LIVE- Building Muscle with Intermittent Fasting: Coaching with Thomas

LIVE- Building Muscle with Intermittent Fasting: Coaching with Thomas

LIVE- Building Muscle with Intermittent Fasting: Coaching with Thomas

Check out the video on LIVE- Building Muscle with Intermittent Fasting: Coaching with Thomas.
What's going on everybody out there in corn in land locked down at their homes just bored out of their mind they apologize for a little bit of echo I'm literally in my studio by myself I've got a little webcam I'm on a treadmill on a tripod on a treadmill I've done that before and I'm just sitting here literally by myself with my own little.

Livestream setup I've got my laptop right here so that I can pull up everybody's questions and everything like that but I figure okay I've been talking a lot about losing weight maintaining your weight while you're at home stuck on lockdown things like that but let's talk about the reality of this a lot of us are going to be in a caloric.

Surplus a lot of us are going to be able to put on some muscle right now so why don't we leverage your fasting to do so now the cool thing is is because I've been locked down just like all of you I've had a lot of time to research I've had a lot of time to sit down and find some new things so things I'm going to talk about today are things that I'm.

Sharing with my community you guys before I ever put it out into full published videos if you want to call it that this is more of a live stream that's just to interact with you guys so I know we've got a lot of people on here go ahead and comment where you're watching from say hello I haven't set up a little bit different than I normally.

Do because I've got my webcam in front of me and I've got my laptop right here so you see me looking off to the side a little bit it's just as literally I'm looking at everyone talking commenting you already have close to 500 people in this broadcast so I'd love to get a lot of people and I want to go ahead and I want to jump right in and a couple of.

Things that I want to touch on very quickly that are just going to be they're just important just due to the specific time now I apologize if this is something that you've heard from me before but just take my word on this because it's just for safety right now given the state of everything that's out there with the pandemic I do not.

Recommend that anybody fast longer than 24 hours right now okay just has to do with quelling inflammation a little bit too much now I'm not going to make this video about this topic I want to talk about muscle building I just I have to service I'm talking about this otherwise I would be doing my job so you know what I mean by.

That is try not to do any fast longer than 24 hours even if you've experienced now just because it can stress your body out a little bit and I don't want anyone to put themselves at risk but everything that's going on right now so hey let me say hello to some people we've got California in the house Pennsylvania we've got New York City we've got.

Massachusetts we've got North Dakota we've got Turlock California SF Bay Area Pittsburgh area awesome got a good chunk of people here okay so I'm gonna answer questions but I want go ahead and kind of lay out some of the things I've learned recently now some of this stuff is stuff you've heard before the big thing is going to be switching up at the.

Timing of your intermittent fasting routine now I know you've probably heard this and some of my videos before but I encourage you to look at fasting a little bit different we all have a tendency to feel like we need to fast from evening to evening okay we always feel that way because it's just normal we fast and then we break our fast with.

Dinner well what I want to encourage you to do is a couple days per week fast from morning to morning and what I mean by that is you'd eat your breakfast okay and then you'd fast the rest of the day and you'd go to bed hungry okay and then when you get up in the morning you're going to work out in your fasted state.

And then you're going to break your fast after your workout in the morning okay why do I suggest that you do this well again for those of you they've seen my videos you know this but I have to explain it in general you are very insulin sensitive at the end of the fast and building muscle is all about capitalizing on insulin sensitivity okay.

Your body or your cells ability to absorb nutrients at a specific point in time it's very very high at the end of the fast well it's also very high in the morning but it's also very high at the end of a workout so we get a triple threat so what that allows us to do is truly get the best of both worlds we can quite literally burn fat and build.

Muscle inside of a 24 hour period of time so by fasting throughout the course of the day of course we're burning fat then we're working out in such a fasted state because we're effectively at the end of the 20 22 24 hour fast that the result of the workout in terms of our insulin sensitivity is to be SuperDuper high which means when.

You do break your fast your cells are going to be like sponges and they're going to absorb that stuff like mad okay now a lot of you of course you're gonna be asking like well what do I eat right after my workout in that case well I'm gonna get to that one second let me shout some people out and say hello guys everyone that's on this broadcast could.

You mind hitting that thumbs up button hitting that like button for me super appreciated okay and one comment okay cool well we've got some Tony rich says that's super convincing yeah it's very very awesome really guys if you're not here make sure you comment where you're watching from okay let's go ahead and let's break this down a little bit.

More what would that look like we break your fast okay so you've got heightened insulin sensitivity now well you don't want to be breaking your fast with something that's gonna disrupt that okay so whether you are doing a low carb diet or your paleo or your vegan doesn't really matter I highly advise that you keep fats out of the mix right when you.

Break your fast and you're talking to a guy that predominantly preaches a lot of keto right for me to say don't consume a lot of fats with this meal says a lot remember with insulin sensitivity another thing happens when your insulin sensitive what's gonna happen is anything that you absorb is going to potentially go into the muscle cell or.

Go into the cell in general which means what that we don't necessarily want to be consuming fat at that point in time but remember this isn't every day this is only on the days that you're fasting in the morning right so what I would recommend is simply use lean protein and that is it if your keto but if you are not doing keto this would be a great.

