusting the periods in which you fast if you are on a serious plateau right now where you're not losing weight but.

You've been fasting for a long period of time there's two very important things i want you to consider one are you fasting too much are you fasting so much that your body is just adjusted to what you're doing if that is the case if the answer to that question is yes i need you to back.

Off of a fasting for about a week and let your body reset you might gain a pound or two but it's going to be okay because you'll bounce back to it the second thing that i want you to consider doing if you've hit a serious plateau is shifting your whole fasting period by a few hours okay we do not need to.

Fast until the evening time we can fast until the night time or we can fast until the morning shift your period the whole thing by three or four hours that little shift aligns with a different gut microbiome because our gut microbiome shifts throughout the course.

Of the day it aligns with different circadian rhythms it's going to be just a different beast altogether which might be exactly what you need to break through that plateau okay dusty weber asks do i not take vitamins on my fasting days during this challenge.

Well whether it's the challenge or not vitamins you can still take during your fasting day but i don't generally recommend taking them during your fast with the exception of maybe magnesium i don't really like to take a lot of vitamins during a fast.

And it comes back down to simple things that i've talked about which is purely you are making the fast easier we don't need to do that we don't need to make the fast easier things like antioxidants that's giving your body a crutch we should be allowing the body to develop its own sort of hormetic response and develop a challenge out of.

This so i wouldn't really recommend taking any real vitamins during your fast unless unless unless you have a specific need for it and you really think that it's being a value add to your fast when in doubt leave it out okay let's just go with that that's not to.

Say that there aren't certain things that are going to be more beneficial that we could add okay um we've got so many good questions coming in holy cow uh how often or how long should i do the modified uh with this 500 sorry i've been doing this for almost a month i'm down seven.

Pounds sorry that question is a little bit out of my scope of what i'm talking about right now so is there anything counterintuitive about drinking laxative tea while fasting that's a good question uh counter-intuitive yeah because what's happening is during a fast you.

Have an improvement in an increase in what's called the migrating motor complex migrating motor complex is a portion of your uh gut that improves and speeds up in terms of motility and movement again you probably recognize me saying this before but like when you're fasting that's when the body can do its cleanup.

And that includes for the digestive system so when it's doing its cleanup it's not the time to be doing anything that's changing that pattern okay so that means food obviously if food comes in then it can't clean the janitors can't clean an office that has a bunch of employees in it they.

Wait for the employees to leave right same thing in your gut now what does a laxative do a laxative is not either it's either a stool softener or it improves that digestive movement which isn't exactly what we're after we want our body to have a natural response to it i for one tend to experience relatively.

Loose stools if i fast for an extended period of time so i definitely don't need it i don't think there's much of a benefit because in the ideal situation your gut is moving well to the point where you don't need to have that extra help okay the gut motility should improve.

Okay more questions coming up here uh cold brew during a fast cold brew is definitely okay during a fast in fact i would say that cold brews probably better than regular coffee because of lower acid content should i work up to a multi-day fast or jump into it i do 16 8 now for a month uh maddie boy that's a good question um.

I think you should work up to a multi-day fast okay sometimes one could argue that having a big shock to the body is going to be very beneficial but i also think that you allow yourself to become fat adapted there's two arguments here one argument says oh you should jump.

Right into longer term fasts because it's such a shock to your body you're going to have the most result you might have a good body composition result but you're probably not going to have a very good muscle sparing result or b a very good cellular rejuvenation result or.

C have any kind of well any kind as much mental benefit and why is that because you're not fat adapted if you allow yourself to get fat adapted by doing shorter fasts first then when you do go into a longer fast you're going to get into that fat adaptation stage much quicker the benefits are occurring when you hit that.

Fat adaptation stage okay when you're not fat adapted during a fast your body is starting for glucose and this is the kind of thing that people talk about all the time when they're anti-fasting and anti-ketosis they say your body needs carbs your body needs carbs yes it does and until you are fat.

Adapted your body is going to be seeking them like crazy the pull for carbohydrates is going to be very high so we want to find a way to be able to incubate the body a little bit more in fats by slowly increasing our fasting length and therefore we get ourselves adapted to it the whole.

