Keto and Fasting for Beginners- Live! (Your Questions Answered)

Keto and Fasting for Beginners- Live! (Your Questions Answered)

Keto and Fasting for Beginners- Live! (Your Questions Answered)

Check out the video on Keto and Fasting for Beginners- Live! (Your Questions Answered).
What's going on everybody figured it's a good time on a Saturday to go live for a little bit truth be told the baby is asleep and that means that I have a little bit of time to just connect with my audience a bit more so I figured it's a good time to do a little bit more of a basic video may be a simple Kido for beginners.

Fascinating for beginners answer some of the questions that are super simple so yeah and don't do this all that often I'm so busy go ahead and crazy deep in the science all the time that sometimes I forget about just going basic and I have so many new subscribers so many new followers that are just coming in all the time it makes sense but why didn't I.

Think of this before it'd be a great hit to just talk the basics and I know for some of the people that are a little bit more advanced some of this might be stuff that you already know and it might be some stuff that you know you're already applying within a given realm but you know it's always a good time to learn some more information and always a.

Good time to increase your scope and just develop a little bit more hang on one second I realize I left the baby monitor on the other counter and bring it here just so I can make sure everything's all good all right and we're good okay so if for any crazy reason I have to in the broadcast the baby wakes up that's why so just want to.

Let you guys know I do want to make sure as with any of my live broadcasts I'd like to make them super interactive so full disclaimer you know I'll explain things and then I'll stop and I'll answer questions I'll do some of this and that sometimes it gets a little bit annoying because it's not like a typical video where I'm just going straight.

Through I try to stop I answer questions so if you're not into that kind of video no harm no foul if you don't want to be watching this totally get it if i if i annoy you while i'm doing that so case in point I'm about to ask everyone to comment where they're watching from so that I could try to say hello to people and try to do my best to interact so.

Guys without further ado can you comment where you're watching from and what you're hoping to learn out of today's live broadcast go ahead rock and roll okay we got Washington State in the house New Jersey Arkansas Wilmington Delaware we got San Diego Little Rock it's going way too fast to even catch up with Edmonton Alberta Salt Lake holy cow.

We're on keto someone wants to know it's a super good question I'm excited they actually answered that one cyclical Kido thoughts in Pittsburgh that's gonna be a good one to you I am going to talk a lot about cyclical Kido I'm going to talk about targeted Kido a little bit okay Detroit in the house Hollywood Hills not too far down the.

Road for me I'm in Southern California too we've got northern North Carolina excuse me London we've got Portugal so many people from all over the world here guys as usual with my broadcast if you can do me a quick favor hit that like button too just because it's going to help get the diss ranking a little bit higher so hit that like.

Button give this video a thumbs up helped out a ton I'm trying to see really quick if I can open the chat box in another window because right now there we go pop out chat that should work okay this is much better because now I can actually have the chat pop up in front of me so I can actually see everything okay perfect all right now.

I'm not I'm gonna glance over to the side exogenous ketones that's gonna be a good topic to handle too so let's go ahead and let's go ahead and get right into this so the basics of keto I want to first get something off of my chest and this is really important because I think sometimes the way that YouTube and Google rank videos it makes people.

Believe that I'm just like this keto zealot like I'm only about the keto diet and I want to get something off my chest and hopefully to at least 1,000 people that are on this broadcast at this very moment time as I cycle in and out of Quito I do different things my whole thing is I use keto to drop a hundred pounds that's my claim to fame that's.

How I know keto so well and why I'm so proud of it and why I love to share it I did keto for a shoot I was like three years straight and now I practice a little bit more of a targeted ketogenic diet and it's really important for me to make sure people know that because I don't want people to think that I'm just only.

The keto guy and I think that it's very important that people know that because it allows them to apply what I teach in a little bit more of a realistic way and I say that because you don't want to just apply knowledge from someone that's a keto zealot because they're just gonna tell you one side of the story I love to explain the good the bad the ugly.

