Ketosis Vegetables You Must Eat | Keto Q&A Live- Thomas DeLauer

Ketosis Vegetables You Must Eat | Keto Q&A Live- Thomas DeLauer

Ketosis Vegetables You Must Eat | Keto Q&A Live- Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on Ketosis Vegetables You Must Eat | Keto Q&A Live- Thomas DeLauer.
Hey what's going on YouTube it's Thomas de Lauer and mr. Tinney and wait for a little bit of an audience to build but I did a similar broadcast to this on Facebook the other day talking about ketosis and the vegetables that you really want to have when you're in ketosis and it did really really well so I'm hoping that we get a good number.

Of people here on YouTube live so that I can talk a little bit about the vegetables I highly recommend when you're in ketosis so if you don't mind I'm going to wait for a few people to join in let me see if I can turn on the comments here there we go okay they just popped in what's going on the bridge I'm going to call you out by your by your.

Screen name because obviously I don't know your first names but feel free to comment where you're watching from and almost also feel free to comment your name if you're looking for a little bit more of a personal shout out from just your username make sure you hit that thumbs up button that thumbs up button helps YouTube know that I'm doing some.

Good content and it's going to help this video get up to the top of the feed that way I can talk to you more about ketosis what's going on I've got Bulgaria I've got India I've got UK I've got more UK I've got Erie Pennsylvania Ontario I've got Port Hueneme hey I'm up the road from you that's awesome I'm in Thousand Oaks.

We got Finland man I love this international audience we've got Brisbane Australia Canada you guys are so awesome thank you for joining in thank you for being here Timmy what are you doing guys if you guys have probably seen Timmy appear in some of my videos Timmy's an awesome pup he's a good guy when my best friends.

Oh he's tired I think you're going to like this topic that I'm talking about if this has the ability to be shared if you can't share it try to share with your friends that way we can get some good content I think he wants down you want down okay I'm gonna get going Lancaster California what's going on I mean you say you're in ketosis and you.

Love it what's going on in Philadelphia Santa Clarita Cheryl what's going on I'm not far from you I'm in Thousand Oaks first time from Hawaii Marina good to see you here how did here coughing um we've got Fort Wayne Indiana yeah Timmy's a good guy he's super cute Scott a good question okay so I'm going to get to the Q&A portion in a minute.

But what I want to talk about right now is the top vegetables you should eat when you're in ketosis and they're a little bit different I'm going to do a more formal video here in a little while Tim you're going okay Timmy's got a a little more formal video here before too long but I wanted to do this QA and I wanted to do it this style first the.

First veggie that I want you to be eating when you're in ketosis is actually asparagus and why asparagus well simply because asparagus has some seriously good components to it you see ordinarily people think they just need to think about the carbs when it comes to the veggies they eat when they're in ketosis the fact of the matter is the.

Kinds of veggies you eat make a big difference and asparagus has a couple of things that are extremely extremely powerful within it okay first one is the fact that it contains something called asparagine that aspera janine has a powerful detoxing property that's why whenever you're looking at detoxing diets or even detoxing programs that.

I've written asparagus is always a huge part of it and the reason is is because that aspera Janine can do a lot of positive things for clearing out uric acid out of the body but also flushing out the liver and kidneys a little bit you ever wondered why your urine smells when you have asparagus well it's simply because asparagus is actually flushing.

Out a lot of excess calcium so you're having a lot of good positive effects that are happening there okay the next one I want to talk about that's next reason is simply the fact that it is a prebiotic fiber ok I'm always talking about probiotics versus prebiotics you've probably seen my videos on my channel talking about that guys just a.

Quick reminder to keep on commenting if you're just joining in where you're watching from but also hit that thumbs up button okay helps me out a lot gets this ranked nice and high just like Facebook you know we want to get some good engagement going I love talking to you guys I'm going to ask you guys to introduce yourselves here again in a.

Minute because I really want to get to know all my subscribers all you know 70,000 of you right now but prebiotic fibers when you're in ketosis we need those additional prebiotic fibers because it's so difficult because of the kinds of fats that we have in our diets when we're in ketosis we have a proliferation of a lot.

Of good bacteria okay we do simply because mono Lauren lauric acid which is a component of coconut oil is very powerful very powerful at growing like lactobacillus lactic acid kinds of bacteria in our guts but we start losing some of the other ones like the thermophilus and some of the bifidus we lose some of those other good.

