Ketosis and Fasting Coaching: Live with Thomas DeLauer- When is the Best Time to Exercise

Ketosis and Fasting Coaching: Live with Thomas DeLauer- When is the Best Time to Exercise

Ketosis and Fasting Coaching: Live with Thomas DeLauer- When is the Best Time to Exercise

Check out the video on Ketosis and Fasting Coaching: Live with Thomas DeLauer- When is the Best Time to Exercise.
What's up YouTube it's Thomas de Lauer today talking a little bit more about fasting and talking about ketosis so this time I really want to make sure that I give everyone a chance to at least voice their questions so that I can do my best to answer them I want to wait for an audience to build wait for a few more people to get on here before I.

Really start going into exactly what I want to talk about Alex Vega what's going on in Houston Louis what's going on I'm Luigi in New Jersey what's happening what's going on Dell from Detroit good to see you here Gabriel what's going on Winnipeg Canada what's going on Nick what's going on awesome to see everybody here we've got a ton of.

People already thank you guys for hopping on here so I want to make sure you know as usual when I do these broadcasts just in case you've never been on one of my my live coaching videos before anything like that I get to give it a lot of people on here and get as many people as possible then I start getting into the science otherwise.

What ends up happening is I start going on down the road of the topic that I'm talking about and not everyone's getting to see it so I want to make sure we get as many people here as possible now one of the things I'm a huge fan of doing is making sure that everyone that is here is commenting where they're watching from which everyone is doing an.

Awesome job of doing right now Bruce what's going on in Buffalo what's going on we've got Frederick what's going on good to see you hear about Wellington New Zealand Newfoundland Canada Ottawa ketosis in the house got a lot of people just saying ketosis awesome Lodi California Andrew good to see you here we've got.

Nico what's going on we've got Daniele in Richmond Hill good to see you we've got Jim in Ohio now this is crazy Vallejo California arturro what's going on I'm originally from the Bay Area myself what's going on Adam Keller what's going on Traverse Michigan what's going on North Carolina Orlando Buffalo New York I appreciate all the.

Compliments that are coming in hello from Egypt Wow awesome Robert and Philadelphia good to see you right there you go in Argentina Frederick Wisconsin Baltimore Barrie Wow you guys are amazing hey guys if you can make sure that you hit that like button we get a lot of engagement going on this video and then I'm going to get into the.

Science as much as I can those of you that know my personal story know what's going on right now my wife is inches away from going into labor we're just kind of sitting here waiting for baby de Lauer to come on the way so quite honestly I was expecting the baby to be here already so I'm just kind of here it's like okay time to do a.

Live broadcast past the time a little bit do some coaching talk to some people get some good information out there while I'm waiting for this awesome baby to come so you have got so many people here let me get down to the basics of what I want to talk about today and then we'll get the questions coming in so I want you guys to give me a chance to.

Explain what I want to explain first and foremost I want to talk today about the timing surrounding fasting and the timing surrounding ketosis and a lot of this might be a little bit redundant information because I've talked about it in some videos before and I've addressed it in different ways but I know that a lot of people have specific questions.

When it comes down to what time should I train or how should I train when I'm fasting let me start with the big elephant in the room which is the one that people ask all the time I have so many emails that come in so many comments that hit my page so many comments I hit my channel talking about when they should workout when their.

Intermittent fasting should they train in the morning or should they train towards the end of their fasting window well let me break this down a little bit for you because it's a little bit interesting and how it works when you are fasting there's two different things that you can do you can train at the beginning of your fasting window okay.

Actually they back up for a second I'm going to assume for the sake of argument for the sake of this video that you're gonna be fasting starting in the evening time and fasting through the night fasting through the morning and then breaking your fast mid-afternoon okay let's just say and let's say hypothetically for the sake of this fast.

That everybody's doing an 18 hour fast okay so everybody stops eating at like 10 p.m. and they fast all the way through maybe like you know for PMS or something like that okay let's just for the sake of argument so that means that you'd be training in the afternoon well we have two different options there you can either train first thing in the.

Morning when you're sort of halfway through your fast and be able to go through the course of the day in a fasted state or you can train fasted at the end of your fast right before you eat there's pros and cons to each now I know we've got a lot of people joining in so everyone just you know you feel free to keep on commenting where you're.