Because just like with anything else ki don't has good bad and ugly carb diets have good bad and ugly fasting as good bad and ugly so we have to look at all of it so I just want to get that off my chest I'm not a quito zealot I love it because it had a great effect on me so perhaps and have a biased but it's all good okay so that's.

Yeah people use saying how do you like on live chat to hit that like button so can someone explain it over text it's easier I think you have to if they like pop it out and actually like minimize the video in order to turn on the like button but let's go ahead and I want to start with talking about getting into Quito after you have come out of Quito.

Now the reason I started like this is because this works whether you're first starting Quito or whether you've been out of Quito for a little while and you need to get back in a lot of people ask this question because it's it's it's just common like okay I just fell off the quito wagon for a couple of months and now I'm trying to get back in is.

There a good way is there a right way is there a wrong way I will say if you're trying to just get back in the Quito the simplest way is what I would do it amazed a little bit extreme but I usually do 24 hours of a coconut oil's fast now that's extreme and I'm going to be very honest with you not everyone can do that and some people might get an.

Upset stomach but when I first go back into Quito after I've been off for a while I find that 24 hours of doing a breakfast lunch and dinner of just a couple tablespoons of coconut oil gives me an Aikido almost immediately like I mean within 24 hours I'm back in Quito now if you're first starting out never done Quito before that might not be the.

Best way but I know a lot of people have that question and the reason that I think that is so great is because you're not just trying to cram a bunch of MC T's and trying to get that you're actually getting a nice profile of fats is it the most nutrient rich diet for a couple of days or for a day no it's not but it is a very powerful way now less.

Aggressive ways honestly I'm a huge fan of the bulletproof coffee thing in the morning and it's not because there's any magical fairy dust that's occurring with having bulletproof coffee or tea no coffee but it's because it's essentially doing the same kind of thing as just having coconut oil you're having grass-fed butter you're having G you're.

Having coconut oil all mixed with coffee of course which has some powerful components when it comes down to ly pollicis when it helps actually mobilizing and activating AMPK and actually activating these mechanisms when these physiological responses in the body that gets you to burn fat but also mobilize.

The free fatty acids to actually turn the ketones so there is some merit to that so when people ask me how do I get back in keto it should I fast or should I do have to kind of exercise the quick answer is you should just live your normal life and try to keep protein as low as possible for at least a day and keep your fats as high as possible and.

Just give yourself no other reason than to create ketones so I know that's simple and I know that's very very basic but again that's the purpose of this video is to be as simple as possible I want to go a turn on and again because so many other people joining on here so I'd love to just invite anyone who has just joined in to comment where they're.

Watching from and that way we can see who's here I know there's tons and tons of people a lot of questions so it's hard to hard answer but what if you are someone that is just starting out on keto okay now I know a lot of you here are not just starting out on Q probably been on keto for a little while but perhaps you have family members who have.

Friends that want to start on keto and that can make it really difficult to explain it's like you do it and it's just second nature to you but explaining to people how to get started sometimes is difficult so what I usually like to say is don't change anything with your current exercise regime okay that's the first thing that people always try to.

Manipulate it's like okay well I'm gonna start killing in Aikido so I'm gonna start exercising a whole lot too the reason I say not to do that is because you're adding another variable in and the reason you don't want a bunch of variables is because it becomes very difficult to track what it's working so I'm a big proponent of saying okay let's.

Go ahead and make the dietary changes let's start eating a ketogenic style but let's keep working out the way that we're working out that way we know that everything that's having an effect is purely from the diet not any change that we're putting into place with the workouts then once you've been in keto once everything is working then it's a.

Little bit of a different blog and then you can start messing around with your exercise so a lot of people will say oh to get into keto you should go and you should do hit or to get into keto you should go and we should do long duration exercise and there's some methodology to that the fact is is just keep doing what you're doing.

The diet is going to do the trick so it's very very important there now when it comes down to the diet what should you eat when you first start in Quito I always like to implement I do this with coaching clients I do it with hi any clients I do it with custom plans whatever I am very big on doing what I call an indoctrination diet so when you.

