Keto Is “Disease Promoting Disaster” – Alarming Study Review ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Keto Is “Disease Promoting Disaster” – Alarming Study Review ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Keto Is “Disease Promoting Disaster” – Alarming Study Review ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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Hey ladies and gentlemen thomas de lauer here i don't go live super super often anymore just because it's busy it's hard little kids at home and everything like that but uh my inbox has been flooded i don't i'm not exaggerating i mean i've probably gotten 30 or 40 just.

Emails this morning about this new frontiers in medicine study that came out that called the ketogenic diet literally a disease-promoting disaster i'm not here to say keto is amazing we should not listen to this study at all hopefully by now you know thomas de lauer well enough to know that i take a.

Pretty neutral stance on things and i try to play devil's advocate with a lot of this stuff and when i look at this study i didn't get angered uh because there were a lot of pieces in this study that i completely agree with and i know that's shocking right because this new journal.

Or this new study excuse me published in this journal really did outline some pretty alarming things but for those that would just look at the review article right for those that would just like uh lee crosby who wrote sort of the he was the lead review author uh if you just.

Read his sort of excerpt of it it makes it sound like oh my gosh what am i doing keto is terrible and i want to open this entire live and i'm going to open it up to chat and everything like that especially after i do my review because i want to be able to answer people's questions about this.

Because it's so important um it leaves people wondering if they are doing something wrong and a lot of my content has really been geared towards doing keto in a relatively clean way and i feel like a lot of people in the keto industry i will say i'm not going to name names but they have.

Proposed that keto be this dirty sloppy greasy thing and unfortunately if you do go that route then yeah it could be bad so i'm here to clear this up it's live but i know that this video is probably going to take off given this uh you know whole article so i'm going to keep the.

Brevity and checks that i can just get right to it if i'm glancing over now and then i have the the article the paper right next to me like i have my screen split so i'm scanning back and forth so that i can pull parts of the article while i'm talking with you because it's gonna be pretty real.

Time i mean i've obviously reviewed it but i want to be able to talk about it okay so essentially uh this review ketogenic diets and chronic disease let's see weighing the benefits against the risk found that most people the possible long-term risks of keto ultimately outweigh the possible benefits and they say and i quote the.

Typical keto diet is a disease-promoting disaster that's what lee crosby wrote he's a registered dietitian anyhow loading up on red meat processed meat and saturated fat and restricting carbohydrate rich vegetables fruits and legumes and whole grains is a recipe for bad health i'm going to repeat that one more time this is what he says okay just.

Loading up on red meat processed meat and saturated fat and restricting carbohydrate-rich vegetables fruits legumes and whole grains is a recipe for bad health i don't disagree with most of that right like i think most of us would agree that loading up on tons of.

Processed meat perhaps too much red meat and not enough balance from thiamine from other things right perhaps not getting your veggies in not getting the occasional fruit in that is i agree so i think when i first read this and that was kind of the opening statement it made me think like okay this person is looking at dirty.

Keto they're looking at people they're going in and out burger and eating you know flying dutchman's and double doubles every single day and calling it a day and that is exactly on this channel what we are not condoning i know i've done fast food videos i know i've done costco videos and yes it's okay to have some fun every now and then and.

Enjoy yourself i go to in-n-out now and then but uh maybe a little more than i should to be completely honest but point is is that we have to look at this big picture so again if i'm scanning back and forth it's just because this is live and i have the article in front of me so i'm going to list off some of the key findings that they they found in this.

Right first one was they said poor diet quality and nutrient deficiencies on a keto diet that's what they were finding okay there was a lot of that right they keto diets are presented but they are not likely to be safe long term restricting carbohydrates skews the diet towards carcinogenic foods in fact typical keto.

Diets have been linked to an increase of all these different things which i'm afraid to even say specific disease state words here on youtube keto diets may be especially unsafe for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant low carb diets are linked to a higher risk of neural tube defects in the baby interesting uh higher protein keto diets.

Could hasten kidney failure those kidneys uh regarding the pregnant thing i think you've probably recalled if you've been a veteran in this channel that i would never recommend that someone is pregnant to keto why because we just don't know enough about that world right like i feel like that is a time when you're probably balancing what.

You would really try to get in the way and putting yourself in a mimicked starvation because we have to remember what keto is keto is mimicked starvation right you're mimicking fasting via ketogenic protocol hey we have a lot of people here like a thousand people on this live broadcast but everyone just please do me a quick favor and hit that.

Thumbs up button really quick just hit that like button that way this gets out there and people can see it and everything like that okay so one of the first things they looked at was the diet quality piece regardless of what kind of diet you are doing keto paleo fasting whatever diet quality always matters okay.

If you only look at calories and you never pay attention to diet quality then absolutely you are going to have micronutrient deficiencies okay so uh i've just made some specific notes here so i'm just scrolling through so i make sure that i'm you know not skipping over things fiber one of.

The most important pieces right one of the things that i would typically recommend on keto is that you lean into those heavy soluble fibers that is not what's normally promoted with keto right a lot of times people with keto are promoting this whole piece of oh you don't need to have any fiber at all and i think some of the blinds are getting.

Blurred here right like some of these we know that fiber is important no one is denying that right okay there's people within the carnivore community that might say you don't need fiber but there's a very very clear clear line between zero carb and zero fiber whatsoever and keto where you're having some fiber.

Coming in and what i mean by that is like there's no gray area if you were doing carnivore the reason you don't fiber is because your system is working an entirely different way and we're going to leave that on the table because it's not on today's discussion if you are doing keto you probably should be trying to get a.

Little bit of fiber in i try to recommend chia i try to recommend flax people have negative things to say about that but the bottom line is that we have to take care of our microbiome and this study doesn't even scratch the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to the microbiome right when you first start a ketogenic diet.