Watching from everything like that if I don't reply immediately to you where your common where you're watching from etc just bear with me because I'm explaining some science really quick so here's what we have to look at we have two different goals personally I'll tell you what I like to do I train in the morning even when I'm fasting so that.

Means that I end up going through the course of the day in a calorie deficit already fasted and had already worked out people may say well that makes no sense because you have to be careful you've got this anabolic window you've got to be able to make sure you eat right after your workout that is nothing but a load of horse caca I can't say it.

Here okay it's not true you do not absolutely need to be eating right after your workout in fact there are multiple studies that have shown that protein synthesis occurs for up to 24 sometimes even longer hours after your eat after your workout you do not need to eat right after your workout I prefer to train in the morning when I'm fasted and.

Ultimately end up still hungry and really wanting my body to actually leverage that fat burning process throughout the rest of the day then I break my fast as I normally would at the end of the fasting period okay so that's me now there's two different situations here that particular situation is great for someone that's.

Trying to maximize the most amount of fat loss period it's harder I will say that it's more difficult simply because you're in a position where yes your body is a little bit more hungry yes you did work out you may find that you're a little bit more tired but I promise you it gets a lot better after doing it for two or three days significantly better.

So that's something that you need to be paying attention to okay now on the contrary if you're someone that wants to be able to fast and then work out in the afternoon maybe your schedule doesn't permit you to work out in the morning or maybe you absolutely just have to work out in the afternoon that's not bad either.

Okay but you're gonna have to be paying close attention to what kind of food you put in your body after that workout now working out in the afternoon when you're fasting at the end of your fast has its pros and cons here's the pro the pro you're in an extended fast at that point so you've got all the benefits of a fast working for you super awesome right.

The downside is you're not going to have nearly as much strength you're not going to feel like you're able to get nearly as much of a workout now if your weight training that can be a serious problem if you're doing cardio who cares you just do an easy cardio you don't need to be you know you're not training to be an Olympian sprinter it's nothing like that.

You're just trying to get yourself to a point where you absolutely want to be able to workout get the most benefit so I'll leave it with this as far as weight training and fasting is concerned if you are a serious weight trainer someone that's lifting heavier weights someone that is lifting anything more than the 12 to 15 rep range heavier than that.

Do your best to train in the morning do your best simply because it's going to elicit a metabolic response that's going to allow you to really continue to burn fat throughout the course of the day let me say hello to some people everyone that's here sorry I've been rambling so I didn't get a chance to say hi to.

Everyone if you just joined in while I was going through my little rant there please comment and let me know where you're watching from so that I can say hello I saw a good question come in I want to come back to that one in a minute what's going on Miami Bay from Virginia northeastern most state Maine awesome to see you here Detroit what's.

Going on Lucia good to see you here one chip will break your fast my friend Santa Cruz Fire Station awesome thank you for your service to your community Sarasota Florida we've got Pao Ohio Seattle iceland's more Seattle Australia Kansas you guys are amazing thank you guys New York City Brazil South Carolina Bill and Parker.

Colorado what's going on my man we got Connecticut in the house Mike from Kenya Arcadia California New Zealand Arcadia actually have a cousin that lives up there Kansas City Kansas Israel Steve in Jersey London you guys are amazing guys keep this coming I love seeing where everyone's watching from someone asked them to say yes a great question how.

Often should you intermittent fast I think I addressed this on a lot of my live broadcasts because it comes up a lot so again for those of you that have heard this question heard me answer this please bear with me and sometimes it gets a little redundant as I try to answer as many questions as I can intermittent fasting should be done.

Quote/unquote intermittently intermittent fasting doesn't mean that you're eating intermittently intermittent fasting means that you're strategically intermittent fasting meaning throughout the course of the week you're taking select days and fasting I don't like to fast more than three or four days per week when I was.

Going through my transformation when I was losing a lot of weight I was fasting a lot I was fasting five six days a week sometimes it worked I lost 100 pounds it worked big-time but do I recommend it for health not necessarily okay it does work well but it may not be a long-term thing now that's that's my take on that how long do you fast to induce ketosis.

Christie Rothschild you ask a tremendous question that's a really good question it all depends on the person you say you your body is to burn through the liver glycogen before it can ever start to create ketones there are a lot of different hormonal factors a lot of different things that can affect that so for me for example no matter how.

Conditioned into ketosis I am it takes me at least 48 to 72 hours to get into ketosis initially for a lot of people it can take five six sometimes even a week I mean you can even take that long for people to truly get into ketosis please talk about PSM f versus water fasting to save muscle that's actually a super good question talking about just like time.