First start keto you should be very aggressive with how you're trying to get rid of inflammation out of your body and everything like that and only they do it for a couple of weeks you don't think Oh super crazy and what that looks like is and I know you guys are going to hate this because it's difficult but I also have to be a baby Superman a little bit.

Make sure he's not waking up okay but you have to make sure that you're you're really crossing this bridge first and and just while you're motivated and while you're disciplined is the time to do it in a very very very clean way so for the first two weeks when you're first starting out keto cut out dairy okay cut out dairy and keep it really.

Clean okay dairy has some inflammatory components to it so hey guys you know baby waking up a little bit a lot of times he goes back down so let me just one second okay he's coming back down to bed okay sorry guys this is a you know it's a real live broadcast because I'm actually being real here so if you're keeping dairy out of the equation if.

You're keeping those things it's a little bit easier for the body to develop the anti inflammatory mechanisms that it needs to keto in another self is pretty anti inflammatory so when we're actually factoring in reducing inflammatory foods out of the diet so I replace my dairy with coconut cream I replace a lot of the other things with.

Like I've get rid of nightshades for a little bit so I try not to go crazy with like heavy tomatoes and tomato sauce and stuff like that trying to keep it a little bit more control that way so it's it makes a big difference and again I know it's not the answer that everybody wants to hear because it's not always the most practical thing to get really.

Aggressive with getting dairy out of the equation and everything like that but I promise you it makes getting the keto easier so that you ultimately don't have to deal with that crash and that keto flu that you would otherwise get just that's not exactly a fun thing to deal with okay a lot of people are asking questions about cyclical.

Ketogenic diets and like wins a cycle in and out of keto and things like that well the reality is you really need to be keto adapted for a little while before you can do that you really need to be actually following a low-carb diet for probably at least three months before you can start doing some cycling where you're actually cycling in and out.

Of keto and the simplicity of that is just that your body isn't truly fat adapted yet you're not in a situation where your body can actually handle the metabolism of those carbs without really trying to redirect over to using them primarily so what I mean by that is if you just start keto right now and then you go ahead and you start implementing.

Cars back into the equation what's gonna happen is your body still Missi glucose as the primary fuel source now if your body's seeing glucose is the part of your fuel source the moment you give yourself carbs again it's going to go back to that route if your fat adapted your body is actually utilizing fats a little bit better then what's gonna.

Happen is when you shift over to carbs it's still gonna want to use fats and those carbs are going to be a little bit better utilized to restore glycogen and to just give you a little bit more that extra met you need so the reason I said I said two to three months of being fat adapted before you actually start carb cycling which we can talk and talk a.

Little bit more about okay is there a keto chocolate I saw Pat Pawlenty just ask so cute Oh chocolate honestly what I would typically do is I would usually take unsweetened baking chocolate so like dark baking Chuck but it's 100% unsweetened like in the baking aisle okay and I melt that down and I add stevia into it once it's melted down.

Okay once I do that then I it's melted I pour it onto like a baking sheet or something like that or a plate so it kind of flattens out and then I put it in the freezer in the fridge for a little bit and while I've got 100% dark chocolate it just has a little bit CDA and it doesn't have all the other nonsense in that you're gonna have to.

Deal with any of the preservatives and stuff like that I feel like that's a great sort of way to enjoy some chocolate while you're starting on a ketogenic diet okay couple other questions are coming in when on keto should I do lift or workout again this is really really important so many people ask this is like.

When's the best time no matter what I am a proponent of working out in a fasted state whether you're in Quito or not working out in a fasted State has some huge huge benefits because a hold that thought really quick I'm just making sure adjusting baby monitor here okay there we go so working out in a fasted state whether you're Quito or not is.

Going to allow you to mobilize those free fatty acids a little better it's going to activate what's called hormone sensitive lipase anytime that your body is actually utilizing stored fuel it activates what it's called where it starts up having called a mpk okay and ampk is very very critical to what we're after so in a fasted state when our body.