Time for you to have something high glycemic now some of you might be wondering why why would you ever recommend something high glycemic why would you ever recommend me having a high glycemic carbohydrates that seems wildly unhealthy okay high glycemic carbohydrates are only bad if they're out of control okay what I mean by this.

When you have a high glycemic carbohydrate your blood sugar goes up up up up really fast and then down down down down down really fast okay feel like I'm talking my top yeah so it goes way up and then way down this is I deal because we can actually have our insulin spike and our blood sugar spike be in a finite amount of time where we.

Can leverage complete control over it an insulin spike does us good because it allows us to build muscle allows us to store nutrients chronically high levels of insulin I repeat chronically high levels of insulin are terrible leads to insulin resistance leads to disease leads to a lot of comorbidities a lot of bad things but if.

We can spike her insulin with good amount of carbohydrates right when we break our fast along with some protein great fun fact even if you are Kido there is a very good chance that you could get away with having between 30 and 40 grams of carbohydrates at the end of your fast at the end of your workout along with some protein and barely kick.

You out of ketosis that just goes to say how powerful the statement fast is your so insulin sensitive your muscles are going to gobble up the carbohydrates and gobble up the protein in such a fast way that you get to kill two birds with one stone you get to have your cake and eat it too although it's not really cake it's going to be a boring car let me go.

Ahead and look at some of these things that are coming up here real quick this is a great broadcast we got a lot of people on here for those of you just joining on if I look over here that's just because I have my computer over here I have the webcam right here let's see you get some good to mental benefits in depth you break your fast let's see.

No you know not generally no okay they don't necessarily end up you break your fast as long as you are keeping your ketones level so I have some other good questions that are coming in yeah people are asking exactly what I should write fast with okay so let's go ahead and let's cover that guys would you mind please pleaseplease hitting that thumbs.

Up button if you're watching this broadcast and just wait it just kind of loose the video up a little bit I want to get a lot of people on here fYI I went ahead I put some links down below in the description just some recommended products recommended things magnesium vitamin C's vitamin DS things that people are just interested.

In right now nothing for me to even talk about in this video I just wanted to mention that their down description because they're kind of the repeat things that are people asking about right now okay so people asking what I would consider a safe carbohydrate when I break a fast I like to go with a high glycemic carbohydrates you.

Looks like something like a rice cake an unsweetened rice cake okay now the reason I do an unsweetened rice cake is because you have the amylase amylopectin you've got all these other little things that make up starches and helping the breakdown of starch and all this other stuff right but a start is just glucose molecules that are bound together and.

When you puff rice they're injecting air into the starch which separates the glucose molecules well when the glucose molecules are separated in like a puffed rice or a rice cake they digest really really fast and cause a quick insulin spike so that simply means that we're gonna absorb it faster and it's not going to raise our.

Blood sugar for a long period of time it's gonna have a lesser place you can load so I usually recommend rice cakes I usually recommend corn tortillas I'll recommend puffed rice anything like that but I really recommend trying to get it in an organic sense because it's gonna be the first thing you're putting in your body you don't have to do this but.

I will say if you follow the strategy I'm talking about it's going to be really really really powerful for you Richard says why wouldn't a sweet potato be better than a rice cake well sweetie that is pretty low glycemic okay now it's hard for me to draw it's just my hands here but let me kind of be visual if you were to spike your insulin with a.

Low glycemic carbohydrate you're going to have this kind of bell curve insulin spike okay which is going to come up slowly and this is gonna come down slowly which means that your blood sugar is slowly going to come down which means that when you have your next meal you're piling on top of that so think of it coming blood sugar coming down like.

This and then you spike it again it comes up like this okay we want this up and down those are great food and I love low placing things like sweet potatoes but right when you're making your fast is the one time I want you to have something high glossy it's your one time to capitalize remember let me be abundantly clear with this for all six.

767 people that are out here right now the time in which you build muscle after you fast is a very small amount of time in terms of leveraging your workout and leveraging your fasting period your body's gonna flip the switch and build muscle for a while but what you can do nutritionally is a really small window so I want you to get a big spike.

Fast so you absorb things fast and then you can go back to burning fat isn't that the gameplan right stay lean lean lean lean lean build a bunch of muscles they lean lean lean rather than get fat build muscle and then you know you're saying okay I've got a lot of people want here this is awesome guys again please don't forget to hit that.

Thumbs up button and just share it you can well Thomas reads and responds to comments for like two seconds and then goes back to talking for 20 minutes I'm out guys they say to take care sky zero I'm sorry about that you got to imagine how hard it is let's see hey Thomas has been I mean the purpose of this is to be able to instruct not to go down a.

Million different reticles see sorry that's just a lot of questions convenient how many rice games it's all gonna depend so someone my size I'm about 185 185 pounds I usually have votes 20 to 25 grams of carbs worth of rice States which is usually like 2 to 3 rice cakes depending on the brand India's another question is just immense.

As if you're on keto is it recommended to have lower fat higher protein after breaking a fast with carbs plus workout thanks greetings from Chile yes you want to keep your fat low I did just address that a little bit before you hopped on guys please once again if you can please hit that thumbs up button it just helps us out ok there's.