Restrictive eating and stuff like that I will make a note of this right now you guys coming up in a couple of weeks I've created a video that is on time restricted eating because Joe Rogan did a podcast on time restricted eating which I love Joe Rogan I love that guy and it's a great topic and I feel like a lot of people get confused between time.

Restricted eating and fasting they're two totally different things time restricted eating is like basically just eating less and who's controlling your time periods whereas fasting is a lot more strategic someone asks why their sleep is so terrible when they're in ketosis I've talked about this a lot too in many of my videos so again for those.

Of you that hear me kind of get redundant this isn't this video isn't designed to give you totally fresh information that you're not seeing in my other videos it's designed to be able to answer questions and I take some nodes of some of the common questions that come through my channel and everything like that people get extra sleep bored.

People don't sleep well when they're in ketosis a lot of times because in their mineral division a lot of times they lose their magnesium but the big one is you're not producing enough serotonin simply because your body isn't taking up the tryptophan so in other words when you're in ketosis your body has it doesn't have insulin or has much insulin.

So that insulin does not allow the tryptophan an amino acid to get into your brain when that happens you don't produce nearly as much serotonin so you don't sleep very well serotonin is what makes you feel calm it helps you sleep it helps you relax hey guys can I ask you really quick we've got so many people on here.

I've got we've got like 800 people on this broadcast and only 364 thumbs up little like signals can everyone hit that thumbs up button I don't want to be a needy little sucker here but the reason is simple it helps YouTube's algorithm seeing that hey there's a lot of people watching this it's true good content I'm not like.

A robot that's people literally create robots to go on YouTube and do live broadcasts simply to satisfy the algorithm so everybody oh wow that was awesome like 300 thumbs up just came in you guys are so awesome Bruce you're making fun of me saying I'm so needy I am I am so needy no it's I'm just here putting out free content.

And and just you know I'm asking so much of you guys but anyway phoenix rising you're asking about how intermittent fasting affects women you know I feel like I actually do have to touch on this really quick so for all the men that are in here that might get you know distracted for a second while I talk about something that's specific to women.

Listen closely because at some point this will make sense to you as well women and intermittent fasting a lot of times if it's done frequently don't mix as much as you think I hate to say that but women should not intermittent fast more than one or two days per week to be completely honest some can do more but I would safely say one to two days per.

Week and the reason is simple women have a lot more of a sensitive thyroid and that thyroid becomes very very disrupted if you fast a lot now I will say this your thyroid will come back the thyroid is a very unique gland it doesn't have the same kind of blood supply and the same kind of response at other glands and other organs do in fact it's kind of.

A it's called a ghost gland basically the thyroid could actually you could remove 99.999% of your thyroid and it would still start to grow back it has its unique ability to sort of resurrect so the thyroid comes back but intermittent fasting will only get you so far as a female simply because at some point you end up having a little.

Bit of a negative aspect so I'm going to asked about the Mediterranean diet on the intermittent fasting well let me tell you what I'm a big fan of and you guys since I have so many people on this video right now it's a perfect time for you guys to hear some honest truth from me to hear some diehard honest gospel truth so that you know that I'm not just.

Full of baloney when I talk about this stuff because I never want to lead you to believe that I'm something that I'm not I like to be fully honest with you I'm live a ketogenic lifestyle but I am NOT in ketosis all year round in fact I frequently come out of ketosis when I feel my body needs it I am NOT one of these guys that says you should.

Be 100% in ketosis all the time I love ketosis I'm fascinated by the science behind it and I love what it does for therapeutic things and I love it those for massive weight loss because ketosis and fasting have been a lifesaver for me with my transformation that does not mean that I live that lifestyle all the time when I am NOT in ketosis I am.

Generally eating a little bit more of an actual Mediterranean diet meaning super low glycemic still moderate fats but the right fats that's my jam that's what I do I had a good question that just came in someone says they have antiphospholipid syndrome how can I do keto while a lot more Ferren that's a good question that's a very specific.

Question but I'm going to address that really really quick the most important thing for you is you're going to want to make sure that your most of your fats that you're getting are coming from either cz to digest fats okay avocado MCT very very very important also gonna want to make sure you take digestive enzymes if you do not.