Taps into restored reserves keto or not it turns on different mechanisms that allow the burning of fat so lipolysis can only occur fat burning can actually only occur if a and PK is present and ampk is only present if you don't have other fuel sources in the way so for example if I were to eat a hamburger and then go to the gym essentially I would.

Have to burn through that entire hand murder before my body would start to release free fatty acids for fuel so it's pretty darn simple it's like trying to you just have to burn through that first before you can ever actually burn your own fat so keto gets your body primed for using fats even better so because of that working out in the.

Morning your body is preferentially going to shift to those fats in your fuel sources like in your storing your body much faster than it otherwise would so keto working out in the morning in a fasted state it's phenomenal same with fasting I even recommend like fasting are working out towards the end of your fast if you really want it that way.

You're really getting that maximal effect not Norman says I hate you Tom that a lot of haters lately I think the more that kyo gets popular I think it's I'm just going to end up that you know dealing with a lot of that cardboard diet further away and someone says you know I'm probably gonna do a carnival or challenge in May simply because so many.

People have been asking about it so many people wanting to know exactly what goes into that so I'm doing the vegan keto challenge right now and I figured what the heck it's not a thing to do someone's asking about erythritol erythritol yeah definitely ok on keto you still have to kind of keep track of it you still have them monitor because.

It can't have an effect but but you just have to be careful that none one second guys it's a baby baby went down for a nap and I'm just making sure they moving around a little bit trying to readjust sorry just I'm playing dad slash also doing this at the same time that's at least how you know it's real so someone says.

He's the keto flu a must when you're on the keto diet like are automatically going to deal with the keto flu keto flu I think some people experience it worse than others thing with the keto flu is the keto flu is all about an electrolyte imbalance generally so it's more about the body just adjusting to the fact that the kidneys whenever you're on a keto.

Diet what's going to happen is the kidneys are going to expel a lot of extra sodium and they do this simply because when your insulin levels are lower the kidneys tell the body to release water and sodium so what happens is when you're first adjusting to this your body drops a lot of water and drops a lot of sodium so you end up in a.

Situation where quite frankly you become electrolyte depleted your electrolytes get out of whack and your electrical systems out of whack so therefore you end up with headache therefore you end up with some of this these other issues that can be a problem and you want to address that so that's the keto flu you know at heart it's like adjusting for.

That electrolyte imbalance so it all depends on your sodium intake it all depends a lot of things that's why some people end up not having a keto flu issue while some people do and then when it comes to a lot of questions coming in what's the best ketones to buy you know to be completely honest the thing with exogenous ketones is I think that it all.

Comes down to you as an individual they're all fairly basic they're all fairly much pretty much the same but the issue with them is your body is going to have to burn through those ketones first that you're giving yourself artificially before it can ever start to utilize its own fat fuel so you're giving yourself still a fuel source that it.

Needs to actually go through first so let's say for example it's like eating a meal ketones don't have calories but you're giving yourself ketones that your body needs to use as a fuel source so it burns through those ketones and then it can start burning fat so I'm not the biggest proponent of ketones the only time I recommend using ketones is if.

You're going to be doing some a higher or longer duration activity then it's going to give you something to burn through it's gonna give you something to actually utilize someone says what's the salts are good on keto I'm a huge fan of Redmond real salt so real salt amazing amazing stuff it's mined in Utah I like Himalayan pink salt the problem of.

Himalayan pink salt is it's still stripped of a lot of minerals it's being Overmind and also things are important the FDA has different requirements on electrolytes and what can actually be labeled so it the thing with at least with Redmond real salt is at least it's here in the states in terms of FDA guidelines so.

What that what happens is when things come over the border the FDA has different guidelines and if things are manufactured processed here so that makes a big difference what about even CT oil MCT oil is great so you can see t oil has a powerful effect when it comes down to actually allowing the body to create ketones they're absorbed fast.

They absorbed through the small intestine very fast and they go to the liver very fast but they can give you an upset stomach and also a moderately low quality fat in the grand scheme of things so what I mean by that is they're great for producing energy but they're not the best when it comes down to actually giving yourself the nice.