Something interesting I want to talk about and it's a combination of supplements that you can take that are pretty darn effective if you take them when you break your fast now I am in no way shape or form endorsing anything saying and there's no brands associated this is literally some interesting research that I read in fact I've got.

Part of the study pulled up in front of me nutrition guys eternal nutrition and metabolism studying ok so this was a cool one because it took a look at the combination if you're a non-us the combination of carnitine creatine in leucine in relatively low amounts now I'm not the biggest fan of leucine if you're doing a keto diet because it can.

Kick you out of keto but at the same time right when you break a fast and you're gonna potentially have carbs anyway who really cares right so here's what this study found you found when they gave subjects like 2 grams of creatine a little bit of a leucine which is just an amino acid and a little bit of carnac.

They had this kind of triple threat process in the body that triggered an 81% increase in what's called an mTOR which is the master anabolic switch to don't muscle it's super super cool and really fascinating stuff but the other thing is that they found that in this study okay hear me out on this these subjects were not working out they were.

Not working out at all and the subjects that used this combination of creatine carnitine in leucine gained one kilogram of muscle mass in a period at like 8 to 12 weeks I think it was that's phenomenal and that tells us a lot about what's happening at the musculoskeletal level in terms of mTOR now that's complicated jargon and what do I mean by.

That well you might as mind if I get science II for a minute stick with me I know I lose people when I do this but aha hey so who says hey it's a sardine guy I am learning it what's happening inside your body is this thing called the Akt pathway okay and this Akt pathway normally would basically when you break down the muscle or when you.

Break down protein to build muscle you're also breaking down protein from inside your body so it looks something like this let's just say for a minute that I just worked out biceps and I wanted to grow my biceps okay well it turns out that when my biceps are actually breaking down protein to grow they don't just break down protein from.

The food that I consume they break down protein from another area of the body too they break down muscular skeletal form they break down protein in your muscle well this is sort of a pathway that we want to disrupt and when we turn on the Akt pathway via this particular supplementation route it turns on the Akt pathway that stops the degradation.

Of the musculoskeletal proteins in short what that means is the Delta of actual protein that goes to building muscle ends up being higher so look at it like this if normally you train biceps and you eat 100 grams of protein well that protein is going to go to your biceps but then you're also going to break down some protein from other areas of your.

Body by using this process it stops the breakdown of protein in the other areas of your body therefore leaving you with more of the protein you consumed to go to work does that make sense to everybody basically now this is just interesting stuff that I'm reading okay that I found out I've been diving into research this.

Week because what else am I going to do right I'm just trying to find ways to to bring new stuff and learns new stuff for myself so some good questions let's see here sorry there's a good question that came in I wanna is it safe to work out after fasting yeah absolutely is safe to work out after fasting just remember you're not gonna.

Get as much of a fat loss effect I like to I'm only okay adiposity having having an adipose tissue having fat tissue contrary to popular belief actually slows down muscle growth people always think oh if you have more muscle or if you have more fat you're gonna build more muscle it's actually not that way so if the leader that you are the more.

Muscle that you build so I always recommend the body be triggering ampk be triggering that AMP protein kinase pathway of burning fat because it's going to actually allow you to build more muscle there are a lot of body builders out there that actually claim they build more muscle when they're cutting cycled and they do in their in.

Their balking cycle and that's just the cold hard truth so I do recommend that you train in a fasted state just so that you can capitalize on that and stable leaner this is awesome guys you've got a good amount of people on here someone says should I be spreading my meals out throughout the eating period it all depends on what your fasting.

Window is and what you're eating window is I like to have like a you know six hour eating window usually so yeah I'll pay attention to that and kind of keep my mule spaced out a little bit between then because please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button we've got like 800 people on here and we'll make sure people are hitting that thumbs up button.

Can you eat sardines while breaking the fast that's a good question you know sardines are a little high in fat to break a fast but as long as you're not gonna excuse combining them with cards I'd be okay with that pair with the ones I'm just going through some water in parched yeah there's so many good questions going okay another piece that.

I want to talk about there's this viscosity thing that comes from the question with vitamin D I've been on a vitamin D calculate me because I've just been it actually all started them to tell you a little story with this and please don't get bored okay I know a lot of us are bored is we're at home so hopefully you guys are.

Just enjoying this the casual conversation here one of my employees Matt I was always sick always always always sick he couldn't figure out what's going on he's going to immunologists immunologist after immunologist and it was getting to a point where he was frustrated anyhow long story short he's a british cat.

Right because the british guy and didn't get a lot of sunlight and so we found as vitamin d levels are very low well vitamin d came in the invasion that hasn't been sick in a year and he used to be sick like every other week point is we got obsessed with latinum t he got obsessed with vitamin d so i got obsessed with vitamin d and now starting.

To see what is going on with the contractile strength situation whoa if you're deficient in vitamin d basically the myosin can't slide over the actin filaments within your muscle making it so that you don't contract the muscle as well so there is truth to the fact that if you go outside and spend time in the sun and then the next day you feel like.

Your muscles are contracting better there is truth to that I used to always feel like that I thought maybe was just because I had a tan and it looked more lean it was like no there's actually so vitamin D there's something called the vtk pathway and that BBK pathway allows that to contract more so if you're adequately dosed in vitamin v whether.