Digest fats well very important so essentially what I end up doing is I end up going cycling through some slow carbs where I end up doing things like chickpeas things like lentils things like that you may remember the video I did on lectins a couple weeks ago so a lot of people didn't like they thought that I was bagging on beans and bagging.

Elsa heck no I was trying to debunk the fact that people say lectins are bad all the time lectins aren't bad I eat a lot of lectins it just has to be done in moderation you get to cook him right so NIC Bentley you lost 100 pounds it's funny yet a lot of people don't know my full story guys I was 280 pounds before.

I wasn't let me show you something I'm gonna show you guys people my there my battery was going love I'm gonna show you some stretch marks that I have and this is just to show you this isn't to be weird this is to prove to you that I was very very overweight before these stretch these are stretch marks all over my arm okay all those those are all.

Stretch marks okay stand up on my stool here for a second you can see those right there all stretch marks so just being honest with you guys so I went through a pre massive transformation so people don't always know that if I mean probably because I don't go and advertise it all over the place but yeah so ketosis fasting we're huge.

Things for me and I'm sorry if I upset anyone by showing skin for a minute but I just needed to people don't believe me when I say I wanted to be totally honest with you guys and that was a huge trip that's how I learned what I learned I used to be in the health care industry I was in the medical industry I was an executive with a big recruitment firm.

And then I owned an ancillary lab services company and that's how I met so many of the amazing doctors that I know today that taught me what I know today people say Thomas you speak like you've got a medical background well I don't have a I'm not a medical doctor but I came out of the holistic medical field I spent most of my life there so someone.

Asked if coffee will break your fast Coffee does not break your fast just make sure that you're not adding any kind of sweetener to it or you're not adding creamer to it that's the someone says how can we put on muscle mass and ketosis that's a video that's gonna be coming out here soon it all comes down to how you time your.

Post-workout meals and when you time your carbs okay because you should have a couple of carbs now and then not enough to kick you out a full-blown keto but enough to allow your body to actually materialize and synthesize some muscle well keto coffee break your fast yes it absolutely will amber says most doctors.

Don't know what I know yeah well at some point I'll have to explain the full story of the doctors that I used to work with and and why I learned sort of this alternative approach to wellness you know most of you guys don't watch my channel know that I'm not the typical Fitness guy I'm not the typical health guy it's like I'm in this kind of gray.

Area where it's like I'm too health oriented for most of the fitness industry and I'm too Fitness oriented for most of the health industry so I've just kind of had to pay my own way of bridging that gap and Here I am flying solo in my kitchen all alone doing YouTube videos so anyway guys okay Chrissy awesome thank you you said.

You're an RN and you still respect the content awesome good to see that does BHB beta-hydroxybutyrate blake break a fast tough question technically in my honest opinion it would but as far as a lot of the studies go no you'd be okay MCT oil will break a fast yes it will someone asked about vaping in keto they've asked a lot I.

Mean it depends you know like guys I'm honestly I'm a huge fan of using like an oral CBD oil like a can of video oil I don't babe I don't do any of that so I don't personally know I don't know if there's a lot of research on that but CBD oil is a very powerful anti-inflammatory that works very well in conjunction with keto the problem is.

That it's expensive and there's still sort of the political biases that go along with it and it can be a little bit tough so I try not to really talk about it too much do you I personally someone asked if I do cheat me I won't go back up to that because it's a great one do I personally do cheat meals and if yes what do I like.

To binge on you know I actually started scrolling I use did a video on this it's going to come out next week is the psychology of cheat meals I'm gonna tell you right now stop you in your tracks don't think it was a cheat meal anymore okay I want to just address this this is coaching Thomas coming out for a second addressing all of you here don't refer.

To it as a cheat meal it messes with your psychology because then you start associating all the other food that you're eating as not being healthy or I'm sorry it's not being fun you use don't assert you associated as overly healthy and start looking at this cheat meal as in contrast so good and everything else so bad.

Refer to it as a strategic refeed it's science its strategic yes you do need to have it when I usually have a cheat meal or a refeed meal it's usually loads of lentils I mean I'm laying like that lentils maybe some quinoa you know maybe some red or green split lentils some chickpea pasta trust me sounds lame but it's pretty awesome hey.

Guys we have a ton of people on here still we make sure that everyone's here hits that like button as much as possible it really helps this video out I'd love to have this video get well over a thousand likes that would be super awesome if I could so I'm just asking you guys if you can't do that Londyn what's going on the house six.