Plethora of good quality fats that you need through-and-through so it's good to have them in conjunction with other fats so MCT is going to give you quick energy coconut oil has MC T's in it but coconut oil also has long-chain fatty acids that take longer to break down so it's almost like you treat MCTS as your fast-acting fuel and you treat other fats as your.

Longer-acting fuel it's it gets a little bit more complicated the deeper that you go down that rabbit hole but in short it just makes sense to use ECT in moderation someone asked how often should want to eat cheese and what kind of cheese if you've seen kind of meal plans that I've written up and stuff before and you see that I'm a big.

Proponent of goat cheese simply because goat cheese is a different case and there's a different protein so what happens is it breaks down in the system a little bit easier it's a little less harsh on the body I say that cheese is harsh on the body simply because it has a lot of what are called 8:1 casein proteins here's a.

Little fun fact about dairy and this is kind of how I roll I tend to give unsolicited scientific advice right so the thing with most cheese that a one case in a 1 casein is a very difficult protein to break down and it triggers a number of different anti-inflammatory responses in the body what I mean by that is it's so difficult to break down.

That the body has no choice but to elicit a little bit of an inflammatory response cleaner cheeses are ones that are like a – so like goat cheese is easier to break down plus the lactose content is usually a little lower so I don't mind if you have cheese on a keto diet but try to go for like sheep feta or goat cheese whenever possible I know.

It doesn't always melt on a burger the same way it's a little bit different stuff but still it plays a big part in terms of how quickly you get into ketosis in terms of how you feel so hopefully you know take that take that with a grain of salt no pun intended but yeah someone says goat cheese inflammatory I.

Mean it's still going to be inflammatory but it's not nearly as inflammatory as some of the other things and it in full disclaimer again guys I'm not just trying to fearmonger here you're gonna have inflammation that's gonna come across no matter what guys like it doesn't matter like you go when you work out you're listening an inflammatory.

Response in your body inflammation is a necessary part in life you just want to mitigate it as much as you can so we just have a question commences am i able to build muscle and lose fat on keto absolutely I catch a lot of flack okay and I'm gonna be totally honest like I see comments I see videos coming up on YouTube all the time to say Thomas is.

Only muscular because he's using performance-enhancing drugs bla bla bla bla keto you can't hold muscle on the keto diet like I don't even respond to those because honestly I just don't have the time for that the fact of the matter is if you look at any embryonic research you will find the ketogenic diet and the ketones that are produced by the liver.

Within the ketogenic diet are extremely anti catabolic what that means is they protect you from breaking down muscle significantly you just have to make sure your calories are high enough people lose weight on the keto diet a lot of times because they give so satiated they feel so good they just actually don't eat that much so their calories drop and.

If their calories dropped too much then of course you'll lose muscle the nice thing that the ketogenic diet is compared to other diets so again not the end-all be-all but compared to other diets it possesses the properties to allow you to preserve muscle while losing while dropping calories in losing weight so studies have shown that the.

Resting metabolic rate actually stays the same so like for example if you were 200 pounds and you lost 50 pounds your metabolism will stay the same as it was at 200 pounds it's not going to shrink down to you being 150 pounds because the keto diet allows you to preserve that muscle so yes you can absolutely build muscle someone says is there a risk that.

Depriving yourself of cards for so long that when you do take a surplus that your pancreas is not functions either giving too much insulin or too little it's not so much about the pancreas and things one function it's more about the peripheral insulin resistance that develops and what that that's actually a good thing.

Peripheral insulin resistance is simply where your body the cells within the skeletal muscle tissue in the body doesn't process sugar the same way because it doesn't need to so you see higher instances of blood sugar things like that but it's really not a bad thing your body mellows it out eventually hang on a second there's I'm.

Just checking up the baby blood bank here we're all fine of dating sorry guys again multitasking dad life slash live broadcast life here the same time someone says I believe that most people to a carb reload every month from their own in a few months when they're on keto yeah a lot of people do and let's talk about that for a second the way that.