Purpose of this women's fasting challenge again not just for women but it's geared initially towards women is starting out with these shorter more frequent fasts so you're still getting kind of the net calorie loss at the end of the week and then as time progresses increasing the length of the fast.

While decreasing the frequency so it's exactly that method so if you're trying to increase to a longer fast start something like this if you're doing 16 eight weekly then or daily for a week then the next week you may want to reduce it down to four.

Days and go a little bit longer like 18 or 20 hours and then progress and move forward that way um my morning fast oh sorry uh no dog entry set i'm sorry well these are going so fast um trying to find good questions here i'm beginning to think ketones are their own minerals since i found out i run.

Better on fat i don't need as much salt any input here that's a good question it's hard to tell though do you know if you really need more salt or not or less salt you might just be feeling a lot cleaner and you just don't feel like you need this much salt to get by it's a really tough one to figure out because generally what people feel is.

That you know ketosis is going to cause them to expel minerals including fasting where you actually lose excess water so it's harder to replete them now what's interesting and like i've talked about another live broadcast is the body has a unique ability to be able to balance electrolytes within the.

Bloodstream even when there's food not coming in so maybe your body is just really really good at finding that balance how much cardio should one do on a 16 to 36 hour fast it's a hard question to answer once again how much cardio.

Are you really going to be getting a benefit from i'm a big fan of keeping it under an hour to be completely honest i do feel that over an hour cortisol levels start to get pretty darn high and things start to go in a little bit of a negative direction uh if you are going to do longer bouts of cardio i.

Recommend doing like 30 minutes twice a day versus doing one 60 minute bout i would strongly prefer to do two somewhat shorter events than one longer event when it comes down to maintaining muscle that being said i enjoy long cardio so i still do long cardio anyway.

Um so many questions coming in does xevia break my fast xevia is a stevia sweetened soda depends who you ask generally speaking i would say it's totally fasting friendly some people say that stevia is going to cause an insulin response it all depends on what you're after here are you after like the perfect cellular.

Response or are you after body composition if it's body composition by all means have the stevia you're going to be fine here's a okay i'm fasting and urine strips aren't showing my ketones until three days shorter fasts seem to be calorie restriction versus fat okay that's a.

Good question so anyone here using uh the urine strips to measure their ketone levels while they're fasting the interesting thing what we have to remember with urine strips is urine strips are measuring something called acetoacetate okay when you first start going into ketosis during a fast.

And before you turn off this video because you think i'm going to start preaching keto please understand that the ketogenic diet is not the same as fasting but fasting does produce ketones okay so whether you like it or not it's happening you're having ketones being produced and that's what's largely.

Giving you some of the uh benefits of fasting such as the histone deacetylation isolation and some of the other mental effects that we're getting and some of the other vdnf and stuff like that anyhow point is is that if you use the urine strips you're.

Measuring acetoacetate which is a ketone but it's a ketone that is not driving as much of the benefits as say beta hydroxybutyrate another ketone so what i mean by that is you're measuring a a ketone that really isn't doing a whole lot in your body but b you're also measuring excess ketones.

So if you are at all fat adapted you're not going to pick up a lot of ketones on that urine strip because it's not registering extra ketones because your cells are gobbling up those ketones before they ever get registered in the urine so then why could it possibly occur on a longer fast well because now you're.

Pushing the envelope and now your body has kicked it into gear where it's producing a lot more in the way of ketones again because you're maybe at a 72-hour fast and your body's trying to figure out what the heck's going on so it up regulated ketone production and there now.

Is some excess ketones in the blood that's probably what's happening there it's not the best way to see your ketone levels i always recommend going with a blood meter and testing your bhp levels it's just a much more adequate way but another thing if you're really scientific and you're nerdy.

You may want to consider looking at what is called the gki which is your glucose ketone index that measures not just your ketone levels but you're looking at measuring your glucose and all you simply do is you measure your glucose and you measure your ketones and then you divide them by each other.

And it gives you a value okay i would love to see people under a value of five okay that's a lot more mathematical and people here probably really want to deal with how do you feel having lemon water and apple cider vinegar while fasting apple cider vinegar definitely good to.