You have a change in your gut microbiome your gut microbiome becomes less diverse right okay it does and that is a normal thing as you start a ketogenic protocol okay that's a bummer right well studies have demonstrated that after six months that completely restores back to baseline in fact then it can even improve beyond that with that's without.

Consuming copious amounts of carbohydrates without consuming copious amounts of starchy vegetables but still consuming moderate amounts of leafy greens moderate amounts of soluble fiber and moderate amounts of insoluble fiber if fiber does not count towards your bottom line net carbs why wouldn't we add fiber so anyway the.

Point is a well-crafted ketogenic diet is completely different than a just blanket ketogenic diet and unfortunately we are in a society right now where a blanket basic ketogenic diet isn't healthy and thomas delauer as like the guy that you know has built his brand upon talking about keto i will be the first to say that i get scared about.

What the mainstream has taken with keto because that is what's getting illuminated if we don't start making changes with how people view keto keto's gonna go away and i say that because people are going to start smothering it and pushing it down in articles like this that are gonna so.

We need to do what we can to still remember that keto is a style of still eating clean it gives you a lot more flexibility in a lot of ways because yes we can manage our insulin levels a little bit better we can manage that insulin glucagon ratio better i would argue that you can put yourself in a much more advantageous position to.

Recruit fat as a fuel source much more advantageous position if you ask me to be able to utilize fat better calories still matter but anyhow point is is it's up to us and i know that i'm serious about this you know that i'm serious when i'm hopping on a live and i know that you know because i don't do this often right but i wanted to hit.

This quick and i wanted to nip it in the bud because it's so important so everyone like if you do keto if you like keto if you want please share this video get it out there so that people don't just take this short little condensed review version of this study and take that to the bank so just please do us all a service okay share it get it.

Out there because i just want i'm trying to make this as simple as possible too okay so now moving on uh the next part of this study had talked about keto not being safe long term okay so i'm not really sure what they're considering to be long term here okay uh in this researcher's reference i got a little note here they referenced a 2020.

Meta analysis from the journal nutrients this is interesting it says quote a 2020 meta analysis of 38 studies lasting 6 to 12 months and including 6499 participants low carbohydrate diets defined here as less than 40 percent of energy from carbohydrate led to a small weight loss compared with low-fat diets defined as less than 30.

Energy from fat uh with considerable variability between individuals and between studies more than half of included studies met criteria for general ketogenic diet okay that's what's weird less than 40 grams of carbohydrates this is confusing because less than 40 grams of carbohydrates is not a typical.

Ketogenic diet right so they're skewing this data a little bit and i actually frontiers of medicine is a good journal and they don't publish garbage generally so i do think that this study was probably well crafted i don't think that it the study.

Mechanics i'm not blaming the researchers i'm not none of that they did their job i and i don't necessarily believe there's an agenda i think they were truly trying to do a good service here but i think that there is some really fatal flaws with how the design was then the actual meta-analysis itself.

States quote this meta-analysis suggests that low carbohydrate diets are effective at improving weight loss hdl and triglyceride lipid profiles however this must be balanced with potential consequences of raised ldl and total cholesterol in the long term um so in addition sorry again i'm glancing over because i wrote some notes.

Out we also have this 2021 meta analysis that i've covered in another video okay now let me back up for a second just so i don't jump all over the place i don't want to lose people what this study is basically saying is that you're going to have improvements in triglyceride you're going to have.

Improvements in weight loss and hdl but there's a huge consequence because there's high levels of ldl now i am not a medical doctor and i know to stay in my lane on youtube but you probably have noticed that i don't dance a fine line too much into that world because i just.

It's not my position to be your doctor it's not i am not a doctor i am some guy on the internet as i always say and i will stand behind that but what i will say and i'm not saying that you shouldn't be concerned with cholesterol i think years and years of research in that world tell us yes we absolutely still need to pay attention.

To that but one of the things that you do need to also know is that when you consume more saturated fat when you consume your ldl levels will go up okay that is not unusual uh so i don't think that it's a fair thing to say that that makes keto unsafe um that's just my opinion okay because yes literally what you eat in that given day.

Can reflect okay saturated fat changes the receptors the ldl receptors in the liver temporarily makes it so that the ldl can't dock so ldl will stay in the circulating plasma for a while anyhow i digress um wow we got a lot of people in this bra this is awesome i appreciate this because please again i'm going to stop really quick and say if you're.

Watching this i if you're getting value out of this video i don't want to force you to like it but hit that thumbs up button give me a big like let's just appreciate that so we can get this content out there because it's again i'm not here just defending keto it sounds like i am but in a lot of ways this is thomas like coming out and saying.

A lot of the keto industry i don't agree with a lot of people promoting keto i do not agree with in fact most of the people this day and age like smaller influencers things like i don't agree with what they say is keto because i think it's spreading the wrong message and this study that just came out.

Is going to scare people away from doing keto the right way when keto's not bad if it's done right so i get frustrated and i am frustrated i'm concerned and i'm not just concerned because my brand and career is built around keto it's not if you've seen my channel i talk about everything right but anyhow.

So there was a 2021 meta-analysis that was in the bmj that found strict low carbohydrate diets could be the best for patients uh that are trying to manage insulin levels and things like that so it's kind of funny uh because that one was looking at that specifically so when you start looking at most of the studies that are comparing low carb or very low.

Carb um that are like significantly just low carb like less than ten percent uh calories from carbohydrates they ended up having better success in terms of managing insulin levels and things like that we do have to take that into consideration for metabolic health right.

There's the lipid issue there's the sugar issue anyhow i don't want to go on and on i'm not going to talk too much about cholesterol because it's just it may sound like that's my area of expertise but i'm not a clinician okay at the end of the day i'm still a guy on.

Youtube right like i i can tell you what i read i can tell you what i've applied i've lost 100 pounds but i also once again kind of stay in my lane with that um i'm scrolling down to other parts about this because one of the things that i feel like we need to know is the processed meat side.