Here and this is actually very important for people so I think people are going to get something out of this when you are talking about implementing carbs into the diet there's a very strategic way that I recommend doing it and I recommend doing it in a way that's called carb backloading and carb backloading has been around for a long.

Time it's basically where you load most of your carbs right after the workout and quite frankly the only reason that someone would be interested in adding cards to their diet on a ketogenic protocol is if they're looking for an extra performance edge I mean full disclaimer once again I mean we should someone record this part of me.

Saying this so that they could Placid all these videos that say that like I'm just a quito zealot you will lose a little bit of an aerobic performance on the ketogenic diet okay you will lose a little bit probably 510 percent overall anaerobic performance but it comes at a great great income and what I mean by that is like you'll saw I will greatly I.

Will everyday sacrifice five or ten percent of my performance to know that I'm getting a twenty percent improvement in my body composition it's all it checks and balances okay so it's kind of like if I'm willing to improve my performance a lot of times it means that I'm gonna have to improve or increase my calories which sometimes mean that my.

Body composition might change a little bit it's always a tit-for-tat so carb backloading shows that basically by having a small amount of carbs like we're talking a few grams like maybe 10 15 grams of fructose 10 to 15 grams of glucose like from a rice cake or something post-workout on the ketogenic diet goes pretty darn close just to only.

Muscle glycogen which means that it's going to restore carbohydrates in your muscles but not necessarily kick you out of keto for more than a half an hour so again you should be keto adapted before you practice this so what I do and I work with you know a good number of military clients I work with a good number of first responders you know even.

Actually speaking at the Air Force Academy in a couple weeks you know doing some stuff there and it's like basically these guys are always looking for performance right they have to find a balance of how can I be like super sharp up here but also perform really really well and things that I do with them is just as like okay targeted ketogenic.

Approach where we add carbs strategically a couple days per week after heart the hardest workouts and the reason we do that after the hardest workouts is because that way insulin sensitivity is high so those carbs are more likely to get absorbed and not just cause damage just by spiking the blood glucose super high.

If this so there's a difference between having high blood glucose and having a good amount of carbs come in a system that actually get utilized and that's just the thing so I always say that the ketogenic protocol is a tool even or toolbox it may be a tool that you use all the time or it may be a tool that you use 80% of the time but the fact is.

There is a practical application for just about every person digitech diet if you have so many amazing questions coming in guys I'm really pleased to be able to have the time to do this right now everyone say thank you to baby Thomas for taking a nap for a little bit so that I can do this broadcast cuz I don't.

Get a whole lot of time to do this during the week so the weekends usually tie the family so someone says that morning turn the– recommends a bit hard to choke down yeah so that's a that's the apple cider vinegar water something like that a little bit of salt it can be and you can always use a CD tabs if you wanted to thank you baby Thomas beer and.

Keto yet Michelob Ultra usually okay again in moderation you don't want to go super crazy on because if you guys can see the little thumbs up button the like button you might have to minimize the screen for the actual like button to pop-up if you're on mobile but I really would appreciate you guys is hitting that thumbs up button it's it does it's.

Not for my ego it's not anything like that basically what it is is YouTube actually looks at that stuff on live broadcast so Google actually says oh cool okay people are engaged people are commenting people are actually liking this video so then they'll be more likely to show you the videos that I do in the future.

Believe it or not I post a video almost every single day so I don't know if everyone here actually sees all the videos that I post post a video once sometimes even twice a day and it's unfortunate that it only shows up in some people's feeds because it's just the way the algorithm works so that's how you guys can help yourselves and see.

On all the content and the psyllium husk kick you out of fasting sit so yeah it's a good question psyllium husk does keep you out of it fast okay it's still calories you're still gonna kick you out of the fast but it's not gonna kick get a keto in small amounts my opinion on super low this is a great question so sucralose is Splenda okay the the yellow.