Go okay i actually don't think i've done a literal simple video that describes this but apple cider vinegar during a fast i think is beneficial simply because it activates what is called ampk which puts you at sort of a net loss as far as your calories are concerned as far as.

Energy is concerned so for all intents and purposes it puts you deeper into a fast which means that you're probably going to get more benefit does it have a couple calories yes but it brings back the you know dead-end question of what is more important calorie.

Deprivation or cellular response lemon i think lemon personally is okay on a fast as long as you're not eating a bunch of the pulp and you're not eating a bunch of the fiber okay within even a little bit of the juice of a lemon you're going to get a little bit of pectin which can actually stimulate just enough gastric juices.

To have a beneficial effect i also think that the small small small amount of calories that you're getting from a lemon again is negligible so i call it okay i say acv lemon water you're good to go so many good questions coming in can you talk a little bit about cholesterol with the keto.

You know i want to make this more focused on fasting versus keto so um uh jizz g2mi says do chat one on one to help a beginner understand um depends i do consultations now and then uh let's see sorry guys i'm trying to scroll through here so many questions come in.

When do i consume cinnamon before breaking a fast to lower cortisol levels ah very very good question cinnamon just so you know the reason that i have it in given protocols for fasting is to modulate cortisol okay cortisol is okay when you're fasting do you remember those old infomercials that.

Were looking at they used to always make fun of cortisol be like oh cortisol is making your belly fat big and blah blah blah blah blah so we all developed this fear and hatred of cortisol it's not the case it's a decent hormone that does some positive things in fact cortisol.

Activates hormones instead of lipase in a lot of ways it all depends on the situation so cortisol can be a very tremendous fat burner it's only when cortisol is in the presence of insulin that causes a problem so let me give you an example to look at you're stressed out so you're stuffing.

Your face you're stressed out from work you're sedentary and you're stuffing your face that is a perfect example of when cortisol is going to work against you okay you've got cortisol levels high stress levels high and you're sitting down and you're eating a bunch of carbohydrates that are spiking your insulin.

Cortisol in conjunction with insulin is a problem cortisol in the absence of insulin and cortisol in the presence of glucagon which is what happens in between our meals glucagon spikes between our meals cortisol in between our meals is really not that big of a deal that's why when you run or when you.

Exercise you have an elevation in cortisol which is bad but it's a response a stress response to your exercise so it's good in the sense that it's actually liberating fats so don't be afraid of cortisol but why would i recommend bringing down your cortisol levels at the end of a.

Fast well think about this what are you going to do at the end of your fast you're going to eat and what is eating going to do it's going to spike your insulin well what is spiking your insulin going to do well it's not going to make you fat.

But it might make you fat if you have cortisol along with it and an excess of calories so why not bring down cortisol levels a little bit and also bring down the insulin response a little bit okay so what happens is cinnamon has something in it known as methyl.

Hydroxy chalcone polymer which just makes thomas sound smart but doesn't really mean anything cool basically what that is is something that allows the body's natural response to insulin or basically it mimics insulin is what it does so it allows the glute transporter on the cell.

To come to the edge of the surface of the membrane and grab glucose since it emulates insulin it makes it so you don't need to produce as much insulin so it's like you can have cortisol elevated and insulin even though it's cinnamon elevated.

And not have as much of a negative impact so i usually recommend an hour or so before breaking your fast have a little bit of cinnamon and water now please please please and beg of you do not like go crazy on all this stuff and try to think that you need to follow everything that i'm talking about.

Tit for tat every single day it's going to drive you insane what i want to get out of this is for you to learn one or two nuggets that stick with you that makes sense that allow you to get the most out of this whole protocol no matter what this protocol or your existing protocol.

So please don't think that you have to constantly do everything that i say excuse me sorry getting a little parched here guys if you um can you guys also do me a favor comment where you're watching from so that i can say hello i do want to shout some people out.

And then please do hit that thumbs up button so that we get some good likes on this video so all the people that are looking for it can find it later on and then if you don't mind this wouldn't be a typical thomas de la hour video if i didn't shout something out right so please do.

