Ketosis and Fasting (plus intro to YouTube live)

Ketosis and Fasting (plus intro to YouTube live)

Ketosis and Fasting (plus intro to YouTube live)

Check out the video on Ketosis and Fasting (plus intro to YouTube live).
What is going on everybody it's Thomas de Lauer and I am trying out the brand new YouTube live so figured ok no better time than to just start it out while I'm here in the car and I just opened up the YouTube app and suddenly find there is an option to go live so here we are today I want to talk about a specific topic I've done Facebook lies on this.

Before I've done Facebook videos talking about ketosis and the effect of ketosis on fasting so as this thing gets going again this is totally in Veda this new face our YouTube live is totally beta so I believe that you have the ability to comment I believe you have the ability to ask questions ok now they're coming in so as always just like any of my.

Videos that I do on Facebook live or anything like that I want to make sure that you're commenting and letting me know where you're watching from because that is how I get the engagement going that's how I get to go and you as my viewers and so I can go in a little bit more depth when it comes down to actually talking about specific topics.

So make sure that you comment who you are where you're watching from major horn good to see you here man I don't know code effects say that my audio is not working can everyone hear me let me know how audio is let me know if there's no audio if you're having issues with that I believe with this YouTube app you have to actually turn on.

The audio physically you can't have it on silent and won't automatically populate Michelle good to see you here Chad good to see you ok audio is good Mike Donald good to see you here man John great to see you Long Island New York in the house thanks Jay dog good to see you here we've got Tina that's you're saying.

Audios good all right awesome Angela Sullivan good to hear you in Ireland good to see you faiths from Yemen nice international audience this is awesome my facebook lives have been huge so I'm hoping that YouTube live ins up being just as strong if not even better me itself to be honest my youtube following I think is a much more loyal.

Follower base than my facebook fans simply because you guys want education you're here to learn and that's what I'm all about so steel Bell you say hi Tom Chicago here what's the best way to get into ketosis so we're going to talk about ketosis let's get down to the nitty gritty oh you see my videos talking.

About how to eat this ultimately works in the body but I want to be able to explain a little bit more with some detail but also doing this live so you guys know I really do know what I'm talking about I'm not script so essentially what happens with ketosis like I've talked about in my videos is you end up going into somewhat.

Of a fasted State as far as your body's concerned so the liver starts to recognize that the body is depleted of specific macronutrients in this case of course carbohydrates so as a default it starts to produce ketone bodies it produces what it's called beta hydroxy butyrate as well as some other ketone bodies ok.

That's super super powerful when it comes to reducing inflammation within your body and having a lot of overall positive effects on the body so that's essentially the main benefit we're getting out of ketosis right what's happening is since you've deprived yourself of carbohydrates for so long the liver has dumped all of its cliking.

Stores and you're now at a point where you are just flat out running on ketones okay the brain functions very well on ketones so you a lot of times get a lot more cognitive function but I want to talk about something that's kind of unique since I've done videos about fasting or about excuse me ketones and ketosis before I figure let's talk a.

Little bit about the conjunction of ketosis and fasting okay something that I use a lot so those of you that know me know that I usually live a ketogenic lifestyle the reason I do that is with my wife suffering from Lyme disease when my wife's suffering from autoimmune conditions it's becoming a huge part of my life okay ketosis has been a way for.

Her to overcome that because she's essentially starving bacteria as she starts starving off some of the the actual bacteria that wants to be glycolytic and feed off of carbohydrates so super super good stuff there and by default like okay I've done ketogenic diets before they've worked for me from a fat loss standpoint they're awesome in.

That regard but they are so beneficial when it comes to mitochondrial efficiency and helping the mitochondria get more energy and actually functioning better and actually mitochondrial density which is helping you get more energy so that's huge right then and there so when I do this with my wife for instance it allows her to actually feel.