I've covered this in a lot of my costco videos processed meat is never a good thing and i don't like that the review author jumped to conclusions and said that the ketogenic that is rich in saturated fat i don't know where this data came from i don't know if they just assumed that.

Most people i'll actually be curious right now people that are watching via the comments and please be honest okay because youtube's pretty anonymous right um on a scale of one to ten one being never ten being every day.

How often do you eat processed meat because i know my channel tends to attract people that are trying to do keto uh a little bit different they are um because i talk about targeted keto so i just would love to see let's take a quick break on this for a second so i can see this okay um okay yeah see we got a lot of people that are the zero.

One twos and i'm kind of in that ballpark too i'd probably say like i'm a two-ish like i would probably uh you know it happens right you have processed foods it's uh even even a lot of the keto baked goods and stuff have some you know sodium phosphates and things in there which i'll explain in just a minute look at.

This okay you see it's there's some people that i love it i love people are being honest because i see some nines i see some tens i appreciate this this is amazing because this is what and then i see a lot of zeros and twos right i'd say two is probably the biggest common number i'm.

Seeing here so that tells us that most people at least here are probably not eating a bunch of processed meat and when you look at the data like sodium phosphate for instance sodium phosphate is not good and sodium phosphate is in processed meat all the time and it's.

Designed to give it like a really fresh appearance it's designed to kind of retain water but it also chelates minerals it's a very negative thing like sodium phosphate will chelate minerals in your gut and prevent them from like absorbing properly so then you're nutrient deprived or you know demineralization.

Also we can end up absorbing phosphate in greater proportions and increasing our blood plasma levels of phosphate okay that is not good okay and i get a little bit frustrated with this because on one hand we have a group of individuals that will say keto's bad just do flexible dieting eat.

Whatever you want okay but in that world of eating whatever you want that would basically saying that processed meats are fair game okay how come in that category we're not like picking apart that category but when it comes into keto we're picking on processed.

I'm not an expert in this and i don't have epidemiological studies and i don't have all the statistics in front of me okay but i can tell you that most of the people that i talk to that watch this channel when they do keto they eat less processed meat than people that don't do keto would you agree.

Would you agree that most people that are not doing keto uh that are just eating regular and probably maybe just maybe watching calories maybe they probably eat more products i can't say for certain but again i can hypothesize right so bottom line is i agree like.

That's not good nitrites nitrates not good okay nitrites and nitrates coming from like celery sure but like the stuff that's in a lot of bacon i could see how it could be easy right you look at this study you'd be like okay if we took what most people say they enjoy on keto people say they like cheese they like bacon they like this if they took a list.

Like that and they would just assume that people aren't choosing healthier options better options yeah right a lot of bacon has nitrites nitrates not good stuff right processed meats and again why because when what is the quintessential like what is this image poster child of keto this poster child of keto is a big old fat thick cut.

Of bacon i love my bacon but it's a cut of bacon with some cheese and so of course someone that hasn't given it the gi try tried keto is gonna look at that and they're gonna assume that that's what we all eat i don't know about you but i mean i authored a book on mediterranean keto right he literally wrote a book on.

Eating keto following like mediterranean fundamentals um i'm not tooting my own horn i'm just i'm frustrated because everything's going to hit the fan if we don't step up anyway moving on a little bit got a lot of people here this is awesome sorry okay um oh another note i had made so i just made a whole list of things so that.

I just because i get on rant there's something called new 5gc as well uh some of you are going to hate me for saying this but i can make a solid case that like if we consume too much red meat we run ourselves into a problem too uh and i know i'm a proponent of mediterranean style of keto and i'm not saying don't.

Enjoy a grass-fed burger like but people that are consuming like three square meals a day with red meat there's some evidence that yeah the new 5 gc which is a foreign particle that is in meat that is yes that can't affect us okay so yes people are going to freak out and i'm not saying don't eat red meat that's not what i'm saying okay but.

I am saying that there are some studies that indicate that this new 5gc and how our body receives it if we consume too much of it so yeah if you look at almost any study that is consuming copious amounts of that you start seeing a problem anyhow then.

Went into this other section i'm skipping a little bit but said keto diets may be especially unsafe for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant low carb diets are linked to higher risk of neural tube defects in the baby even women who take folic acid so keto remember is a fasting mimicking diet.

Okay it's a lifestyle but it's also the idea behind it is you are putting yourself into a heightened am pk state where you are triggering your body to think that it is deprived of fuel and that is not necessarily something you do for long long long term you cycle in and.

Out of it and periodically treat it as what is called a hormetic stressor the ketogenic diet should be treated as a stressor are there people that have been doing keto for years yes i did keto i've been doing keto off and on now for 10 years 10 years right it's 300 pounds before and.

I was strict keto for about five years where i don't think i came off more than a couple times and i've learned sort of the error of my way is i realize i felt much better when i would kind of go three four months on keto then come off go back on you know you know whatever little periods time.

Off here and there and that's for glucose tolerance it's for a number of reasons and never would i say that it's i don't think anyone's out there saying the keto is good for pregnant women i i haven't seen that even like the most uneducated influencer and i say that politely i.

Don't mean like uneducated in this i just mean like someone that's just spewing for views right um i would say even in that case like i don't see it very often i think it's just too sketchy of a world to talk about so i just don't think that i think that that was put in there as a fear thing because they know that that's.

Going to scare people well let it be known that i don't think that's a good idea anyway okay and i'm not not saying it's not a good idea because it's unsafe it's just like we don't know enough about it and if you look at the fundamentals of keto it is a stressor and you don't want to necessarily be.

Stressing your body when you're pregnant but then again i'm not an ob gyn i don't know i'm just a guy on the internet um eight real quick well i've got some people on here too i'm gonna give this is youtube right we all have to you know work right and make a living i put a.