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Let's see puerto rico we got new york city in the house man we've got waco texas we've got oh my gosh so many we've got madrid we've got vacaville brandy in vacaville california brandy i hope you guys are doing okay with all the fires that you had up there um i have some family up in fairfield.

Uh wow so many miami florida bakersfield california clarksville tennessee we've got philadelphia we've got ontario we've got new mexico more puerto rico we've got dominican republic we've got sorry i'm trying to read this going so fast karina in denmark we've got uh debbie in salida california i know.

Right where that is too we've got houston all right you guys don't forget keep commenting where you're watching from i'm going to pop over there now and then and comment that uh kennesaw georgia okay and some good questions here because someone says does fasting increase.

Intelligence i mean when you get more brain cells than it should be and what's better longer and written fasting that's a tough question to answer like does fasting make you smarter that would be a very bold statement for me to make and i watch what i say in terms of claims with.

That because i'd like to be able to give you the kind of fuel that you need to make your own decision with that but there's some pretty strong evidence as far as brain derived neurotropic factor goes as far as nerve growth factor goes as far as brain lactate goes when you're fasting so.

Does it officially make you smarter well no but fmri scans do show that so that certain parts of the brain light up exceptionally more during a fast so during a fast you might be able to make the argument that maybe you're smarter i don't know if anyone's actually measured iq with it.

Though that would be interesting will maltodextrin take me out of ketosis in large amounts it will maltodextrin will kick you out of a fast though so that's why i generally say like if you're looking at little packets of stevia or little packets of splenda be careful because a lot of times they.

Bind them to maltodextrin as an anti-caking agent and that makes it so that that could break your fast um tom studdard says on average by the way thank you for the super chat tom it does make the comment stick out a little bit more so it helps he says on average i do an 18 to 20 hour fast the results have been great.

My question is should i also throw in longer periods like 36 or 72 to help boost my results and doing every day is safe from paris california tom hey i've got some family in lake elsinore so not far from you that's a good question so should you also.

Throw in longer periods of fast like 36 to 72 hours along with your overall fasting that you're doing the question uh or the answer is pretty simple if you are having results with what you're doing i don't necessarily recommend adding longer results.

Or fast excuse me for more results that's not necessarily the answer so if you're having continued success with what you're doing i don't always recommend changing it however as a general rule i do think that relatively infrequent longer fasts are probably even more productive and.

More successful than short or uh more frequent short-term fast more frequent short-term fast equals lifestyle that is easy to maintain if you're okay with that maintenance level if you're okay with that then that's totally cool know that it might slow.

Your metabolism but know that that is the lifestyle that you're choosing to accept you may be just okay with not having breakfast for the rest of your life and that's totally fine it's totally fine if it's effective and it works for you great i really do strongly preach that just for general health and lifestyle.

Consolidating your eating into a 10-hour window as just a general rule is a healthy thing to do so even people that don't fast i say just eat all your meals inside of 10 hours and amazing things happen but if you really want to have good results that are gonna like encompass fat loss encompass brain.

Health encompass cellular rejuvenation relatively infrequent longer fasts are better i did a video last week called on monk fasting monk fasting is just a term but it's a once a week 36 hour fast that has been a part of my life i don't know for.

Not this current phase but i did it for i don't know about two months during this year and i just felt like i had great great results with it why did i not continue doing it well because i still wanted to fast a little bit more frequently and i didn't want to do a 36 hour fast plus additional fasting.

So anyhow there's lots of different ways that you can you know skin this right you can go so many different directions mickey fc says hey thomas what type of fasting would you recommend for starving off stress-induced high blood pressure thanks for your efforts so first off i have to be kind of careful when i answer any kind of.

Questions that are related to um any kind of disease state right so high blood pressure things like that one of the things that i would recommend for you though it sounds like simply doing a time-restricted feeding kind of thing might be the best strategy for you here's my concern.

Um you have this big fluctuation in change in electrolytes that constantly occurs with fasting and then not fasting and i'd be concerned that you're going to have surges in blood pressure especially if you get through like kind of a binge and fast mentality where you fast for a long period of time and.