Better than I of course get the fat loss benefits so but one thing that people ask me a lot is what about when you're actually combining ketosis with fasting well like I said at the very beginning video and by the way guys if you're if you're enjoying this video make sure you hit that like button because this is going to be very similar to Facebook.

Where there needs to get a lot of engagement so you're just joining in talking about ketosis and fasting why make sure you hit that like button hit the share button just get it out there because YouTube is starting to pick up on the game too they're saying hey let's just get a bunch of engagement let's get people engaged in videos and I have to.

Say now that I see YouTube's doing this I'm just like I'm gonna own it because the live streams are just where it's at for me because I know I can just wheel the stuff off the fly and talk to people um seeing what I was saying but like I said in beginning of this video when you do a ketosis style diet then your Butler livers producing that.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate well news flash that beta-hydroxybutyrate is the same ketone body that is produced when you're in a fasting state okay that beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB has the positive effects on leukotriene beat or lutein be for Luke return six leukotriene 15 but also can help what's.

Called TNF one alpha which is tumor necrosis factor-alpha okay what that is is an inflammatory mediators that triggers inflammation within the body so what am I saying I'm saying that fasting and inflammation and excuse me fasting and ketosis both together really exacerbate the positive effects the livers ability to produce that beta.

Hydroxy butyrate in simple simple simple terms all that means is you're getting double the effect so what do I do I live a ketosis style life and then one to two days per week I throw at intermittent fasting I do intermittent fasting along with ketosis and I'm getting double the benefits of the beta hydroxy butyrate that my liver is producing I'm getting.

Double the cognitive benefits no it says if we're lagging I hope that connection is okay can everyone common really quick and let me know if their connection is okay or if it's getting glitchy anything like that I definitely want to know if we're having any issues there a couple people commented instead of starting to lag so okay everyone's saying it's okay.

It might just be your connection just so you know so everyone's saying we're good alright cool keep it going hey guys and you guys are so awesome it's so funny I mean I hate to like disrupt my flow here but like when I'm talking on on Facebook for instance it's like constant just comments like people are just engaging ask a question about something I'm not.

Even talking about but here on YouTube it's such a different breed of cat so I really just want to say I appreciate you guys a ton because you guys really do listen and I can tell when I'm actually ranting and going on about a health topic you guys are just silent all of a sudden it's like there's no comments they just stop and all of a sudden we're.

Just getting a big surge of people listening and engaging and really actually learning what I'm saying so I appreciate that but essentially how can you utilize ketosis and fasting together okay so if you're in a ketosis state of course your body's utilizing fats for fuel but what a lot of people ask me is.

Okay well eventually doesn't your body adapt eventually does your body start breaking down protein and convert protein into glucose okay that's gluconeogenesis that does happen okay and it's a negative thing what happens because it can kick you out of ketosis quite fast so what I do is I say okay well every once in a while like once a.

Week I deprive myself of the calories in general so I'm already in ketosis but then I say I'm going to fast from one day to do 16 18 hour fast and that's going to sort of reset my body to kick it back into fat utilization mode so that it's not getting constantly primed to run on protein so that's just the problem is as we start to go deeper into.

Ketosis a lot of times we add more protein into it and we start to slowly take away the fats why because it's pretty common eventually we say well I need to restrict calories more I'm in ketosis I'm already burning fat how can I restrict the calories more so the first thing they do is they start pulling fats.

Out well once those fats are gone then the body says well okay I can only run on these stored adipose tissue those little sites for Soraa at other sites for so long when do I actually have to start utilizing protein ie muscle tissue for fuel so that's where coming into with a fasting state every once in a while kickstart your body right back.

Into that anti inflammatory state kicks your body right back to the point where it's utilizing fat for fuel I've even noticed myself with ketosis that if I stay in ketosis for a long period of time like three months consistently I start to lose the positive benefits of it I start noticing a pretty significant decline in the effects of ketosis.