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Is down below definitely if you're new to keto and you're trying to figure out what to do check them out down below and we've got a few more minutes where i want to review a couple more things and then i'm going to open this up to questions hopefully some people have reviewed this study as well.

I'll make sure after this broadcast i'd link to it i'll probably pin it in a comment because i want you guys to look at it i want you to see it i don't want i'm just not just here you know doing what i do anyhow so thank you to thrive market please do check them out just if if you want to say thank you to me.

Try thrive and say thank you to them because it's the best way that you can support this channel i don't use patreon i don't use any of that stuff these channels run because sponsors keep us going so appreciate the heck out of thrive um okay there is another piece that says that.

Higher protein keto diets could hasten kidney issues um this is a concern no matter what diet you do okay so a low fat diet should still be high protein okay and i think any calories in calories out person and again i'm not an anti-seco guy but.

It's still going to promote protein being thermogenic right protein is thermogenic protein is it's just it's critical right it's 20 of the calories from protein go straight to the metabolizing effect like metabolizing protein if you want to lose weight you eat.

Protein like it's pretty common now i don't care if you were vegan vegetarian carnivore whatever it's still the same like protein is still fundamental like for muscle protein synthesis and for keeping the balance of muscle protein breakdown so that you're not breaking down more.

Than you are synthesizing you want to be synthesized so anytime you consume copious amounts of protein if you're not drinking water sure you could affect your kidneys but you know i'm not a bodybuilder i mean i was overweight and i lost weight and i got.

In shape but i definitely never consider myself a bodybuilder but if you look at you know even the mild bodybuilding community like i mean when they run into issues most of them aren't running into kidney issues most of them if anything are running into heart issues and it's you know because of our lifestyles right and i'm sure.

There's a lot of other factors that i'm not even going to talk about on this channel to go into that and again it's like when you look at them these guys are guys that are three four five hundred grams of protein lots of protein and a lot of them i'm not saying that.

It's safe but i'm saying like though they would be a perfect example so i i just think that it's a hydration thing it's a fluid retention thing i'm not a doctor i can only say what i can say but the bottom line is that's not specific to keto so we can't just say keto is bad because of that.

What we want to talk about and what they are failing to mention in this is that a well-crafted ketogenic diet is proving to be and i'm going to safely say this just as effective as other means of losing weight i think.

I'm not going to come out and say it's better i mean there's some evidence that shows that you there's actually a lot of evidence that shows that you'll maintain muscle mass better and but there's also evidence other ways right right like science is so weird like when you look at these studies and i'm just being so honest with you right now like when you.

Look at the research come on you guys know that like you can find two studies supporting this two studies supporting that at the end of the day you have to get excited about what's working for you and what i don't want to have happen is have this review come out and just.

Destroy everybody's momentum from the wrong reasons i did keto lost 100 pounds because i felt amazing with it and i tried everything else and intermittent fasting and keto worked for me and i get fearful like if i was in my you know put myself eight years ago and this review journal.

Came out review article came out i may have stopped keto and how would my life be different and it's just anyway we have to look at the big picture here ketones themselves have powerful properties independent of the whole weight loss piece okay they're you know histone diacetylase.

Inhibitors what that means is they allow our genes to express more they allow us to activate part of our dna and our expressed genes that we ordinarily wouldn't be able to activate and the way that i explain that is imagine that you have a plethora of dresser drawers on a.

Wall and that is your lock and key all your jeans locked up right well when you express a jean it's like you open that drawer and suddenly all your genes are there ready to be expressed play on words i didn't do that on purpose but genes like g-e-n-e-s.

Not like folding your jeans but it kind of works either way so such a dad joke anyway so you pull that out and you've got your genes right well what if you were to what if that door was locked and you could never access those jeans right i guess you'd be walking around just in your underwear that day but the point is.

You could never access your jeans well expressing your genes means being able to open that drawer and get to those genes well what happens is through various events and as we get older and things change we have what is called diacitylase or histone diacitylase so.

What ketones do is they are histone deacetylase inhibitor histone diacetylase comes in and it puts a padlock on our genes okay ketones no pun intended have a key to unlock that padlock so we have more potential to access those genes what does this mean though does this really mean.

Anything i mean okay you can access my genes but it means that you're able to express proteins that might be better for you to get better at running or get better at burning fat or get better at processing it processing carbohydrates right it just universally helps us so it's very very important okay and then also now there's some more recent.

Science coming out a study i just talked about called beta hydroxybutyleration which is wild but it's involved in gene splicing okay that is such an important part of human evolution in terms of how we splice genes and how our genes like we have our genes splice into multiple.

Components so that we can express different dna and we can express different sort of um how would i say this not variables but basically gene variants right anyway i'm not a genetic scientist either but i'm fascinated by this and it's a lot of the work that i do.

So let me tell you what i think a well-crafted ketogenic diet looks like okay i think a well-crafted ketogenic diet is going to be probably 30 to 40 to 50 good quality relatively lean protein right fish.

Chicken turkey whatever right like those kinds of things duck venison i like venison because it's so lean and maybe out of that protein i would say 10 to 20 percent can be a good quality lean red meat right this is how i would craft it.

Most of my fats are coming from olive oil they're coming from avocados they're coming from mct oil i would say about 10 to 15 percent of my total calories from fat in a given day are coming from saturated fat not that much right and i'm not doing this to toot my horn i'm just giving you an example because.

Some people are going to come on here like thomas just did this video just to say you know that he's perfect and then he just no i mean because people ask what i eat and my this is important okay the carbohydrates that i do come in that are coming in are coming in generally from the little leftover parts that are.

Coming from fiber i consume quite a bit of veggies i consume a fair bit of chia i consume a fair bit of flax i consume a fair bit of macadamia nuts i still have small amounts of carbs i consume a fair bit of brazil nuts hazelnuts you know get some nuts coming in from that the bottom line and i do consume some.