Bacterias that we really need and unfortunately we need some starches for those we need some prebiotic fibers and the way that we get those is going to be simply from having things like asparagus things like asparagus give us the prebiotic fibers that we need to start growing that what's the difference you know probiotic and a prebiotic just to.

Back up probiotic is like adding a drop in the bucket it's adding existing bacteria to your gut that doesn't really do a whole lot because it has to survive the hydrochloric acid it has to survive our hostile gut biome okay but when we're looking at something that is a prebiotic it's a fertilizer for existing bacteria so when you first start going.

Into ketosis it's imperative that you have a lot of asparagus because it's going to help proliferate the growth of the existing bacteria that would normally start to diminish as you go into ketosis very very important allons if they can wrap this vert it is not a bad idea for ketosis right so hopefully that gives you a little bit of insight.

As to why asparagus is so good hey guys make sure you're keeping the engagement going make sure you're commenting we want to make sure we get that going it's going to help us out a lot as you've seen this channel has been growing so much lately like it's so awesome I've been growing like 500 to 1000 subscribers a day and I think this.

Channel is finally starting to get some of the recognition that we've been working towards so it does me a big favor if you guys keep commenting and hit that thumbs up button and help me out a lot with that let's move on to the next veggie okay the next veggie is cabbage why cabbage well because cabbage is for one a.

Cruciferous vegetable which is always always always good but second of all it has a lot of probiotic powers so especially when you are in a position where you need to get more good flora in your gut and when we're in ketosis we tend to have issues with that we tend to have issues with bloating you know let's talk to a lot of people that are first.

Starting out in ketosis and they end up having these issues where they're like I'm not even eating that much food but I feel so distended well it's a couple different things one the gallbladder has to adjust to produce more vital has to have more bile salts that are breaking down the fats okay turning them into micelles.

That we can actually absorb them that's one issue but the other issue really is the fact that our gut bacteria is a little bit out of whack so if you look at things like sauerkraut it's fermented cabbage okay now the fermentation process helps the effect but you actually don't need as much of the fermentation process as.

You think cabbage in and of itself contains a very specific kind of sugar that is very very good at helping the gut in fact it actually has a fair bit of sulfur in it so it's been said in fact there's been peer-reviewed studies that have shown that cabbage and the sulfur in cabbage can actually help with ulcers and actually help with a number.

Of other conditions not saying that it's a replacement for nexium or anything like that but it can help with acid reflux so we definitely want to be aware of that that's a big big thing when we're in ketosis we want to take care of our gut at the end of the day ketosis is very very good for the gut okay what's the third one the third one is bok choy.

Why do I love bok choy well first of all I love Vietnamese pho it's one of my favorite foods and definitely have some good bok choy in that but the reason that I have bok choy when I'm in ketosis is one it's not super super high in carbs but – it is a cruciferous vegetable that has the highest component of indole-3-carbinol just about any.

Cruciferous vegetable what is indole-3-carbinol or ic3 well I encourage you to go back and check out some of my videos that I've done like on estrogen and things like that but indole-3-carbinol contains something called the endo all methane which is also known as dim okay how many people have ever heard of dim before dim is.

Against the end a little methane but what it is is it's something that helps counteract bad estrogen from the body two different kinds of estrogens we have 16 hydroxy and two hydroxy 16 hydroxy estrogens are the bad kind I'm not going to go into super super detail here all we have to know is we have a good estrogen and a baddest reject both men.

And women so if you end up having too much 16 hydroxy estrogen that's when men end up with movies you know those manboobs they don't want and it's when women can end up having a big spike in hormones that they don't like that don't make them feel real good make you feel bloated also make you feel Moody I talked to a lot of women that first go.

Into ketosis and they start having some issues with their hormones and they'll flat out say they'll just say that I mean I feel Moody this is driving me crazy it's like I'm looking at myself from the outside in seeing how moody I am well a lot of times it's just your body trying to stabilizing ketosis has an adaptogenic effect on the body so we.

Have to be cognizant of that because we've got so many people on this this is great I almost want to jump ship over from you to Facebook to YouTube start doing my lives here you guys are so much more engaged and ask such better questions in the facebook crew it's awesome Laurie you say you love the ideas bok choy and asparagus really is.