You're taking like 5,000 IU's per day or you're giving out in the Sun a lot there's a very very very good chance that they can enhance the overall contractile strength of your muscle which therefore it does have a powerful salt so if item indeed should be taking during your fast or doing your eating.

Period excuse me sorry another couple of there's some super chats that are coming in I want to make sure that I address those Oscar thank you so much for the super chat appreciate that hey Thomas it's been four months since my last prolonged fast and I'm doing it again what should I avoid when I break my fast also I'm.

Trying to build muscle should I eat creatine angel I kind of touched on that you basically should just keep you know having lean protein you should be keeping carbs to a minimum fat out of the equation creatine absolutely is okay I don't recommend taking more than 2 grams now what is happening with creatine I think does anyone want to.

Hear a little bit about kind of what's the real benefit of creatine it's not so much the strength piece it's actually another piece it's really fascinating so just type in creatine if you're curious for you to talk about it otherwise I'll code I'm a different rabbit in the meantime Ramadan is three weeks away possible yeah I've been looking at doing.

A Ramadan related video so I hate dads what's going on man I'm gonna try am i really really trying to but right now I'm trying to put out a lot of community content because that's what people are asking for then okay lots of people saying yes they want to know okay I'll make a brief on creatine because I think it's fascinating because people think.

That creatine just makes you stronger and in a way it does but not really okay so creatine will give you a little bit of strength in that first first surge right that first like couple of reps one or two reps but really where the benefit comes is from these specific things called osmotic sensors so creatine draws water into the muscle.

Cell okay and when it draws water into the muscle cell what happens is the muscle cell swells but we have these things called osmotic sensors now this is some seriously bad bad bad cool stuff all right the cell when it swells the body sort of says wait a minute this muscle cell is swelling too fast we need to make sure.

That we let it grow so that it doesn't rupture and doesn't get hurt so basically creatine swells the muscle cell up just enough that it forces growth so then when you get a muscle pump on top of that you are expanding that muscle cell more and it's triggering more of what are called satellite cells which are small muscle.

Cells that hang out around the typical sarcoplasmic reticulum and sarcomere right and then they will fuse to that muscle cell to make it bigger so it looks like this your disk and is a muscle cell okay these are little satellite cells I'm sorry I'm trying to look to see how this looks okay when the muscle cell expands gonna has creatine.

It looks like this okay well then what happens is these satellite cells start to fuse to the muscle cell and suddenly you've got a bigger cell and then it does again so you see I mean the satellite cells are hanging out around the outside orbiting and then all of a sudden they touch the cell and fuse together it's.

Bigger and voila you have muscle growth that's how creatine works so creatine although it does help me get a little stronger you only need a tiny bit like 2 grams like 2 grams per day or two dams every other day and it really makes a big difference but for some reason this nutrition metabolism study that I had pulled up in front of me really explains.

That creatine works well when you combine with leucine and combined with carnitine okay normally the funny thing is carnitine is practically useless or fat burning purposes just something really okay wow this is great so many people on this broadcast guys can you please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button so.

Many good questions little crafty nooks says no carbs when breaking the fast all depends on what you're doing there's so many good questions I wish I could answer always greetings from Los Angeles does loose the kick you out of ketosis not sure I heard you right earlier you're the goat thanks man so create yes keto my it will kick you.

How to keto but at the end of a fast you're gonna have so much protein is going to keep you gotta keep it actually take that back it's not gonna kick you out of keto it will break a fast if people take a lot of leucine or a lot of BCAAs yes they will see that they get kicked out of keto first more time or it lowers their ketone levels it's nothing.

To worry about though okay let's see here can I bring my fast with homemade protein drinks yes absolutely I generally use a pea protein and the reason I do that is someone actually had asked question a little go to address away if your body can handle way at the end of a fast you might find as you do more and more fasting that you're you're.

Just you don't feel as good with a way okay like because you get more sensitive and all of a sudden you're more sensitive to inflammation and you realize that way really is pretty inflammatory so I usually use a pea protein or I will use a hemp protein sometimes I'll rotate I know a lot of people that do a blend I've done a blend.

Myself to a little bit away a little bit P even a little bit of goat milk protein so anyway that's don't necessarily recommend goat milk protein it's just something that I've rotated it up just with different case-mate ones magnesium is also a great thing to take but we'll talk about that in a different day should I break my FAFSA fruit it's.

Actually good let me bring that up no please do not okay fructose is not a way that you want to start the day okay fructose whether it's a horse starting or eating period fructose is goes straight to the liver okay and I go straight to the liver process and that it's either utilized or more than likely stored via de novo Genesis.

To be very careful guys are awesome by the way in fYI people are going to bag on the fact that this is a you know ultimately what an hour-long broadcast or whatever it's gonna be the whole point of this is for community this isn't to I have videos that break this down in five to fifteen minutes it's not I like to be.

Able to engage and interact so I appreciate you all being here and I appreciate you all being respectful and polite I think you all have noticed everyone is a little on edge right now there's a lot of just uncertainty in the world right now and I think it's causing people to be on the edge and I've been seeing so much just negativity out on.