Cheese right but i don't consume a lot of it most of the cheese that i consume is goat cheese or feta or hard cheeses that are going to be richer in the right kinds of proteins richer in the calcium and the vitamin k you know pecorino romano parmesan regular romano whatever okay so it gives you a concept of.

If you think mediterranean keto's not bad but one of the most important things that i want to impress upon you today is that since keto is stressful on the body don't be afraid to have a periodic time off okay and allow your body to develop an.

Ability to still process carbohydrates right to still utilize them and because the video i published yesterday that talked about another study that indicated that keto could be making us diabetic if you look at the short term if you take people that are doing keto right now for three months.

And then all of a sudden gave them 100 grams of carbohydrates they would not process those carbohydrates as well as someone that was already eating carbohydrates well you think because our body is an efficient machine that gets good at what we are doing if you go out and you go for a run right.

Now and you run for the next month you're going to be better at running than biking probably but if you went out and you started biking a bunch for a month and then you decided to go for a run you'd be inefficient at running everything about us is about developing efficiency and streamlining efforts right.

Including our bios biochemistry inside of us and all the way down to glute4 transportation being able to utilize glucose independent of insulin that ability diminishes while we're on keto but guess what increases our ability to oxidize fat so we trade one thing for another good or bad neutral.

Efficiency come on right so if you were if i were to give you 17 pixie sticks and a drizzle of agave on it like you might not process it that great i'm sorry but if i were to look at your data and and write a study on it be pretty messed up right to be like up bob does not process carbs very well.

Keto ruined him that's not fair you can't do that right so you got to look at the big picture whereas when you look at most of the data and unfortunately what sucks for us is that a lot of that data is in rodents because it hasn't been done in humans yet so we're stuck here like looking at rodent studies and.

Using those but the point is is that when you look at mice you see oh if they go off keto they are glucose intolerant they don't process the carbohydrates very well but then after a couple weeks they balance back out they process them fine again and it's a short-lived event and exactly let.

Me tell you this and again i love it that i have a lot of people on this which by the way please do hit that thumbs up button hit that like button smash it crush it break your screen okay and if you are doing keto for a while and then all of a sudden you jump off of keto.

And you have a bunch of carbs for like a week do you notice that you actually don't feel super super good for the first five to ten days but if you stick with it you actually start feeling okay on the carbs again.

Let me just see by show of like people wiltering says i wonder if his wife ever gets a word and have you ever thought that maybe this is my only opportunity to talk i'm scared point is this this was gonna be this this is a different kind of live broadcast because.

This is gonna go out it's gonna people are gonna search this and i can't be just interacting constantly because people need to be able to watch and again i'm saving it towards the end to be able to answer some questions and talk to people so see a lot of people are saying like once you cut off of keto like in the beginning you don't feel so.

Good and what happens is it takes a while to develop that glucose tolerance again and it's just because your body's not used to taking in a bunch of glucose and the other common rebuttal that's happening is um that our brain needs glucose and we're starving ourselves with glucose well your brain is nev you're never denying.

Your brain glucose your brain is getting glucose from other substrates so anyhow i want to open this up to questions uh and before i do let me just uh hopefully everyone got some value out of this um and i want to say one more time that this study was not poorly crafted.

I mean no malice towards the frontiers of medicine i mean absolutely you know no malice towards lee crosby i don't know what the intent was no malice whatsoever from my end because a paper is just a paper and but the fact that it is getting pushed around by the anti-keto community so.

Much and misconstrued and like i know my people right i know my followers i know my viewers right i know my viewers are doing it right because i make sure that i talk about that so it just cuts me deep okay anyhow let's ask some questions has anyone watched this or looked at this.

Article uh i'll make sure i link to it i think i think my good man my main man my right man hand man matt it might be here kind of moderating this and i know he's posted a poll and posted some stuff asking you know comment if you are keto right now or vote yes if you are keto right now.

Um matt i don't know if you can't cause it's not letting me but if you're watching actually you know what maybe i can here we go here's the here's the article i'm going to post it in the comment section right now you guys can go check it out later on okay.

Anyway so it's in the comment section i'll also put it in the description for people to watch it later but if you have watched it i want to open conversation up for those people first uh if you have seen this article if you have some questions on it can you go ahead and bring them up i'll.

Go ahead and answer the best that i can because this study was pretty it took a lot of data but it's pretty straightforward um you guys are awesome i just got to say by the way like now that i'm just kind of talking to the crew here people that are still watching this.

You guys are awesome like i have the most loyal group and um you know that i will always bring you the truth right i'm not going to feed you a bunch of nonsense if if i'll you have my gospel truth honest word here that if an honest paper comes out that were to say that there were really.

Things that were dangerous about keto sincerely dangerous i would let you know okay because i am not the keto guy i am not your guru to quote tony robbins right okay i will bring you information based upon what i'm learning what i'm doing what's working for me and reverse engineer.

As much as i can to be able to articulate it to you whether that's keto whether that's vegan okay i will do what i am doing and if i read a paper that scares the living daylights out of me and makes me say wow maybe i should start looking at.

Something different you can trust that i will bring that to you because that is my duty to you as you know 2.8 million subscribers okay um okay we've got some questions coming in uh actually here's this is a good one from chris i'm getting bored on low carb keto do you advise doing paleo for a bit to give you a reset paleo is a great way.

To just take a reset and that's just the thing it's like you can you absolutely will get bored it's a normal thing to get bored right like you start craving the crunch you start craving so yes if you're getting bored i would say that paleo is the best option for most people that are coming off of keto simply because it's.

Relatively low glycemic you're still pretty close to the earth you're still getting good you know value in the nutrients that you're getting another question that had come in yeah someone says silentdrive says yeah the thomas de laura the anti-thomas videos are strangely hilarious because they say that he.