Then eat a bunch of food then you have a big surge in blood pressure because all of a sudden your sodium levels go up your sugar level insulin levels everything nitric oxide levels go through the roof so what i would recommend is probably just doing something like three days a week of 16 hours.

Fasting and try to eat a good amount of things like dark chocolate things like blueberries things that are going to help you out with nitric oxide production a little bit because that's probably one of the safest healthiest ways to at least improve blood flow in a healthy way so many good questions coming in man does.

Truvia break a fast truvia has erythritol in it and i'm waiting for someone to take a cut of this clip from me and probably make a rebuttal video about it truvia has erythritol in it an erythritol is not something that i generally recommend during a fast i like erythritol as a general sweetener.

I think it's a pretty safe way to sweeten food with a minimal minimal glycemic response if any depending on who you ask but it does break a fast because it does require a good amount of passive diffusion okay it draws a lot of water into the colon i talk about products like ugino.

Matcha and things like that that have like the sweet matcha packets and stuff like that those are good for fasting but i usually recommend not having the sweetened ones during a fast so anyhow i'm just clearing that up because a lot of people ask so i hope that answers the question truvia after.

Fast would be okay uh brittany says i'm doing the intermittent fasting challenge i hit the wall pretty hard when i ate eggs on the off day i felt completely drained the whole day what the sorry just lost yours i felt completely drained the whole day also having muscle.

Cramping started red means what else can i do um you might not respond well to eggs believe it or not remember how uh in some of my videos i've talked about how i'm not a big fan of having the full egg i like doing more just the egg yolk because egg whites the albumen.

Has been shown to be pretty inflammatory for some people um just know that that could be the case for you so the first step for you would be try removing the egg white and just eating the egg yolk and maybe adding a little bit of like turkey or something with that to get a little extra protein.

That would be step one as far as the muscle cramps go that could be a number of things i think the bigger piece for you to take is going to be magnesium if the if the cramps are occurring during or shortly after exercise it's likely potassium if the cramps are occurring throughout.

The rest of the day or at the night it's likely magnesium sodium is going to help you but it could also skew that a little bit more too um okay another one came in here let's see um mickey thank you for the awesome super chat man i appreciate that says the knowledge is always appreciated i'm.

Enjoying the benefits of beet juice that's a good point actually brought up beet juice beet juice is actually very very very good even on keto if you have it in small amounts concentrated beet juice is only gonna have a few calories i encourage people to try messing around with it.

Post-workout because it is a massive massive driver of nitric oxide again you have to know that this channel is about having fun okay i've been getting i should probably address it i've been getting a lot of heat lately because i talk about so many different.

Varieties of things and my channel is not designed to be a coaching system everybody it's not designed to be follow this to a t okay there's two and a half million people that subscribe to my channel i can't give everyone a perfect model a perfect layout and it truly does keep me up at night.

Seeing how many people get like frustrated because it's not a coaching system my goal of my channel is to give you little bits and pieces that you can apply to your daily life maybe it's one thing maybe it's two things maybe it's all the things but so when i.

Talk about something like beet juice people are gonna get mad because it's not necessarily keto or maybe because i've talked about other things guys our bodies are experiments have fun with it try to figure out what makes you the best version of yourself so yes beet juice is.

Pretty cool and i'm glad you mentioned that anyhow let's see you mentioned the measurements on your test strip ketones volume being lower if you're experienced at fasting does the same thing happen blood levels or blood levels indicative of ketosis depth.

Cherry good question okay so yes the short answer is yes as you get adapted to fasting and ketosis but specifically with fasting you are going to notice that your blood ketone levels are not nearly as high there is a very good saying that i want you all to remember okay do not chase ketones.

Chase results because for one every single person that's watching this video right now you might have a different ketone response than somebody else okay it's just the way of the world but secondly what we have to remember is that as you get more adapted to fasting or to ketosis in general.

Your body doesn't need to produce as much your cells become efficient so why does it need to produce as much okay it becomes just like your body gets efficient at utilizing glucose okay the respiratory quotient changes how much oxygen costs you actually need you get conditioned to exercise you also.