Drops of super low signore coffee will it break your fast technically no it won't and my biggest fan of super loose not necessarily so Dean thank you very much for what you just post it up Jonathan and London what's going on Chester awesome thing everyone's encouraging everyone to hit the like.

Button you guys are amazing it does it does it helps the YouTube algorithm out so India what's going on in the house baby tool our make an appearance yet Kevin not yet this little sucker is just hanging in there just for those of you that are just on this video and maybe haven't heard the very beginning my wife is like minutes away.

From being in labor I don't understand this baby is just he was due yesterday he's just hanging on for dear life in there so we're literally just hanging around waiting for this baby to just decide to come out so I'm about to be a daddy I'm excited to be a daddy hopefully next time I hop on a live broadcast I will be a daddy so but yeah.

That hopefully that you know a lot of people weren't on when I started talking about that earlier so that's someone kind of what's going on in my personal life a lot of people saying congratulations thank you guys very very much for all that all the awesomeness there Wilson truly male a break a fast no it won't salim alien is okay.

Citrulline is actually great when you're on a fast it's tremendous it's gonna you know help convert into arginine so it's gonna basically give you muscle pump without breaking your fast it's a very very good pre workouts will they break a fast depends as long as they have no carbs that Julian Bailey it's gonna be fine you guys are awesome everyone just.

Someone just said they smashed the like button like a cheap meal that's awesome let me I'm gonna get back to the training and fasting thing for a second because I don't want to go too far off topic because we've got so many awesome people here that probably hopped on here to hear about this topic so when you are fasting and when you're in ketosis I'm a.

Huge proponent of training in the morning and I mentioned that in an early part of this video even if it means that you're gonna be fasting for the rest of the day without having food post-workout why well it's simply allowing your body to utilize those fat stores a little bit more right when you.

Finish working out okay you go through what I call riding the wave where your body really utilizes fats for quite an extended period of time after that you have basically this where you go into oxygen debt your body tries to collect as many nutrients as possible for a few hours after the workout so if you're fasting and you set it up so your.

Workouts are at the very end of your fast and then you immediately eat you're kind of short changing yourself a couple hours you know you're really short changing yourself a couple hours of potential fat burning that ordinarily would occur so if you train in the morning you're actually more likely to still have the muscle glycogen from the.

Night before okay still have the the stored energy from the night before it's fresher in your bodies of your workout will be better and you're gonna get to ride the wave for a couple hours while you're still fasted so it's like you're draining the tank and now your body has to go into the reserves whereas if you.

Were to go and workout and then right at the end of you're fast you're draining the tank and then immediately filling it back up I hope that that makes sense to every money and everybody that that grasp that does that make sense so so the general gist of it is if you're training for fat loss and you're fasting and you're in ketosis training fasted is.

The key working out fasted is the key I will tell you fasting and ketosis are huge they helped me a lot but what is the single-handed most amazing thing that I have encountered through my years of my transformation and staying lean it's 100% then training in a fasted state why because it's difficult people it's a.

Something that is difficult that takes some mental fortitude but it technically logistically isn't that hard in fact it's easier it's easier to get up in the morning and go hit the gym and workout before eating anything it's easier logistically it's easier technically but it's more difficult up here because everything in common science everything.

In common media tells us we need to be fueled before we work out training fasted is the key it makes a giant difference and if you've been trained fasted and then continue to be fasted that meal that you use when you break your fast later in the day he's gonna go straight to enriching and nourishing those muscles so I hope that makes a lot.

Of sense someone says cardio and weights fast and 100% you know there are a subpopulation of people that would not get a benefit from this people that are typically hypoglycemic may not want to do this unless they're already in ketosis everyone's a lot of people that trade fast is here we've got a lot of fasted trainers anyone that's a fasted.

Trainer in the house go ahead and say I train fast it just let me know I think I've got a lot of people that train fasted someone says I should be doing a lot more recipes I would love to you guys see this awesome studio kitchen that I've got I mean this is like the real deal check it out I mean that's the real McCoy right.

Pretty bad ass studio kitchen so it's fully functional so might as well be doing some cooking videos right I mean it makes perfect sense lots of people turn in fast it okay you guys are on the right path there guys if you can't do me a favor make sure you hit that like button and make sure if you can give us a big ol share too.