Cherry picks when in reality that's what they're doing i know it's kind of funny i think it's it's interesting because i kind of do the opposite of cherry picking i try to just like i really try to just take a big wide spectrum look um okay camilla mazza someone says keeps.

Asking me if i can shout out uh camila mazza camila mazza what's going on uh can i eat crocodile and breakfast i don't know that is an interesting question that's okay questions are coming in really fast mr mean just says okay bottom line so no word no worries on keto i don't want to go back.

No i'm going to say no worries like you don't really have to be concerned but i'm also oops well sorry stand-up desk uh you also don't have to take my word to the bank always okay sorry another someone says you're still my keto guru all right i appreciate that okay uh alexander says thoughts on being keto.

Are low carb and carb cycling any way to mix that yeah i've done a number of videos on that and that's i so the thing we have to remember with carb cycling if you do decide to come off of keto uh for whatever reason is that carb cycling needs to be done in a longer term fashion than what people typically think people will usually say oh okay.

I'll do like three days carbs or three days keto two days carbs that's not enough time you're bouncing back and forth a lot there and i'd be concerned about something called metabolic gridlock where you're really not letting the mitochondria develop like an affinity for one particular fuel source yeah i don't know.

So what i have found to work really well in my humble opinion is going like two three months keto and then like a month of paleoish and then coming back and i did a video you could just do a search for it like i called it the five cardinal rules of carb cycling i feel like that video is very helpful in terms of just helping people.

Understand how to come off of keto because i feel like again maintaining some glucose tolerance is important does the study indicate anything new for intermittent fasting no doug it doesn't uh mention intermittent fasting but there's a recent study that came out that i just filmed a rebuttal on that's going to.

Come out in another week or so that says that intermittent fasting is worse than typical caloric restriction it was a very well-crafted study randomized crossover design which is such a good study study design and it's interesting and there's some definitely some things to point out so.

Keep your eyes and ears open for that video that's coming out the bottom line is that again i say that a lot if intermittent fasting is working for you there's not necessarily a danger to it it's just suggesting that if your only goal is weight loss that maybe caloric restriction could work just as well.

And it could work just as well but i don't want to sit there counting my leaves of lettuce and counting my like beans that i eat every single day that just doesn't sound exciting to me i'd rather have some flexibility and not count my macros constantly and just know that i have some flexibility based upon my eating patterns and my timing system.

Um crystal tear says me again just wanted to thank you for everything changed mine and my family's life with your information thank you for making us i always love these broadcasts are always such a so great in terms of just a little bit of validation i guess when a study like this comes out i get down on myself um what do you think of.

The bernstein diet a lot of people have asked me about that i don't know much about it so give me some time to take a look at it um three carbon he says i'm eating cheeseburgers and green beans with grass-fed butter and himalayan pink salt my one meal right now lost 150 pounds on.

Keto that's impressive um been on keto eight months lost 50 pounds i want to cycle in some cars and i'm afraid to wake the carb cravings now that is a very viable thing so let me address that the carb cravings are a real deal that's what we have to think about right is especially when you've been off of carbs for a while it's like.

It's opening the floodgates right and i think let's call a stay to spade when people have success with keto a lot of it is because they are hypersensitive to the cravings that come in with carbs and those cravings seem to be a little bit nullified with keto and a lot of it has to do with um you know keto kind of over.

The longer term having an effect on ghrelin having an effect on our hunger hormones um and we have to remember that you know caloric restriction at the end of the day is great for a lot of things longevity for how energy levels everything so caloric restriction is still great like i don't think that you.

Should be doing keto trying to load up a bunch of calories so the concern is okay what's going to happen if i have carbs again is it gonna make me you know turn into this my just monster that wants to consume a bunch of carbs uh short answer is it probably will for a couple of days because your glucose.

Tolerance is going to be out of whack your insulin receptors are probably not going to recognize as well glut4 transport is not going to be as good as you're not going to have as much what's called glute4 translocation where it comes to the outer membrane of the cell membrane fluidity is not as well so it's good so you're you run into that.

Issue but it typically goes away after a week or two and what most people don't do is give it enough time you didn't get here overnight you didn't get to where you were doing you know keto overnight right when you come off of keto and you start implementing carbs you're going to have a weird shock to your system at first but it's okay your.

Body will kind of balance back in now you can also expect that you will probably see a fluctuation in weight and that's normal because all of a sudden you're bringing in carbohydrates that you're going to hold in water and you're just going to it's just it's a normal thing one of the most important things that someone had said to me is so basic.

And so simple and i've addressed it but indirectly is that if you're willing if you want to have more carbs and maintain metabolic flexibility just be active enough to burn those carbs it's that simple like when you are first transitioning off of keto the carbohydrates that you take in are not going to soak into the cell as.

Well so you have are better off trying to move more and burn them when you move muscles you translocate glut4 to the outer membrane which means then you have the ability to take those carbohydrates in you just focus on that more like i'm adding carbs in i'm going to move more i'm going to exercise a little bit more.

As my body transitions um let's see one serving of fruit per day uh yeah okay so mosey original says one serving of fruit per day fresh veggies mostly moderate red meats oily fish no grains no legumes no processed foods no cedar vegetable oils no sugars if on off worked like a charm for seven years.

Exactly i'm new to keto can i do a cheat day in the beginning that's a great question uh i would give it 30 days before you have a cheat meal when you first start keto and that simply comes back down to the glucose tolerance kind of thing and also just that gray area you know the whole idea here when we're getting going is we.

Want the body to produce those ketones once you're producing ketones regularly it's a bit of a different situation to be able to bounce out of keto and you'll probably be able to get right back but as your let's call it indoctrinating it's very important that you pay attention to that um let's see question regarding supplements.