Great with lemon and some salt that's actually a really good good idea you know what I do is I end up taking asparagus and then I put what's called a nutritional yeast okay nutritional yeast is you see at the store it's like that yellow kind of flaky powder stuff if you haven't put nutritional yeast on asparagus yet you.

Haven't lived it is like a five calorie way to just totally enhance the taste of asparagus but a little bit of Himalayan salt or a little bit of regular sea salt on that you're off to the races it is some good good stuff you guys I'm going to open it up for some Q&A here with ketosis but I also want to Tina you say you got to go to work good to see.

You Tina a garlic powder shibam yet totally Jodi I'm glad that you like that because I want to keep this as engaged as possible so make sure you are commenting where you're watching from so that I can say hello marina any type of yeast well nutritional yeast it's what it's called it's like the yellow flaky yeast things like that if you have.

Questions surrounding ketosis things you wanted to ask me I'm happy to help you out as much as I can thomas in philadelphia what's going on Joanne you asked about pregnancy ketosis don't do ketosis when you're pregnant I don't know if it's the best thing to be doing to be completely honest because the fetus needs some glucose so I think.

A little bit of carb cycling is a good approach Megan why do prebiotic foods happen behind FODMAPs great question it's simply because they are only what helped grow bacteria good and bad so if you have bad bacteria proliferation of bad bacteria those prebiotic fibers are going to be high flawed map and grow that remember fodmap.

Is not bad being high five map is not bad it's only bad if you have Candida or if you had SIBO like a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth my husband you are in Santa Clarita do you offer custom workout nutrition plans if you go to Thomas de Lauer com go to the life coaching forum and just send it over and just let me know you were on my live.

Broadcast because normally I'm not not normally I'm not really taking on clients but you just mentioned it I can try to help you out Gilbert in Oxnard hey what's going on man that's awesome we're up the road in Thousand Oaks got a lot of people at Port Hueneme had Oxnard had Ventura at Camarillo all on this broadcast got like good local following.

Here Jody said you used to live in Oxford it's funny we've got Toya in Houston Texas you've been sitting a brick wall and lost with keto yeah the veggies might help a lot hello from Wisconsin down 10 inches and around a hundred pounds awesome I'm glad this channels helping you so much best K that sorry I'm.

Reading some of these what about beets so they're supposed to have the most sugar yeah beets you would probably want to avoid it ketosis my friend does nutritional yeast increase Candida no different kind of yeast your cool what do you think about mushroom coffee Scot CC you bring up something awesome ok I'm.

In my office hey Todd speaking of jr. I think you should say hi to the YouTube crew because like hey you guys know all these awesome videos are making right this man look at he's playing with a new toy right now yeah this is jr. everyone say hi to jr. he's a he's the man behind the camera playing with a new glidecam because we've got to do some cool stuff.

Go to Bermuda here in a couple weeks for some video stuff but someone asked about mushroom coffee I wanted to show you this I use this stuff this is pure lion's mane extract let me know what brand it is but pure lion's mane extract pretty darn awesome when it comes just for cognition especially in ketosis the funny thing is I don't notice that much.

Of a difference if I take the lion's mane extract if I'm not in ketosis I think it has something to do with the mitochondrial effectiveness and what's going on why I've got this crew on let me tell you about a little experiment everyone said Jr you have a big group of fans here something really interesting so I'm not.

This this photo shoot is or video shoot coming up in Bermuda in a few weeks and I've been in ketosis since May and since I have to prep for this shoot I need to kind of come off of ketosis and let my muscles volumize a little bit and I was thinking of doing something I want you guys to let me know what you think so listen carefully to what do you think.

I'm doing I temporarily am out of ketosis eating extremely extremely clean and a little bit more conventional way prepping for this shoot I'm thinking of logging all of my bloodwork I'm thinking of logging everything that's happening because I don't feel as good being out of ketosis I'll be honest I want to log my bloodwork and see what's going on and.

I want to sort of vlog with you guys and keep you guys posted with what's happening as I'm coming out of ketosis what happens to my weight what happens to my body but happens to my mind but then more importantly when I come back into ketosis start looking at the bloodwork and seeing what happens and seeing how I feel coming back into.

Ketosis with really having a solid look since I'm having such good engagement a lot of people on these broadcasts with YouTube I'm thinking it might be kind of fun to do this way and to actually share with you guys sort of something that I'm going through I don't normally do the vlog style stuff or the live stuff too often but I think there's I think.