Need less oxygen and you need less glucose you have less demand so yeah your ketone levels could very well be lower and you know it's interesting if you measured your glucose your glucose might be higher why is your glucose higher because of peripheral insulin resistance okay the.

Cells in your body may not even know how to use glucose properly anymore so they blunt it and shunt it and that allows your blood ketone levels to drop and your glucose levels to go up the point is the ketones are just a relative measure for you you should be taking your baseline and see where you're at.

And see what triggers changes based on your baseline not on somebody else's dynamic or someone else's method or number that they say you should be at anyhow i hope that that helps um so many good questions um thank you thomas you guys are so good welcome thank you guys very much have i watched the game changers documentary on.

Netflix yes i did like a year ago i did like a response to that um chromium is it okay to be used in acv replacement uh chromium works kind of differently so what chromium does is it brings the glut4 receptor to the membrane it doesn't necessarily activate more okay apple cider vinegar.

On the other hand helps stabilize blood sugar via some slightly different processes so it's not really a replacement but it is a blood sugar modulator just like apple cider vinegar hey we've got a lot of people can you guys please hit that thumbs up button i would really really appreciate it if you.

Guys could i've got a lot of people on this broadcast i would love to see some more likes coming through and then please um guys it'd be awesome awesome awesome if you would check out thrive market down below in the description so you can check out some of the stuff that i recommend for fasting.

For keto they have some really awesome stuff when it comes down to just getting it delivered to your doorstep one of my favorite things that i like to get from there is like my fasting essentials box which has a lot of things i typically eat during my fasting or my eating period on a fasting day.

So please do check them out down below second line in the description olive oil during a fast that's the first one no it would definitely break it would definitely break a fast but olive oil during your eating period would be very very good let's bring the questions over now to a little bit more of what to eat during.

The eating window so we have any specific questions that are coming up surrounding hey can i eat xyz or what is this or how should i break i want to hear these kinds of questions and again for those of you just hopping on the first link in the description takes you to the first video that breaks down.

What this challenge is all about it also breaks down the meal plan so you can get all the information you need for this challenge there including the meal plan including the walkthrough it's very in-depth video so make sure you're prepared for that dark chocolate during an eating window yes unsweetened baking chocolate i go.

For straight up dark chocolate 100 dark nothing else in it unsweetened if you want to melt it down and add some stevia that's a great way to go good question here tom can coming in and out of ketosis cause insulin resistance or any negative effects excuse me if you were to come in and out of ketosis all the time.

One could argue that you will have a level of glucose intolerance that occurs meaning if you're in ketosis your cells don't utilize glucose as well so when you have glucose coming in do you cause damage to the cell well not necessarily i mean depends on how often you're doing it and more so it depends on how much that.

Glucose load is are you coming out of ketosis and going into eating 300 grams of pure sugar that's going to really cause an impact i think more so what we need to be concerned with is glucose intolerance versus insulin resistance and i know some will say that they're very very.

Similar and if not the exact same thing but they are different glucose intolerance just means that your cells aren't as used to using glucose at the mitochondrial level they're not as used to processing it insulin resistance means that your body is resistant to the messenger.

So think of it like this you have a cell inside the cell is a factory in a factory that creates energy okay insulin is the chaperone that takes that opens the door and allows the glucose to get into the factory to get in make energy so insulin opens the door what insulin resistance does is it.

Basically changes the lock so that the insulin the guy can never open the door so the glucose wants in but can't get in because the insulin won't open the door glucose intolerance i would argue is much more about the glucose can kind of get in the cell but.

The cell doesn't know how to use it as an energy substrate the factory sort of rejects it so insulin resistance is slightly different so we can still end up with the same net result which is going to be high levels of glucose but it's not going to be the same as insulin resistance.

Again i'm not an expert in the world of insulin resistance i'm not an endocrinologist i can't look at all this stuff i'm not i how different hormones are going to react with that i would be it would be incorrect for me to try to make a statement on that it's also not heavily researched.

Glucose intolerance yes but that's not always a bad thing xylitol gum during a fast i would try to abstain see sky zero says fasting every day wouldn't be a problem if you were able to meet all your daily caloric needs in your eating window correct then it's no big deal i've never.