As magnesium vitamin d collagen should you take them together or space them out during the day is it possible some supplements cancel out others some supplements can cancel out others one the main one that i know of for sure is like calcium can cancel out magnesium i would never recommend a calcium supplement always get calcium from the.

Diet good heart aged cheese that has vitamin k in it as well is the way to go and then in terms of vitamin d collagen you don't necessarily have to space those out some people say that taking vitamin d at night is going to mess with the diurnal rhythm but i don't believe it does because if you synthesize vitamin d from the sun it's going to.

Take a couple hours to reach its full d3 form through the conversion process so i usually say take it with dinner but preferably when it's still light out uh it's the only real insight i have on that will lawson said oh i figured out personal question do you make the babies in the keto up.

oh gosh uh there's some evidence that it can help testosterone levels yes that's funny i kind of read that and then halfway through i said maybe i should have read that one uh sorry good questions wow zach cardiff i lost 300.

Pounds over two years on clean keto with intermittent fasting my blood tests are good cholesterol levels are in check you know what and the thing is is like mine are two and i think that and i guess you know i said this to a client of mine before is that people just because keto works for a lot of people it doesn't mean that it works for.

Everybody and the nice thing is i mean on this channel like it's my commitment to provide you with the evidence-based nutrition but also more so lifestyle based like what works for you and although i have a lot of keto content because i enjoy talking about it i also understand that not everyone.

Wants to do that and the nice thing about intermittent fasting and why i think it's going to outlive keto candidly is because intermittent fasting is always going to be able to be applied perpendicular with whatever other diet people are doing vegan paleo whatever intermittent fasting works with that um uh let's see adrian says someone told me.

That all we eat carbs protein fats get converted to carbs or glucose in the body is that true that's a great question and in some ways it is true um but it's not like the components of everything we eat will potentially get converted into carbohydrates when we are in a potential energy deficit okay so.

For example when we are in ketosis and we have no carbs coming in the body will create carbohydrates via gluconeogenesis from all kinds of different substrates it will do that from fat it'll take the glycerol backbone from fat and create that into carbohydrates it will take proteins.

It'll break down alanine which is a big driver for gluten and genesis alanine is an amino acid it'll take alanine and it'll drive that through gluconeogenesis to create carbohydrates and even your literal exercise your lactate byproduct of exercise will literally go through what's called the corey cycle and get converted into.

Glucose glucose is still like trumps all in our body right it's just we're trying to manipulate how the body recruits you know and creates glucose i should say so yes in a way they're right but also kind of not because i think what they were saying was not exactly that um.

Okay hey i do a 24 hour fast monday then continue with keto for three days then continue two days a 16 hour fast then eat whatever i want it's kind of nice actually sounds a lot like a 5-2 strategy where people just like will go uh kind of eat really strict for five days and then.

Take two days of pretty flexible i kind of like that 24-hour fast monday continue with keto for three days then continue two days of 16 hour fast and then eat whatever you want sunday it's pretty flexible anything you got to find what works for you and i know that's a generic answer but you do you got to find you know what works for you does.

Element the electrolyte break a fast or affect autophagy i've been using it leading up to my extended fast uh generally no i mean i know there's some like flavorings in there that make it like a couple calories but you'll be fine um kelly says there's an ignorant mindset.

That started with low carb that has been passed to keto spanish mediterranean keto is the best diet around kelly thank you for saying that i we just have to stand firm in this that eating cheeseburgers eating processed meat so what i encourage everyone to do is you know on your social media again we we are the ones that can pave the way.

Of this right we need to change how people look at keto and it's gonna make it less appealing for some it's gonna make it less sexy because you know what's happening is marketers come in and they say eat whatever you want eat as much bacon eat as much cheese that's not reality if we want keto to.

Stick around if we want people to continue to make good keto products if we want people to be able to continue to provide research we're only going to research keto if it's working okay keto is working in all kinds of different applications in military and academic and whatever but we're not going to see mainstream.

Studies unless people start really like paving a good way of doing keto it's so important does broth break a fast yes it does um let's see does mct oil have the same negative effects exogenous ketones i mentioned a video no no it's different because exogenous ketones.

Mct is going to trigger ketone production but only sort of what the body needs at that point in time like if you were to be eating a bunch like a bowl of rice right now and had exogenous ketones you would elevate your plasma ketones mct is driving ketogenesis you're not automatically creating like if you ate a.

Bowl of rice and put mct oil on it you're not gonna be in ketosis right so a different ball game still has to go through ketogenesis the only benefit with mct oil is how it comes from the liver through the portal vein or excuse me directly from the gut through the portal vein directly to the liver um converts into acetyl coenzyme a.

Faster so it creates ketones faster uh what's my view on keto for children i did a video on this but youtube flagged it and it just didn't get very far because anything talking about kids and stuff is kind of no bueno in terms of nutrition content so i try to kind of avoid that um but if you just want my humble opinion i'll tell i'll tell you.

Flat out my kids don't eat keto let's put it that way right i feel like keto is for adults i i feel like there are situations where children probably do need to manage things better in terms of how they eat and possibly blood sugar i'm not a doctor but i think looking at.

Timing of meals and how active they are is the much bigger driver than pulling out all the stops and going keto i just again i know it's i'm sorry i'm not a dogmatic person i just think it's just better to be real 24 pounds so far is it okay or good or bad to do low carbohydrate while trying to get pregnant.

Um okay well i will that one there is evidence on i don't remember which journals but maybe matt can throw them in the comments section here just to make sure we're always compliant um but pcos right so the studies most of the studies look at women with pcos that.

Can't get pregnant and pcos is largely correlated with insulin resistance when you look at people that have pcos are usually insulin resistant and people that are insulin resistant have a higher instance of pcos people that have pcos polycystic ovarian syndrome usually have a hard time conceiving.