Whether be from my fat loss standpoint whether it be cognitively I start losing my ability to sleep well so I'm like okay I need a pattern interrupt so I find that that fasting makes a big difference let's go ahead and open it up to some questions here for a little bit sorry I keep moving around because the.

Lighting's a little wacky and just right outside my office so yeah if you have any questions regarding ketosis or any other topics especially surrounding like lipolysis and fat metabolism things like that let's go ahead and hit them up I want to get you know some good engagement here this is my first time doing a YouTube line now that the mobile.

App is actually allowing me how but you see the main problem for ketosis is coming back and eating carbs I think you're talking about from like a mindset standpoint it's really easy to want to just go back and eat carbs and throw you out of ketosis the deeper that you're in ketosis usually find it's a little bit easier to stay there so encourage you to.

Push it a little bit further I'll sum you asked about ketosis and muscle gain yeah ketosis can be very very good for muscle gain because you're increasing your insulin sensitivity so much remember it's not always about calories in versus calories out it's about really being able to actually determine when your insulin levels are spiking when.

Your insulin levels are falling all that jazz okay so when your insulin sensitivity is high because you're not consuming a lot of carbohydrates it allows your body that much to be that much more receptive to when you do have carbohydrates so what does this mean this means essentially that when you do have carbs you can really get a lot of.

Power from it okay so what I'm suggesting is like every 14 days or so and you have a really good workout go ahead and add some carbs post-workout and keep it very clean okay carbs low fat high protein your insulin sensitivity is going to be so high you're going to have the ability to shuttle those carbohydrates into the.

Muscle properly and get a lot more positive muscle gain effect so hopefully that helps Michael plaque you asked what type of fats to eat it's a super good question so the generally speaking ok I'm always a fan of omega threes okay always we are severely limited in the amounts of omega-3s we get especially in the.

Western culture okay so we're not getting enough so I'm a big fan of you know things like sardines I'm a big fan of salmon I'm a big fan of supplements official I'm a big fan of macadamia nuts macadamia nuts have really good ratio one-to-one omega-6 to omega-3 I've done my other videos before talking about how the omega-6 is our.

Super inflammatory elevate those inflammatory mediators like interleukin 6 which can really cause a bad problem Efrain you said you said that BPI sports has a line of keto supplements do you feel like they would be legit to use on a keto diet I don't know much about what they're doing right now like I've mentioned in some of my videos I'm on.

The advisory board for a couple different companies meaning I help with formulation and stuff I don't talk about them a lot of my channels because to be completely Frank I'm not not that kind of guy you see my channel all the time I'm never really pushing products but I do sit on the advisory board for a couple meaning I help them with.

Formulation I help them look at the research and every once awhile I'll be a spokesperson for them I don't know what BPI is doing shear strength labs a company that I work I know and were there in the process of formulating some exogenous ketones and stuff like that cuz Quito is big right now um like I just launched my keto product that keto.

Protocol like the actual diet protocol on Facebook and that thing is just gone gangbusters I think in the last like two weeks that it's been live we've sold 2,000 copies of it it's just been nuts and all it is is is my protocol my strategy in ketosis and this is not a pitch at all if you guys want to go to Facebook you can find it but a wing you.

Ask about keto Pia I don't know much about utopia I do know I've heard people talking about it obviously I think it's just a form of exogenous ketones I shouldn't really comment too much without knowing you guys know me I want to research something before I bring it to you guys Jordan you asked if I recommended.

Ketosis diet intermittent fasting for muscle gain yes I do because you can manipulate the insulin levels again even more hey guys just for those of you that are just joining in this works very similar to Facebook so I would really appreciate it if those of you that are watching just hit that like button also as many comments as we can get that.

Helps the algorithm okay so YouTube is starting to work a little bit more like Facebook you know there's a lot of bro science and stuff out there those guys have hundreds of thousands of subscribers I'm trying to be a little bit different here I'm trying to really bring science but in order to compete with those guys it's on you guys now I.