There's a reason for it I think you guys will like it and you guys send to like the science my YouTube crowd here you're much more much more science-based than a lot of my facebook crowd a lot of my facebook crowd is just kind of like they just want to hear the fun stuff you guys are super interested in the science which makes me super happy and I think.

It'd be fun to share what happens with my blood work when I come back into ketosis do my triglycerides come up they come down how does my cholesterol look when I'm still my testosterone levels because I can tell you right now coming out of ketosis I feel a dive in my testosterone levels I don't feel that same on that same drive I normally have.

When I'm in ketosis anyway I think you guys like that so the overwhelming response being yes do it so I think I'm going to do what I can to get that message out there science nerds you nerds unite ding right I'm going to go ahead and probably wrap this thing up but it's been super to do these live feeds with you oh you.

Know what you ask a good question and I want to answer this before I go you ask about feeling depressed when you're in ketosis and the thing is is that that may sound like a weird question to some but it's very very true very very true because what happens when you're in ketosis is carbohydrates help the formation of serotonin how this.

Works is your body produces tryptophan okay tryptophan helps increase serotonin it helps increase melatonin and when we're deprived of carbohydrates the serotonin process doesn't work as well in our body our serotonin even our reuptake so we don't aren't able to really get the same positive effects from our life and good experiences when.

We're in ketosis unless we are really paying attention to the amount of tryptophan and the amount of carbs that we take in so one thing that I've noticed personally this is just my own experience is the fact that if you start taking a little bit of a tryptophan supplement it can help you out immensely okay it can help you out help that.

Serotonin again help you feel a little bit better I battled the same thing you touch something like when I go first going to keep ptosis I feel like crap I don't feel real good and mentally I feel good physically but when I first go into ketosis I feel sad I feel like the whole world has fallen on me all the time and it's it can be really really tough so my.

Heart goes out to you I know it's a real thing and it's not you know it's mental but it's also physiological when you're in ketosis so someone said they wanted to make sure that I answered a question about hair falling out when they're in ketosis I would be very concerned that your calories are too low so you may want to be aware of that I don't know.

What your calories look like but you might want to do that you might want to start pay attention to that guys you guys are super awesome probably going to yet that's another one Janet you talk about migraine it's pretty common in ketosis too it's again it's just a matter of blood flow it's a matter of your body adjusting so partial.

Ketosis no no such thing it's in or out black-and-white vitamin D for depression yeah it died Andy's from showing to have a pretty strong correlation with mood so we definitely can have some big benefits there one last round of commenting where you're watching from then I'm going to sign it off beat fermented beet juice.

Yeah fermented beet juice is still a little too high in carbs unfortunately do more lives again please and let us know if you guys know how I can I let you know ahead of time I don't know how I can do that I would love to be able I mean I don't know how if I can just schedule them out from my phone itself the whole phone YouTube live thing is.

Supposed to just kind of be impromptu so you guys maybe you got an email know gallbladder and keto yeah that's going to be a tough one you're going to have to keep your fats a little bit lower do you guys know can you guys tell me how that works in terms of like did you guys get a notification when I went live because that'll end up help me out a lot.

Click the bell someone someone all the comments are coming in you guys are helping me so yeah YouTube's not a normal thing I usually in doing a Facebook live so yeah Kai you said you asked the same question five times I have a lot of things going on so okay you guys got an email a lot of people get an email get a.

Notification I think you guys are going to have to turn on notifications that's the way you're going to end up getting the notifications when I gotta live because I know some people get them some people don't I would love for you guys to be able to be on here I would love to be able to have you know a thousand two thousand.

Three thousand people on these maybe I'll try doing them in the evening time maybe I'll help out a little bit more I know we've got a big international crew right now I'm gonna go ahead and sign off to a nice 19 minute broadcast probably should wrap it up how long do I go into ketosis for an average I usually go you know for like five-week periods.

Then I have a cheat meal then I go another five weeks things like that you guys are super awesome glad you appreciate the science one last round of shares if you can get this out to your friends and I will try to do these more often and hey today I'm posting up a new video so just make sure you be ready to see that and if you don't already follow.

Me on Facebook too because I put a lot of good content out there you guys are awesome and I will see you on the flipside
Ketosis Vegetables You Must Eat | Keto Q&A Live- Thomas DeLauer
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