Had a problem with this uh sky zero are you question though are you still trying to lose weight for one you don't have the answer this is rhetorical but are you still trying to lose weight and like i said eating doing 16 8 daily isn't a problem as long as you're.

Continuing to get results and as long as you're okay with making that your lifestyle if you went back to eating three square meals some things might change and yes you're getting all your calorie needs but isn't that a relative question if i'm getting all my calories how do you know like because that number is.

Going to change um so like it's going to change depending on your activity level it's going to change a lot of things so if you continue to get 3 000 calories in your eating window forever would shifting to 3 meals a day with the same amount of calories spread evenly causing you to gain weight.

That would be an interesting experiment right so in my experience with that it has and that has to do with probably less glucagon and less overall hormone sensitive lipase and overall just fat burning enzymes elevated so yeah if you're okay with that number of calories being there then sure so i hope.

That makes sense um is it okay to only eat one meal a day women's challenge day one is in the books awesome glad to hear you robin that's awesome um i also think that uh one meal a day is a little bit dangerous i'm much more of a fan of two meals a day kind of spare the details there anime.

Says should a 13 year old fast i would not recommend it especially considering all the hormones that are probably changing men um thomas delaware can you burn uh sorry classical phantom says whoa can you burn carbs and fats at the same time that's a good question that's a really good question actually to think about.

That for a second there is a statement that came from i don't remember what journal it was but basically it says the mitochondria functions best when there is a very clear and defined fuel source of either fats or carbohydrates so can you burn fats and carbs at the same time.

Uh and probably not at the literal same time but you you have to think about how your body is going to shift right it's good abstract thought you're gonna be thinking on this if you were to push the limits on endurance you definitely would be using fat and probably a little bit of.

Carbohydrates but is it happening at the exact same time maybe down to the nanosecond but maybe within close proximity but as soon as you were to push it to a high intensity your body's going to shift over towards more carbohydrates so within a given workout absolutely you can burn fats and carbs at the same time.

But within a given second that's a tough one magnesium glycinate shane asks yes magnesium glycine is great before bed highly highly recommend that it takes about an hour and a half before bed is glutamine glutamine okay during a fast glutamine is great to take.

Right at the end of a fast for immune system reasons and for uh overall gut health reasons because it does help with stabilizing the gut and reducing lipopolysaccharides from leeching in so uh great question not during the fast right before you break it um you said that you're not supposed to.

Break a fast with fat only lean protein but what about our ancestors didn't they anything they could get yeah they absolutely did but were they going for body composition were they going for were they looking at the way that we're looking at it can you break your fast with a ribeye.

Stick of course you can are you going to die from it no like are you going to have a stomach ache maybe are you going to have optimal results i don't know it's a little bit nebulous right nutrition in general is nebulous but i will say that what i've experienced and what i've seen with thousands and thousands of clients.

And hundreds of thousands of people that have seen my content is they have the best response when they don't have high fat breaking a fast and the only argument that is solid to make there is the ones that are known uh so what i mean by that is.

Our bodies don't break down fats really well right when we break a fast we don't have the enzyme potential we don't have the enzyme force we reduce enzyme force mickey fc says when breaking a fast along with consuming lean protein what types of fluids would you recommend to really push the nutrients into the cells wow i love this people are getting kind.

Of abstract with this this is a cool crowd tonight i would definitely recommend uh playing around with chromium again it's going to help get the nutrients into the cell that way a little bit more i'm a big believer in potassium and magnesium after breaking a fast i feel like magnesium from an energy potential.

Side is going to help you out in terms of keeping energy levels high i do think potassium is going to allow sodium to do its job better because remember sodium uh potassium is kind of like the reset button on the action potential going into the cell so the energy actually transferring into the cell.

So for low in potassium then we don't have a reset button so it's like that cramp is like your computer crashing and all you want to do or your phone crashing and all you want to do is do a hard reset to get it to reset but you can't because you don't have potassium so.

That reset button does allow you to have that action potential and essentially inject sodium and minerals into the cell again so i would say chromium potassium magnesium sodium is not nearly as important right when you break it fast because your sodium values should be decently high.