Need you guys to comment I need you guys to engage and you guys to hit that like button to share I don't ask a lot of you guys in my videos I put a lot of free content out there but now YouTube is changing the game so the thing I ask from you guys is please please please just hit that share button and please do your best to to.

Comment and engage just because it helps this video rank up so that being said comment your questions why we're here why we're here live while I'm talking to you guys Muhammad yes another good question can anyone take zinc with most of the foods containing amount of calcium actually I'm not sure I understand that I think.

You're starting to go down the line of zinc but ultimately don't supplement zinc it's not necessary I'll tell you why into their video and then I'm going to smash the like button that's awesome what type of fasting do you recommend I'm a big fan of the 16 hour 18 hour fast account of that window and then once a month I do a full like 24 hour.

Fast I do a full long fast I'm going to see if I can pull up the comments because the only thing I don't like about this right now I'm just telling you on the user interface is the comet's disappear really fast like at Facebook I can scroll through and look at what people are are doing and say get you ask me I can do more streams on YouTube yeah.

Now that they've rolled out this mobile option trust me I'll be here a lot if these do well we get a lot of shares we get a lot of engagement I'm going to definitely be doing him here right now I mean some of my facebook lives are getting crazy engagement I mean getting like 30,000 live viewers on him it's just nuts Tarla says thanks to this.

Video hey hey what's going on with a jigsaw so I guess I guess we're popping up now so actually that brings up a really good thing so you guys have you noticed that I've been doing a lot of videos surrounding the world of magnesium lately so that's kind of an interesting topic for me and something that's really near and dear to me so if.

You look at magnesium in general it's kind of this like underdog mineral rights been overshadowed by calcium all the time so it was funny that are just chimed in jigsaw health is a company that I'm on the advisory board with and you've seen in my videos I have some little some little plugs there talking about them they're just on the forefront.

Of research with magnesium so I actually created an entire playlist on my channel now that's called the mr. mineral playlist that's all dedicated towards magnesium research what I'm working on with these guys in Arizona and all that stuff a huge thing when it comes to testosterone when it comes to so much Julie you say just ordered magnesium.

Liposomal yeah interesting um the liposomal that that's a good delivery system I actually do encourage you just to try out jigsaw give them a shot because they've got a patent the sustained-release technology that's pretty interesting when it comes down to just surviving the gut biome and actually sustained-release.

Calling us any tips for fruits you can eat for energy before the gym I would you know personally I train fasted I'm a big fan of that I train fasted uh fruit yeah you can metabolize it quicker when you work out versus after so you know some simple things that are lower glycemic like some some blueberries would be really good things like that.

What do you guys think about me doing like a weekly kind of qat almost kind of coaching video live I'm still getting the vibe of this youtube live so let me know if you guys think that's a good idea just go ahead and comment and say you know live coaching and let's start getting an idea of when a good time of week to do these lives would be because.

I think it'd be a lot of fun to really be able to engage with you guys more there's always so many questions that come in on the comments with my videos and I'll be honest I mean I'm posting two to five videos a week on YouTube I just don't have the time to go through all those comments so I feel bad honestly because I do see them come in.

And I really appreciate you guys taking the time to comment and stuff like that I just don't have the time to always just sit there and type and to be honest I have a multitude of people working with me and working for me but I just as much as I love them I don't necessarily trust them to go ahead and relay health information that would be very very.

Honestly unprofessional for me to be trying to parlay health information that I don't have a voice on so this allows me to actually talk with you guys and be able to really get a message across and answer some questions so I really appreciate that guys if you can hit that share button essentially what I talked about today on this video is.

Implementing one day of intermittent fasting into your ketosis strategy so if you're in ketosis take one day a week and what you're going to want to do when you break your fast with ketosis is super critical so listen up here for one second when you're in ketosis and you take a day to do it go ahead and do your fasting what you're going to want to do.