Creatine does not break a fast depending what brand you get creatine monohydrate is just straight-up creatine that's gonna be what you're going to want to do about some Craigs good job man you so you just started training fasted last week so that's awesome you know so many questions coming I'm sorry I'm not able to see all of them will rock star zero.

Break of fast actually no it won't you're good how many grams of fat per day all depends on the person the one thing I will say in ketosis most people do not get enough fat the whole trick with ketosis is you need to be having sufficient fats you need to be at least 75% of your total calories coming from.

Fats guys I'm trying to look through some of these questions been alternating fasting and ketosis that's awesome whoops sorry guys trying to scroll through some of these just Naprosyn break a fast no no painkillers wouldn't break a fast but I highly recommend that you probably don't take those fasted that can mess you up for women would.

Love a video intermittent fasting yeah totally how many days per week intermittent fasting touched on this a little bit earlier look sorry guys I guess that's what happens whenever I mess up my little tripod gimbal here as it ends up hang on one second muscle cramps and feeling super tired especially when you're in ketosis that.

Has to do again with the fact that you're depleted of minerals when you're in ketosis simply put you're dehydrated you've got to make sure you're replenishing minerals like crazy it makes a big difference magnesium potassium aspartate that yes you definitely be taking that it's not gonna break your fast bone broth would.

Break it fast but bone broth is a tremendous way to break the fast when it is time to break a fast so I highly recommend doing that and so I so many kind of so many comments come in someone asked if I know Jason with Trek I know Jason very well I know him personally Jason's a good dude he hasn't been as active on YouTube.

Lately as channels kind of suffered a little bit but I think he's got a lot going on when it's the best time to take um CT definitely going to be shortly after you break your fast I don't recommend always just breaking a faster than CT because it can be really hard on your gut so whatever in Fast and protocol do I recommend what do I think.

About sixteen eight yes sixteen eight is great for introductory ok plain is something it's great if you're just learning how to fast because it's pretty easy to do sixteen eight in my honest opinion is very similar to just what I would say the standard American diet is okay where you're just not eating breakfast than not eating to.

Lunch but in my personal opinion it's a great way to start I'm a big fan more of like the eighteen to twenty simply put when you're fasting it's just easier to just eat less one thing I do want to make sure that I make very very clear with you guys though and this is again this is the coaching coming out and me I just.

I don't really coach clients anymore hardly ever but it's still in my blood I still love motivating and telling people so this is my honest advice to all nine hundred people that are on this broadcast right now the intermittent fasting is amazing ketosis is amazing but the law of attrition tells us that it's very very easy for us to start.

Getting to a point where we're not getting enough calories and as someone that has been dealing with a lot of injuries lately I know that I've been letting my calories get too low and I wouldn't be a good coach I wouldn't be a good trainer I wouldn't be a good instructor if I didn't tell you my mistakes and let you learn from them.

Some of the mistakes that I've made along the way have been allowing my calories to go too low too frequent of fasting too little calories while in ketosis make sure you get those fats and get those calories up because you will ultimately start having issues with your joints if you're not careful okay you've got to be careful.

Does cayenne pepper Baker fast no cayenne actually would be okay it's very very negligible you're okay in small amounts okay so one thing that I start noticing if I go into ketosis for too long is the synovial fluid in your joint starts to dry out okay you start to get a little bit you start running into an issue basically where you're just no.

Longer able to recover as well we've got some good questions come in and I want to make sure I'm not missing out on these hang on really quick does cream of tartar break a fast no you're totally good someone says my foods tracked based on the daily recommendation allowance charts a lot of food and when I watch leading.

Professionals Nikita lifestyle seems impossible they're reaching those eras am I missing something you know it all depends on the person to be completely honest I'm a huge fan of when you're in ketosis keeping your calories the same as you would when you're on a regular diet okay and that's the place to start but then work.

Backwards from there that's when you start adding in different things that's when you start adding in the different nutrients to try to get yourself there okay you've got a so start with just the calories first then look at your nutrients and your micronutrients from there the problem is that you're constantly going to be chasing different.

Micronutrient deficiencies you're gonna be deficient in vitamin K and then you're deficient in vitamin E and if you really try to eat such a balanced diet that you're satisfying all those micronutrient things all the time you're gonna drive yourself crazy try to look at your diet at a broader scale don't just look at it day to day try to look.

At what you can as much over the course of a week what's going on in South Africa well intermittent fasting is a teen stunt growth you know what that's a good question I would honestly probably avoid it or men fasting until you know that you're at least close to done growing as a teen you might want to be able to be.