Social media that I've actually turned off a lot of my social media and I'm having some of my team post out my videos where I was I would normally do it cuz I just actually can't see it right now I mean I know a lot of you guys agree because I've been seeing a lot of messages coming in and saying what's going on with people right now.

It's just the nature of the beast is hard times for people okay next one says I need to print out of this there's another things that I wanted to let me go and pull up that look quick because there's a cool study being on guys find it on PubMed you actually know I don't need to find it cuz I think I have the study everything that guys I wanted to.

Find this one there's that yeah yeah that's a journal oficial adji I always like to reference the study just so that I know because the big thing that I wanted to touch on was something called your Solek acid this is a new one okay now úrsula acid is technically in the skin of an apple okay we're skin of an out okay so it's.

What that means is you have to eat a million apples now but basically the it's a small compound that's just barely in the skin of an apple does that mean that you want to go eat the skin of apples no I would recommend taking like personal like acid supplement now the cool thing is what they found with this study with Ursula Casson is that it.

Elevated and extended what is called p70 s6k pathways the downstream pathways so mTOR is a master switch within our body that turns us into muscle building mode those of you that know about fasting know that we fasting your you have elevated levels of auto fatigue the opposite of autophagy is mTOR there's no in-between.

You're either in automatic flux autopsy state or you're activating mTOR and you're in a growth phase too much mTOR would be tumor growth and extra tissue growth just the right amount of mTOR means muscle growth we want our in Tour spikes in a very nice finite amount of time well it turns out that this úrsula acid extends the time that inventory is.

Elevated by just enough to allow you to build more muscle it doesn't extend it all the time basically this study found that the specific downstream pathway called p7e s6k an import was extended for six hours what that means is p70 s6k is the phosphorylated form of basically mTOR that's activated in the muscle okay so.

What this means and i noticed people dropping like flies off this broadcast but if they just stuck with me they know what i'm talking about i know i get scientific sorry guys we activate muscle building with mTOR but in essence we are also activating other processes too that would be growth we don't necessarily want.

I II tumors etc etc well úrsula acid makes it so that the import that's activated is corralled to the muscle better okay by activating the P 70 sk downstream pathway so this means that after a workout this úrsula Cassatt makes it so that the protein we do consume and the muscle protein synthesis that is occurring is happening at the.

Right place for the right amount of time I hope that makes sense for everybody so I do recommend that you check it out okay I would start with like a hundred milligrams personally acid that's what I've been messing around with way too soon for me to tell any kind of legitimate difference but the studies are pretty aren't fascinating now if you.

Were here for the portion when I was talking about the Aeetes Akt pathway – it turns out that it also signals that Akt pathway so it also signals muscle to basically be preserved while you're building it which can have a big effect lower fasting right as well we're fasting we want to be preserving muscle so there's some good questions that I've.

Been coming in I want to address with but have you ever used steroids keep the games if you have done so you know it's good that I'll go ahead and address this right here just someone asked sure the short answer is no when I was working in the healthcare industry when I was going through some treatment for different inflammatory protocols and.

Stuff like that kept me on like a couple of research things like at that point in time but it was never any that's the thing I honestly I'm in an industry where if I wanted to really compete and I really wanted to like stay up and up with the magazines and things like that I would have to go down that route and I don't really address this a lot but the.

Truth is is think about it think about the direction that I took my brand okay for a short amount of time I was in the fitness industry where I had to be like 1% body fat a lot of water manipulation a lot of dehydration to get yourself there the only way that people can't extend that and really do it for a long amount of time as you all know is to of.

Course yes and I took my brand a different direction I said I don't want to be in the fitness industry I want to be more in the health industry because that's not about that I want to go so there you heard it straight from the horse's mouth what is the maximum fast that I would recommend 80 pounds overweight so normally I would recommend.

That you normally I like like a 20 to 24 hour fast and I like even going forty-eight hour fast but right now I just don't want you to stress with that because like I've talked about for the people that been on this broadcast is the beginning because of the whole Kovach situation I don't recommend it I don't recommend going longer than 20 24.

Hours tops if you're experienced and save to other good questions you guys what to break my fast instead of rice ah good question I'm actually glad you brought that up as you suggested potato and I actually think that potato would actually be a solid one so yes potato regular white russet potato microwave and make it whatever you need to do.

Thomas shovel I I appreciate the super chat they're due taking exhaustion is ketones insulin effectively in the fast asking as a type one diabetic thanks for doing yeah exhaustion is ketones [__] we'll probably they shouldn't affect your insulin they will make what they'll do is they technically break a fast because they are a nutrient okay they.

Are in essence a fourth macronutrients so ketones are stopping your body from utilizing its own internal doggedness fuel source cuz you're giving you a quote exogenous ketone exogenous fuel source so hope that helps now as a type one diabetic you might want to definitely be checking your insulin levels with that okay let's go ahead and.

Talk a little bit about testosterone in zinc for a minute because although this may sound like stuff that you've heard before about the whole world of seek I think it's important that you know because there was a really cool study that took a look at southern X that build muscle over I think it was like eight or ten weeks yeah I remember that.