Tom studdard says thank you for your previous answer if i change from intermittent uh to longer fast like 48 hours should how much time between fast should i allow to pass if you're doing 48 hours i would try to allow at least five days solid five days of eating before 72 hours seven days.

Can you do a bit on black seed oil i've thought about it but to be completely honest i'll just give you a little bit that i know now not a whole lot of really compelling evidence it's a lot of marketing gobbledygook and i try to yes i have my fair share of marketing on my channel yes.

I do to some degree believe in running this channel like a business because that's how it stays afloat so all that being said although i do have a degree of marketing on my channel there are some things that i think are so over hyped that they would actually discredit the channel.

Like if i talked about black seed oil right now it's so overhyped and so over marketed i would kind of feel like i need to take a shower talking about it does that mean that there aren't benefits there are benefits to it but there's also benefits to tomato right so i try to stay away from talking about.

Things that are going to jeopardize sort of the integrity so i probably won't do a bid on black seed oil for a little while the evidence is just too weird um is celery okay during fasting uh toasting i would say curious take your celery after the fast um tom thank you very much for the super.

Chat and for all the kind words um open mind says law i'll copy that thanks i kind of went on a tangent there guys i gotta probably hop off here in like two minutes so i'm gonna answer three more quick questions uh i can hear uh before amber she's wrangling a toddler and wrangling uh.

A five-month-old so do i recommend avoiding dairy such as cheese or cream on the non-fasting days robin that's a great question again somewhere out there people think that like i'm totally like this anti-dairy freak i actually think dairy fat is pretty good cla i mean you get some decent benefits.

From it so on your non-fasting days i don't have a problem with you consuming good quality dairy i would prefer the cheese to be something like good quality blue cheese good quality uh rogue fork cheese good quality goat cheese good quality havarti would even be okay otherwise aged cheeses okay romano.

Parmesan these are the ones we want to lean to mark your calendars pretty soon i have a video coming out on the top cheeses to get at costco i think people are going to like that top cheeses for keto is taking magnesium during actually yes that's a quick question magnesium during a long pass is great um.

What should someone sorry i'm trying to um first of all carlos thank you says ordered from thrive appreciate that man appreciate that that does help out the channel it really does because they help pay for a lot of my team and pay for this stuff so many questions coming in can you break a fast with.

Greek yogurt and fruit that's a good question i would not recommend breaking a fast with dairy okay because again some could argue this but there's a lot of science that does show that pretty inflammatory response right when you break a fast and right when you.

Break a fast your body is going to be very sensitive so i wouldn't recommend that a tiny bit of fruit again not the worst thing in the world i'm usually not pro heavy amounts of fruit but actually evidence does show that after a fast since fructose doesn't spike insulin the.

Same method it's actually okay so a few strawberries would be okay but the greek yogurt i would try to shift something away from that i would try to go with maybe again a pea protein shake or some lean protein if you're you know vegetarian you're trying to do the dairy at least or you have to do the.

Dairy go for a bulgarian yogurt it's a little bit better um sorry one more question guys uh do i wreck uh sorry ah sorry this questions are coming in so fast um so many questions coming it's going so fast um one more question is it okay okay.

Someone says what about sucralose um sucralose i would be very careful of during a fast but also be very careful of after a fast because you have a big shift in your gut biome so i don't want you having a bunch of sucralose that has been shown to have an effect on up to over 50 over 50.

Of our gut biome so definitely be careful with that guys i have to hop off guys if you can one last round of big thumbs ups uh and please don't forget to like comment share if you haven't already please subscribe to the channel and please it is so important so important that you know to turn on notifications.

And also go into your settings on your phone and enable notifications from youtube we are posting videos every day at 5am pacific right now okay it doesn't mean you have to watch it right then and there but if you're not getting a notification every day then something is not right.

With your notifications so please make sure you check that because every day i don't want you missing videos so please please please please please please turn on those notifications and please check back on the channel every single morning you guys are super awesome thank you for.

Everyone that was here and i will see you all tomorrow with another video
LIVE FASTING Q&A: Daily 16:8 Fasting vs. Infrequent Longer Fasting
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