Is break your fast with protein only okay the reason you're going to break it with protein only is simple protein is still going to cause an insulin spike so what that's going to cause is it's going to allow you to absorb your protein a little bit better that's going to slow that down albeit you need fat within ketosis right okay so we want to make.

Sure that you're spiking your insulin by having protein I'm not the biggest fan of dairy but if you can handle dairy and you don't have an issue with it completing your fast with an whey protein isolate would not be a bad idea big insulin spike it's going to jack it up really quick help the protein get.

Into the cell doesn't matter if you are doing it for muscle purposes or you're doing it for health purposes it's going to help you a lot okay and then what you're going to want to do is about one hour later eat a meal that's going to have some protein and some fats okay it's going to allow you to get both but you want to break your fast with just.

Some protein okay so alternatives to whey protein isolate for those of you that aren't big fans of dairy again I'm not a huge fan of dairy I'll eat it in certain things depends you Greek yogurt now and then but you want to be able to get something fast so P protein would be great almond protein something like that so anyway guys are probably gonna wrap.

This up it's if I turn my truck on it gets too loud and if I leave it off I start sweating so a problem turn this off here soon that you guys are great idea Kyle as you mentioned more magnesium is a good idea but zinc doesn't need to be supplemented as éma any good so the reason that zinc doesn't really need to be supplemented I'll do.

Another video on this is because zinc and iron sort of work together and it's zinc basically zinc helps the absorption of iron in a lot of ways so does copper but what zinc can do is zinc can throw off your blood levels of iron and it can keep iron from being absorbed when iron stays in the blood then iron absorbs the oxygen that magnesium would normally.

Absorb magnesium and iron are competing for oxygen so zinc is keeping that magnesium or season keeping the iron in the blood where it's taking over from the magnesium which means the magnesium can't do its job of reducing stress and helping muscles recover that's the problem now from a testosterone standpoint sure it.

Makes a big difference but we we have to look at the big picture here I think acid the timing of a supplement has an effect when it comes to magnesium I try to take a sustained release throughout the day couple times throughout the day keep them and then you know ketone bodies it all depends they're all gonna depend but yes there.

Is some sort of chrome biology if you will smart you ask my ever do longer fast then a couple 40-hour fast my workouts are insane isn't that nuts yeah fasting is just crazy if you can get past is the initial difficulty of like the first few hours man longer turn faster great I've done as long as you.

Know 72 hour fats which feel great the cheat me once a week good or bad idea Jordan hey good to see you man I think you emailed me before yeah it depends I'm like a 14 day kind of guy just because you know I want to restore muscle glycogen but every week you're barely getting your chance self a chance to get back into ketosis that's the.

Problem that's we got to be monitoring instant into my ask how my kidneys are with ketosis yeah as long as you're drinking a lot of water you're okay the awesome Joey says who are you well and then it I'm not sure on that so anyway I'm gonna probably sign off I know I just said that a minute ago just wanted to give this a shot if you guys like.

These again make sure that you come you like them you want me to do more of them and I will go ahead and do my best to hop on here as much as possible but I definitely want you guys also hop over to Facebook and check out my live streams there because I do a lot they're very very powerful they're get a lot of reach I think it's going to take some.

Time for me to build up the momentum here anyway guys thanks again for joining in if you have any suggestions on topics for live feeds I'm happy to listen to them I'm happy to go through the comments and check them out later but you guys are absolutely awesome glad to see that YouTube is allowing me to do these it really makes me happy I've been.

Waiting actually been hounding my YouTube rep forever saying give me the opportunity to do these lives because I know that I can dominate them and that's the goal I'm going to try to get as many of these out there get as much information and again please just give us a share if you can and we'll see you in the next broadcast and I'll be.

Posting up a live video not a live video but uh posting up another video today on the channel talk to you guys soon
Ketosis and Fasting (plus intro to YouTube live)
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