Name in the study I can link it out down below later basically they took two groups of people and they well they took a bunch of people they have them work out they measured them for a number of weeks and then they divided the groups into people that built muscle versus people that didn't and they looked at their testosterone levels they looked at.

Their i gif levels they looked at their growth hormone levels and lo and behold it turns out that the ones that built more muscle did not have more testosterone they did not have more idea and they did not have more growth hormone so what the heck why did they build more muscle at first you read this and you're like no is this all genetic.

Is there no real way for me around this but then you find that has to do with the beta adrenergic receptor and how spongy it is so basically that receptors ability to receive testosterone to receive things okay makes it more sensitive to the ligands to the actual hormones so what that means is now at that level we don't know okay there's.

Going to be people that have more sensitive beta energy receptor nergic receptors than others that's doesn't matter but 50 to 100 milligrams of zinc makes that beta adrenergic receptor much more sensitive which means that you're going to be able to get more out of your overall testosterone your natural testosterone even growth hormone.

Everything if you take a little bit of zinc now this is somewhat old news but this science is relatively recent when you look at how it actually affects the receptors in comparison to testosterone levels just in general things like that so just fascinating stuff so there's been some good questions kind of break a fast with oatmeal I would not recommend.

That I Christopher just feel is so low glycemic but also the proteins okay also you're looking at a lot of glyco states which have been labeled as a World Health Organization as a Carson as dangerous so I would not recommend taking something that that is that potentially risky when your fasted okay is oatmeal the worst thing in the world.

No way but night when you fast I would keep it a lot cleaner so oatmeal's would be a little bit worse than rice in terms of that particular situation cacao powder or dark chocolate which one is better depends cacao powder is going to have a higher antioxidant profile so I usually say that all depends.

Cacao usually whenever you can okay the other piece that I want to talk about here is going to be really just well there's a few different things but we talked a little bit about zinc we talked a little bit about personal like acid we talked about creatine you know I want to talk about actually increasing your fat intake during your eating window in a.

Very strategic way okay I don't care if you are Kido or not you probably should try to make sure that you're getting an adequate amount of cholesterol in and the reason that I say this is because it's been shown recently to have some very powerful effects on essentially the self fluidity and the ability of the cells to communicate with each other and.

What that means is if the cells can communicate more and the cells can ultimately retrieve or receive more signaling then they can respond better yet sure cholesterol is a building block of testosterone and all these different steroid hormones in the body yes that's important but more so it's all about being able to let the cell do its job.

And receive a signal and receiving nutrients and without proper amounts of cholesterol you don't have that so I do recommend adding some eggs into the mix with the yolk I do recommend getting some of the fattier cuts every once in a while just to get your cholesterol now you know me generally I'm a fan of leaner meats and adding the fats.

Exogenously but just you know get the cholesterol in somehow because I know a lot of you aren't doing keto so you're not getting the fats in you do need to try to make a concerted effort to do that from the standpoint of involving muscle okay now let's answer some questions surrounding building muscle okay because.

I think I've covered the curriculum I want to cover when should you take the zinc because I've heard that zinc sorry that was a good question I think I heard ink binds with other vitamins zinc zinc will cancel out copper so copper and zinc work well don't work well together they're needed for each other but they can't be taken together because they.

Sense cancel each other out so I would recommend taking zinc just alone by itself before bed like an hour after you've eaten that way it's just safe so like people will take a zma exactly easy mashed potato that's okay I would just take straight zinc please please please can we take calcium and collagen to get.

That I would never excuse me never really recommend taking a calcium supplement there is a paper published American Heart Association found that calcium coming from the diet helped out heart disease and helped out all these other neurological diseases but when calcium was taken as a supplement it increased mortality rates as far as.

Heart disease goes why because calcium is not designed to be taken in the opinion P so you asked me about being in college and calcium sure take collagen but don't take a calcium supplement it is not needed see sorry this good question still how many hours after I break my fast should I eat a high fat meal you really only have to wait like.

90 minutes I would say I would say 90 minutes is a good number to be up so that way you know you break your fast to have your lean protein maybe you have some carbs maybe you don't your call 90 minutes later eat your normal meal okay no so the big question people are probably wondering is like okay well do I need to be in a caloric surplus you.

Need to be in a caloric surplus for that amount of time now this is something that I've talked about so many times in my live broadcasts or forgive me for sounding like a broken record guys by the way can we please hit that thumbs up button and get some more attention on this video please I just really appreciate that smash that thumbs.

Up button have a like button share this get it out to your friends everything like that okay so right now right this second I'm not consuming calories so it means I'm technically at this moment in time in the deficit okay if I go to my fridge behind me and I grab a piece of chicken I'm technically going to be in a surplus.

While I'm eating that chicken hopefully you see where I'm starting to go with this quartz surpluses all relatives okay the fact that we look at a caloric surplus over the course of a day a 24-hour period is just something that's almost an fabricated it's been manufacturing okay 24 hours is kind of a man-made thing our.

Bodies yes they have a circadian rhythm but our bodies don't know exactly what time it is they just know our sleep/wake cycle they they don't know what 24 hours is so if we give our like your caloric intake your caloric clock doesn't reset at zero at midnight so you it's not like you ate 10,000 calories today but tomorrow at midnight its clock strikes.