Careful so it's official will break a fast technically yes it does so you'd want to wait to consume your fish oil until after it is fat in fact if you look there is actually a calorie count does gear a go fast absolutely it certainly does any chance I'm going to low calorie brick you know I'd actually like to I'd like to see if I could be a.

Speaker there i right now I mean it's so crazy with the baby and everything on the way I haven't been able to do as much business development as I'd like to do I'd love to be going around to some of these Quito conferences and stuff I'm actually in the works just keep it kind of on the DL and on the in the works of working with some.

People on creating a ketosis conference next May that's gonna be awesome gonna be a really big ketosis conference so I'll keep you guys posted on that just chai tea break a fast depends sugar for each eye tea will not but mostly times Chi will MCT will definitely break a fast stevia will not break a fast metamucil fibercon some good questions.

If your body has an insulin response into sweet things like your tongue he has a good question sorry Matt you say if your body is an insulin response to sweet things hitting your tongue surely all swingers are breaker fasted insulin spike would you agree tremendous question my Matt really good question and the thing is is in theory.

Yes so here's the thing your body starts to secrete insulin but it actually does this thing called pre insulin where it actually creates sort of an insulin response within the body without creating a lot of insulin basically just on something sweetening your tongue you can actually condition yourself to get rid of that response not necessarily.

Something I'm a big fan of because it means you need to be having a lot of fake sweeteners or natural sweeteners the insulin spike definitely technically would break a fast and I go air quotes because as far as insulin is concerned that would break a fast but it's such a negligible spike in insulin that it's really I don't know I don't know it's I.

Have stevia and a fast maybe I'm doing it wrong but the simple fact is sorry low battery again simple fact is it doesn't seem to cause that much of an effect nothing like Lucy does leucine like the amino acid leucine can have a big thing big impact there guys I mean I have to wrap it up what is too low of calories on keto that's a tough question.

Cuz it all depends on the person you're gonna know you'll feel lethargic you'll feel weak your joints will hurt we got to be careful there either way thought about lectins and foods I suggest you go back I did a video last week on collections that people didn't like for some reason so you might find some interesting stuff there about.

Lectins keto bulking that videos gonna be coming up st. John what's going on up there in Canada how long he ptosis for one period of time it all depends on the person I try not to stay in ketosis for more than six weeks at a time before I come out for at least a few days that's just my thing someone keeps asking about.

Marijuana and keto you know I can't really attest to that I can attest a CBD cannabidiol oil which is a very good anti-inflammatory in conjunction with keto so that's good how do you get minerals in keto veggies salt make sure you taking your salt you retain more water that's super important guys I wish I could stay on here forever if you guys.

Can comment really quick before I go like just so I have an idea like what time of day is good for these broadcasts do you like these in the evening time is it you know if it works out well for you just let me know because I would absolutely love to be doing more of these try to do them once a week if I can let me show you guys something.

Really quick before I go hang on really quick okay I've got to do something really quick I'm gonna unscrew my mic gimbal here and I want to show you how awesome mace this gym is coming along hang on check this out guys okay so this is the studio kitchen before I go it's coming along really really well if I've been seeing a lot.

More cool videos coming in probably modeling this off of like Jamie Oliver's kitchen but giving it a little bit more of sort of a down-home sort of rustic feel so pretty awesome but those of you that haven't seen this check out what happens when I turn around it's like I go from kitchen to gym so the gyms here we got everything bill.

Everything is all set up we've got you know some dumbbells all the way around dumbbells up to 100 at least the mirrors are coming in next week got a big old leg dress nice big old squat rack so be able to produce a lot of awesome awesome videos at least as far as workouts are concerned – we've got the big cable machine so we're all.

Good there so I'm just really really happy really happy to be able to have this really happy to be able to have this space and being able to do some really cool stuff giving you guys some awesome content in the future the fact that I can go from kitchen to gym kind of my dream I still have a dog here what sound ready.

Say hello guys I better get home I've got a wife that is probably wondering where I am you guys are super awesome thank you for all the amazing comments and all the amazing amazing engagement as always keep it locked in here on my channel and if you can comment what kind of videos you want to see in the future and I will see you guys very soon.

Ketosis and Fasting Coaching: Live with Thomas DeLauer- When is the Best Time to Exercise
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