Packets on keto in fasting okay there's still an artificial sweetener and they should be used in moderation but I also want to be a realist here because again I'm not being a zealot I'm not being just this like hardcore dude that has to just give you a very specific thing it's up to the individual in a lot of ways for me personally sucralose bumps me a.

Little bit at Aikido and I think it's simply because a lot of times the Splenda packets like the actual packets have malted dextran and the multi-deck strain is used just as a carrying agent and anti somebody in Psych aching for the Splenda for the powder so what happens is when you use five six seven packets of.

Splenda sweetening up like a dessert next thing you know you actually have 10 grams of carbs coming in from multi-texture and so we don't necessarily want that the same can happen with stevia packets there's a lot of times we'll put multi dextran or a little bit of dextrose and although that's why when you look at the packets.

A lot of times it'll say a little alligator you know less than thing less than one gram of carp because there's still small amount of carbs coming in there from the malted extern so I recommend the liquid stuff whenever possible LeConte o makes a great liquid monk fruit and like Trader Joe's it's a great liquid stevia things like that.

Someone says plateau with fasting after just four weeks Kristine I just want to let you know if you do a quick search on YouTube for fasting Plateau I did a very in-depth video on that Joey found says what do you think of raised Valley flat breads and pizza crusts been thinking about ordering but not sure I love that stuff.

Actually I don't know if you've seen it I've endorsed them a couple of times I did a video on Facebook endorsing them so love them and love the fact that they're super small company and they're actually getting popular enough right now that people are actually asking me so it's a really great thing to see Danny keto is not the same as.

Intermittent fasting keto is where you're removing carbs from your diet whereas fasting is actually abstaining from food all the other that's one second checking on baby yeah he's starting to wake up so I'm probably gonna I'm gonna go ahead and probably chime off on this he's he's waking up he's not wanting that for a whole long.

Time today it's been down it for about an hour and usually takes it to our naps so I might have to go ahead and help him out but I just had a nice big super chat come in I just want to shout it out Shannon says don't ever change sir you've provided me with all the tools in education I needed to save myself in a very dire health situation Shannon I.

Appreciate that so much and honestly that came at such a good time as I'm wrapping up this broadcast here that's why I do this I have been on YouTube for a long time and I've tried to not change you know I've had to adapt as the channel grows and as just it evolves it costs more and more money for me to create these videos especially when I'm.

Pumping out one or two videos a day and again that helps people the more people that I try to help on YouTube the more money it costs to run this channel and so I hope everyone here understands and I think most people do that yeah as this happens I bring sponsors and products that I use so I reach out to them so like a perfect example is like.

Alec Kanto sweetener I use their product all the time so what did I do I contacted them and I said hey I'm on this YouTube channel costs a lot to run I'm a big fan of your product can I feature your product in some videos and can you sponsor content because I use you guys and I might as well kick you out to my audience and support the.

Channel so just want to give you kind of an insider perspective as to how that works and why sponsors come in it's not because you know we're here just on the gravy train it's because we're kind of keep the channel alive and want to create more content so I appreciate that when it comes to sorry someone just asked a super chat question I want to.

Answer it really quick so I don't want to be rude and it was how do you start bringing exercise in when you're starting keto I answer this a little bit earlier but don't change a thing and then once you're deeper in keto should make this shift a little bit more towards moderate repetition Rindge weightlifting and it makes a huge huge.

Difference guys I do have to jump off baby is awake so I'm gonna go ahead and pick him up and get on with my Saturday if you guys want me to do more live broadcasts like this can you do me a favor and actually not in the chat window itself but in the normal comment section after I get in this video after I'm in the video go down to the comment.

Section not the live channel and comment what kind of videos topics you want to see but ask if you want me to do or say if you want me to do more live broadcast cuz if I get enough people that say they want me to do them I will do them because I enjoyed this this is very intimate and a lot more fun for me so all right I'm gonna go grab this slowly.

Waking up baby and you're the rest of my Saturday thank you guys very very much and as always I will see you guys in the next video
Keto and Fasting for Beginners- Live! (Your Questions Answered)
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