Twelve oh one and you're all of a sudden you know free reign again it doesn't work like that so the point is is at the end of the fast you have this unique ability to be able to capitalize on what you consume and have it go to muscle because you can be in a surplus at that point in time and that surplus is going to go to the right place that's what.

Matters we want small minut surpluses at specific points in time that are going to the right place and are taken in at the specific biological time and circadian time in essence to really maximize the effect does that make sense to everybody just all I need is a nod is something that says yes that makes sense I want to make sure that people are.

Grasping that because that's a very very important thing to note here some good questions coming in – should I continue taking citrulline malate or should I stop it at a certain point in time Eric yeah there's no reason to stop it if you're feeling good with it okay and says that makes sense perfect sorry Thomas I was away for a.

Few minutes were you able to answer my question about steak and eggs yeah so steak and eggs I wouldn't break your fast with steak and eggs but could be a great thing to have as your meal line that's after you break your fast right when you break your fast I'm sorry JP says can I can I eat that still on keto I would not eat that right now.

Okay cool everyone say that that makes sense perfect okay glad that makes sense for everybody appreciate everyone hitting that thumbs up button – it really does help out a lot okay so I'm going to answer five more questions for people all surrounding the world of building muscles let's try to keep it in that.

Wheelhouse and we'll make this good we make it sort of a round robin five good questions and I do want to remind everyone can you please please please please hit the bell I and turn on those notifications it's been rough with the scoping thing going on because you'd think people are on YouTube more but they're not they're.

Actually just watching Netflix they're watching the tiger hunter show Harry I just want to shout this out for size thank you for helping to save my life in health you have no idea how much I appreciate everything you've shared youtube and your programs I recommend you all the time Harry heck yeah man I'm so glad so glad.

So hey let's have some fun here really quick who's watching that weird tiger show anyone watching that weird tiger show right now has anyone been wants to just say go exotic if you are I even drinking the kool-aid that shows got me for Luke for sure okay you're very welcome everyone Richard.

Actually great question on carbs Tigers good carb cycling yes my recommendation with carb cycling is to change the window in time in which you carb cycle so people like to carb cycle for like three days off carbs one day on three days off one day on I again look at it with a different frame of time I recommend carb cycling in a.

Different phase like where you do I'm gonna go keto for a month and then go on carbs for two weeks keto for a month cards on tunics or keto for three months carbs for a month the point is carb cycling should be extended because otherwise if you're constantly bouncing yourself in and out of keto you're putting yourself into that gray area.

That could cause some metabolic distress for you and make you not feel so good so I recommend even if you're practicing fasting take a period of time where you cycle carbs and if you're not doing keto this is fine you should still carb cycle with how much you take in the way of carbs so you're keeping your body guessing and having it tap into.

Different things so that I'm sorry out of text come in about someone something with food oh I saw food like what okay so that's basically you need to just kind of keep that balance all the time so you can go low carb and then high carb low carb in the high card but just find a balance that works for you lots of people watch some that Tiger show DJ.

Says are you still for every other day fasting I am and now that I've got a lot of people on here it did anyone before I answer the next question I put a link down below or I will put a more sophisticated link the zero fasting app we are doing a bear with me Desmond is blowing me I got a texter she's doing something dinner hang.

On yeah that's how you know this is real okay sorry about that hang on there with me you guys are awesome thank you very much okay so long story short is okay when it comes to the carb cycling that's gonna be the perfect thing so wrap that piece up okay but then overall when it comes.

Down to I actually totally lost my train of thought so much for fascinating I guess my brain is shot oh yeah the zero fasting app okay so every Monday we're gonna be doing a community fast so we're gonna be doing this just 16 to 20 hour fast you guys probably know this is your own app I went ahead and I'm actually gonna be on that app now so I'll be.

Doing like the instructional pieces on that app on the free version and everything so anyhow if you guys would want to fast with me on Mondays I figured it's a fun way we can do a community fast so we're kind of shouting out the whole hashtag fast Monday okay that way it's just everybody that's here you on board with fasting with me on.

Mondays that cool can I get a heck yeah anyone want a fast on Mondays awesome already sweet okay yeah so we're gonna fast on Mondays that's gonna be the uniform fast for all of us and I want you guys to be hashtag in on Instagram I want you guys to be shouting it out in the comments section of my videos Monday's for the time being this whole.

Quarantine thing we're going too fast on Monday so that we can do something as a community okay so every Monday until this lockdown quarantine Kovan stuff is over we're fasting on Mondays alright scouts honor we're all doing it together perfect okay rock and roll sweet okay just remember hashtag fast Monday and yeah okay now I gotta answer the.

Questions okay here's a good question I used to wait train until I has a female question I used to wait tree until I had two babies back-to-back now my muscles are so weak I'm back to original weight but I look flattering chunker advice on getting my body back to so this is where I would recommend for you doing some shorter term fasts just.

So that you can allow your metabolism to kind of reset a little bit sometimes if you've been formally been thrown off a little bit the best thing that you can do is just bring yourself back reset without the fasting for a couple of weeks and then go back to the fasting that way you'll be good to go yeah so I mean again a lot of different piece of.