In multiple studies when they put people on intermittent fasting regimens and sometimes keto or it manages insulin a little bit better they often times conceive easier on the male side i do not know there's no real studies on spermogenesis or anything like that but for women in terms of balancing luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating.

Hormone and that whole hypothalamic access there's a lot of evidence there although studies are pretty small but again you have to look at the big picture with a lot of that someone says in a nutshell how does keto and iaf resolve chronic back and leg pain.

I wouldn't again it's not maybe it's not the answer you want to hear i have ruptured disc in l5 s1 and l4 l5 i'm frequently in a lot of pain from that that is an old injury from when i was over 300 pounds and it sticks with me to this day and my i feel like when i'm keto i don't have as much pain from it when my cycle.

Off of keto i definitely feel more pain from it probably a water retention inflammation weight thing when i'm not on keto i'm about 10 pounds heavier than i'm going to mod keto because i'm holding more water so compressing a disc that could very well be a thing um one could also argue nuclear factor.

Kappa b and lrp3 and flammazone modulation the aikido could help you there but again i'm the way of the world right now with youtube and things like that i'm careful to even talk about any kind of thing related with pain and inflammation too much.

But a lot of the evidence shows that when you look at people that you know are in some pain keto seems to help them a little bit mechanism of action more than likely the nuclear factor kappa b kind of a master regulator of the inflammatory response in the body but it also could just be flat out people lose weight they start having less pain so.

Let's see more questions i'm going to answer two more questions okay uh dawn angel says i lost 156 pounds but i gained some back then lost a little more i weigh 138 uh but need to lose at least 10 more now i'm stuck uh don one of the best things that i would say when people hit.

Plateaus is and i say this a lot is increase the protein by 10 or 20 percent decrease the fats by 10 percent so increase your pro i use this a lot because it's so helpful increase your protein and whatever you increase your protein by decrease your fat by half so what i mean by that is if you add 20 percent more.

Protein take away 10 fat okay so add 20 more protein to your diet but when you do that take away 10 fat so fat has roughly twice the amount of calories as carbs and protein so when you add more protein to keep your calories you caloric and commensurate you need to drop your fat.

But don't people will often say okay i'm going to add protein 20 and i'm also going to drop 2 fat 20 no don't do that because then you're going to put yourself in too severe of a deficit by simply increasing protein but dropping fat so that you're remaining at the same calories but slightly more protein with slightly less fat remember protein is.

Thermogenic in and of itself and requires quite a bit to digest so that alone is going to put you into probably more of a net caloric deficit and possibly drive up ampk a little bit more and possibly even get you more into ketosis by putting you deeper into that state i have one more question that i'm going to answer.

Um you guys please uh again if you can just go ahead and hit that thumbs up button please and remember i know this is a long-winded video um i think it's super important and i really really really really would appreciate people giving this a share also guys if you don't already if you know follow me on instagram i post.

Different kinds of things on instagram little tidbits here and there little short snippets of videos a lot of times like shorter condensed versions uh but share this video out to instagram get it out there let's have the keto haters come at me on this one it's all good um but anyway one more question here.

Thomas should i have salt and cinnamon 30 minutes before i break my fast i'm gonna answer that one as a freebie first yes you can do that abs that's perfect exactly um protein shake to break fast even too much protein scares me should i worry about protein let's see um bottom line is probably not.

Sorry i'm waiting for a good question here can you do a video series on like you're coming in so fast again um sorry guys like these comments are coming in so fast i'm like trying to if you are doing resistance training exercise every day and you walk three miles per day let's say you need to.

Watch calories count to lose weight but when that's a hard one to answer ah here we go how badly does stress mess up the uptake of nutrients in terms of uptake i can't comment on that but i will tell you this okay stress it's so difficult to just say like i want to control my stress right you.

Can't just magically do that but i will say that stress in general okay i can kind of go long-winded on this links with visceral fat links with um inflammation links with cortisol right but we can't just magically get rid of stress the thing that i find interesting is that i don't know if it has any.

Particular change in our uptake of nutrients like gastrointestinally sure there's some effects there i think it affects how we manage glucose it affects how we utilize fuel i think our body tends to first go into more of a rapid utilization of fuel when we're stressed.

And then chronic stress it's going to start storing it acute bouts of stress can actually help us burn fat it's the chronic bouts of stress and stress combined with high levels of insulin yeah cortisol insulin that is a recipe for uh you know lipoprotein lipase for fat storage what i find interesting is we often.

Compare ourselves to like our our ancient ancestors where we say we're much more stressed out i kind of want to end on this note we we tend to like kind of say we are much more stressed out than our ancient ancestors because we're chronically stressed all the time and uh like our ancient ancestors okay.

You might get chased by a tiger but then when the tigers done chasing them they were relaxed i wasn't alive back then but i kind of want to make a point here sometimes i think that we are oversimplifying things because if i got chased by a tiger i would probably be freaking out for.

Like three days after that thinking that that tiger's coming back for me i would never be able to really relax at night because i'd always be thinking about that tiger our stress is today about you know maybe losing our job or things that are serious stressors i don't know if they compare i think we were actually much.

More stressed then and i think what happened is we developed an ability to deal with it and i think right now we are not managing our stress better i don't think our lives are more stressful i think we are worse at managing it and we are lacking the ability to have time in our lives to focus on managing it which is so important so hopefully.

That answers that question but the simple answer with that is it definitely affects metabolic health and the links with visceral fat are very clear with that so anyhow as always everyone please don't forget to check out thrive market after this live broadcast is done i'm going to wrap up now just give them a click and check them out i think you'll.

Appreciate what they have if you haven't checked them out already on my channel and i love you guys so much it is so awesome to have you guys here please give this video a share please please please pretty please share it get the word out check out the study i'll put it in the description in just a minute you guys are awesome.

A good set of videos coming out this weekend i'll see you tomorrow
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