Sir my wife is blown yep okay there we go she's trying to figure out what to do for dinner and I forgot to reply okay do we need ah here's a good one is it possible to build muscle and burn fat at the same time without slowing down the fat burning process absolutely I think that realistically you're going to accelerate the fat burning process while.

You build muscle so intermittent fasting it allows you to build that muscle in that small amount of time in a small window I talked about and then you fast and you're burning fat now remember the leaner that you are the better your overall metabolism is the less adiposity that you have the more muscle protein synthesis that occurs okay this.

Questions been coming up a lot do we need 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight to build muscle generally what they found to trigger a positive nitrogen balance this isn't necessarily what I agree with it to trigger a positive nitrogen balance which would allow you to build muscle they say 0.82 1.2.

Grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight to me that seems awfully low especially if you're doing a keto diet because that leaves you with a wide large amount of fats okay so I generally would say take that number that point 18 and apply it to pounds and that's what I would usually say I would usually say 0.8 grams per pound of body weight if.

You're trying to build now the important thing to note that's zero point eight grams per pound that you want to weigh okay so if you're trying to gain weight let's say I'm 185 and I wanted to get to 200 if I wanted to get to 200 I would be eating 0.8 grams of protein per pound for 200 pounds that's generally my rule it all depends right the nice thing.

About the Kyojin State and fasting is you elicit so much in the way of beta hydroxy butyrate that you're actually preserving a lot more muscle you can get away with more I'm not gonna really answer this as an official question and we build muscles with a deficit of calories just because I kind of addressed it it all depends on.

When your deficit is here's a good question do you think that whoa here we go do you think that eggs for breakfast with veggies and 100 grams of chicken with a protein shake and a hunter grams of sweet potatoes banana peanut flour peanut butter is it's good for muscle building I would ditch the peanut butter.

But to be completely honest get your calories from fat in the morning okay there's one of my favorite studies that you guys probably hear me talking about all the time it's a medical BMC medical genomics study okay so as the study that's published in that journal and it found that our fat storage genes are suppressed in the morning so we actually.

Have more ability to consume higher calories from fat in the morning so I usually recommend even if you're not doing keto have higher fats in the morning have your bacon have your eggs have your cheese have that stuff in the morning if you're going to as long as it's clean and not inflammatory and then have you don't have your carbs later in.

The day don't have your carbs in the morning it's not the best way to start today okay another thing it's very very important to note so we have to learn to just I have to turn notifications off on my computer because my wife is popping up on this and driving me absolutely nuts so anyhow don't eat late at night especially with carbohydrates because.

Your insulin or your pancreas has melatonin receptors on it so we even knows when it's nighttime and it decreases your insulin sense or decrease your insulin sensitivity and decreases your glucose tolerance community you have more ability to store as fat just be careful with that see so I'm trying to find one more good question.

Thank you for the compliment here I appreciate that cuz I'm trying to find one more good question to answer here I think you guys do me a favor you just hit that thumbs up button really quick please please please hit the like button wow I just want to give a big shout out someone says Cindy since I tested positive for kogut and fought off the.

Symptoms in 3 days due to Kido that is impressive heck yes and the trife asking for some water fasting for muscle I'll just answer that briefly water fasting for sure try fastens well too intense here we go well there's so many questions coming in Thomas what is better so same question our 20 up 20 RFS.

I wouldn't do those every day bear with me guys trying to find a good question ok in a video can't keep up with this you know video you said strategy would kick yet adjusts for a couple hours having a couple grams of carbs fructose up ah great I mean this is a great question to end with you guys are gonna love this one.

Okay I had a strategy there's a strategy called I don't have a name for it but a specific back loading strategy where you add carbs from glucose a tiny bit of fructose protein in a little bit of salt and what that does is right after you break a fast or not even enough to break fast but when you have that it causes glucose transporters to bring the.

Glucose to the muscle cell a lot faster point is less potential for spillover we're talking like 10 15 grams max of fructose I know I said don't have fructose that was also coming from a pretty like a very basic question if you're a little bit more advanced one thing that you can test with if you're doing keto if you're doing low carb try.

Having one or two rice cakes and then try having just a couple of berries on it okay couple of berries like we're talking again 10 grams of glucose fructose max okay then have a little bit of salt but realistically you're gonna get the salt in the rice cake and then have a protein shake that little combination of fructose and glucose.

Actually allows the carbohydrates to take different shuttle pathways different pathways and absorbing the muscles better so that's just something for you can try out guys thank you so much tomorrow morning I have a really cool video coming out that I really really really really want you to check out it's coming out at something like 6.

A.m. Pacific time it's talking about the worst breakfast ingredients and I feel like basing some of the stuff that I talked about I think this is a really really really could think three people to watch because I feel like it's just gonna teach you a lot about breaking a fast in general also a big shout out to fat.

Snacks but also on this broadcast want to give a big shout out to magic spoon if you guys haven't heard of them before they're a like a low carb cereal that it's amazing I put a link down below in the description so that you guys can get special pricing on it this is not even a sponsored video at all I promise this isn't literally it is me reaching out to.

Them being like can I get a link so I'll see you tomorrow morning please don't miss that video and then yeah we'll do some more live broadcasts and thank you again for watching see you guys soon
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